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411’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 11.25.08

November 25, 2008 | Posted by Michael Bauer

Welcome to the ECW on Sci-Fi! As always, I am Michael Bauer, your 411 ECW Re-capper. Don’t forget to check out Cha$e… NOW! And Ricky Ortiz is on the show RIGHT NOW!!! The freaking commercials duped me last week.

And to all, have a Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully it will be better than mine.

Tonight, we get Jack Swagger against Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules match and we get an opening video for it as Tommy Dreamer is in the ring.

Extreme Rules – Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger

Jack ain’t smiling as he comes to the ring. The bell rings and Jack pie faces Dreamer. Dreamer starts slugging, but Jack takes him down amateur style. Jack keeps Dreamer down with some grapples, but he gets up and punts Dreamer’s chest like Dreamer did to him last week. Dreamer grabs a Kendo stick out of nowhere and nails Swagger twice before using it to hit a Russian Leg Sweep. Dreamer grabs a chair and body slams Swagger and the chair. To the outside, Dreamer with a whip, but Swagger reverses and Dreamer hits the post hard. Swagger brings a chair into the ring and Dreamer is stuck in the corner. Swagger grabs a trash can and taunts the crowd. Dreamer dives off the ring apron and crashes down on Swagger. Back in the ring, Dreamer nails Swagger with a chair to the back and lodges it in the corner. Dreamer brings up Swagger, but Jack reverses into a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Jack has his irish whip reversed, Tommy gets Swagger for the bulldog, but Swagger throws Dreamer face first into the propped up chair. Swagger has the chair and we go to a commercial at 3:45.

Back at 7:00 and Swagger is pounding Dreamer. Swagger drops Dreamer on an open chair, knee first into the seat. Swagger has the kendo stick and kills the left leg of Dreamer twice. Swagger locks Dreamer’s ankle in the chair and applies a chair assisted ankle lock. Dreamer grabs the ropes and the ref forces a break?? THE FUCK??? Dreamer is locked in a single leg crab, again assisted by the chair. Dreamer makes it to the kendo stick and just bashes Swagger until he breaks. Tommy gets one more to the chest and gets a near fall as he grabs a trash can lid and kills Jack upside the head. Dreamer grabs the kendo stick and tries the pumphandle slam, but Swagger goes low and hits a sick knee lift. Swagger grabs the trash can and lays Dreamer on it. Jack goes for a springboard Vader splash, but Tommy moves and Swagger crashes. Jack locked in the Tree of Woe… Basement Dropkick into the Trash Can! Tommy brings out a table from under the ring and sets it up. Tommy has the kendo stick and drills Jack twice, but Jack catches the third one and Swagger hits a huge Belly to Belly for two. Jack tries for on Oklahoma Slam, but Tommy slips out and hits a DDT for two and a half. Dreamer kills Swagger with the Trash Can. Dreamer lines up Swagger with the trash can, but Swagger drop toe holds him onto the open chair! Swagger grabs Dreamer and gutwrench powerbombs him through the table! Swagger goes for the cover and the match is over at 13:58.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Match Rating: **3/4 Ladies and gentlemen, that was a classic style Extreme Rules Match. I was going to go into 3 star plus territory, but I docked ½ a star for the bullshit with the rope break in the middle. Swagger was pure gold in this match and Dreamer not only dished out punishment like only he can, but he took a shit load of punishment like only he can also. I loved this match.

Back from the break and we see Miz and Morrison in the back with their millions and millions of nicknames that I could care less about. They call the Survivor Series the greatest ever… HA! And it wasn’t because of the double wide caskets, the return of Edge and his beard, or the return of John Cena after all that rehab. No, it was because the greatest tag team ever debuted their new outfits…. And the Boogeyman comes up from behind… Miz and Morrison bail. Matt Striker looks sick just from thinking about him.

Matt Hardy is backstage and says that Jeff Hardy is healing at home, feeling better… and Jack Swagger shows up. He says to forget about his brother. Swagger is coming after the ECW title.

Backstage, Hornswoggle tries to grab some candy. Mark Henry and Tony Atlas show up. Mark says candy is no good for Hornswoggle and Mark is no good for Finlay. He tells Hornswoggle to watch what he does to his daddy tonight. Mark throws the candy down on the floor and Hornswoggle is a sad little panda. We go to commercial.

DJ Gabriel vs. Jarrod

DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox are in the ring dancing as we come back from the break. The bell rings and the lock up. Gabriel with a single arm takedown and he goes into a headlock. DJ with a knee lift to the jaw. DJ off the ropes, he stops after ducking the leapfrog and hits a hip toss. DJ with a shot to the gut and he pulls the kid out of the corner. DJ uses the giant swing at throws the kid out of the ring. DJ with a headlock, brings Jarrod down, but the kid gets back up and punches out. Jarrod with a go behind, but DJ elbows out and hits a suplex. DJ hits a few leg sweeps and grabs the kid, drills him with a over the shoulder gut buster before ending the match at 2:50 with the diving European Uppercut. (30:10)

Winner: DJ Gabriel

Match Rating: *1/4 Just your typical extended squash. Got to admit, I’m liking this guy though as he has a great style of moves.

Todd Grisham is in the ring to ask Alicia why she is here. She says that she took her business overseas and met DJ over in England. Alicia says they have that “it” and made a call to get them onto ECW. DJ says they share a passion for dancing, having fun, and winning.

We go to the Raw Rebound and the crowing of Chris Jericho as the #1 contender once again and the following massacre by Jericho by John Cena.

And we get a Degeneration X promo. HHH has two words for you… are you ready? That’s three words. They start the shilling of the Degeneration X merchandise. Kelly comes in with the jersey on. They met at the commercial for the video game. Kelly keeps correcting Shawn Michaels and they kick her off the set. HHH wants the shirt back. It gets tossed to him. JINGLE BELLS! Shawn covers his eyes with the video game. HA! CLASSIC DX!

Mark Henry vs. Finlay

Finlay is hesitant to put down the shillelagh, but the ref rings the bell the moment he does. Finlay plays a little duck and hit, but goes after the leg too early. Finlay gets dropped on the top rope but Henry. Henry comes over, but Finlay hits a pair of shoulders to the gut. Finlay charges off the ropes, but runs right into a bear splash by Henry. Mark just takes some hits, but down Finlay again and stands on him. Henry with a neck vice on Finlay, but goes after the shillelagh. Henry throws it to the floor, far away fro the apron. Henry whips Finlay into the corner and charges. Finlay gets the boot up and punches away. He comes off the ropes, but walks right into a huge powerslam. Finlay avoids a splash and Henry rolls to the outside. Finlay comes off the ring apron, but Henry catches him and drives Finlay into the ring apron. Henry drops Finlay on the floor as we go to commercial at 3:40.

Back at 7:28 and Finlay escapes a neck vice, but gets drilled to the corner. Finlay’s back is in pain after hitting the ring post during the break. Henry clubs down and again locks in the neck vice, pressing the thumb into the cheek bone. Finlay escapes and kicks out from the floor, but Henry stomps him to stop the momentum. Henry again to the neck vice and he changes to a sleeper chin lock. Finlay to his knees and twists around to hit a jaw breaker. Finlay hits a clothesline and a quick cover for a two count. Finlay walks right into a clothesline. Finlay whipped hard into the corner with a whip and Henry follows with a splash. Henry boots Finlay and he gets dumped to the floor by it. Tony chases Hornswoggle into the ring, Henry grabs Hornswoggle, and Finlay found the shillelagh. Henry gets drilled in the knee and Tony again has Hornswoggle. Finlay bashes Tony in the knee and Henry comes out. Finlay gets dropped on the entrance ramp as Tony and Henry grabs Hornswoggle, but Finlay fights back. The match has no official ending as we end the broadcast at 12:30.

Winner: No Contest

Match Rating: ** The match itself was good, but the ending means simply that the feud MUST continue. Henry showed that third time was a charm to learn how to slow down Finlay. Finlay just got way too little offense.


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