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411’s FCW TV Report: 9.18.11

September 20, 2011 | Posted by TJ Hawke

Seth Rollins, former ROH Champion Tyler Black, has been the FCW 15 Champion since January. The matches for this title are contested in 15 minute Iron Man Matches. When Dean Ambrose (the former Jon Moxley of DGUSA, Evolve, CZW, etc) debuted, he immediately started to feud with Rollins. After their first two FCW 15 Championship matches ended in draws, they were booked in a rubber match, which would be contested in a 30 minute Iron Man match. This episode of FCW is completely dedicated to this match.

FCW TV: September 18th, 2011

The commentators hype the Ambrose/Rollins match.

Cut to some iterviewer who is with Ricky Steamboat and Ritchie Steamboat. Ritchie hypes Seth Rollins as a competitor, as they are former FCW tag team champions. Ricky says FCW is making history by having their first 30 minute match. Ricky says Ambrose looks hungrier as the new kid on the block. Already this match feels more special.

Cut back to the commentators discussing the events that lead to this match. Video package of their first match together, which was a 15 minute draw.

Cut back to that interviewer geek again who is with Dusty Rhodes~!. Dusty said that FCW was founded on matches like this. Once again, the match feels more important.

The commentators introduced another video package, which showed how the the second Rollins/Ambrose match also ended in a draw.

Steve Keirn, the FCW President said that a 30 minute match is now almost unheard of. He refuses to pick a winner.

FCW 15 Championship with a 30 Minute Limit (ie: 30 minute Iron Man Match)

Seth Rollins(c) vs. Dean Ambrose

Right before the match starts, the commentators both pick Ambrose to win…is Rollins’ music the same he used in ROH?…in case you don’t know, the 15 Championship is a tarnished looking medal…nothing of significance happened in the first 90 seconds, and we cut to commercial…come back from the break with 26 minutes left…after some back and forth action, Ambrose got tied up in the ropes, and Rollins gave him multiple chops and a dropkick to the floor…Rollins had the advantage, so Ambrose just kicked him in the balls to get DQed…Rollins: 1-0…Ambrose sacrificed a fall to get the advantage in the match…Ambrose gave him Midnight Special (CIMA’s Schweign) for a fall…Tied: 1-1…Ambrose followed that up with a huge lariat for another fall…Ambrose: 2-1…20 minutes left…back from a commercial with 17 minutes left, Ambrose has Rollins locked in a Bow and Arrow…Rollins escaped but got worked over some more…Rollins got a couple of kicks in but then got cut off with a Glam Slam: 1..2…NO!…14 minutes left and Ambrose is in complete control and mocking Rollins…Rollins got a somersault pin out of nowhere while Ambrose was mocking him…Tied: 2-2…Rollins on the attack with slaps and clotheslines…Rollins then gave Ambrose a Mic Check into the turnbuckle…Rollins sent Ambrose to the outside and hit a somersault plancha….back in the ring, Rollins misses a springboard clothesline, but kicks Ambrose in the head and hits the springboard move…Rollins goes for the Avada Kedavra (kneeling superkick) but Ambrose avoids it…Ambrose then gives Rollins the Dynamite Kid suplex to the outside of the ring and both men are down…commercial…back with 8 minutes left….they’re doing the Yay-Boo punching spot after the break…Ambrose hits a big slap, but Rollins hits his Pele kick variation: 1…2…NO!….still 2-2…Lionsault by Rollins: 1…2…NO!…KAWADA KICKS by Rollins and the Educated Curb Stomp!: 1…2..NO!…5 minutes left…Rollins getting desperate goes for a Phoenix Splash but Ambrose moves: Rollins goes splat on the match…crowd is going nuts by the way….Ambrose struggles to crawl over and cover Rollins: 1…2…NO!…Ambrose struggles around before going for a Cloverleaf; Rollins fights out of it, so Ambrose just kicks him repeatedly on the gut…2 minutes left…Ambrose finally gets the Cloverleaf, and Rollins is scratching crawling for the ropes but Ambrose has sat into the hold…90 seconds left…ROLLINS MAKES THE ROPES!…1 minute left, and Ambrose is smiling…Ambrose does the Rollins stomps in the corner and is going for the kneeling superkick but Rollins reverses it into the Midnight Special: 1..2…NO!…Ambrose kicks out of his own finisher…10 seconds…AVADA KEDAVRA!: 1…2…NOOOOOOO!…Time Limit Draw….Maxine, the GM, says the match will continue under sudden death rules…Small Package by Rollins but Ambrose kicks out….running knee by Ambrose but Rollins kicks out…crowd has not stopped making noise for the last 20 minutes…TOPE SUICIDA by Rollins; he follows that up with some corner forearms and Superkick but a HUGE lariat by Ambrose cuts him off…Midnight Special!: 1…2..Rollins KICKS OUT AGAIN!…Rollins to the top rope, but Ambrose kicks him and is going for a Super Midnight Special: COUNTERED into a BUCKLE BOMB!…AVADA KEDAVRA!…AVADA KEDAVRA…GOD’S LAST GIFT….1…2…3!!!! What a fucking match!…everyone needs to see this match right now…This is probably the best Jon Moxley has ever looked as an all around performer and Tyler Black has not lost a step since leaving ROH
Match Rating: ****1/4

Rollins celebrates with his MEDAL as the fans chant his name…end show

Final thoughts: this was the best wrestling show since the final ROH on HDNet episode…a fantastic job of making a match and two wrestlers seem important…if there is any justice, these two will be on Smackdown or Raw by the end of the year

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