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411’s NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Report 12.24.10

January 6, 2011 | Posted by Randy Harrison

David Marquez welcomes us to the show, wishing everyone Happy Holidays and he discusses the move from the Galaxy Theatre to the Regent Showcase Theatre and talks about there being some production glitches on the show just from the move being made and apologizes for those before running down the show, which will feature Joey Ryan, The Tribe taking on Slymm and Skullkrusher Rasche Brown, Rico Dynamite and an NWA Heritage Tag Team Championship match featuring the RockNES Monsters defending against Natural Selection!

Match One:
Slymm and Skullkrusher Rasche Brown vs. The Tribe (Navajo Warrior and the Hawaiian Lion) w/Olivia

Lion throws his traditional Hawaiian wrap at Slymm, drawing hoots and hollers from the crowd and Slymm proceeds to wipe his ass with it and throw it back at Warrior for even louder hooting from the fans. The Tribe charge and it’s a four-way brawl with Slymm and Warrior paired off and Lion hitting a jawbreaker on Brown. Slymm whips Warrior across into the ropes and Warrior bails out to the floor as Lion does the same thing on the other side of the ring. The Tribe regroup on the outside with Olivia as Lion gets back up to the apron, Brown slingshots him back into the ring before lighting him up with some big chops. Brown with big punches in the corner and he whips Lion across before charging in, but Warrior moves Lion out of the way and Brown crashes into the turnbuckle! Warrior with a big clothesline from the outside that takes Brown down and Lion drops a double axehandle before making the tag.

Warrior with a chop to the chest and Brown fires off one of his own before they just start trading blows in the center of the ring. Warrior with a double-chop to the shoulders and neck of Brown before he whips him into the ropes and takes him down with another heavy clothesline. Tag to Lion and he drops a big elbow into a cover…1…..2…..kickout from Brown! Lion locks in an abdominal stretch and the crowd tries to get behind Brown to fight out of it, but Warrior runs across and attacks Slymm on the apron, allowing Lion to lay in some knees to the gut on Brown. Illegal switch from The Tribe and Warrior locks in the abdominal stretch now, dead in the middle of the ring. Brown tries to make the tag, but Lion runs across and attacks Slymm on the apron and SLYMM IS PISSED!! Right hands for Brown, right hands for Lion, all four men are brawling in the ring and DOWN GOES THE REFEREE!! More brawling and more officials getting shoved down and thrown around and Lion bails to the outside as the bell rings! The Tribe is on the floor and the faces stand tall in the ring as the referee throws this one out!

Winners: None (double disqualification) *3/4

Semi-decent opener to the show in terms of having some action and the big guys certainly brought it, but it felt a little bit like the beginning of an angle rather than an actual match, which kind of put me off a bit. All four guys worked hard and did well with it, but there wasn’t much time given to it and it just felt like a bit of a tack-on or something that was there to set up something else, which usually doesn’t result in a very good match.

Jeff Resnick is in the ring with Brown and Slymm and Brown is PISSED OFF. Brown calls Tribe back into the ring and says that he wants them in there now. The crowd seems to be all for the idea and The Tribe nearly takes him up on it, but Olivia makes them reconsider and they head back to the locker room area.

From there, we head to the NWA Hollywood interview area where David Marquez is with Colt Cabana. They talk about the title match for the next show where the fans choose the stipulations and Cabana is excited. He says that they’re taking the power out of the hands of the NWA Board and they’re giving it to the people and the people are going to decide his fate. He says that current NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce has tried to decide his own fate and take the power into his own hands by cheating in his title matches and hitting people with chairs and that he won’t be able to do that anymore. Cabana says he’s got a preview of next week’s title match and he talks about how Pearce tapped out to Cabana at the end of last week’s eight-man tag elimination bout and that Pearce was the one that sat in the middle of the ring and said that he couldn’t take it and that Cabana was the better man. Cabana says that next week, Pearce has no power and he has no choice and that the only power he’ll have is in his wrestling ability and even though he’s the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Cabana thinks that Pearce doesn’t have enough to get it done on a level playing field. Cabana says that he’s going to celebrate, Hollywood is going to celebrate and the world is going to celebrate 2011 because he’s going to be the new champion and the first drink is on him.

Match Two:
Rico Dynamite vs. Ruben Iglesias

A rather loud and uh…buxom lass is cheering rather vigorously for Dynamite and her shrieking can be heard above almost everything else as he makes his way to the ring. Lock-up and Dynamite pushes Iglesias into the corner before laying into him with right hands and chops. Whip into the corner and Dynamite charges, but Iglesias catches him and takes him over with a headscissors before following that up with a hip toss and a deep armdrag into an armbar in the middle of the ring. Dynamite fights up to his feet and pushes Iglesias into the ropes, hitting a knee to the gut before whipping him across. They fight over some reversals and Dynamite ends up with the upper hand, kneeing Iglesias in the gut again to send him somersaulting to the canvas. Knees to the spine from Dynamite and he hits an awesome reverse necksnap into a cover for a two-count.

Iglesias fights back with some right hands and comes off the ropes with a roll-up that gets him a close two-count of his own before Dynamite cuts off the comeback with a big jumping knee to the face. Cover by Dynamite…1……2…..Iglesias rolls the shoulder. Chick in the front row starts a “Rico” chant as he works a reverse chinlock and Iglesias fights out of it and hits the ropes before Dynamite puts him down with a BIG belly-to-back suplex. Dynamite snotrockets Iglesias before heading out to the floor to sign an autograph on the front row fan’s titty. Back in the ring and Iglesias hits some right hands and a reverse elbow to take over before he scores with a nice backbreaker/facebuster combo into a cover…1……2…….Dynamite kicks out! Forearm shiver from Iglesisas and he whips Dynamite into the corner, charging in and eating a big boot. HUGE tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Dynamite and he locks in a Texas Cloverleaf that he calls the RICO DEATH CLINCH!! He sits back on the hold and Iglesias is forced to tap out!!

Winner: Rico Dynamite (submission, Rico Death Clinch) **

Not a bad performance from Rico as he showed some sparks of personality after a couple of weeks of just feeling like a bit of a generic cocky heel. Not sure where they’re going with the female fan on the outside, but it added a little bit extra to the match as he interacted well with her. Should be something fun to keep an eye on in the weeks ahead she keeps coming back.

Back from the break and David Marquez is talking about the next big KDOC TV taping on January 8th at the Showcase with a 4pm bell time and he talks about the proceeds from the event going to The Life Group LA, a coalition of people educating and supporting people who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS regarding their health care and well-being. He runs down the card for the TV taping featuring a rematch between Scorpio Sky and Austin Aries from their tremendous bout at last month’s TV taping, as well as Joey Ryan taking on “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He sends it back to Todd Kenely and James Morgan ringside and it’s time for our next bout!

Match Three:
“Hollywood’s Own” Joey Ryan vs. Ryan Ramos

Ryan gets a big ovation from the local fans as he makes his entrance and plays around with senior referee Rick Knox by putting his glasses and scarf on Knox before the match starts. Bell sounds and they hit a lock-up with Ryan moving quickly into a side headlock. Go-behind from Ryan into a front facelock and Ramos elbows out of a waistlock, hitting the ropes with Ryan leapfrogging him before hitting a PICTURE-PERFECT dropkick right in the face. Crowd comes out of their seats for that one and Ryan keeps up the pressure with right hands on Ramos before he whips him across into the corner. Ryan charges but Ramos gets the boots up into the face and starts a charge of his own, but Ryan cuts it off with a beautiful spinebuster. Ryan even does the machine gun pose as a tribute to his former partner Karl Anderson in a cool touch. Ryan looks for a superkick but misses as Ramos ducks and hits a heel kick of his own, putting Ryan down to his knees. Ramos sets up for an Irish whip but Ryan reverses it and holds onto the arm, going through Ramos’ legs and locking him up for a HUGE WHEELBARROW SUPLEX!! Ryan sets him up and Ramos EATS THE SUPERKICK!! Cover…1…..2…..3!!!

Winner: Joey Ryan (pinfall, superkick) *1/2

Pure squash with Ryan controlling pretty much the entire match before putting him down with the superkick. Solid performance from him and it’s good to see him getting some TV time as a single before his big tag match in a couple of weeks.

Jeff Resnick is in the ring with Joey Ryan and he asks him about the situation with Joey Kaos and Peter Avalon. Ryan shouts out Hollywood and says that every time he wrestles in his hometown of Hollywood, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. He says that it’s not a great feeling to get attacked from behind or to have his head rammed into the ringpost. Ryan says that Kaos and Avalon are on the wrong side of Joey Ryan and that’s someplace that they don’t want to be. He says that it’s no secret who he has that will watch his back and he announces that for the Texas Tornado main event match in a couple of weeks, he’ll have Willie Mack as his partner against Kaos and Avalon. He tells them that there will be no cuts, there will be no re-shoots and that they are going down.

We cut to footage from the previous show with Colt Cabana tapping out Adam Pearce with the Billy Goat’s Curse to end the eight-man tag and David Marquez brings in the NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce to discuss the recent developments. Pearce looks confident coming into this one and says that the fans getting to pick the stipulations is symptomatic of the deficiencies in the National Wrestling Alliance. He says that he’s run like a hot knife through butter past everyone in the NWA including Colt Cabana. He says that in Charlotte, NC, the people who run the NWA like Bob Trobich and the people who run other things like David Marquez and the people at home, they’ll get to choose the stipulation. He says that the fans have no place or authority in the business and yet they get to determine what Colt Cabana and himself will have to go through. He says that the power of the people won’t be very strong next week because the fat pigs on their couch, buttering up to a bag of Doritos, will get to choose the stipulations for two men to meet with the greatest prize in pro wrestling at stake and that they’ll have the blood on their hands. He says that the ten pounds of leather and gold signify that every single day he’s the best at what he does and that even if the fans decide the stipulation, he’ll be one step ahead of them. He talks about Colt Cabana, a man he’s known for fifteen years and says that they know each other better than anyone else in the professional wrestling business. He says that as Cabana pines for the attention of the people, his blood will be on the hands of the very people he panders to. Pearce leaves saying that the people will have the power, but they had better choose wisely. Fantastic promo from Pearce that covered a ton of ground in a short period of time. Just great work from the guy that makes you want to see someone kick his ass, which is a perfect heel promo.

Match Four:
Andrew Hellman vs. Cedric The Hitman

Fantastic bit before the match even begins as Hellman’s catchphrase appears to be “YEAHHHHHH, BUDDDY!!” and he yells it numerous times to the crowd before James Morgan pipes in with “Yeah buddy, sit down.”. Tremendous. Cedrick has an ominious looking case with him, maybe with some sort of weapon befitting of a professional hitman. Morgan: “Come on, he’s just putting his sunglasses away in it, leave him alone.”. Funny stuff from him again there. Match finally gets underway with Hitman missing a charge and Hellman firing off big right hands. Hellman rams Cedrick into the top turnbuckle and hits a forearm before laying in some chops in the corner. Irish whip across and Hellman hits a big charging reverse elbow before following it up with a baseball slide clothesline under the bottom rope to Cedrick, who was sitting in the corner against the buckle. Hellman with another shout of his catchphrase and he rolls back in with a forearm shot to Cedrick into a HUGE spinebuster off the ropes!! Cover from Hellman…1…..2……kickout by Cedrick!

Hellman with an elbow right to the top of Cedrick’s head and he tries for an Irish whip into the corner, Cedrick reverses it and then Hellman reverses, but Cedrick reverses again and whips Hellman low, sending him back-first into the ringpost. Hellman looks like he’s in significant pain and CEDRICK TAKES HIM OUT WITH A SLIDING DROPKICK TO THE FACE!! Cedric with some right hands and shots on the outside before he sends Hellman back into the ring and rams him into the top turnbuckle. Whip across into the buckles from Cedrick and he does it again in the opposite corner before he hits a BIG backbreaker, holding Hellman across the knee for extra pressure. Hellman fights out of it with a pair of knee strikes to the head Cedrick hits some chops before whipping Hellman into the ropes. Cedrick misses a clothesline and Hellman scores with a hard snap powerslam and both men are down! Cedrick with a big reverse neckbreaker and he’s setting Hellman up for something….front facelock, hooked into a fisherman’s suplex, but Hellman blocks it and fights him off. Vertical suplex attempt from Cedrick and Hellman floats over, shoving Cedrick into the ropes and hitting a roll-up with a bridge……1……2……….3!! Big win for Hellman with a beautiful pinning combination!

Winner: Andrew “Yeah Buddy” Hellman (pinfall, bridging roll-up) **1/4

Decent little match between these two, though I think I might be getting a little spoiled by the angle progression that has been coming on this show in the past few weeks as I felt a little flat just watching two guys have a match. That being said, both guys worked well and there was nothing wrong with it at all. Hopefully with that little bit of character development from the Hitman at the end of the match, it’ll go somewhere for him in future shows. Nice bridge from Hellman on the finish as well as that’s a hard thing to do well.

After the match, Hellman celebrates, but Cedrick takes exception and WAFFLES HIM WITH THE CASE!! Cedrick stands over Hellman and yells at him, calling him such horrible names as “stinkin’ son of a gun” before he stands tall with the briefcase and gloats over leaving Hellman laying. “I TOLD YOU!!”.

Highlights from a couple of weeks ago with the triple-threat tag match where Natural Selection picked up the win over the RockNES Monsters and Los Luchas to earn their shot at the NWA Heritage Tag Team Championships in tonight’s main event!

Match Five: NWA Heritage Tag Team Championships
Natural Selection (Shaun Ricker and Brian Cage) vs. The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime and Johnny Yuma) (C)

Pretty big pop for Natural Selection as they enter, but it pales in comparision to the cheers that the Monsters get from the crowd. Big brawl with all four men to start out bfore Goodtime takes Rickers down with a big dropkick and Yuma does the same to Cage. Both heels roll out to the floor and all four men end up out on the floor throwing big right hands and RICKER SLAMS YUMA ON THE STAGE NEXT TO THE BROADCAST TABLE!! More fighting on the outside and Ricker slams Goodtime into the front of the stage before YUMA JUMPS OFF THE STAGE WITH A SEATED SENTON ON RICKER!! Goodtime with a kick to Cage as he stands next to the stage and HE TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A JUMPING MOONSAULT OFF THE STAGE TO THE FLOOR!! Goodtime throws Ricker into the ring and slides in after him, but Ricker lays in some boots to take over. Goodtime floats over a bodyslam and hits a shot to the gut and a kick to the face before he takes Ricker over with a headscissors takedown. Goodtime charges Ricker in the corner and gets backdropped over the ropes to the apron, but he recovers enough to hit a kick to the back of Ricker’s knee, putting him down on his ass in the corner.

Springboard dropkick over the top rope lands for Goodtime and he heads over to Ricker for the pin, only getting a two-count. Both men hit the ropes and Ricker takes Goodtime down with a reverse elbow before he tags in Cage and they set Goodtime up for a HUGE double suplex. Pin attempt from Cage…..1……..2……..Goodtime kicks out! Cage with a whip off the ropes and Goodtime takes him down with a spinning heel kick before tagging in Yuma. Great tandem offense from the Monsters with a Goodtime drop toehold into a Yuma snap legdrop into a Goodtime springboard kneedrop that gets a two-count. Yuma with a big right hand on Cage and he tries to follow up in the corner, but Cage just bullrushes him into his corner and tags in Ricker. Backbreaker from Cage and Ricker comes in with the Demolition Device!! Cover from Ricker….1….2…..Yuma rolls the shoulder to escape! Ricker with a big scoop slam on Yuma and he tries to follow it up with an elbowdrop but misses and Yuma takes him over with an armdrag. Tag to Goodtime and they double-team Ricker with a double-legsweep into a double rolling senton and a cover from Goodtime that gets two.

Ricker with a knee to the gut on Goodtime and he tags in Cage after ramming him into the turnbuckle. Irish whip from Natural Selection and Cage goes low as Ricker hits a beautiful dropkick into a cover from Cage….1………….2…………Yuma makes the save!! Cage picks up Goodtime, but Goodtime fires him through the ropes to the floor before he gets a running start…TOPE CON HIRO OVER THE TOP ROPE TO CAGE ON THE FLOOR!! Goodtime with some high fives for the fans in the crowd as he tries to make his way back over the baricade, but Ricker catches him with a HUGE clothesline and takes him down. Ricker throws Goodtime back over the barricade into the ringside area and lays in some boots before flinging him back into the ring. Cover from Cage gets a two-count and he goes to a reverse chinlock in the middle of the ring. Goodtime tries to fight out with elbows to the gut and runs, but Cage holds onto the hair….jawbreaker from Goodtime! Jumping enziguri misses from Goodtime and Cage sets him up for a belly-to-back, but Goodtime rolls through it and they go through a reversal sequence before Cage hits a HUGE RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX THAT FLIPS GOODTIME COMPLETELY OVER!! Cage with the cover….1……..2…………Goodtime barely rolls the shoulder!!

Cage chokes Goodtime across the bottom rope with his boot and tags in Ricker for more choking before Ricker lays Goodtime across the apron for some big elbows to the chest as we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break and Yuma is in the ring with Ricker as both guys are down. Cage charges Yuma, but Yuma ducks and Goodtime takes Cage down with a headscissors, smashing Cage’s face into the mat. Goodtime picks Yuma up with a fireman’s carry and Yuma kicks Ricker down to the mat before Goodtime drops Yuma down on Ricker with WEAPONS GRADE BALONIUM!! Yuma with a cover that gets a long, LONG two-count before Cage made the save. Cage hits a big spinebuster on Goodtime and sets up Yuma for a side slam, but Yuma takes him over with a big hurracanrana. Ricker with Yuma in the middle of the ring and he hits a HUGE MODIFIED URANAGE!! Cover from Ricker….1………2…………..Goodtime barely makes the save!! Goodtime works a headlock on Ricker and ducks a clothesline from Cage before he throws Ricker into Cage with a spear!! Goodtime with a big German suplex on Ricker and he heads back into the corner so that he can tag in legally! Goodtime off the top rope with a HUGE frog splash on Ricker into the cover……1………..2………….Ricker kicks away just as the referee’s hand was coming down for three!! Ricker with a pancake slam on Goodtime and he tags in Cage, who sets Goodtime up on his back in a Gory Special position before Goodtime reverses it into a sunset flip……1………….2……………Cage just rolls the shoulder!!
Yuma grabs Cage in the stunner position and Goodtime comes charging for an enziguri to finish off Explosive Amnesia, but Cage gets out of the way and GOODTIME HITS YUMA!! Ricker drags Yuma to the floor and catches him with a big right hand and as they fight on the outside, Goodtime comes over the top rope with a splash onto Ricker!! Cage sets up one of the Heritage Tag Team title belts in the middle of the ring and he hits Goodtime with it in the gut before he ABSOLUTELY SPIKES HIM ON THE TITLE BELT WITH A DDT!! Goodtime is out cold…..Cover from Cage and here’s the referee…..1………2………….3!!! We have NEW NWA Heritage Tag Team Champions!!

Winners: Natural Selection (pinfall, Cage’s belt-assisted DDT on Goodtime) ****

Great, great, GREAT tag team main event that brought me right back to the days of the Midnight Express and the Rock n’ Roll Express. RockNES used their speed and tenacity to turn back everything they could from Natural Selection, but they couldn’t fight back against the rulebreaking. They were saved from it last time, but this time it came back to bite them and now we get to see what Ricker and Cage have to offer as champions. I can’t stress enough how awesome this match was and how badly you all need to see it if you’re a fan of great, old-school, tag-team wrestling.

Cage and Ricker celebrate with the gold on the outside as Yuma and Goodtime try to piece together what happened in the ring with Goodtime still woozy from the DDT. It’s game over for RockNES and Natural Selection are set to begin their reign as 2010 comes to a close!

Final Thoughts: The five matches felt like a little much to be crammed into the one show, but there wasn’t anything that was outright terrible and everything felt different from everything else to where it didn’t get repetitive. The main event delivered a classic in terms of bringing back the standard of tag team wrestling that the NWA was known for and it should be fun to see RockNES chasing the titles for a while. The growing pains from the change in venue weren’t terribly bad and they worked around them as best as they could, something I’m sure will improve the more that they run in that theatre. Overall, another solid show from NWA Hollywood and a fantastic main event.

Wrestling fans in the Southern California-area that are looking for a great night of action, visit SaveFans.com for tickets to the next TV Taping for NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood at the Regent Showcase Theatre in Hollywood, CA on January 8th, 2011. Already signed is a rematch between Austin Aries and Scorpio Sky from the TV taping last month and an NWA World Heavyweight Championship bout between defending champion Adam Pearce and top challenger Joey Ryan.

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