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411’s The SmackDown LowDown Report: 08.20.22 – Sheamus and Shayna Baszler Talk Clash at The Castle, and More!

August 20, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
The Smackdown Lowdown Image Credit: WWE

411’s The SmackDown LowDown Report: 08.20.22

-Jackie Redmond is back and she is joined by Matt Camp. Jerry “The King” Lawler will be joining the show later. They put over the crowd in Montreal and touch on the closing image being Drew McIntyre dropping Roman with a Claymore.

-Headlines: We had a Viking Funeral for New Day, Ronda Rousey was arrested…again.

-To the video as we see highlights from the Fatal 5-Way for a shot at GUNTHER. Great stuff here with Sami Zayn, Ricochet, Sheamus, Madcap Moss, and Happy Corbin. Zayn was the biggest babyface in all of Canada last night and Corbin took delight in costing Sami the win. As we hoped, Sheamus gets the win and now it’s Gunther vs Sheamus in a match that will make Big E proud!

-Sheamus is backstage and he notes The IC Title is the one Title he has never won. He has been trying to get that title for the last two years and something always got in his way. Now he has that chance in a stadium that is a stone’s throw away from where he grew up. Great serious promo from Sheamus here as he put over clearly what the title and this chance means to him. Apparently, a win will make Sheamus the first every Ultimate Grand Slam Champion. There is debate if that is true as some claim Edge has already done it, but Sheamus has stated Edge’s US Title reign doesn’t count became it was the WCW US Title. I guess you need to be WWE Champion, World Champion, US Champion, Tag Champion IC Champion, KOR Winner, MITB Winner, and Royal Rumble Winner.

-Lawler is here and compares GUNTHER to Frankenstein, but thinks Sheamus is coming back as Intercontinental Champion. Camp is like all of us as he can’t wait to see them beat the stuffing out of each other and says this will be a preview of what we will get with NXT Europe down the line.


-To the video as Ronda beats up security while the crowd pops and wants her to break Pearce’s arm. Again, Ronda as the badass will always work and how she should always be treated. She gets cuffed and taken away in a police car.

-Camp makes The Mountie joke we were all waiting for and even Jackie calls him out for the low hanging fruit.

-To the video as Toxic Attraction made their debut and beat Sonya/Nattie to advance in the Women’s Tag Title Tournament.

-Update the bracket: Alexa and Asuka vs. Iyo and Dakota; Toxic Attraction vs. Raquel and Aliyah.

-Bayley, Iyo, and Dakota are backstage and Bayley lets us know this was a return as SmackDown is here show. She takes a shot at Michael Cole, which is wonderful she is keeping that running gag alive. What’s been better, Bayley busting on Cole, or Rhea beating up Dom week after week? Bayley channels New Day as she starts a chant about Iyo and Dakota being the next Tag Team Champions.

-Camp and Jackie discuss the two semi-final matches.

-Shayna Baszler still to come!


-Roman/Drew Clash at The Castle commercial!

-To the video as Drew McIntyre wants a fight with Roman due to Roman not having The Usos with him. Great camera work as Drew sets for The Claymore and Sami sneaks in to take the bullet for Roman. A Superman punch follows, but The Spear gets stopped with a Claymore. Drew stands tall with both titles.

-Jackie isn’t sure if this is crazy, but she thinks Roman could lose. Camp doesn’t think it’s crazy as for the first time in two years he has the same feeling.

-To the video as Liv gets a win over Shotzi. Shayna hits the ring and goes after the damaged arm, but only teases breaking it as she knows she needs Liv making it to CATC.

-Shayna is backstage and she is tired of people saying she showed restraint. She loves hearing the sound of limbs tearing, but she needs Liv healthy enough to defend the title. What she did was strategic and she made sure Liv will defend the Title.

-Lawler is back and he thinks it is Shayna’s goal in life to break Liv’s arm. Lawler says Liv Moran is becoming one of his all-time favorites, but he is worried for her health in this match. He thinks Liv may be kissing her title goodbye, but he hopes it doesn’t happen.

-Finally, the discuss Roman/Drew and how this is the biggest match in Drew’s career. He is the one that has been pushing for WWE to have a PPV/PLE in the UK and he helped make it happen. Lawler says the pressure won’t get to Drew as this is what he wants. He gives the edge to Drew if the match is just one on one and he wonders if The Usos can clear customs to get in The UK.

-Jackie wraps things up and we are out this week.

-Again, Jackie makes this show better even if it’s more of the same with this format. Thanks for reading!