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411’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 05.08.07

May 8, 2007 | Posted by Michael Bauer

Welcome to the ECW on Sci-Fi! As always, I am Michael Bauer, your 411 ECW Re-capper. And the action starts now!

We open with video of Bobby Lashley arriving at the arena and he meets up with Armando Estrada. He tells Lashley that if he enters the building, he is going to jail. Lashley spins Armando’s wheelchair around and sends him into a dumpster. Lashley tells the cops that he has to be arrested. So he is… and it’s the opening video.

Joey Styles and Tazz at ringside and they call the main event the preservation of the spirit of ECW.

CM Punk vs. Marcus Cor Von

As Punk comes to the ring, they announce that CM Punk will face Elijah Burke at Judgment Day. Cor Von comes out with Burke and that corny yet cool music. The bell rings (04:06) and Cor Von gets a side headlock on Punk. Irish Whip and Cor Von hits a nice shoulder block. They lock up and it’s another headlock. Punk whips Cor Von and hits a jumping heel kick as Cor Von goes to the outside. Punk gets caught and is dragged to the outside. Cor Von slams him into the ring apron and then into the ring post. Punk shoved back into the ring and Cor Von lays the boots to Punk. Cor Von has Punk on his feet for some body shots and a bear hug. Punk backed into the corner and Cor Von clubs Punk in the back. Backbreaker by Cor Von gets a two count. Cor Von drives some knees to the back of Punk and locks the bearhug back on CM Punk. Cor Von lets go and then connects with a huge belly to belly suplex for another two count. Cor Von locks in bear hug from behind, but Punk slips out and gets Cor Von in the corner. Punk nails Cor Von with kicks to the head and connects with a bulldog, which keeps both men down. Punk connects with a neckbreaker after ducking a punch. Punk got a two count with a partial cradle. Back up and Cor Von chucks Punk to the outside. Cor Von meets Punk coming back into the ring, but he gets his head snapped on the top rope. Punk connects with a springboard clothesline for a two count. Cor Von goes back to work on the back on Punk and puts Punk on the top rope. Cor Von blocks a tornado DDT from Punk and dumps him over the top rope to the outside. Burke comes over with a cheap shot to the ribs as Cor Von distracted the ref. Punk fights back his feet and gets in the ring at the count of nine. Cor Von throws Punk off the ropes and it is The POOOUUUNNCCCEE!!!! Punk got turned inside out twice from one shot. Cor Von goes for the pin and gets the three count at 8:17

Winner: Marcus Cor Von

Tazz then tells us that he got a mobile alert that Edge is the new Heavyweight Champion! We then go back to yesterday and the whole deal between Edge and Kennedy, which led to the five second match in which Edge became the new holder of the Money in the Bank title shot. They tell us to go to wwe.com for reactions from Kennedy, Edge, and the Undertaker.

Editorial note: I went to wwe.com during the break and WWE pretty much spilled the story that Edge went into Pittsburgh at the Smackdown taping and walked out as the new Champion. I won’t give out the full details, but if you wish to read them, please go Here :

We come back live and get another trailer for The Condemned, which isn’t as stunning as Styles makes it sound.

The Sandman vs. Snitsky

The Sandman is back to coming out from the crowd. And here comes big ugly, aka Snitsky. Sandman went right after Snitsky as the bell rings as the ref grabbed the cane from the Sandman. Snitsky locked in a double underhook like submission and threw him into the turnbuckle. Sandman tries to fight back, but Snitsky almost knocks Sandman out on his feet with a clothesline, and then uses his boot to Snitsky’s face to knock him out for the three count as just under a minute.

Winner: Snitsky

Backstage, Vince celebrates The Sandman being destroyed. He hopes Lashley has a television in his cell cause says it is time to crush the original spirit of the ECW in Rob Van Damn. Umaga screams bloody murder… literally.

Back from the break, it’s Extreme Expose. I only know because I heard music from the bathroom. We see footage from Backlash of Vince McMahon winning the ECW Title. We then get more footage as we go to last night’s confrontation between Lashley and McMahon. We then get more footage as we see Lashley going to jail earlier today.

Backstage, Burke talks to Striker about getting them on track and he doesn’t want to hear an apology from Striker because Burke is focused. And he wants Striker to be at ringside with him when he faces one of the Major Brothers. They walk off as we head to another break.

Elijah Burke vs. Brian Major

The Major Brothers are in the ring as we come back as Tazz notes that they look the same. Burke comes out and looks really focused after what happened last week. The bell rings and Burke forces Major back in the corner and they exchange slaps to the face before Burke kicks him in the gut. Burke whips Major, but Major leaps over and gets two near falls on Burke. Burke with a huge right hand almost knocked out Major. Burke with a huge clothesline as Styles explains that the Major Brothers were such huge ECW fans from the original ECW and that they still have the ticket stubs from every even they went to. Burke keeps the advantage, but Major fights back against Burke. Major whipped to the turnbuckle and he goes for the body press, but Burke ducked it and Major crashed. Burke comes over and hits the Elijah Experience for the three count at 2:29.

Winner: Elijah Burke

Backstage, we get a promo with Thorn and Ariel. Ariel says the cards hold chaos and turmoil. Thorn says that his future was never in The New Breed, but that it is in fresh blood.

ECW Title: Rob Van Damn vs. Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon, and Umaga

Shane McMahon comes out by himself first. Shane then takes it upon himself to introduce Umaga. And then he introduces Vince McMahon and makes a spectacle of it. Styles is so sick watching him coming down the aisle as we go to a break before the main event. We are back and RVD comes down to the ring to face off against the three men in the ring. The bell rings and RVD starts with Shane McMahon with RVD chants as loud as ever. Shane flips out of an armbar and RVD does the same to start off. They lock up again and we get some hammerlocks back and forth until RVD gets a body scissors for a two count. RVD then points at Umaga and says he wants him. RVD almost knocks Shane’s head off with a kick. Into the turnbuckle and RVD hits a monkey flip. RVD hits a huge spinning heel kick on Shane in the corner. RVD ducks to the outside and goes after Vince. Shane hits a baseball slide to stop it and Umaga throws RVD back in the ring. Shane grounds RVD with an armbar and RVD battles back to his feet. RVD leaps over Shane’s back and hits a boot right to the top of Shane’s head. RVD off the ropes and Umaga low bridges RVD. Umags throws him into the steel steps and back into the ring. Shane now tags in Umaga and Umaga connects with a huge right hand, followed by a headbutt. Umaga then tags in Vince McMahon and he goes for a quick pin. RVD kicks out and Shane is tagged back in. Shane hits a couple boots and Umaga is back in. RVD off the ropes and Shane hits a knee to the back of RVD and Umaga hits the Samoan Drop. Again, Vince tagged in, RVD kicks out, and Vince tags out to Umaga. RVD set in the corner and RVD jumped out with a low dropkick to stop the charging butt. RVD battles back with some kicks and gets Umaga to one knee. Shane comes in and gets dumped. RVD counters the Samoan Spike and goes up top, but Shane knocks him down. Shane gets tagged in and he superplexes RVD off the top rope. Umaga heads up top and hits the huge splash and then hits the Samoan Spike. Vince McMahon comes back in and eventually gets the three count at 9:35 as the shoulders did come off the mat the first time on accident. The originals come out to check on Rob Van Damn and Joey Styles sounds like he is grinding every word out of pure anger.

Winners: Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon, and Umaga

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