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411 Interview: NWA Houston’s Lance Hoyt

June 27, 2012 | Posted by Shawn S. Lealos

NWA Houston founder Chaz Taylor brought his promotion to Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas to put on a number of shows for the fans in attendance. One man taking part in the shows was former WWE and TNA wrestling star, Lance Hoyt. Taylor introduced me to Hoyt and he took the time to sit down and talk to 411mania about NWA Houston and why he enjoys wrestling in his home state of Texas.

Hey Shawn.

Hey, thanks for taking the time. For the interview.

Awesome, thanks.

When I first started watching you wrestle you were going by the name Dallas, you were with Kid Kash in TNA, and you were just the bad Texan.

Ticked off Texan. It was the Ticked off Texan.

The Ticked Off Texan.

Yep, thanks.

Even though you were a bad guy, the fans really gravitated to you, they were “Hoyt Hoyt Hoyt” at all the events. What does it mean to you to be wrestling back in Texas and what are the fans in Texas like compared to other places you have wrestled around the world?

I started in Texas so I’ve grown up in Texas, I was born and raised in Texas so everything about me is truly Texan, I believe. So to be able to come back here and work with some of the best talent that is in Texas today, and hopefully for the future of this business, is a great honor for me because I love this business. I have enjoyed every aspect of my time in business, from when I started on the independent level in Texas to when I got an opportunity to work in TNA and all the different names I’ve carried when I was at TNA from Dallas to Lance Hoyt to Lance Rock. On into my time with WWE, you know, it is the fact that I’ve had the opportunity to wrestle with people of different calibers at different levels and different areas. But to come back to Texas and work with some of these guys is truly cool. Truly an honor.

I’ve even had opportunities to, you know lately, I’ve been working mostly in Japan and New Japan wrestling. You know it is an honor to get to go over there and work, the fact that I’ve had that opportunity, a lot of it comes from the things that I have done and learned about working with these guys here in Texas. So to be here in Texas, to be a part of NWA and the direction that NWA is going right now, which is an amazing and positive thing, and you know I think NWA has had its ups and its downs as a business as a whole. Even in Texas it has had its dark days, but it is definitely on an upturn for the NWA in Texas and hopefully for the NWA as a whole.

Chaz was saying that they are trying to get more of an old school wrestling feel, kind of like a Fritz Von Erich’s world class or Bill Watt’s Mid South, something that families can come to, a little less of the poppy entertainment that you see on TV every week. Do you enjoy wrestling in a more pure wrestling company more than where the focus is not really on the in ring action?

Ah you know, that’s a funny question, because I have had every aspect of my career in that. Lance Rock was a total character, a goofball you know – “Thank you Cleveland!” Well, that was Jimmy Rave’s line, but you know. To being able to go to Japan, where it is solely based on what you do in the ring in comparison to just straight characters. I am the American Psycho Lance Archer when I am in Japan. I am the American Psycho Lance Hoyt when I am in Texas. That character is kinda played over but it is more of a straight forward kick your butt, in your face, once we step in the ring you better watch out type of fighter. Being part of the NWA in Texas and getting to come to Houston and be a part of NWA Houston, it’s a lot of fun being able to get in the ring and show the people. I have had a lot of haters over my time, people that have said “oh you don’t belong,” that I am just there because of this and that and whatever, and that’s cool. Please hate on me because the more people that hate on me the more people are paying attention.

All publicity is good publicity.

All of this is good publicity. Please, if you don’t have anybody to hate, hate me. But to get in that ring and make people go “I don’t like him but I can’t hate what he did in the ring,” that’s an honor.

What kind of wrestlers do we have here in NWA Houston? I mean you are the big name that everyone knows, what are some of the little names people should be watching out for here?

Well, you know, I really don’t think any of them are little now, I just think they are names that haven’t gotten to whatever level in the business. I have had that lucky, beautiful opportunity to have Lance Hoyt be in a big time arena or whatever you can say. But to be with these guys is second to none.

The NWA Junior Champion in Kevin Douglas, I think he has been around as long or longer then I have. I have known him since the beginning of my career and I have seen him do what he has done and the characters he has created and the abilities that he’s got. You know the guy who likes to call himself the American Psycho, Scot Summers, is probably one of the most iconic wrestlers in Texas today. He is everywhere that you have Texas wrestling. I think if you wrestled in any organization in Texas you know of Scot Summers.

Uh, Ryan Genesis, the Kings of the Underground have really spread their wings and flown all over the state of Texas and hopefully beyond that. You know, you got Ken Carson, who I am facing tonight for the No. 1 contendership – unfortunately for him. He is not going to get anywhere with that cause I am just going to still be the No. 1 contender. But him and Barbie are two of the biggest names in the business as far as Texas is concerned. These guys are working their butts off, training hard, working hard. You know once you are on top, you are on top for a reason. , I think they are the ones, if given the opportunity, will go above and beyond anything that’s in this business. You know, hopefully that comes for each and every one of them.

So when families come to see NWA Houston, what would you say they are going to see?

They are going to see some good wrestling, great entertainment, hard hitting, hard fighting, top Texas talent, top any talent, top talent in the business today. They are going to get a treat that they don’t get in a lot of independent wrestling in Texas, or in the country, so they are going to see a great show. They are not going to be disappointed. It’s not crazy over the top hardcore. You know we are not doing things that are just to make you go “oh my god I can’t believe he went through 6 tables with thumbtacks and barbed wire stretched across it.” We don’t need that because we have the talent that we have at NWA Houston, NWA Texas and the Texas Independent wrestling Center.


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