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411 Interview: NWA Houston’s Carson

June 26, 2012 | Posted by Shawn S. Lealos

NWA Houston sent wrestlers to the Comicpalooza convention in Houston, Texas and put on matches over the three day weekend. One of the wrestlers involved was one of the company’s top heals, Carson, who wrestled most the weekend along with his valet, Barbie Hayden. Carson took time out of his schedule to talk with 411mania about his career and NWA Houston wrestling.

I was talking to Lance Hoyt earlier in the evening and he mentioned you and Barbie Haydenare two of the biggest brightest talents in Texas.


How long have you been wrestling?

Three years. I started in Austin, I trained with Mr. Mexico, George de la Isla, an old wrestler from the 70s out of California. He taught us all the basics, you know, everything we needed to know, psychology, things like that, establishment, and from then on we kinda went to school and we started learning from the boys, Hoyt and all them, … learning, you know, different kinds of things.

I was talking to [NWA Houston co-founder] Chaz Taylor and he mentioned that he is trying to bring back old school wrestling, not so much the entertainment aspect but the actual wrestling, the story telling, the psychology, tell me a little bit about NWA Houston and about how you guys go about doing that.

Yeah, that’s what it is all about man. We run a show once a month and the story lines carry on. We don’t bring in crap talent. We, ah, understand that the good guys cost a lot and you know that’s what it’s about. If you pay for a cheap show you are not going to have a crowd.


We have huge crowds because the talent’s amazing. Half of us have the potential to go into TNA or WWE and that’s what’s great about it, some of these shows are almost embarrassing to be a part of and nobody’s embarrassed to be a part of NWA Houston. You go out and you have a Grade-A match every time. There’s never a “man I don’t want to do this”, “this isn’t going to be good”. They make sure that everybody’s happy and that the fans go home happy.

Chaz says he usually meets fans at the door on their way out of the events, said he has never had anyone say that they did not get their money’s worth.

Nope, nah I mean for $10 or $12 a ticket you get eight matches and they’re long matches, they’re not short, we have intermission, you get to meet everybody. Titles are always on the line. We even have the World Junior Heavyweight Champion Kevin Douglas. Lance Hoyt’s and Scot Summers are always fighting for the Texas Heavyweight Championship. So we have belts from other big companies in our promotion too, so something is always on the line.

How special is it to be a part of a promotion that is under the NWA umbrella considering the long history of the NWA?

Man, I’ve always wanted to be a part of NWA, every since I was a kid and decided that I wanted to be a wrestler. And I really wanted Adam Peirce’s spot in the NWA World Champion. That would be great, it’s just got so much history and there’s so much class to the NWA and people really, you know what? Some people say the NWA is dead and I don’t think the NWA is dead. I think that the WWE scouts look at us when we are in the NWA and see that we really do have talent and heart for.

Back in the day you know Ric Flair, Harley Race, they would travel around the country going to different regions, do you guys have that opportunity to have the NWA World Champion come down here?

Yeah, yeah, they come here and we have chances and if we work hard enough and they see enough fight in us and enough heart in us, they get us out there and we get to go to NWA Hollywood, NWA Wildcat, Louisiana. There’s Top Rope in Tennessee, there’s NWA Australia, United Kingdom, they’re everywhere. And we all have opportunities to go work each other at all these places.

We are at a comic convention. You would assume that a lot of wrestling promotions would just send a couple of guys out, have a match and that’s it. You guys have actually carried on story lines at Comicpalooza, you had yesterday where you won by cheating and then you guys had the tag team match later on for revenge. And then today with Lance Hoyt and the Battle Royal, you guys are actually doing mini story lines for the fans. How important is that to do for fans even at the little events like this?

It’s great because a lot of these people have never heard of us and they are getting into our story lines after just two days and tomorrow will be the third day and they are going to want to continue these story lines and then we are going to have these people at our shows at the VFW every month. We are going to double our crowd because they realize we are not out here just doing this as a hobby. This is our life, these story lines are our life.

What other talent should people look out for here in NWA Houston?

Kevin Douglas, Modern Day Hero, he is amazing, he is going to get a contract. Ryan Genesis. Him and Mike Dell, great talents, great bodies, great gimmicks, they know how to work. Scot Summers, I don’t know if you have ever met Scot Summers or seen him, he does a psycho gimmick. I think he is a psycho in real life but he deserves a contract. It’s hard for you to say who is going to go somewhere, it’s easy to who won’t go somewhere because they only pick the greatest talent to work for NWA.

Excellent, thanks a lot for the time.

Yeah brother. Thank you man, I had a good time.


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