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411’s RAW Talk Report: Keith Lee Addresses Drew McIntyre, Mickie James is Ready for Asuka, More

September 7, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Keith Lee Raw Talk WWE

-Happy Labor Day! The RAW ending was fun as a babyface got to stand tall and get revenge for a change. It was kind of cathartic and made for a good moment. Credit to Murphy for taking the beating like a champ. With RAW over it’s time for RAW Talk. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us and she is joined by her co-host, WWE 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. CHARTRUTH! Charly wants to know if she is 24/7 Champ by proxy since they are a duo and Truth compares her to a distant relative.

-They discuss the happenings on RAW as Orton took 3 Claymore Kicks. Truth is mad at Little Jimmy as he told him it was only 2 Claymores. Woo, Jimmy is in the house! Next they touch on the Mysterio family caning the crap out of Murphy. Finally they discuss Retribution as the group finally made a statement as to their goal. Truth wants to know who they are and Charly tells him everyone would like to know who they are. Their goal is bring down the WWE and Truth just wants to know if they mentioned him or his baby. They talk about Truth’s dinner earlier that was interrupted by Tozawa and his ninjas. Charly wants Truth to remain 24/7 Champion. Before getting to the first guest Charly brings up all the people turning on their partners and focuses on Cedric finally joining The Hurt Business. Truth wanted Cedric to be a man about it and calls him attacking Ricochet from behind a cowardly move.

-Little Jimmy makes room for Kevin Owens who is the first guest. KO was always great on Talking Smack so I have high hopes for this one. KO brings up that RAW Underground is very misleading as he didn’t have to take an elevator or stairs to get there. Truth marks out seeing the video of KO and Aleister throwing blows. KO mentions things haven’t been going well for him since WrestleMania. He says it happens to everyone when you have been in the WWE that you drift aimlessly until you find a purpose. He doesn’t care why Aleister did what he did. He brings up he wrestled Black in 2006 before the tattoos and Aleister Black name. KO felt he had Black where he wanted him until Dabba-Kato jumped both of them. KO says Kato isn’t one of them because he has been in the PC for 5 years and that’s the best he could do. KO jumps up on the desk as he says he is trying to do things a different way. He gets no names trying to make a name off him and gets Black doing whatever he is trying. KO won’t forget what Kato did tonight as he will fight and give him hell. Black also picked the wrong person and KO will whip his ass the next time they are within 10 feet of each other. Mic drop and KO is out. KO is great! Truth tells KO that he can’t afford to pay for the mic that was broken.

-Mickie James is out next and she isn’t about to try to stand on the desk like KO because of the boots she is wearing. Charly brings up that Mickie is in a place where she feels she needs to prove herself. Mickie feels the last few years she has been back she hasn’t taken advantage of chances and forgot who she was. She was content with helping Alexa and others, but she is one of the best women champions ever and has fought some of the greatest ever in the division. She says she was born ready for Asuka and brings up the match they had at Takeover a few years back. She now knows how to prepare for Asuka and that there is a difference between good and great. Truth likes the fire she is spitting and they both want that on a t-shirt for Mickie. She then thanks Little Jimmy for giving up his seat.

-Keith Lee is our final guest and Truth hugs him as he calls him his dawg. Keith gives Little Jimmy a high five. Charly brings up that Keith is caught up in the Drew/Orton feud. Keith mentions Drew is a friend and they have history that is both good and bad. He is happy that Drew is okay and he could get on the table like KO, but he knows it would break. He gets what Drew did tonight, but he only gets a chance to make a first impression on RAW and Drew keeps interfering. Lee tells Drew that he is happy he is getting his receipts, but he wants to be given his chance. Their past doesn’t matter and he is asking Drew man to man to stay out of his matches. He has to prove that he is limitless. Keith talks about how goal driven he is as a human being and he has proven himself to Randy Orton. The Legend of Keith Lee is one that has no been killed and it continues. Everyone is on notice from Keith, CHARTRUTH and Jimmy!

-Charly wraps things up and we are out for this week.

-Solid episode this week as KO as the highlight as I expected. He brought great intensity and fire to the show while also being as unpredictable as ever. Mickie did well in hyping the match with Asuka while also making sure everyone knew her credentials. And finally Keith Lee was his normal calm, cool self while being articulate and getting across that he is only willing to put up with so much from Drew McIntrye. Look out for my next review tomorrow as Timeline is back with an episode focusing on one of my favorite feuds of all time: Flair/Savage 1992! Thanks for reading!

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