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411’s Impact Wrestling Report 2.22.19

February 23, 2019 | Posted by Robert Winfree
Impact Wrestling Lucha Bros

Hello everyone and welcome to 411mania’s coverage of Impact Wrestling. I’m Robert Winfree and I’ll be your host for this evening. I believe tonight starts the airing of the content that Impact taped in Las Vegas last week, though those might be another week off from airing. Last week on the broadcast Taya Valkyrie retained the Impact Knockouts Title in a street fight over former champion Tessa Blanchard, and Impact World Champion Johnny Impact retained his title in a fatal 4-way by pinning Moose just before Brian Cage pinned Killer Kross.

On the docket tonight is a match that’s been brewing for a few weeks between Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards, as well as a Tag Team Title match between champions the Lucha Bros. and LAX. That match is being billed as the Final Chapter in their rivalry, so bet on there being at least two more matches after one of the teams turns heel, but the matches have been good to great so hopefully they keep that streak going.

Should you not have the Pursuit channel you can catch Impact live on their twitch channel right HERE if you’re so inclined.

There’s the standard video recap package that leads us into Impact World Champion Johnny Impact coming down for promo time. Johnny talks about how great he is, how he’s a fighting champion because when he was a fan he wanted to see fighting champions. He talks about the rigors of the schedule he’s been keeping but he’s still on top of the mountain and just beat three other men to close that chapter of his career and start moving on to the next contender. Moose makes his way down to interrupt him, he takes his sweet time walking down a really short entrance ramp. Moose gets a mic and says all he hears is Johnny whining about how tired he is of being a fighting champion, then calls him a crybaby and the worst champion Impact has ever had. Moose says the only reason he’s not champion right now is Brian Cage and Killer Kross got in his way. That’ll bring out Killer Kross who grabs a mic and joins the others in the ring. Kross calls Moose a defiler and a betrayer, someone who should know better than to cross him. Kross says dealing with Moose on a daily basis is taxing on his patience then they go at each other over fashion. Johnny interjects himself saying that the boots Moose is wearing are kind of stupid. Moose says it’s his turn as Kross has failed twice to get the title from Johnny, Johnny says being friends in this business is hard. Johnny proposes a match between the two of them for the number one contenders spot. Nice little way for him to weasel away from Cage. Kross says it’s nice to see the sneaky side of Johnny back then Moose cheap shots him and Johnny calls for a ref to start the match, which will lead us to a break.

Match #1 Number one contenders match: Moose vs. Killer Kross

Johnny Impact has joined commentary. They trade position in the corner then Moose lands a slap that seems to just fire Kross up. Rights from Kross then he takes down Moose with a should block but Moose kips up. A solid right from Kross drops Moose. Moose pulls himself up in the corner, Kross slams into him in the corner and sets for another one and lands the clothesline. A third attempt sees Moose pull the ref in front of him, Kross holds up but eats a kick to the junk as the ref moved away but he only gets a 2 count. Moose isn’t happy about that count, he threatens the ref and Kross kicks Moose in the groin as the ref flinched away and now Kross gets a 2 count. They go forehead to forehead and start trading rights to the old “boo, yay” and Moose gets the best of it then tosses Kross over the top rope. Kross pulls Moose out and starts landing rights, Moose lands a right of his own to take control. Kross posts Moose near the commentary table then looks to clear off the table. Johnny takes issue with this, so Kross throws hot coffee into his face then Moose lands a pump kick. Kross tosses Moose into the ring but Johnny jumps in and we get a bit of a melee as the match is thrown out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest – Johnny Impact interference

They both wind up double teaming Johnny but as they set for the double powerbomb Brian Cage makes his way to the ring. Cage with clotheslines to both men then he and Johnny hit stereo super kicks to drive Kross and Moose from the ring. Johnny and Cage stare at each other then Cage poses with the belt then tosses it at Johnny.

That was more of an angle than a match, but given the lack of closure between Johnny and Cage it makes sense to keep drawing that out a bit.

We get a replay of a podcast where Don Callis hired Glenn Gilbertti then cut to an LAX vignette. Konnan hypes up LAX but reiterates that this is the last time they face the Lucha Bros, win lose or draw they shake hands and walk away. That’ll take us to another break.

We come back to Cage and Johnny, shirtless sitting next to each other. Johnny thanks Cage for saving him out there, says he thinks Cage deserves the next title shot, but says that Cage will never get it as long as Kross and Moose are running interference. He proposes they team up to get rid of Kross and Moose, Cage says he’s done Johnny too many favors already and that he can’t trust Johnny’s promises. Johnny presents a signed bout agreement for a title fight whenever Cage wants it, then tells Cage to read through the contract and heads out.

We get some hype for United We Stand, frankly the presumed main event of Sabu and RVD vs. the Lucha Bros is worth the price of admission. That leads to our GWN Flashback of the week, this time it’s a match between Tommy Dreamer and Eddie Edwards from July 22 of 2018. We come from that to one of those That 70’s Show style vignettes from the Rascalz where they change up who’s in what match coming up. Gamma Singh shows up to show them how it’s done, he brings out a full on hookah and gets the Rascalz to try it with him. Singh winds up smoking them under the proverbial table and we head to the next break.

We come back to a hype piece for a tag team, Reno Scum. That leads to Gama Singh introducing The Desi Hit Squad.

Match #2 Tag Team Match: The Desi Hit Squad vs. The Rascalz (Trey and Dez)

The Rascalz are selling the smoke related hangover from the vignette. Singh and Dez will start us off, Singh with a quick roll up for a 2 count. Offense from Singh as Dez is still trying to collect himself, a running drop kick gets another 2 count. Dez tries to reverse a whip but the size difference is too great, and Singh takes him down with a double sledge. Rajou tags in, Dez kicks both of them but runs into a flapjack from Singh trying to make a tag and Rajou lands a running knee strike. Some fast tags from Singh and Rajou to wear down Dez. Dez lands some offense but runs into a reverse STO from Singh for a 2 count. Dez with some chops to the knees of Singh then a super kick and that’ll lead to a double tag spot, or would have but Trey wasn’t paying attention. Dez tags Trey with a slap to the face to wake him up then they hit a series of kicks to Rajou that culminates with a double stomp to the back from Trey. Singh tries to interfere, Trey tosses him over the top rope and lands some aerial offense to Rajou that culminates with a bottom rope springboard cutter for a near fall that Singh has to break up. Gama on the outside distracts the ref, Trey low bridges Singh but that lets Rajou take him out with kicks. An elevated double team DDT nearly ends things but Dez is in to save the match. All four men in the ring and kick each other, we wind up with Rajou and Trey in the ring. Rajou puts Trey on the top rope but gets caught and there’s a double 619 to Rajou as he was hung up in the corner, then a flying double knee strike from Trey to Rajou will end things.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Dez and Trey via pinfall

These two teams have wrestled each other too much lately, all the matches are serviceable but kind of blend together.

We cut to an interview with Eli Drake, he says that in the Book of Eli there is a commandment that says Thou shalt not raise thy hand to Eli Drake. He says that Edwards started things by hitting him first in that match, but he’s not mad and in this match he’s going to lead Edwards by the hand and show him that hardcore wrestling just makes you a loser. He calls himself the pinnacle of wrestling, which isn’t an insult to anyone it’s just a fact of life. That leads us to our next break.

We get a vignette of Sami Callihan walking into Rich Swann’s hotel room. Callihan tells Swann that since his parents can’t be here he is for him. He says that Swann knows him well enough to know when he’s telling the truth. Callihan says Swann’s had his head in his ass for too long and he’s not living up to his potential. He says he’s actually kind of proud of Swann for standing up to him, he says that no matter how hard it is he’s here for him just like a big brother. He references some of their history, then says Swann is the most talented person he’s ever met in or out of this business but he’s still not living up to his potential. He asks if Swann is finally ready to step up and come home, but a nurse interrupts to send him out as this room is for family only but Swann cuts her off and says that Callihan is family. Callihan leaves him an oVe shirt and asks him to call him in the morning.

Match #3: Eli Drake vs. Eddie Edwards

Edwards chases Drake around a bit with the kendo stick before the match starts. The ref gets Edwards to leave the stick on the ground outside the ring. Drake talks a bit to Edwards, just wants a straight wrestling match. We get a tie up into the old shoulder tackle from Drake that drops Edwards. Another tie up but this time Edwards gets the arm wringer, Drake rolls through and gets his own arm wringer but again Edwards counters this time into a side headlock takeover. They wind up in the corner and Drake lands a cheap shot on the break. Edwards reverses a hip toss then lands an arm drag and Drake takes a powder to recover. Drake back in the ring, he tells Edwards that the wrestling he just did was great. Edwards lands a chop then clotheslines Drake over the top rope. Edwards heads out and lands a back rake but Drake cuts him off, tries to post Edwards but Edwards counters and crotches him on the ring post then sits on the ramp and mocks Drake. The ref cuts off Edwards when Edwards goes for the kendo stick and that lets Drake floor Edwards with a clothesline. Drake in control and lands shoulders to the ribs in the corner. The ref has to pull him off and warn him about the count on the ropes, then Edwards avoids a charge and lands a chop. Drake lands a running DDT after Edwards whipped him into the ropes and Drake goes up to the second rope and tries an elbow drop but he takes too long and Edwards rolls out of the way. Drake kicks Edwards down again but tries a spingboard moonsault that misses as Edwards rolls away. Chops from Edwards, Drake tries to climb the ropes but Edwards catches him with a kick into a backpack stunner but that just gets a 2 count. Edwards sets for a double underhook move, winds up chopping the back of Drake then lands a blue thunder bomb for another 2 count. Drake catches Edwards, tries for a Gravy Train but they trade reversals until Drake hits a sleeper slam for a near fall. Drake setting up, Edwards slides off of his back and hits a Tiger Bomb for another 2 count. Edwards goes out for the kendo stick, brings it into the ring and as the ref talks with him Drake grabs Edwards up with a Burning Hammer but that only gets 2. Drake loses his mind, nearly uses the kendo stick but Edwards counters with a double leg into a jack knife pinning position for the 3 count.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Eddie Edwards via pinfall

Pretty decent match, Drake trying to get Edwards to actual wrestling again is playing out in some interesting ways. I’m not a fan of guys kicking out of the Burning Hammer on general principle though.

In the back Tessa Blanchard throws a hissy fit as management wont give her another title shot. She says management is still pissed at her for what she did to Gail Kim, Blanchard says they can’t protect Kim forever and that she’ll get her rematch one way or the other. That’ll lead to another break.

Back from the break we see Glenn Gilbertti backstage getting directions to the Impact management room, theoretical comedy ensues as he winds up outside the venue knocking on the door. Back ringside Alisha Edwards is set to take on Delilah Doom.

Match #4: Alisha Edwards vs. Delilah Doom

Edwards gets a side headlock, and winds up drop toe holding Doom into the second rope and hits a cross body. Doom lands a drop toe hold and hits a 619 then lands knees to the body in the corner. Running knees from Doom miss, Edwards with a step up knee then climbs to the top rope and hits a cross body but Doom rolls through for a 2 count. Edwards hits a reverse STO but Tessa Blanchard is here and proceeds to attack both women. Press slam on the ramp to Edwards, then she’s after Doom but Doom tries a 619, Blanchard catches her and hits a sitout powerbomb then the buzzsaw DDT.

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest – Tessa Blanchard interference

Blanchard poses at the top of the ramp as we head to break.

We come back to a promo for Ace Austin, who will apparently be coming to Impact. There’s a recap of the carnage that Blanchard wrought, then cut back to Doom in the back. Doom isn’t happy, this was her debut, and she challenges Blanchard to a match next week and that “Doomies never say die”.

That’ll lead to a bit on the Impact and NFL Alumni association that went on over the weekend.

That cuts to the back, where Rosemary is threatening Allie and Su Yung but James Mitchell is here to play peacemaker. Rosemary wants Allie back, Mitchell says that Rosemary should join him, that Rosemary coming back would be the crown jewel in the devil’s collection. Mitchell offers a bargain, Rosemary can assemble her dark army to take on his, if Rosemary wins she gets Allie but if his team wins Rosemary has to join them. Rosemary shakes on it and Mitchell laughs maniacally to send us to break.

We’re back with an interview with Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie. Asked about the Blanchard’s rampage, she says that she’s not going to respond as Blanchard is just a child throwing a tempter tantrum and speculates that Blanchard needs a juice box and a nap but she wont get anything from Valkyrie.

Back ringside commentary runs down United We Stand. That will lead to the entrances for LAX and the Lucha Bros.

Match #5 Tag Team Title Match: (c) Lucha Bros. vs. LAX w/ Konnan

LAX jump the Lucha Bros on the entrance ramp and get things going quickly. Ortiz slams Fenix onto the ring apron a few times as Santana attacks Pentagon on the ramp. Fenix is whipped into the ring post as Pentagon is sent into the steel stairs and LAX head into the ring. Ortiz hits a dive through the ropes onto Pentagon then Santana tries a springboard but Fenix catches him with a kick then walks the ropes and lands a knee strike to slow things down and send us to what I assume is our final break of the evening.

Back from the break and Ortiz and Fenix are trading forearms. Ortiz lands a shot with a flip flop, Fenix lands kicks but Ortiz catches one and that lets Santana land a super kick. Pentagon in now and super kicks Ortiz to square off with Santana. Dueling chants from the crowd, they square up and Santana lands an elbow, now Pentagon returns it and we’re in slug fest territory. They trade kicks and Pentagon hits the ropes but runs into a combination from LAX, they hit a series of double team moves that culminate with a tandem lionsault/leg drop. Fenix in now and LAX takes him down and we get a running headbutt from Ortiz that gets a 2 count. Fenix fires up with chops but Ortiz cuts him off with rakes to the back and chest. Ortiz tags in Santana and he works the arm of Fenix then tags Ortiz back in. More quick tags from LAX as they’ve isolated Fenix. They whip Fenix to the ropes but Fenix counters them both with kicks and takes both Ortiz and Santana down then tags in Pentagon. Pentagon comes in with a cross body to both men, then he gets Ortiz to drop kick Santana then hits a slingblade to Ortiz and Fenix is in for the sandwhich super kicks. Now Santana gets some double team offense and Pentagon hits the pumphandle pile driver but Ortiz breaks up the pinfall. We get a flying double stomp to the groin of Ortiz from Pentagon but Ortiz recovers and dumps Fenix who gets taken out by Santana. Pentagon is isolated now and eats a flying code breaker then another superkick and that double reverse flapjack that LAX use as a finisher but Pentagon kicks out at 2. Santana is annoyed by that count but tags in Ortiz but took too long and Fenix is in to cut off Santana on the top rope with a kick and drops him to the floor. Pentagon with the package piledriver as Fenix hits the double stomp to assist then Fenix takes out Santana as Pentagon pins Ortiz for the 3 count.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNERS and STILL Impact Tag Team Champions – Lucha Bros.

Konnan shakes the hands of the Lucha Bros and implores LAX to do the same. The Lucha Bros decline the offer from LAX, LAX then attack the Lucha Bros and they take the masks from Fenix and Pentagon. Konnan looks somewhat befuddled as we cut to black to end the episode.

Another solid match from those two teams, and naturally this feud must continue. That will wrap up this episode of Impact, thanks for reading everyone. If you’re so inclined you can find me Saturday evening covering UFC Fight Night 145 over in the MMA zone. Until next time thanks again, stay safe out there, and keep checking 411mania for all of your pop culture needs.

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