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411’s TNA Impact Report 10.25.07

October 25, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka

TNA Impact Begins…NOW!

-We see highlights of last week’s show. A really good package that makes tonight look important. They should have been running these spots all week.

-Angle is with Karen and JB. He asks if Nash is coming and he arrives. Angle makes nice with him and he says he knows Nash is mad, but looks great! Kurt apologizes and is a mess without him. He needs Nash tonight, and as a token, he brought Nash a gift. An autographed picture of Kurt with “BFF” on it. Nash says he is looking forward to the match, and Sting kicking Angle’s ass. Karen asks if he has anymore ideas and then says things are just getting worse.

-Tenay and West welcome us to the show and say Sting vs. Angle is the biggest Impact match ever! They also hype the rest of the show.

-They hype the match that they said needs no hype more.

  • LAX and The Steiner’s vs. The VMM w/Roxxi, AJ Styles and Tomko ©

    Kip is wearing the Torrie Wilson special tights again. AJ and Cide to begin. Lock up and a headlock by AJ. Off the ropes, tackle by AJ. Off the ropes again and a hip toss and flapjack by Cide. Headlock takedown by Cide, to the feet they go, tag to Rick and AJ DIVES to tag Kip. Lock up and clubbing shots by Kip. Rick battles back and rights to Kip. Irish whip and a STEINER LINE~! Rick covers for 2 and Kip tags in BG. Lock up and a tag to Scott, boots to BG and Scott with a wristlock. Off the ropes and a tackle to BG. Off the roes again and jabs by BG…but Scott levels him, elbow drop and pushups. Kip kicks him in the head and BG gets the shaky knee drop. Irish whip, boot by Scott and a belly to belly connects. Hernandez tags in as does Tomko. They standoff, and then throw the lumber. Tomko off the ropes and a dropkick by Hernandez. Cide in and a slam by Hernandez and elbow drop by Cide gets 2. Tomko fights back, clotheslines Cide and we head to commercial @ 4:05.

    Back from commercial @ 8:45 and Hernandez makes the tag in and starts to clean house. Tosses for all, catches AJ and Tomko in to nail Hernandez with a bog boot. Everyone is in now and the Steiner’s battle with AJ and Tomko to the floor. Roxxi in and spits on Hernandez, and Kip covers for 2. A MYSTERY Latino guy gives Cide a slap jack, and Hernandez pins BG.

    Winners: Lax and the Steiner’s @ 10:22 via pin
    A fun match raped by commercial. Also, what’s up with the MYSTERY LATINO guy?
    Rating: *½

    -Crystal is with Sting. Sting says this has nothing to do with the title. Angle messed with his son, and now he wants Angle to look into his eyes. What would Kurt have done in the same situation? Sting knows what he would have done, tore the person apart, and that is what Sting will do to him…again. Kurt and Karen are watching and Karen is flipping out because of this. Kurt now says Karen has to seduce Nash. Nash only understands money and sex and Angle isn’t paying him. Kurt then discusses spanking, and Kurt says it would only be one time. In the end, all wounds will heal and Kurt will get over it. Angle says she will lose money if he doesn’t get the title back. JB says Nash won’t mind at all. Wow.

  • Fight for the Right Tournament Bout: James Storm w/Jackie Moore vs. Eric Young

    EY wants to shake, but Storm rakes his eyes. Shoulder tackle by Storm. Off the ropes and a hip toss by EY. A dropkick follows and then a slam. Corner mounted punches by EY, then puts on Storm’s hat and does the FARGO STRUT~! Moore grabs EY, allowing Storm to dropkick him to the floor. Storm slams him to the railing, and then back to the ring. Storm gets a SICK hanging spike DDT for 2. Off the ropes, reversal and a high knee by Storm. Storm chokes out EY, then kicks him in the head. Chinlock by Storm, EY elbows out but gets slammed down. Storm to the 2nd rope, and eats a boot on the fist drop try. EY fires up, rights to Storm. Off the ropes and a back elbow to Storm. Clothesline and off the ropes, reversal and Flair corner flip by EY, slides in and a belly to belly gets 2! Enziguri by Storm, the lung blower follows and a cover for 2. Storm to the 2nd rope, 8-second ride try, but EY tosses him off. DVD by EY~! 1…2…NO! Moore distracts EY, and hen Storm NAILS her as EY moves! Storm checks on Moore, and now EY does as he feels bad…SUPERKICK by Storm, dubbed the last call finishes it.

    Moore was offering EY a beer, and Storm takes it away. They argue, and they Storm tosses him the beer after she urges to do so again.

    Kaz and Cage have already moved on as well in the tournament.

    Winner: James Storm @ 5:40 via pin
    A fun little match for the time given.
    Rating: **

    -Karen goes to meet with Nash. She says she can help him, you and me, me and you. Nash asks where Kurt is and Nash then says he has been waiting for this. He then says she is stupid, and maybe 10-years ago sure, but now with all of her enhancements and surgeries, no way. She lives in Kurt’s bed, she can die in it. He tells JB that he is human, but a cold shower will take care of it all.

    -Back from commercial and we see Team 3D and Tenay talking from earlier today. Devon says the tag titles were stolen from them. They will make it right, and until they get back the titles, they will cause problems. Tenay says they have caused destruction like no one else. Tenay asks why they have targeted the X-Division. Ray says he wants to throw up. Ray says no one cares about the X-Division. Ray says Tenay has been praising them for 5years and Ray says they aren’t anything. Little boys. This is a man’s world of pro-wrestling. They are what put TNA on the map. All of the X-Division wrestlers deserve not to have a job, and they will make sure that happens. Tenay asks about the MCMG’s and Ray says they cost them the match at Bound for Glory. The MCMG’s cost them the match, them and their crappy name. So 3D will take them and their boyfriends in the X-Division out. And they will do this because we can.

  • Havok vs. Petey Williams vs. Shark Boy w/Neck Brace vs. Sonjay Dutt

    I have the feeling that this will not end well. HOLY SHIT, SONJAY IS COLLECTING MONEY! More power to him I say! Waffle House here comes Sonjay!

    Havok tries to use his cane, that fails and he gets tossed by Sharky and Williams. Senton by Dutt and a cover for 2. Dutt wants hugs, and Sharky and Williams Flatliner him. Sharky gets planted by Havok as Williams flexes. RANA on Havok by Dutt. Havok to the floor, Williams tosses Dutt and slingshot RANA’s Havok. PLANCHA by Sharky! Dutt now gets an ASAI MOONSAULT to the floor!

    Team 3D is out and says there is another crappy match by crappy wrestlers. They use Havok’s cane and beat them all down. They toss them into the ring and beat them down more. 3D on Dutt. Devon holds Sharky and Ray nails him with the belt. He whips Williams and Havok as well. Devon gets the tables as Ray proclaims that they will destroy the X-Division. Where ever an X-Division wrestler is, so will Team 3D. They are the greatest team in the history of wrestling. They set up two tables, grab Havok and Williams, Stereo powerbombs through the tables.

    Winner: No Contest @ 2:00
    The way this is coming off it looks like a complete burial. They will have to be pretty fucking creative in order to get anyone over after this shit.
    Rating: N/A

    -Back from commercial and Crystal is with Roode and Brooks. She asks why he did what he did to Joe, and Roode says it was all business. What matters is the tournament, and the TNA World Title. Some people thought he was kidding when he was sick of seeing the same guys showcased, like Samoa Joe. The only way to become a top dog is to take out a top dog. And that brings us to Fatu. You made the mistake last week of mocking me, and the name is Robert Roode. And after I beat you tonight, you will remember my name and realize that it pays to be Roode.

    -JB does the super special ring announcing.

  • TNA TITLE MATCH: Sting © vs. Kurt Angle w/Karen

    They circle, and Angle backs off. Angle decides to bow to the ring apron for a bit, comes back in and they lock up. Headlock by Sting and to a corner. Sting backs off and breaks clean. Lock up, headlock by Angle, off the ropes and a tackle and cover for 1 by Angle. Lock up, off the ropes and a tackle by Sting. Another and then a headlock takedown. Sting escapes, and gets a headlock takedown of his own. Angle to his feet, off the ropes and a tackle again by Sting. Leap frog by Angle and then a takedown by Sting again. Angle to his feet, to the corner they go and Angle nails Sting, no clean break. He lays the boots to Sting, Irish whip and Sting back with the headlock takedown. Angle has to work to his feet again, lefts by Angle and then a backdrop suplex takes Sting down. Uppercuts by Angle and Sting is down. Angle chokes out Sting, and then back to the uppercuts. Angle charges off the ropes and Sting gets a spinebuster. He lays the boots to Angle now, and then a snap suplex by Sting gets 2. Mounted corner punches by Sting, Angle is down and Nash is now out to watch the match. He grabs a seat and we head to a commercial @ 6:25.

    They mentioned that LAX will challenge for the tag titles NEXT WEEK on Impact. I thought that was a PPV match.

    Back from commercial @ 11:40 with Sting fighting back and then walking into an overhead belly to belly, which got Angle 2. Angle slam countered and a tornado DDT by Sting! Angle got planted good there, maybe that’s where he tweaked the neck. The ref counts, they get to their feet and Sting fires up and levels Angle with clotheslines. He sends Angle to the floor and follows. Sting slams Angle to the railing, and then into the steps. Angle rakes Sting’s eyes and throws him onto Nash. Sting nails Nash and they goes back on the attack to Angle. Stinger splash by Sting, misses the second and a GERMAN by Angle stops the comeback. Angle is up, grabs Sting, tombstone try, Sting counters it and then Angle slides down into the Ankle Lock! Sting kicks off, Angle slam countered and Sting gets the Scorpion Deathlock! Angle looks to tap, Nash is on the apron and Sting nails him. Angle slams Sting into Nash, ANGLE SLAM! The ref was bumped in there and we get a new ref, Angle covers for the win.

    Winner and NEW CHAMPION KURT ANGLE @ 15:45 via pin
    Outside of the bullshit, this was a good TV match.
    Rating: ***

    -After the match Angle and Nash go to shake, and Angle gives Nash the middle finger and runs away. That didn’t sit well with Kenny Rogers. The two referees argue and Cornette is now out. More bullshit.

    -Back from commercial and they are still arguing in the ring. Tenay basically says we saw a bunch of bullshit. Cornette says they got two stories and he doesn’t know what to believe. He will take them to the back and they will watch the video and he will make an official decision after that. Puerto Rico’s Glamour Boy Shane gets to stay and referee. Tenay yells at Cornette and Cornette tells his to sit down, shut up and do his damn job! GOD BLESS CORNETTE~!

  • Awesome Kong vs. Angel Williams

    I feel bad for the Queen Diva Angel Williams. Get well soon honey. Kong is carrying a picture of Gail Km to the ring, who she plans to defeat or eat. Tenay is all pissy on commentary now because Cornette sent him to his room. Kong stalks Williams, and Williams grabs a sleeper on Kong. Shut the fuck up Tenay, stop crying. Williams fires up on Kong as Tenay leaves to go and talk to Cornette. Enziguri by Williams, yakuza and she is then thusly killed with a clothesline. High choke and tree slam by Kong. Williams manages a jawbreaker, chops and off the ropes…SPINNING BACK FIST BY KONG! KONG BOMB finishes it.

    Winner: Awesome Kong @ 1:53 via pin
    Fantastic stuff. Tenay annoyed me, but this was just great. Kong is focused and Williams got a lot of offense at the beginning, but it was not enough in the end. Also having Kong carry the picture of Kim and act like a single minded machine of destruction is tremendous stuff.
    Rating: *¾

    -Last week on Impact we see how Abyss was beat down and attacked by the rat. In the back Abyss is destroying “Black Reign’s workshop. Reign attacks him and as Mitchell condescendingly mocks Abyss. Reign puts Abyss’ head in a vice and they tape his hands together. Abyss screams and Mitchell laughs as Reign puts the rat on Abyss’ head. Wow.

    -Back from commercial in Cornette’s office. Nash is here and says nobody disrespects him, and they can do things the easy way, giving him a match with Angle, the hard way he puts Cornette down. Morgan gets pissed and wants to take Nash down. Cornette says he will address the problem after he addresses the finish of the match. Cornette also says Nash was responsible for a lot of this.

    -Rain, the official Robert Roode groupie is back at ringside! I love her.

    -Cage comes out with a ladder to watch the match. He is now going to replace Tenay on commentary. GLORIOUS!

  • Fight for the Right Tournament Bout: Junior Fatu vs. Robert Roode

    Lock up and Fatu tosses Roode down. Fatu controls and Roode goes to the floor. Back in and clubbing shots by Roode, to the corner and chops by Roode. Fatu no sells him and gets chops of his own. Chops by Fatu now. Irish whip and a belly to belly stopped by Roode, he goes for a sunset flip and moves in time when Fatu sits down. Perfect neck flip on Fatu, Fatu up and superkicks Roode. He drags Roode to a corner, goes for the Banzai drop…knees up by Roode and he is up, boot, and a DDT by Roode allows him to get control. We head to a commercial @ 3:30.

    Back from commercial @ 7:25 with Fatu trying to make a comeback, but Roode gets a blockbuster for 2. Roode chokes out Fatu as Cage pimps his DVD. Roode unloads on Fatu, but Fatu snags a Samoan Drop on Roode out of nowhere. The ref counts, they battle to their feet, exchange shots and Fatu fires up. Clothesline by Fatu. Chokeslam by Fatu. He lazily covers for 2. He is so blown up right now. DDT by Fatu and Roode sold it awesomely. Fatu covers Roode with one hand again for 2. Roode in the corner, Fatu misses a Samoan Clambake and bumps the ref. Roode and the ref are down in the corner after a superkick and Fatu goes for the stinkface, yanks the tights like the old days and stinkfaces Roode. Roode is pissed and LOW BLOWS Fatu. Roode calls for the chair Brooks is sitting in, she won’t move and he tosses her off and grabs the chair. Joe is out and steals the chair, and then KILLS Roode with it. Kishi Driver on Roode. 1…2…3.

    Kaz, Storm, Cage and now Fatu have all moved on.

    Winner: Fatu @ 12:55 via pin
    Roode worked really hard while Fatu was lazy. He sucks, wants too much money and is working lazy, with no contract.
    Rating: **1/2

    -Joe attacks Cage.


    -In the back Nash chases Angle, who leaves Karen and takes of fin his car.

    -Cornette and Tenay walk, Tenay has the stern Tenay face on right now. Cornette apologizes to Tenay for yelling at him and sending him to bed without dinner. Cornette says he talked to the refs, and Angle did technically pin Sting while the other ref wants to DQ Nash. Cornette says Sting attacked Nash first and Nash never touched him. Cornette says Angle is the champion.


    Cornette then says at Genesis Angle has to defend the title. And since Nash wants in the ring with Angle, it will be Nash and Angle vs. Sting and a mystery partner, and the winner of the fall gets the title. Sting appears as magic in the ring and says he will have a very qualified opponent. I smell me a JJ return.

    -Closing wrap up video runs.

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