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411’s TNA Against All Odds Report 2.10.08

February 10, 2008 | Posted by Larry Csonka

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    ~Cage vs. Angle~

    -They have the South Carolina National Guard out to present the colors, with some troops and BG James and Bullet Bob (since they were Marines) out there in the background. We then get the singing of the national anthem.

    -The building looks decently full, but who knows how many tickets they actually sold.

    -We now move onto out opening video package.

    -Tenay and West welcome us to the show.

    -AJ gets on the mic and says Tomko hasn’t talked to him in three weeks. AJ is cool with him being his own man, but then he sided with Cage. AJ wants to know where he lies. Tomko says the Armstrong’s are one of the greatest wrestling families ever, and they better get is straight and be on the same page or they will lose the titles.

    -JB does the super special ring announcing.

    TNA World Tag Team Championship Match: AJ Styles & Tomko © vs. BG James & “Bullet” Bob Armstrong

    Bob and BG are accompanied by troops from the National Guard. BG says God Bless America and gives a Marine yell and asks us to remember the troops at home and abroad.

    BG and AJ to begin the match. AJ avoids him to begin and dances around. A side headlock by AJ, off the ropes and AJ holds on. Rights by BG, off the ropes and AJ floats over and dances. BG drops him with a right and tags in Bob. Double arm wringer and chops to AJ. AJ backs off now, and then talks trash to Bob, but eats a right for it. Tomko tags in and warns BG get Bob out of there. Bob slaps Tomko, and then Tomko beats him down a bit but rights and chops by Bob. BG tags in, double back elbows and a cover for 2. Kicks by BG, to the corner and tags in Bob. Chops by Bob, another and then he nails AJ. Tomko scoops him up and gets a powerslam. AJ in and Tomko tosses him back. AJ tags himself in and covers for 2. We see Kurt and Karen watching on from the back. Shoulder blocks by AJ in the corner, rights but Bob back with chops. An Enziguri by AJ drops Bob, and he covers for 2. Tag to Tomko now and a snap mare and chinlock applied. Bob fights to his feet, elbows out and rights to Tomko. A back elbow by Tomko and then forearm shots. Tomko misses a boot, Bob crawls and tags BG in. He cleans house and sends Tomko to the floor. Juke and Jive punches by BG, shaky knee drop and a cover for 2 as Tomko makes the save. Tomko holds BG, but AJ flies in and nails Tomko as BG moves. Pump handle slam by BG and AJ kicks out at 2! Tomko and Bob brawl on the floor, BG out to help and BG backing, Missile dropkick to the knees by AJ. BG can’t stand now, Tomko in and grabs BG, tornado plex connects and that is all.

    Winners: Tomko and AJ @ 7:50 via pin
    Rating: *

    -Kip is in after the match to check on BG.

    -Backstage Kurt and Karen argue. Actually she just yells at him while he sits there like a goof. They haven’t been romantic lately. Kurt is offended that she would bring that up and tells her to buy some Midol and chill with her friend PMS. Kurt calls her a bitch.

    -Tenay and West run down the rest of the card.

    -We get a video history of Traci Brooks vs. Ms. Peyton Banks.

    Traci Brooks vs. Ms. Peyton Banks

    They stand off and then Banks slaps Brooks. She returns the favor and then spears Banks to the corner. She stomps her down and the ref has to pull her off. Brooks drags her back in the center of the ring, rights by Banks and then slams Brooks down. Mounted rights by Banks and the ref has to pull her off. Brooks tackles her down, they brawl to the floor and then Brooks tackles her on the floor and beats her down. Brooks slams her to the railing and then chops away at her. Banks managed to trip Brooks into the steps and then begins to work her over with stiff forearms. Banks whips Brooks into the railing and back into the ring we go. Banks lays the boots to her, the crowd is hot for Brooks. Chops by Brooks, boots and then a boot by Banks slows her down. Back rake by Banks, and then forearm shots to the back. A lung blower by banks and that gets 2. Rights by Banks, and she then chokes her over the ropes. Banks tries a piledriver, but gets backdropped for her efforts. Chops by Brooks, and then a running boot to Banks. Off the ropes and a clothesline by and that gets a cover for 2. Brooks up top, but she gets hit and falls back into the ring. Banks misses a charge, hits the post and Brooks rolls her up for the win!

    Winner: Traci Brooks @ 5:15 via pin
    Rating: *¾

    -After the match Banks levels her with a northern lariat and they brawl more. Banks escapes.

    -We get a video package for Petey Williams vs. Scott Steiner.

    -Scott Hudson is with Steiner and Williams. They agree that the games end tonight. Petey is so great that he broke his own umbilical chord. Steiner buries Canada and then says he has had more title matches than Petey has had matches. And if Petey copies him tonight, he has a special surprise for him.

    Case vs. Case: Petey Williams vs. Scott Steiner

    Petey copies Steiner’s posing, and Steiner is not a happy panda. They pose and lock up, and that sees Steiner toss Petey down. A go behind by Petey and Steiner ends up tossing him down. A hip toss by Steiner, and Petey goes to the floor. Steiner follows, Petey back in and does sit-ups. A clothesline by Petey does nothing. A clothesline by Steiner, elbow drop is stopped as Petey does pushups. Kicks by Petey, a spin kick connects and Petey covers for 2. Forearm shots, off the ropes and an overhead belly to belly by Steiner. Tree of woe by Steiner, he lays the boots to Petey and then goes to the floor and chokes Petey out. Steiner-line, elbow drop and pushups by Steiner. Steiner sets Petey up top, follows and gets a SUPER Belly to belly overhead toss off of the top. Steiner covers for 2 and pulls Petey up. Chops by Steiner, sets Petey up top again and follows. Top rope Samoan Drop (HE ISN’T EVEN SAMOAN!) and he covers for 2 and pulls Petey up. Steiner gets the cases and brings them in. he wedges one in the corner, lays the boots to Petey and does the same with the other. Where are the rules? Chops by Steiner, The ref tries to stop Steiner from using the case, this angers him and Petey then slams Steiner into a case, covers and gets a close 2 count! A RANA by Petey, almost blown, gets 2. Destroyer try, but Steiner gets an Alabama Slam for 2. Steiner recliner countered, roll up by Petey for 2. Drop toehold by Petey, a dropkick to Steiner and then a lung blower connects. A top rope cross body by Petey gets 2! Petey does the Steiner Recliner now. Steiner stands up, and slams Petey to a corner, again and Petey escapes and gets a tornado DDT for a close 2. LOW BLOW by Steiner and Petey is down. Steiner Recliner now, countered and rights by Petey. LOW BLOW by Petey, tosses Steiner into the other case. Up top and a missile dropkick connects! Petey calls for the Destroyer, but some black chick comes to the ring and poses, which distracts Petey. Steiner gets a Last Ride powerbomb and that is all. Steiner wins both cases.

    Winner: Scott Steiner @ 9:30 via pin
    Rating: **½

    -JB is with Angle. He cries about Karen walking out on him. JB says he is a ladies man and Kurt needs to treat Karen properly. JB then shows Kurt how to act, and makes Kurt play Karen. That is your world champion ladies and gentlemen. JB whispers into his ear, and Angle slaps him. JB then reminds him Thursday is Valentine’s Day, and they should renew their vows. AJ walks in on this and then leaves.

    -We get a ridiculous video package for James Storm vs. Eric Young.

    Drinking Championship: James Storm w/Jackie Moore vs. Eric Young ©

    Storm attacks Eric on the floor as he drinks with fans. Rights by Storm, off the ropes and a Thesz Press by Eric, back elbows and then clotheslines Storm to the floor. Eric up top and gets a HUGE cross body to the floor! He chases off Jackie and then tosses Storm back in. Jackie tries to holds Eric on the floor, he chases her and Storm spits beer in his face. Kick by Storm and Eric falls to the floor. Storm removes the padding on the floor, and then hip tosses Eric on the concrete. Back in the ring and Storm covers for 2. Back to the floor and Eric gets a snap suplex onto the concrete. Back in the ring, but Storm gets a hanging DDT ala Randy Orton and covers for 2. Storm gets the whirly bird on Eric and then choke shim out with the boot. Eric fights back and gets a toss powerbomb on Storm. A clothesline by Eric, off the ropes and Eric does the Flair corner flip, back in and a belly-to-belly gets 2. Jawbreaker by Storm, a slam and then up top he goes. MISSES a senton! Eric up top…MOONSAULT connects! 1…2…NO! Eric sets Storm up top, Jackie in and he has her up, then Storm and he gets a DOUBLE DVD~! Cover 1…2…NO! He has Storm up top again, goes up and Storm gets a sunset flip powerbomb and the ropes for 2. Jackie up and tosses Storm a beer bottle. RHINO IS HERE! GORE, GORE, GORE! Eric crawls over and covers, 1…2…3!

    Winner: Eric Young @ 8:10 via pin
    Rating: **½

    -Rhino has the mic now and says he has a lot to say. But tonight is not the time or place. Thursday may be the time or place. Using PPV to sell TV again. The one thing that is for sure is that he is back to kick some ass!

    -We shoot to Orlando and Crystal is with Cornette. Cornette says Abyss demanded the match and Mitchell accepted. But the South Carolina Athletic Commission said that they couldn’t have the match. So they are in Orlando and they will bring us the match as promised. Cornette says this is a serious match, and if you have a weak heart or small kids, you need to leave. He shreds a tomato on the barbed wire. Cornette sold that like a used car salesman.

    -We get a video package for ODB vs. Kong.

    TNA Knockouts Championship Match: Awesome Kong © w/Riesha Saeed vs. ODB

    They shove each other to begin, talk trash and then grab each other by the hair. ODB tries a slam, and then gets chops. Off the ropes and Kong levels her. ODB to the floor, she gets a drink as Riesha yells at her. ODB yells at her and says SPEAK ENGLISH BITCH! ODB nails Kong with the flask, tries a slam but then gets whipped to the corner and Kong with the corner splash. Kong tosses ODB to the floor and follows. She tosses her into the barrier, and then tosses her into another barrier. Chops by Kong, and then back into the ring we go. ODB tries to fire up, but Kong just lays the boots to her. Clubbing shots to the back by Kong, powerbomb try but ODB makes it to the top rope. Kicks by ODB, and then gets tossed off. Thesz press try fails as Kong tosses her down. ODB escapes the Kong bomb, dropkicks by ODB rocks Kong and a third does nothing. ODB up to the 2nd rope and gets the Breast Press for 2. A slam by ODB fails, and she eats a knee and a clothesline. Implant buster by Kong gets 2. Kong to the 2nd rope, ODB up and starts nailing Kong. ODB powerslams Kong off of the top! 1…2…NO! ODB gets a drink again, forearm shots to Kong. Another and Riesha is on the apron and ODB levels her. Rights and the spinning back fist by Kong. KONG BOMB connects and that is all.

    Winner: Awesome Kong @ 6:55 via pin
    Rating: **½

    -Off to the Impact Zone and James Mitchell. He tells CHRIS that mommy isn’t here and it is just them. This is all about betrayal. Tonight, he will send Judas into the massacre and when the wire cuts into your skin, mommy won’t be there to save you. When it digs into your body and you hear it hitting the bone, mommy won’t be there. When your flesh rips and you are crying and begging me to make it stop, I will then tell Judas to send you straight to hell to end your existence.

    -Cornette says that TNA will no be responsible for any injuries that either man suffers. Let the carnage begin!

    Barb Wire Massacre 2: Abyss vs. Judas Mesias w/James Mitchell

    They lock up to begin, and then shove off. They pose, Abyss grabs him and tries to push him towards the wire but Mesias escapes and then tries to push Abyss into the wire. No go there, Abyss picks up Mesias and he escapes and dropkicks Abyss into the wire. Rights by Mesias, he charges and Abyss tosses him onto the wire press slam style. Rights by Abyss, he charges at Mesias and gets tripped into the wire. Mesias lays the boots to him, rights now and then has Abyss in the corner. He charges and eats a big boot. Abyss rolls to the floor and finds a chair wrapped in barbed wire. Abyss lays the chair on Mesias, goes to leap and takes the chair in the balls. Damn. Mesias has the chair, and nails Abyss on the head. Again. He then tosses the chair to the floor and Abyss is bleeding. Rights by Mesias, then boots and he pummels Abyss and then bites him. Ewwwww. Mesias to the floor and gets a barbed wire board. He tosses it into the ring, and Abyss goes to the floor and Mesias follows. Mesias bites at the wound again, rights to Abyss and they continue to brawl at ringside. Abyss manages to toss Mesias into the steps and then he gets another barbed wire board. He sets it between the ring and railing. He grabs Mesias and Mitchell stops Abyss. This does not bode well for him. Mesias stops Abyss and back into the ring they go. Mitchell gives Mesias a piece of barbed wire and he rips it off of Abyss’s arm. He then uses it and punches Abyss with it. He then slices the other arm of Abyss with it. Mounted rights by Mesias and the blood is flowing from Abyss’ arms and head. Abyss fights back, they brawl and Abyss flapjacks Mesias onto the bared wire board! Abyss to the floor and tosses another wire board in the ring. Mesias now to the floor, he goes to the apron and Abyss goozles him…and chokeslams him through the board that he had set up before. Mitchell slides into the ring as he runs from Abyss, but that is a bad idea. Black hole slam on Mitchell! Black hole slam for Mesias gets 2! Mitchell manages to slide out to the floor, and Mesias gets a low blow on Abyss. Rights by Mesias, and he then spears Abyss into the board that was set up in the corner. That had to suck. They exchange rights from their knees, to their feet and Mesias rocks Abyss, but then eats a black hole slam into the wire board and that is all.

    If you dig this kind of match, they this was for you. Basically you’ll either love it or hate it.

    Winner: Abyss @ 15:00 via pin
    Rating: ***

    -After the match, Tenay compares Abyss to Abdullah the Butcher, Bruiser Brody, Terry Funk, Cactus Jack and the Original Sheik.

    -Scott Hudson is with Robert Roode. Roode regrets nothing. He never asked for this, he didn’t want it to happen. But Booker T did, he is responsible for all of this. Booker said that Sharmell gets what she wants, and she got a fist full of it last month at Final Resolution. Roode tried to apologize, and that is fine. Tonight he takes his apologies back. He hates everything about Booker, including his horse-faced, skanky wife. He will prove that it pays to be Roode, and he knows Booker can dig that…bitch.

    -JB is with Booker. Booker says he has some treatment for Roode, because his punk ass belongs to him.

    Robert Roode w/Miss Banks vs. Booker T

    They brawl to begin. Booker is all over him, rights and knees and Roode is down. Side slam by Booker, another and then to the corner with chops to Roode. More chops, an Irish whip and corner clothesline connect by Booker. Booker then tosses Roode over the top rope. He follows, chops to Roode and tosses him into the barrier. A short -armed clothesline by Booker and back into the ring we go. Roode catches him on the way in, slams him to a corner and then gets some chops of his own. Rights to Booker, off the ropes and Booker gets a sidekick and takes Roode down. Knees and forearm shots in the corner by Booker. Banks is in the ring and Booker almost hits her. Roode attacks Booker from behind, and then gets mounted rights. A knee drop by Roode, rolling neck snap and he poses. Rights by Roode, off the ropes and Booker almost gets a bookend, but Rood escapes and gets a dropkick for 2. Roode applies the chinlock, Booker fights and gets to his feet. He rolls out but eats a back elbow. Roode of the ropes and s super kick by Booker connects. Booker with a spin wheel kick and then rights. Off the ropes and a forearm by Booker. A boot by Roode, but Booker back with a spinebuster. SPINAROONIE~! Roode pulls Booker to the floor but Booker pulls him out and crotches him off of the steel post. He then repeatedly wraps his leg around the post. Back in, eye rake by Roode and Booker comes back with kicks, but then misses a scissors kick and gets hung up in the ropes. Roode charges in, and Booker backdrops him to the floor. They brawl ringside, back in and Roode bails to the back. Booker chases him down to the back and out to the backstage area and we get a double count out.

    They continue to brawl backstage and Roode tries to get to his car. Roode tosses Banks out of the car and escapes, leaving her behind. Booker says it isn’t over.

    Winner: Double Count Out @ 9:17
    Rating: **

    -Kurt and Karen discuss renewing their vows this Thursday. Karen goes to make plans, AJ runs off because he loves Karen and Angle declares that this will be Cage’s last chance at the title. Tonight will be real, damn real.

    -We get a video package for the Hardcore Street Fight.

    -Scott Hudson is with 3D and Devine. Ray tells him to shut up. Ray says this is the end, because Machismo and the Guns haven’t given this much thought. They don’t have the will to win a match like this. They don’t have the heart to win a match like this. They will give Machismo credit, he has guts and balls, but he doesn’t have the title. They can’t say the same about the Guns, they are too busy pointing to their hands and don’t look or act like pro wrestlers. They have no respect, and that is why they don’t respect them. After tonight 3D is still one of the greatest teams ever, while the Guns will just be another flash in the pan.

    Hardcore Street Fight: Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) & Black Machismo Jay Lethal vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray & Devon) & Johnny Devine ©
    If the team of Sabin, Shelley and Machismo win the match Ray and Devon will have to weigh in at 275lbs to continue wrestling in TNA. Also if Sabin, Shelley and Machismo win, the person on the team that gets the pin wins the X-Title. If Team 3D and Devine win, the X-Division disappears FOREVER.

    They start brawling in the isle to begin things. Yeah baby, no lock up bullshit, KILL PEOPLE! They do some spit screen action to try and keep us in the action, Machismo with a double ax smash on Ray as they are in the ring. Machismo gets a arm wringer over the ropes, Macho style and Sabin suplexes Ray. Someone had a sign that says, “Use My Sign” which is of course a street sign wrapped up. TRIPLE PLANCHA SPOT connects for the X-Division guys. Chairs and trashcans in the ring now, 3D is slammed into Devine, and then the X-Guys get a triple tornado DDT spot for a triple cover of 2. Shelley gets a trashcan of fun, filled with toys and a blow up doll. And we have the kitchen sink. Tremendous. After some weapon shots the X-Guys gets a triple cover for 2. Sink shots to Devine and 3D as Machismo and Devine go to the floor. The guns get double sleepers, and then 3D grabs Machismo and gets a double suplex/backsplash spot. That was cool. 3D and Devine take control, and ray piledrivers an inflatable doll. Devine kills Machismo with a keyboard. Devine then suplexes Machismo on a trashcan for 2. Devine and Devon hold Machismo, but the Guns return to make the save. Kicks to Devon, and then the corner attack with elbows and forearm strikes. Total Elimination by the Guns gets 2. Ray levels the Guns with a dual clothesline, 3D on Sabin! 3D on Shelley! Missile dropkick by Machismo, but eats a clothesline by Ray. Ray beats down Machismo as So Cal Val begs Ray to stop. Flips off Ray and then eats another trashcan shot. Val gets on the apron and is crying. Ray grabs her and drags her into the ring. Ray has a cheese grater and Machismo makes the save. LOW BLOW with the cheese grater! Machismo up top and gets a RANA off of the top to Ray! Chair shot to Ray and that gets 2 as Devon pulls out the Ref. PLANCHA onto Devon! He takes out Devine. Top rope clothesline to Ray gets 2. The Guns have been laid out with the 3D’s and Machismo is fighting for his life. Lethal Combo to Devine! 1…2…NO! Super kick to Devon gets 2! Ray up and gets the Bubba Bomb for a close 2! 3D sets up the table now, Machismo tosses Devon and then gets an Enziguri to ray. Devine has the street sign and misses Machismo. Machismo nails him with it and lays him on the table! Machismo up top…ELBOW DROP THROUGH THE TABLE~! 1…2…3!

    Machismo is the champion and 3D will now have to weigh in at 275lbs (individually) if they want to continue to wrestle in TNA.

    Winners: Motor City Machine Guns & Black Machismo (NEW CHAMPION) @ 13:18 via pin
    Rating: ***¾

    -Ray tries to steal the belt, but Machismo gets a plancha and takes the belt back. He and Val embrace as Sonjay Dutt comes to the ring and presents Machismo with the title belt. They put Lethal over huge there, and I hope that they don’t blow it like they did after the win over Angle.

    -Hudson is with Cage, who mocks him and asks who he is. Cage then says they all seem to know where everyone stands. But the only thing that matters is the World Title. As for Joe, they all don’t get along and he knows that. All Cage wants is for Joe to do his job and what he is getting paid for. Cage says Joe wants a title shot and Cage agrees…just not tonight, because tonight is Cage’s night. Tonight Cage goes to the ring and becomes the official champ for the third time. If you don’t know, now you know.

    -Joe is out as the special enforcer.

    -JB does the super special ring announcing.

    TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Christian Cage vs. Kurt Angle © w/Karen
    Samoa Joe as Special Enforcer

    They circle a bit, stare down and then lock up. To the corner they go, they tie up and the ref breaks them up. Crowd is hot. Angle with a go behind, waist lock and then a takedown. Cage tries to escape, to his feet, off the ropes and Angle with the side headlock and roll over for 2. Rights by Cage, off the ropes and after counters Angle gets a shoulder block takedown. Angle misses an elbow drop, headlock takedown by Cage as he tries to gain control. Angle to his feet, and then a backdrop suplex, but Cage keeps the headlock. Off the ropes, Angle misses a charge and Cage back to the side headlock and takedown. Cage also scissors an arm, but Angle escapes to his feet and delivers uppercuts. Cage leaps off of the 2nd rope and Angle gets an overhead toss. Angle charges and Cage sidesteps him and Angle flies into the post. Cage up top and gets a huge cross body to the floor onto Angle. Chops by Cage and back into the ring they go. To the 2nd rope and Angle with rights to Cage. He pulls out Cage’s legs and he falls hard into the ring right onto his shoulder. That had to suck. A vertical suplex by Angle gets 2. He chokes out Cage on the ropes as Joe is there to make sure there are no shenanigans. Joe gets on the apron and warns Angle. Angle then gets an overhead belly to belly on Cage who flies to the floor. Angle to the floor, he gets a chair and Joe is there to take it away. They argue and Angle shoves Joe, and Joe shoves him down. Cage is back up and gets chops to Angle. Angle picks up Cage and gets an Angle slam into the steel post. Back in the ring Angle gets a powerbomb into the corner and cover for 2 on Cage. Angle works the body scissors, Cage fights to escape and rolls into the guard. To his feet, gets a roll up for 2. German by Angle, another, Cage fights, counters and gets a sick release German and Angle about lands on his head. Damn. Elbows by Cage, off the ropes and he then gets a flapjack on Angle. Off the ropes again, Edge-a-cution by Cage gets a close 2. Cage goes up top… Angle runs up and Cage bites him! Angle falls off and Cage flies…FROG SPLASH CONNECTS! 1…2…NO! Angle manages a hard whip to the corner, stalks Cage and Cage counters and Angle slam and then tosses Angle to the floor. Cage follows and slams Angle off of the apron. They brawl on the apron, Angle looks for a German…Cage holds on for dear life ad escapes. Angle blocks the kick by Cage and gets an ankle lock and then pulls Cage into the ring! That was cool. Cage looks for the ropes, dives and gets them. Angle has to break. STRAPS DOWN! Angle slam countered by Angle gets an ankle lock. Cage rolls and gets a cover for 2. Unprettier try, countered and Angle slam! 1…2…NO! Karen is freaking out now. Angle goes up top now…MOONSAULT MISSES! Cage up top, Angle runs up and is tossed off. Angle runs back up again and gets a SUPER ANGLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! Slaps by Angle, but Cage then gets the Unprettier! 1…2…NO! Angle goes for a clothesline, Cage ducks and Angle takes out the referee. Ankle lock by Cage, and Joe is in to officiate! Angle fights, Joe mocks him a bit and asks if he will tap. Angle grabs Karen and she gets pulled into the ring. Joe and Cage stare down, and he tells Cage to do what he will with her! She slaps Cage and he grabs her, Angle up and charges and hits Karen! Cage rolls up Angle, 1…2…NO! Joe pulls Karen out and sets her in a chair. AJ is in, but Joe pulls him off of the apron. He slams him into the railing and then tosses him into the crowd! Angle has a chair as Joe and AJ brawl, misses Cage, Cage then has the chair and gets kicked in the balls. Chair shot by Angle. TOMKO is out and takes the chair from Angle. Tomko of course turns on Cage and lays him out with the TKO. Angle revives the ref, covers Cage and that is all.

    That was on its way to being really great and it was even better than last month’s match, until we did the same thing that we do every other main event. The sad thing is that it could have worked fine, if they didn’t do it all the time. If that doesn’t happen the match is even better. It’s really a shame as they were busting their ass. The Joe stuff was fine as well, it was just when we hit the swerve that wasn’t a swerve that took away from it and again, it is a shame.

    Winner: Kurt Angle @ 20:40 via pin
    Rating: ****

    -Angle celebrates

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