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411’s TNA Impact Report 4.10.08

April 10, 2008 | Posted by Larry Csonka

  • It is only fitting that I recap Impact on today’s special milestone. This recap will mark my 500th TV Recap for the wrestling zone here at 411. I started with TNA during the weekly PPV days, The World X-Cup, a Weekly PPV in 2004 (May 26th) as #1 and now Impact becomes #500. I have recapped Lucha (CMLL), Deep South, Impact, the Global Impact Web Show, Learning the Ropes, Hogan Knows Best, PPV Specials, Saturday Night’s Main Event, NWA Showcase, Raw, ECW, WWE Experience, Smackdown, WSX, PPV’s; basically almost any show that has been on in the last four-years I have recapped it at one point. I just wanted to say thank you to all that have read the recaps and supported 411 over that time. Here’s to 500 more.

    TNA Impact Begins…NOW!

    -We get highlights of last week’s show.

    -Tenay and West welcome us to the show, and run down what we’ll see tonight.

    Tomko, AJ, Ray, Devon, Storm and Jackie all come to the ring. Tomko has a black eye from Angle’s little training session, I am sure he appreciates that. Ray kicks us off and says Tomko doesn’t need to say anything. Lockdown is a few days away and Cage, that skinny, insignificant man did not get one over on Team Tomko. He just pissed them off. The plot that he and Morgan put together will backfire in their faces. He tells Morgan not to show up to Lockdown, because if he does, it will be the last time he laces up his boots. Now tonight, Nash and Sting. You two have been bleeding the industry your whole careers, and you are why WCW went out of business. But tonight for the first time, they get to do something, they get to step into the ring with the greatest tag team of all time. He grabs a belt to celebrate and…

    Team Cage (Cage, Sting, Rhino, Morgan and Nash) makes their way out to the ramp. Cage says that that 3D is talking a lot of shit. He says to stop complaining, and says Ray is like Hilary Clinton in a fat suit. Ray wants to fight now. Cage apologizes, and says Clinton has bigger balls than Ray. Last week they made Team Tomko look like jackasses. After Storm laid out Sting he knew what was going on. He knew Tomko would bitch and complain and try to get the advantage. This is why he told Tomko not to think. Cage is the Instant Classic, the Champ, and the Champ is always one step ahead of them all. At Lethal Lockdown, Team Cage leaves Team Tomko for dead. If you don’t know, now you know.

    AJ gets pissed and says, “Don’t bring it, sing it.” Ok. Team Cage hits the ring, and they bail on AJ. They chase him off.

    -They shoot backstage to Joe in a suit and he says he will sign the contract in blood if he has to. If he doesn’t win the title, he’ll walk away from wrestling forever.

    -JB is with Kurt Angle. He tells him that Joe is here and will sign the contact. Angle laughs and says saying is one thing, but doing is another. He has beat Joe 3-times already. He doesn’t believe he will sign. Angle is confident, it is already won. Angle then asks what JB is worried about. JB says Joe looks like a different guy due to the videos. Angle is the best he says, and 4-5 weeks cannot handle what Angle has learned in 30-years. In 3-days, there will be a 100% chance that Joe taps, for the last time.

    -We get a Consequences Creed video package.

    X-Scape Qualifying Match: Consequences Creed vs. Jimmy Rave w/Hemme and Hoyt

    A boot by Rave to begin. Rights, a snap mare and then the chin lock. A hammerlock counter by Creed, goes for a monkey flip, countered and then Creed slams Rave and gets a high leg drop and covers for 2. Rights by Creed, off the ropes but Rave gets an STO and covers for 2. Stomp by Rave, Creed fights back and off the ropes but takes a knee to the gut, followed by a shining wizard by Rave for 2. TO the corner they go, Irish whip and reversal but Creed is slammed to the corner. Creed then slams Rave to the corner, rights and lefts and a corner clothesline connect. Rolling thunder clothesline connects for Creed. Hemme distracts the ref, Creed off the ropes and Hoyt trips him up, and then Rave rolls him up for 2. Creed levels Hoyt, jabs to Rave and then a split into a big right hand. Creed then gets a hammerlock DDT for the win.

    Winner: Consequences Creed @ 3:00 via pin

    -The X-Scape match will be Machismo © vs. Dutt vs. Sharky vs. Devine vs. Curry Man vs. Consequences Creed

    -Crystal is with Machismo and Val. They discuss the X-Scape match, and Machismo say she will climb out for the win. He isn’t afraid because he has his lady and his best friend. Dutt arrives and checks out Val, blows off Machismo and says he and Val should go shopping. They leave Machismo behind like a goof again.

    -Jim Cornette has joined the commentary team. They have added some wacky match involving handcuffs and 6-teams to the PPV. Rellik, Black Reign, Super Eric, Kaz, Scott Steiner, Petey Williams, Sabin, Shelley, Homicide, Hernandez, Rave and Hoyt. There will be 11-sets of handcuffs, and only one man can win. Cornette discusses that he is upset with Morgan, and says effective today Morgan is only a wrestler and not a part of administration.

    -Crystal is with Matt Morgan. He will go his way and finally do his thing. He can take 100% of the roster, so when Cage gave him the chance, he took it and everyone will know why they call him the most genetically jacked, athletically stacked giant today.

    -We get a wacky video package for the initiation Steiner has put Petey through.

    The Motor City Machineguns (Sabin and Shelley) vs. Scott Steiner and Petey Williams

    Sabin and Petey to begin. Knuckle lock by Petey, Sabin escapes and then gets a roll up for 2. Arm drag by Sabin, tag to Alex and they double-team suplex Petey and then deliver leg drops. Double-team kicks to Steiner and they send him to the floor. Chops by Alex, tag to Sabin. Off the ropes and a slam by Alex, senton by Sabin and Alex then flips him back onto Petey. Off the ropes, reversal and Sabin and Steiner battle, which allows a jawbreaker and spin kick by Petey to connect. He poses, slams Sabin to the corner, tags Steiner in and here comes Rhaka Khan with a MYSTERY BAG! We go to commercial with no warning at 2:10.

    We are back from commercial @ 5:00 as Steiner drops the elbow and then does pushups. An overhead belly to belly by Steiner, tags in Petey and he snap mares Sabin, he pops up and fights back with a knee and then a bulldog. Tag to Alex, top rope cross body, and then a superkick. Steiner nails Alex, but Sabin runs off of Alex and drops Steiner with a dropkick. Alex with a tornado DDT to Petey. BIG frog splash by Alex gets 2 as Steiner makes the save. Missile dropkick by Sabin, a sidekick and then Alex saves Sabin, and they get a cool suplex/facebuster deal for a close 2. Steiner is dropped again, but Sabin misses a dive, Steiner trips Alex…CANADIAN DESROYER by Petey and that is all!

    Winners: Scott Steiner and Petey Williams @ 7:45 via pin

    -Steiner on the mic and says many would have quit on him, but Petey is a crazy son of a bitch and that is what you need to be a wrestler. Tonight is the final initiation. Steiner gets scissors out of the bag, and he is going to cut Petey’s hair. Hell yes, bleach it too. “I will call him…MINI-PUMP!” Steiner cuts off the ponytail and then gets clippers. He is shaving him bald, damn. Steiner then gives Petey on of his headdresses. They pose.

    -Tenay and West discuss the initiation we just saw. They then hype Lockdown.

    -We get a video history of Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle. Cage picks Joe to win. Frank Trigg picks Angle. Cornette picks Joe. Nash picks Joe. Mike Carlson from the Fight magazine puts over the fight. Joe says it is do or die, and his career is on the line.

    Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring. He says that this Sunday will be the most important match of his career and Joe’s career. First of all it is for the TNA Title, the most coveted title in wrestling today. The other reason is what is on this contract right here. It states that if Joe doesn’t beat him, he has to quit wrestling forever. Angle calls out Joe to sign the contract. MAKE IT REAL…MAKE IT DAMN REAL.

    Joe is out now, in a suit again, and Angle says he apologizes for interrupting his training, but he doesn’t trust Joe. To make it official, he put together a document for him to sign. Shouldn’t Joe, you know, read this first? He asks if Joe will put it all on the line. Joe says that he came out here to reassure he and the world that he means what he says. He has promised to leave if he loses, and the other is he will defeat Angle this Sunday. There will be no excuses, just Joe standing over Angle the world champion. Joe signs the contract. They stare down and shake on it.

    -We get a replay of Joe signing the contract.

    -Crystal is with Kim and ODB. They talk up their tag match at Lockdown, and Kim says they are their own worst enemies. They both want the title and the time will come for them to battle. But at Lockdown, they will take out Kong and Saeed. ODB says Saeed must be ugly if she hides under a veil. She will rip it off her head at the PPV.

    Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky vs. Roxxi

    They circle, Sky distracts Roxxi and Love attacks. To the corner, boots by Love and then chops by Love. Love chokes her out, Irish whip and Roxxi floats over and gets a trip on Love but takes a jawbreaker by Love, who covers for 2. Irish whip, cross body by Love and then mounted punches follow. A bicycle kick by Love gets 2. Chops by Love, off the ropes and Roxxi avoids the charge and gets a clothesline. Rights by Love, then by Roxxi. Spinning forearm shot by Roxxi. She slams Love to the corner, running charge and then a boot to Love gets 2 as Sky distracts the ref. Eye poke by Love, but Roxxi tosses her into Sky. VOODOO CRUSHER by Roxxi and that is all.

    Winner: Roxxi @ 2:50 via pin

    -TO THE BACK with Super Eric. JB calls him Eric Young, but SUPER ERIC proclaims not to know him. He is here to rid TNA of all villains. Including Black Reign, next. Remember, fear is temporary, heroes are forever.

    -Back for more Rough Cuts. BG says he can see them being on speaking terms again, but Kip has to be willing. Once they get the physical stuff out of the way, then they can talk. Kip say sit is all over, and at Lockdown, he finishes BG’s career. BG says he is a wreck, and he knows about family fighting. Kip says he cannot wait for the match. BG knows all about Kip, but doesn’t know how to go about the match. He fears for his well being, but he prays to God that Kip fears for his as well. After this, Kip says he will become world champion.

    Black Reign w/RAT vs. Super Eric

    Reign attacks before the bell and they brawl on the floor. Super Eric tossed into the steps, and then into the ring. Reign lays the boots to him, uppercut now by Reign and then a clothesline gets 2. Half ass pedigree by Reign gets 2. Irish whip, clothesline by Reign and then another whip, but Super Eric with a clothesline now. Back elbow, a slam and then up top. Missile dropkick by Super Eric lands. Super Eric now gets a DVD and that is all.

    Winner: Super Eric @ 2:00 via pin

    -After the match Rebboj is Jobber spelled backwards hits the ring and he and Reign handcuff Super Eric to the ropes. They beat him down, Kaz hits the ring and tries to fight them off. The Rock and Rave Infection are now out, they beat down Kaz and the Monsters help. Super Eric breaks the handcuffs and starts to lay everyone out. Super Eric saves the day. Yay.

    -We get a video history of Booker T and Sharmell vs. Robert Roode and Payton Banks.

    -We get a video package for the Queen of the Cage match this Sunday. Rhaka Khan, Traci Brooks, Christy Hemme, Roxxi, Sky and Love, Salinas and Miss Jackie. They say banks is in the match, but she is supposed to be in the mixed tag.

    -Next is a preview for Lethal Lockdown and Angle vs. Joe.

    -Crystal is with Sting and Nash. Sting says they have his attention now. He came back because this is family. This is his breed if you will. Where else would he go? What roads did Ray pave? He marks for himself. Tonight, he will make it clear and Ray will never question him again. Nash says they differ, his intentions are not honorable, and Nash is there for the money. Overpaid? Sure, but better than underpaid. When they win, he stays in the main event and he gets paid. After this, he will go where the money is all. I appreciate your honesty Kevin.

    Team 3D vs. Kevin Nash and Sting

    Wolfpack in the house. Nash and Devon to begin. Lock up and Nash drops Devon with a right. Knees in the corner, rights and then back elbows by Nash drops Devon. To the corner, tag to Sting and more elbows by Nash. Sting in and a chop to the face of Devon, a side headlock and to the ropes they go. Rights by Devon, to the corner and more rights by Devon. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Sting and Devon bails. Sting calls out Ray and he tags in. They stand off, he shoves Sting and Sting spits on him. Rights by Sting, to the corner, mounted punches by Sting and he bites Ray. Irish whip and a reversal and corner splash by Ray. NO SELL and Sting with rights, boots, chops and then off the ropes and a backdrop by Sting. He steps on Ray’s hand, Irish whip and Sting MISSES the Stinger splash and we’ll head to commercial @ 3:35.

    Back from commercial @ 7:00 with Ray slamming Sting. He gets a chinlock as we get replays of what happened during the break. Sting fights to his feet, but gets slammed back down. Tag to Devon, they go for a double-team but Sting gets a clothesline to both men and ALL THREE are down. Tag to Nash. He walks wild with rights. Off the ropes and a big boot to Ray. Side slam to Devon and that gets 2 as Ray makes a save. All four men in now, 3D gets whipped to a corner, double splash by Nash and Sting. Scorpion death lock by Sting. Chokeslam by Nash and we get a DQ as AJ and Tomko hit the ring.

    Winners: Sting and Nash @ 9:05 via DQ

    -AJ, Tomko, Ray and Devon beat them down as Cage and Rhino hit the ring. Storm is out now, and Team Tomko has the advantage. Morgan hits the ring and starts to lay people out. Boot to AJ, clothesline to Tomko and he goes to the floor. Jackie jumps on him he tosses her down and grabs her…PRESS SLAM TO THE FLOOR! Thankfully she was caught. They brawl to the floor, Tomko tosses Sting to the steel post as Morgan beats down Devon. Cage and Storm brawl up the ramp and Rhino KILLS AJ WITH A SWEET GORE!

    -End scene…

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