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411’s Holy Foley Report: Episode 1.10 – The Moment of Truth

February 16, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s Holy Foley Report: Episode 1.10 – The Moment of Truth

-We have come to the final episode of Season 1 and according to Mick Foley he doesn’t think there will be a season two. We will get to that after this last episode.

-Previously on Holy Foley, Noelle was putting in some work to get ready for her WWE tryout when she got hurt dropping an elbow off the middle ropes. We also had the bombshell of Frank getting a job dropped on us and now Mick respects the guy.

-We start in Orlando as the entire family (minus Dewey) is checking into a hotel. Mick covers that Dewey can’t be there as he has a performance review. They discuss the injury and it seems Noelle had an x-ray done and she has bruised ribs.

-We head north to WWE HQ where Dewey is waiting to go in for his performance review. He wants this to be a full time job as he feels he has found a home with WWE.

-South we go as Mick is showing his daughter how to properly stretch and she says he looks like a horny cat. Mick says that he can’t do these stretches with Collette around as she is a pervert and makes sex jokes. Seems Noelle is just as bad as she stares at her dad and laughs when he demonstrates doing shake weight. She laughs so hard that it causes her ribs to hurt and Mick tells here they can postpone the tryout. She is having none of that though even with Mick telling her it will be the most difficult thing she will ever do.

-Mick says he has a special guest as he called in a favor to a movie star he knows, The Rock. Noelle gets pumped as she thinks The Rock is downstairs (no chance as he is somewhere bench pressing a building while millions of dollars continue to pour into his Scrooge McDuck Money Bin) and Mick says no. The Rock just set up this mystery person coming and Noelle needs to go meet him or her.

-Connecticut again as Dewey is exiting his review and he says everything went well. He face times his dad to share his excitement, and informs him that he has been hired full time. He will get to write his first promo that gets to be used on TV. Mick is very proud of his son as he continues to work towards his dream job.

-Noelle heads to the hotel lobby and she meets Nia Jax. Kind of figured that was coming with the Rock lead in. She has been through a WWE tryout and also has the pressure of coming from a wrestling family as she is The Rock’s cousin and that makes her part of the Samoan Wrestling Dynasty. She gives some advice to Noelle and the biggest thing is to make sure she doesn’t quit.

-Mick compares this tryout to Noelle’s first day of school except he won’t be there to hold her had as she gets on the bus. They meet and he gives her some last minute advice before they head to The Performance Center.

-Noelle gets to The PC and she is greeted by Matt Bloom (head coach at the PC). She says she is ready for this and he tells he is going to test her today. Sara Amato is next and of course she is the assistant head coach and trainer. They have Noelle warm up in the ring with 3 other trainees and Bloom says this is something they do every day. Noelle says doing situps with a bruised rib is extremely painful, but she is pushing through.

-Next they get to carry each other around to get used to having to carry around and protect someone else. She says she is exhausted and knows there is a lot to go. Next they run her through the paces of running the ropes and getting up off the mat. All she can think about is her dad telling her not to quit. They want her taking bumps next as Bloom mentions to Sara that Noelle’s core strength isn’t where it needs to be right now. She takes some solid bumps and they tell her she can come back for day 2.

-Collette and the boys head to a trampoline park and I am quite jealous. We have one about an hour from my house, but have never made it there and with a baby on the way I may be waiting some time. It seems Noelle is trying to butter the boys up to break the news that if Noelle makes it to NXT they are moving to Orlando. The boys are not happy about this news. They both hate Florida due to the heat and just want to stay in New York where they can do nothing. Collette wants to move because she doesn’t want to be away from Noelle.

-Back to the hotel and Noelle is quite beat up, but she is proud she made it through the first day. She just remembers being told that you can be cut on Day 1, so she made it further than some. She tells her dad it was the hardest thing she has ever done as he brings in ice bags. They share a nice father/daughter moment before Mick brings Frank into the room. It seems Noelle and Frank are back together, and Mick admits Frank is starting to grow on him.

-Day 2 and Noelle immediately talks about being sore, but again is pushing through in the ring. She starts to get a little lax with some of the warmup exercises and Bloom calls her out to work harder than the other girls. She takes his advice to heart and does rather will with her flip bumps and back bumps. They have one last drill for her and if you watched Tough Enough reboot a few years ago it is something you have seen before. It involves jumping over a punching bag and running the ropes while also attacking the mat. She powers her way through the drill and the coaches are proud of her for getting through. Matt and Sara congratulate her on completing the 2 day tryout and tell her they will let her know. Congrats to her for getting through the 2 days.

-Mick and Collette discuss moving to Florida and Mick is horrified as Collette wants to buy a house. Mick says there are people down here that will take care and watch out for her. That is not good enough for Collette as she wants family down here with her. Mick calls her crazy and tells his wife that she needs to let go. Noelle needs the mental toughness to be away from family so she can make it on her own. They can fly down anytime, but he doesn’t see any need to move.

-Mick and Noelle are waiting to meet Canyon Ceman (you may remember him from Breaking Ground) as he is the guy that will let Noelle know if she is in or out. That gives us time for a recap of everything Noelle has gone through in her training. Mick again tells her that he is proud of her and no matter what happens with the meeting that won’t change.

-She has her meeting with Canyon and the coaches were happy with how she performed. Her athletic ability isn’t where they want it to be, but she outperformed all their expectations. They can work with someone who may not be their athletically, but has heart and technique. We don’t get a happy ending however as Canyon drops the news that Noelle did not get in this time. She looks absolutely crushed, but he tells her there is hope. Some are a no meaning no chance ever and she is in the gray zone between a yes and a hard no. They want her to work on her strength and agility and try again in 6-12 months. He tells her again that she earned the respect of the coaches and they don’t want her to give up.

-She has to go break the news to her dad and it is heartbreaking. Noelle breaks down and tells her dad that they liked her, but she doesn’t have that athletic ability yet. Mick consoles his daughter and tells her that he also was called out for not having athletic ability. He tells her that he is very proud and she says she isn’t sure what is next for her as it sounds like her wrestling dream may be done. She says she will be okay, but needs a minute to herself and that is how the episode (series?) ends.

-Man that was quite emotional and sure cynics out there always tell you any reality show isn’t real, but they had me hooked with that one.

-As mentioned this is the end of Season 1 and seemingly the end of the series. We will just add this show to the list of ones I have covered that no longer produce new episodes: Countdown, Breaking Ground, Tough Enough, and Legends with JBL.

-As for this show specifically the second 5 episode run was much better than the initial five. The show became more focused and I quite enjoyed it to the point that I would like to see a season two. However if Noelle is done and I think Dewey is out from his WWE job as well, then I guess there isn’t much to cover. Outside of Frank of course!

-Thanks for joining me over these 10 episodes. There are still a few episodes of Legends with JBL to get to before we close the book on that show, and of course there is always Taking Smack!