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411’s LIVE NWA Into the Fire Coverage

December 14, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
NWA Into the Fire

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

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Csonka’s NWA Into the Fire 2019 Review

– Follow all of my reviews at this link.

– Joe Galli & Stu Bennett are on commentary,

– Unlike Powerrr, we have full entrances with music, something they teased for the bigger events and PPVs.

Eli Drake vs. Ken Anderson: They lockup, working around the ropes and we get a clean break. Lockup again, Drake grounds things but Anderson counters and ends in top position, working the arm. Anderson follows with clotheslines, slams and covers for 2. Anderson lays in chops, a clothesline and a face wash. Drake powders, comes back in and hits a stun gun and then a neck breaker for 2. Drake trips him up in the ropes, and follows with the slingshot shoulder tackle for 2. Drake grounds the action, and then hits another neck breaker for 2. Drake keeps things grounded, Anderson starts to fire back and they trade center ring. Anderson takes control, hits a neck breaker and the Finlay roll connects for 2. Drake quickly fires back but Anderson counters the gravy train into a cradle for 2. Anderson up top and Drake pops up and Anderson goes for a sunset bomb but Drake counters into The Bulldog sit down pin for the win. Eli Drake defeated Ken Anderson @ 9:12 via pin

– Nick Aldis is interviewed, and talks about the NWA rising from the dead and now making it to PPV with him in the headline spot, holding the real world championship. Tonight, he and Storm have the chance to live forever, and they will go into he deep waters tonight. Marquez asks about Kamille, and Aldis says she has the night off. James Storm arrives and says that they all did this as a team, and the fans came along for the ride because this is the NWA, and tonight Storm will prove he’s a tough son of a bitch, and will become the new champion tonight.

– Pre-match, Steelz gets promo time and talks about making her debut here tonight. She will bring that latino heat tonight.

Thunder Rosa vs. Tasha Steelz: They lockup, Rosa grabs the hair and follows with chops. Steelz counters back with a head scissors, but Rosa cut s off the arm drag with a short armed clothesline for 2. She chokes out Steelz and puts her n the tree of WHOA. The dropkick follows and she covers for 2. Rosa follows with strikes, again covering for 2. Steelz fires back, gets tripped up and Rosa works a pendulum and slams her to the buckles. The double stomp misses and Steelz hits a bicycle kick. She runs wild and the cutter gets 2, Rosa cuts her off, hits the basement dropkick and the top rope double stomp connects for the win. Thunder Rosa defeated Tasha Steelz @ 4:20 via pin

– Post match, Rosa attacks, Vox tries to make the save but Rosa cuts her off and injured her arm.

– We get an Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks video package.

– Aron Stevens cuts a promo, puts over the Question Mark, and they do the official “Mongrovian Flag ceremony.” Question Mark also sings the Mongrovian national anthem. He has a beautiful singing voice.

The Question Mark vs. Trevor Murdoch: Aron Stevens, in a Gi, is at ringside. He’s now a 3rd degree Mongrovian black belt. They lock up and Question Mark attacks with strikes. Murdoch fires back, hits a slam and another. He hitst he 3rd slam and tries to unmask Question Mark, but Question Mark fires back until Murdoch grounds him. He follows with strikes, but Question Mark fires back and covers for 2. Question Mark lays the boots to him and follows with chops. Murdoch fires back, takes him up top but Question Mark cuts him off with the missile dropkick for 2. The leg drop misses, Murdoch follows with strikes and a spinebuster. He heads up top, grabs the flag and throws it down, Stevens grabs him and Murdoch chases him away. Question Mark hits the Mongrovian spike for the win. The Question Mark defeated Trevor Murdoch @ 6:00 via pin

– The Rock & Rolls get promo time and Homicide & Kingston are with them. They hype tonight’s match, but have an insurance policy for tonight. The Dawsons are out with the challengers.

NWA Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Rock & Roll Express vs. The Wild Cards (Isaacs & Latimer): Ricky and Lattimer begin. They lock up, Lattimer takes him to the corner but Ricky escapees. Robert tags in and double teams follow on Lattimer. Robert runs the challengers together and Ricky hits a suicide dive. Back in and Isaacs cuts off Ricky and the double team powerbomb follows but the ref won’t count as there was no tag. Isaacs in and covers for 2. Isaacs follows with strikes, misses a charge and Robert tags in, He follow with strikes, gets the sleeper but Isaacs breaks it up. Lattimer accidentally takes out Isaacs and the champions take control. Destroyer by Ricky and the others brawl on the floor. Double dropkick to Isaacs and the champions retain. Champions The Rock & Roll Express defeated The Wild Cards @ 5:15 via pin

– The NWA returns to PPV January 24th with the return of the NWA TV Championship; it’s the classic red & silver beauty.

-Promo time with Eli Drake. Drake talks about tonight’s main event, and says it doesn’t matter who wins, because he wants a shot. He’s the hottest thing going today, and the man that shines in his company. Ken Anderson found that out today. Anderson attacks Drake and wraps chair around his neck and posts him. He fights off officials, and then hits the mic check onto the chair to stand tall.

Melina & Marti Belle vs. Ashley Vox ODB & Alyson Kay: Vox was taken out earlier tonight so Kay will go it alone here. Wait, they announce that ODB will partner with Kay. Melina runs from Kay and tags in Belle. Kay attacks with chops, strikes and lays the boots to her. She follows with more chops, chokes he rout and then slaps her around. Kay lays in more chops, mounted strikes and coves for 2. Melina distracts and Belle gets a cradle for 2. Kay follows with a neck breaker for 2. She grounds the action, pulls Melina in and Belle attacks with a knee strike. She covers for 2. Belle follows with strikes, kicks and Melina tags in. She works over Kay in the corner, tags in Belle and the Russian leg sweep follows for 2. Belle hits a DDT and that gets 2. Melina tags in and misses the kick. ODB tags in and runs wild, fall away slam on Belle and the broncobuster follows for 2 as Melina makes the save. It breaks down, AK 47 on Melina, ODB hits the Bam on Bell and that’s that. ODB & Alyson Kay defeated Melina & Marti Belle @ 7:15 via pin

– We get an Aldis vs. Storm video package.

NWA National Title Match: Champion Colt Cabana vs. Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks: The Question Mark is at ringside with Stevens. Starks chases Stevens, Colt helps out and they work him over with strikes and elbows. They fight over a cover and then continue to beat down Stevens. Colt then cradles Starks for 2. Stevens hides behind a Christmas tree as Colt and Starks grapple on the mat. Back to the feet and Colt then attacks the arm, grounding Starks and covers for 2. They pick up the pace, shoulder tackle by Starks and the cover gets 2. Stevens keeps hiding, sneaks back in and tries some karataaaaaaaaaaay but they cut him off and beat his ass. Colt dumps Starks and back in, Colt hits a backdrop. Question Mark takes the ref, low blow by Stevens and the rolling lariat gets 2 on Starks. Stevens follows with knee strikes, a Russian leg sweep and elbow drop. Colt back in and Stevens lays the boots to him. Question Mark then lays out Colt on the floor. Suplex by Stevens and that gets 2 on Starks. He follows with a clothesline, Colt fires back and gets dumped again. Starks fires back, sling lade follows and Colt joins in for double teams on Stevens. The flying asshole follows by Colt and Starks dropkicks him and sentons Stevens for 2, Starks takes control, and locks on the cobra twist. Colt escapes and counters into the Billygoat’s curse. Starks fights and makes the ropes. Stevens hides again, Colt & Starks trade near falls, and both are frustrated. Elbows by Colt, but Starks hits the tornado DDT. Colt fires back, superman pin but the Question Mark hits the Mongrovian spike and Stevens returns to steal the pin and the championship. Aron Stevens defeated Champion Colt Cabana & Ricky Starks @ 12:30 via pin

– Tim Storm is interviewed about being one of the refs in tonight’s main event. Tim says that he shares the love and excitement that the people have. It’s an honor to be involved in this PPV, he’s never done this before, but will do this to the best of his abilities. Tim puts over the competitors and the NWA championship, and the bottom line is that he will represent the NWA.

2 out of 3 Falls NWA Title Match: Champion Nick Aldis vs. James Storm: Brian Hebner refs fall one, Tim Storm fall two, and if we need fall three, they flip a coin to decide which of the two refs it. They lockup and work into counters. Aldis hits a shoulder tackle but Storm grounds him. Kamille arrives and Aldis tells her to go away. Superkick and Storm steals fall one @ 2:20. Storm lays the boots to Aldis and they spill to the floor as Storm maintains control. He whips Aldis to the steps and the brawl into the crowd. Back down and Storm slams him into the podium. He follows with a suplex on the floor. Aldis fires back and whips Storm into the Christmas tree. Storm fires back, slams him off the commentary table and back in they go until Storm dropkicks him to the floor. Back in again and Storm grounds things, attacking the knee. Storm follows with strikes, to the ropes and Aldis catches Storm with an overhead belly to belly suplex. He follows with clotheslines, but Storm hits eye of the Storm for 2. Storm gets a chair, Tim takes it and Aldis gets a backslide for 2.The small package evens things up @ 11:05. They brawl and we get the ref coin flip; Hebner wins to officiate the third fall. They brawl again, Michinoku driver by Aldis and that gets 2. Storm cuts him off, backstabber follows and another gets 2. Enziguri by Storm, he heads up top, Aldis crotches him and follows with a superplex for 2. Aldis takes him back up top, follows with strikes, and Storm fights him off and knocks him to the mat. The elbow drop follows for 2. Code breaker by Storm, and the cradle gets 2. The figure four follows by Storm, Aldis fights and finally rolls the hold. Storm makes the ropes, they trade and Aldis hits a tombstone. He heads up top and the elbow drop gets 2. Ref bump as Storm avoids the lariat, DDT by Aldis and Tim Storm checks on Hebner. Tim slides in and takes over. Storm counters the sunset flip with the Bulldog sit down for 2. Superkick by Storm, Aldis exposes the buckle, sends Storm into it and the cloverleaf follows. Storm is out and that’s it. Champion Nick Aldis defeated James Storm @ 21:50 via pin

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