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411’s TNA Impact Report 5.08.15

May 8, 2015 | Posted by Larry Csonka


* Eric Young is in the ring to start the show. He demands to know who the special referee for tonight’s title match is because he is the #1 contender, and he will take the title from Kurt Angle. Bully Ray’s music hits and he is back. He is already wearing a ref shirt under his leather vest, so he came prepared. He asks if we know who he is, and informs us that he will indeed be the special referee for the title match.

* Ethan Carter III makes his way to the ring. Carter is very excited, and hypes his championship campaign. He only has a sleeve on his left arm now, so good news as he doesn’t need the big brace anymore. He has it on good authority that the fans have picked a gentleman’s contest, the arm wrestling match. Anderson tells Carter to shut up and reveals the poll results, and 85% voted for the falls count anywhere match.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Ethan Carter III: Anderson attacks Tyrus and Carter to begin, and sorta low bridges the big man and sends him to the floor. He then tosses Carte. Anderson then suplexes him back into the ring, but Tyrus attacks again. Anderson posts him and he appears to be out, and Carter is freaked out and tries to run. They brawl on the floor with Anderson slamming him off of the barricade and then connecting with a low blow, he covers for 2. Anderson then gets some chairs, looks for the Finlay roll but Carter with a roll up on the floor for 2. Anderson tries the mic check, but Carter escapes and backdrops Anderson on the ramp. Carter then spits in Anderson’s face, and Anderson fights back and then hits the Finlay roll onto the pile of chairs and covers for 2. Back into the ring they go, Anderson runs wild with clotheslines and a neck breaker. Tyrus is back and works over Anderson, hits the big splash in the corner and then the heart punch. Carter then covers for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ethan Carter III @ 5:38 via pin

* Angle meets with Bully Ray in the back. Angle says he and Young have been going at it and wants to know if Bully will call this down the middle. Bully asks if he knows who he is and leaves.

* The BDC (MVP, Ki and king) makes their way to the ring. MVP says that they are live tonight, and he has some things to say. First of all he has a mask that belongs to Homicide, who can’t be here tonight because he took a trip and someone attacked him and he needed shoulder surgery. He thinks the Rising may have had something to do with it and that does not fly. He says that is a cowardly act and the fans actually cheer that. The BDC does what they want to do, like the US Government does. But if they do it, they are called thugs. He calls out the Rising and will treat them like thugs, and will beat them down. The Rising (Galloway, Drake and Mica) now makes their way out. Galloway says that MVP is upset, and if he were in his situation he’d be upset as well. The streets aren’t Galloway’s playground, the ring is. Homicide isn’t the most lovable man in the world and anyone could have jumped him. Galloway says they had nothing to do with it, and says maybe one of his own did it. Galloway tries to mind fuck them a bit, and MVP says he only cares about the money and prestige that comes with gold. MVP discusses all of his great possessions and his lifestyle, he was supposed to win the title and Galloway got involved. MVP says he will end them tonight. They all brawl in the ring, and the Rising clears the ring. We’ll get Galloway vs. MVP next…

MVP vs. Drew Galloway: We come back to action and officially start as Galloway is down. MVP works him over in the corner, and then works the arm of Galloway in the ropes. Rights by MVP follow, Galloway back with chops and then a back elbow. MVP cuts him off and covers for 2. Kicks by MVP follow, double knees to the arm and then a cover gets 2. Galloway tries to fire back with rights, but as he shoots off the ropes MVP hits a knee to the gut and covers for 2. Off the ropes, boot by Galloway but MVP back with a big boot. Galloway then connects with a charging kick as the factions argue on the floor. MVP takes a powder; Galloway follows but gets tripped off of the apron and MVP then follows with rights. MVP then swings Galloway off of the apron and into the barricade. MVP then rolls him back in and covers for 2. MVP looks for the play of the day, countered and Galloway then hits the future shock DDT and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Drew Galloway @ 4:50 via pin

* Eric Young hits the ring and attacks Galloway and the Rising with a chair. The BDC joins in and lay out the Rising. Young has words with MVP and then bails.

* We see James Storm backstage and he has a gift for a special friend. He says he has a lot of gifts and they will unwrap them all very soon.

* James Storm makes his way to the ring with his gift and a mysterious black bag. Storm says he could talk about a lot of things out here tonight, but he wants to give the spotlight to someone who deserves it, Mickie James. James makes her way out to the ring, and Storm says he knows she is transitioning to motherhood and we all respect that. Storm says his mom showed him right from wrong, and he wouldn’t be here without her so God bless mothers. Storm says she promised the people one more match and the right time will come for that. But Storm wants to celebrate her music, which is also important to her. He got her a gift, because she is an amazing singer, wrestler and friend. He gives her the gift, which is a custom guitar. Storm says thank you and hands her the guitar. James says it is awesome and that he shouldn’t have done it. Storm does some bad singing, and drops his Twitter address. He then has a photographer get in the ring to take a photo. Magnus now makes his way to the ring, and he doesn’t look impressed. Storm tells him not to ruin the party and then brings out the old BRUTUS MAGNUS HELMET and has some fun with Magnus. Magnus gets pissed and shoves him away, and Magnus looks to leave with James. As they leave, Storm says he has another gift, one for their son. Magnus is even more pissed now, heads to the ring and grabs the guitar and then goes all EL KABONG JEFF JARRETT STYLE on Storm! As Magnus leaves, Storm smiles…

* The BDC meets with Young. Young says that Bully is back and knows what is up. He heard what happened with Homicide, and thought he could help out. The BDC owes him, and they aren’t friends, but are good business partners. Young says if he becomes the world champion, THEY become the world champion. “Think about it”.

* We see clips of Gail Kim at Robert Irvine Live (her husband). But after the show, Taryn Terrell was there and they had a confrontation. Terrell was taking pictures with Irvine’s daughters, and caused drama.

The Dollhouse (Taryn Terrell, Marti Belle and Jade vs. Awesome Kong and Gail Kim : Jade attacks Kim at the bell. Kim is able to fight back with arm drags and a RANA, and jade tags in Belle. Kong tags herself in and knocks Belle down, and then Kim tags herself in. Jade and Belle mock them, so Kong and Kim attack and work them over. Terrell sneaks in and attacks Kim from behind, and that allows Belle to beat Kim down. Tag to jade, cannonball to Kim in the corner and the cover gets 2. Kim tries to fight back, but Jade and Belle hit a high low on Kim and Belle covers for 2. Tag back to Jade, double team try on Kim fails as Kim gets the knees up and then she gets the octopus hold on Jade. Terrell in to break that up, and Jade and Kim are down. Tag to belle, she tries to cut off Kim and does. She talks trash, tries to take a shot at Kong, which was a mistake as Kong shoves her into a clothesline by Kim. Both are down, Terrell and Kong then tag in and Kong with clotheslines and then a slam on Terrell. Implant buster stopped by Belle and Jade, they all try to attack but Kim tags in and Kong fires back with clotheslines and then Kim hits a missile dropkick on Terrell, which gets 2 as Belle and Jade make the save. Kong hits the implant buster to Jade, and then Belle saves Terrell and then Terrell rolls up Kim for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Dollhouse @ 5:29 via pin

* Post match Kim hits eat defeat on Belle, and then Kong follows with the implant buster.

* We see highlights of the Hardys winning the tag titles, and then the accident Jeff had is shown. Josh wishes Jeff a speedy recovery. We then see Matt backstage with the tag titles.

* Magnus and Mickie talk backstage, and Magnus says that he doesn’t trust Storm. Magnus refuses to be disrespected, but Mickie feels disrespected.

* Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring with the tag team titles. Borash is there for the interview, and asks him about Jeff’s injury. Matt says Jeff is in pain, and it has been a rough week. They were on top of the world, and they proved that they were still the best in the world. But Jeff got hurt, and Matt says that Jeff is not a character, he is a daredevil 24/7. Matt says he has had to accept that because Jeff does what he does. The decision has been made for them, and he has to vacate the tag titles. He lays the titles in the ring, and says it is time to go home and figure out what is next for him.

* As he leaves, Roode and Aries make their way out to the ring. They shake hands with Matt as he leaves, and Aries says this is a big night. He tells Young he has not forgotten what he did, and the only reason he didn’t find him tonight is because he promised Angle he would stay out of it. He then looks at the tag team titles, and says that the belts seems to be cursed. That’s unfortunate, but then again it is an opportunity. He and Roode are two of the best, two of the most dominant world champions in TNA history. They feel they are the best team in the world. Roode then says that the titles do not deserve to be forfeited every other week. They deserve to be defended by men who every week will bust their ass to prove themselves to everyone. They deserve to be the champions. Davey Richards is now out and says that the belts deserve to be with the best team, The Wolves. He praises them, but says that they aren’t the best team in the world. Aries then says they have history, but Edwards isn’t there and they aren’t a team right now. Richards says that Wolves hunt in packs, and he welcomes back Eddie Edwards. Edwards says the last time he was here he had a broken heel and was on crutches, but as we can see he is better and he is medically cleared to wrestle. He then says that Roode and Aries think they are the best, be they know that they are the best. Edwards says that they can prove who is the best and they can fight for these titles. But not one match, they don’t want excuses, Edwards then proposes a best of five series. Roode and Aries agree. They shake hands.

* We see Matt Hardy leaving the building. Drew Galloway stops him and discusses how things are in TNA, and Galloway respects him. He says they are a lot alike, and they don’t walk away from fights.

* Angelina Love is in the ring, and puts herself over and says she is the only beautiful person in TNA. We then see Velvet Sky in the crowd and Love wants to know why she is here. Sky makes her way to the ring and she stares down with Love. Love mocks her look and says it works for her. Love says she wasn’t happy when Sky got fired, and she was going to get back to her but she was busy being awesome. Love hugs her, and Sky does not seem amused. Love accuses her of trying to steal her spotlight and claims Sky is nothing without her. Sky is stone faced and stares a hole in Love, and then spears her and beats her down. Sky then chokes her out and security has to come out and separate them.

* We get video package for Young vs. Angle.

* Young confronts Bully and wants to know if he plans to stab him in the back tonight. Bully says he was called to ref a match, he tells Young to do his thing because he is here to raise the winner’s hand.

TNA World Title Match: Champion Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young w/Bully Ray as Special Referee: And here we go. Lock up, to the corner they go and Young connects with a right and they lays the boots to Angle. Off the ropes and Angle connects with the overhead belly to belly suplex. Young rakes the eyes and then connects with more rights. Young with a head butt as he maintains control. He tries to slam Angle to the corner, but Angle battles back with rights. Young to the corner, Flair corner flip and he runs to the corner but Angle runs up the ropes for the belly to belly suplex. Angle follows Young to the floor, Young with the clothesline and then delivers elbows to the back of the neck. The BDC is out to watch from the ramp, and then Young with a knee drop to the back of Angle’s head. We head to a commercial…

Back from commercial as Young connects with a neck breaker, and covers for 2. The BDC has come closer to the ring now. Rights by Young, Angle then fires back with a few but Young slams him to the corner and chokes out Angle. Elbow to the back of the head by Young, then repeated shots a snap mare and into the chinlock. Angle fights to his feet, they trade rights and forearms for a long time, Angle tries to fire up off the ropes and a backdrop to Young. Germans by Angle follow, 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… and 6. THE STRAPS ARE DOWN, Angle slam countered into a sunset flip, but Angle counters that into the ankle lock. Young battles for the ropes, and makes it but then Angle pulls him back. Young rolls and sends Angle to the floor. Young then LOW BLOWS Bully Ray and the BDC beat down Angle. Chris Melendez then tries to make the save, but they beat him down. The Rising is now out for the big brawl. They start to fight up the ramp and clear out. Young looks to follow up on Bully, grabs him for the piledriver but Bully counters with the backdrop. Angle in and hits the Angle slam and Young kicks out at 2. Angle slam countered and then Young pops up and PILEDRIVES Angle! Young covers, 1… 2… nope. Young heads up top for the elbow drop, Angle up and Young tries for the high cross, Angle rolls through into the ankle lock and grapevine. Young has to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle @ 14:22 via submission

* Post match Angle celebrates with the title as Bully holds onto his balls.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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