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411’s Ring of Honor TV Report 11.12.11

November 13, 2011 | Posted by Shawn S. Lealos

Welcome to Week 8 of the Ring of Honor television show. My name is Shawn S. Lealos and you have entered my world…

World Champion:
Davey Richards
Tag Team Champions: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas
TV Champion: Jay Lethal

They start off with a replay of last week’s Proving Ground Match and the showdown at the end with WGTT and the Briscoe Brothers.

MATCH 1: The Bravado Brothers (0-1) vs. The Young Bucks (0-0)

Kevin Kelly referred to the Young Bucks as a controversial tag team and it looks like the Bucks will use the hand shaking controversy as part of their new gimmick. Instead of shaking hands with the Bravados as part of the Code of Honor, they shook each other’s hands and acted cocky and arrogant. The Bucks have their original tag name back and get to use the names Nick and Mark Jackson again as well.

Harlem starts off with Nick and gets a takedown. He gets in some blows, which causes Nick to ask “what’s your problem man?” before Lancelot tags in. Nice double hiptoss, followed by a Harlem neck wringer and a plancha by Lancelot gets a two count on Nick. Nick gets the advantage on Lancelot and tags in Matt. They hit their own double hiptoss. Both Bucks do a flip and then hit a sit out dropkick before posing for the audience. It gets a two count.

Nick tags back in. Nick with a boot and an armbar, tags back in Matt who comes down with an elbow on the arm of Lancelot. Lancelot fights back but the Bucks bring him into their corner where Matt hits a kick to the head and gets tagged back in. Matt drapes Lancelot’s legs over the middle rope and Nick comes down with a foot stomp on the abs. They go for the pin but Harlem with the save. Matt leaps up and locks in the headscissor onto Harlem and holds him while Nick hits a dropkick. Lancelot fights off the Bucks and makes the hot tag.

Harlem is in like a house of fire with boots to both Bucks. Blue Thunder onto Matt gets a two count. Nick fights back and Matt charges in, only to get backdropped onto the ring apron. Nick charges and Harlem moves causing Matt to get knocked to the floor. Harlem with a kick to the head of Nick, sending him to the floor. Harlem with a suicide plancha onto both men and the crowd are chanting for the Bravodos now.

Back in and a two count on Matt. Matt fights back and goes for the Pele but the Bravados catch him and drop him for a two count. Matt tries to fight off both Bravados but gets caught and dropped with a bridge suplex for two before Nick comes in with the save. Nick throws Lancelot to the floor and then hits a plancha. Harlem tries to get the advantage on Matt but Nick trips him up. Nick lifts him in a wheelbarrow and then Matt drops his legs across the back of Harlem’s neck. Nick hits a suicide plancha onto Lancelot outside the ring and then they hit More Bang for Your Buck on Harlem for the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks by pinfall in 06:09 (***) (That was a really good tag team match. Both teams looked like they could win the match and the Bravados looked like true contenders in the loss. The Young Bucks got their debut win in ROH and look to be continuing their arrogant tag team gimmick, which is a nice addition to the promotion. The Bucks refused the Code of Honor after the match as well.)

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team comes out to the ring when we get back from commercial break. Kevin Kelly is in the ring to interview them. Haas said they are wrestling’s greatest tag team partially because of the night they beat the Briscoe Brothers. Haas said their “ass is grass” and then Shelton said that they will show the Briscoe Brothers what real men look like. He also said until that match, nothing else matters.

This brings out the All Night Express. Kenny King said he is tired of hearing about WGTT and the Briscoe Brothers because people forgot about the All Night Express. He then said that WGTT is scared to face them. He said they will nickname them Donald and Daffy because they are just a couple of ducks (I guess he means they are ducking them). Rhett said they may have lost to the Briscoe’s but they beat them a lot too. Rhett then said not to sleep on a team that can go all night long (very perverted sounding, there).

Haas and Benjamin never respond.

Inside Ring of Honor: It is time to look at Kevin Steen. They showed Steen turning on El Generico and joining up with Steve Corino. They showed the vintage Corino promo where he told Steen to turn on Generico. Next, we get the big feud between Steen and Generico. They even showed when Steen unmasked Generico. They also showed the match where Steen lost to Generico in the match where he had to leave ROH. Corino then turned good and tried to atone for his actions and even invited Steen to Best in the World to apologize. Instead, he told Jim Cornette, Cary Silkin, Steve Corino and the “new owners” that he was Kevin Steen and they could f*ck off. He then hit a package piledriver onto Corino before being carried off. Cornette said Steen would never be back. At Death Before Dishonor, Steen ran in and tried to do the same to Silkin but was held off (Cornette even got in a punch). Finally, we see his promo from last week with his attorneys.

Next up, Jay Lethal and Mike Bennett talk about their feud. They will have a rematch and Bennett claims he is the TV champ. Bennett wants Brutal Bob to be the referee of the rematch.

Back from commercials and Steve Corino comes out. He said that Jim Cornette won’t return his calls or emails. He said he has known Cornette for 15 years and he has a solution to Cornette’s problem and just needs five minutes to talk to him about it.

After that we recap the House of Truth feud with the American Wolves. We get a look at Roddy’s match with Kyle O’Reilly and the beat down after the match on Davey Richards before Eddie Edwards made the save.

MATCH 2: The American Wolves (Davey Richards (1-0) and Eddie Edwards (1-0)) vs. The House of Truth (Michael Elgin (1-1) and Roddy Strong (1-1))

My wife believes that Truth Martini might be the love child of John Morrison and ODB. I can actually see that. Roddy and Elgin attack before the bell. Elgin throws Davey out of the ring and the two beat down Edwards. Edwards dodges a Roddy charge and backdrops him to the apron. He elbows Roddy off the apron and then kicks Elgin in the face. Davey charges across and kicks Roddy, who is trying to get back up, in the face. Eddie with a face buster on Elgin and then Davey up and hits a missile dropkick for a two count.

Eddie and Davey with a double elbow on Elgin for two. Davey with boots and a head butt. Eddie tags himself back in and hits a chop. Elgin with a chop. Headlock and a tag to Roddy. Roddy starts laying it in on Eddie. He chokes Eddie and gets a chop before tagging back in Elgin. Elgin with a forearm and tries a suplex but Eddie blocks it and tags in Davey. Davey with some rapid fire kicks to Elgin. Davey tries a handspring but Elgin caches him and hits a nice torture rack into a drop down back-breaker. Roddy in and faces Davey. The two start to trade blows but Roddy with a HUGE dropkick. He only gets two. Roddy kicks Davey and tags Elgin back in.

Elgin with a chop but Davey fights back. Elgin with a KO punch but Davey grabs the ropes to keep from being pinned. Elgin with another big blow. The House of Truth miss a double elbow, Eddie tags himself back in and then Davey knocks both House members to the floor. Davey and Eddie run and hit a sitting dropkick to send both men to the floor. Then the Wolves with a double suicide dive. Roddy and Eddie back in. Eddie with a solid kick to Roddy’s back for a two count. They are both up and trade punches. Roddy goes up top but Eddie with a running Pele kick to Roddy. Roddy falls but locks in a sleeper on Eddie. Edwards reverses out with a chin-breaker for two and then turns Roddy over into an Achilles lock. Roddy makes it to the ropes.

Eddie tries to suplex Roddy into the ring but Roddy reverses it and brings Eddie to the apron between him and Elgin. Roddy hits Elgin but turns into a Roddy kick and then Roddy hits a side slam on the ring apron. Elgin goes after Eddie and we head to the final commercial break.

Back from commercial in time for an Elgin stalled suplex on Edwards. Davey breaks up the pin. Eddie fights back but Elgin hits a powerbomb for two. Roddy in and takes down Davey. They try a double suplex but Eddie fights out. Eddie hits a double code breaker against his opponents and then makes the tag to Davey. Davey up top with a double missile dropkick. Davey starts to lay in the kicks to Elgin but Elgin fights back. Davey kicks Roddy and hits Elgin. He gets Elgin in a pinning predicament and then sees Roddy. Bridge suplex to Roddy and gets a two count on both members of the House of Truth.

Elgin attempts the exploder suplex but Davey lands on his feet. Davey goes for a kick, Elgin catches it so Davey rolls through and locks in the ankle lock. Elgin breaks the hold. He charges Davey in the corner but misses. Eddie with a kick and then Davey hits the German suplex with a bridge for two. Davey takes out Roddy with a kick. Davey and Eddie go to the tops of opposite buckles. Davey misses his move but rolls through as Roddy sends Eddie off the top and into the steel barricade. Elgin picks up Davey and charges him into the buckle. Roddy with a kick. Sidewalk slam by Elgin gets a two count. The crowd is chanting “this is awesome.”

Elgin has Davey up in another stalled suplex, Roddy charges in and chops Davey and Elgin hits a rock bottom for two but Eddie with the save. Roddy sends Eddie to the floor again. Eddie fights Roddy off. Elgin hits a running splash into the corner on Davey. He tries another but Eddie catches Elgin with a running kick. Eddie back for another but Roddy in and hits a firearm. Roddy tries one on Eddie but Davey strops him with a running knee. Elgin lifts both Eddie and Davey up and throws both men with a double exploder suplex. Holy crap!

All four men are trading blows now. Davey kicks Roddy in the face and he goes out of the ring. Alarm clock by Richards onto Elgin. Eddie to the top buckle and hits a double stomp on Elgin. Elgin rolls over and Davey hits a double stomp from the opposite buckle. The three count is broken up by Roddy. Eddie gets Roddy back out of the ring. Davey hits Elgin. Davey with two kicks. Eddie with a kick and Davey with another. It only gets a two count but Davey rolls Elgin over with an ankle lock. Eddie and Roddy are fighting on the floor but Elgin kicks out. He kicks Davey in the face. Sit out power bomb only gets a one count on Davey.

Martini and the referee are arguing outside the ring, which is dumb because Elgin was going for the pin. Eddie in and locks in the dragon sleeper on Elgin. Edwards knocks out Elgin. Davey gets the three count for the win after Edwards leaves the ring. Davey has no idea what happened at the end of the match and looks confused at how Elgin was knocked out.

Winners: American Wolves by pinfall in 17:20 (****) (Fantastic match. Davey and Roddy are always great together and I think Elgin is the best power wrestler in ROH right now. Elgin’s move where he lifted Eddie and Davey and threw them both over his shoulder was amazing. Plus, I loved the end with Eddie using his new finishing move. That continues the question of who his new trainer is.)


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