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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 10.29.14

October 29, 2014 | Posted by Larry Csonka

* Match times are not exact.

* We see Roode and Lashley arrive earlier today.

* We then get a hype video for Roode vs. Lashley.

TNA Tag Team Contender’s Tournament Semifinal Match: MVP and Kenny King vs. Samoa Joe and Low Ki: Ki and King to begin. Go behind by Ki, King with a drop toehold to counter. Side headlock now by King, to the corner and a right by King follows as he mocks Ki. Go behind by Ki off of the lock up, to the corner they go and chops follow for Ki. Some leg kicks by Ki follow, King tries to stop that by grappling and works the arm. Ki uses a kick to escape, and then King runs before Ki can chop him anymore. Joe and MVP tag in, single leg by MVP, Joe and he do some mat work and exchange holds. Lots of basic grappling/mat work here. MVP then gets a rolling arm bar and Joe gets the ropes. MVP looks to use his striking so Joe kicks the hell out of his leg and applies a knee bar, and MVP gets the ropes to get the break. Tag to Ki follows, snap mare and quick elbow drop follows and Ki covers for 2. MVP rushes Ki to the corner, tags in King who works shoulder blocks in the corner. A slam follows, and then a springboard leg drop by King connects. Ki fights back, more chops to King follow and a cover gets 2. Uppercuts by Ki, tag to Joe and jabs on King land. Off the ropes, back elbow to King and then MVP pulls king to the floor for a powder. They try to pull Joe to the floor, and Ki says fuck you guys seriously and hits a dive to break that up. Ki and King back into the ring, hard kicks by Ki follow. Sidekick to the gut and then a kick behind the head connects. MV in to attack Ki and slow him down, which allows King to grab a tag as we head to commercial…

Back from commercial as MVP works over Ki. Snap mare, kick to the back and then abasement dropkick all connect for MVP and the cover gets 2. Tag to King, hits the leg lariat and a cover gets 2. King now looks to ground Ki, Ki battles back but King slams him to the mat and tags in MVP. Ki fights back, hits the big springboard kick and both men are down… MVP cuts off the tag attempt by Ki and tags in King. King again tries to keep Ki grounded, tags in MVP but Ki battles out from both men and gets the tag to Joe. Joe runs wild and hits a snap slam on King for 2. MVP broke that up. Joe then takes out MVP with a forearm and catches King in the choke. MVP breaks that up, King hits a kick to Joe but Ki breaks that pinning attempt up. Ki is dumped to the floor, hits a big disaster kick on MVP off of he apron. Back in, he dropkicks King who was diving at Joe. Joe then applies the choke and King taps out!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Low Ki and Samoa Joe @ 15:30 via submission

* We see highlights from Bram vs. Devon from last week. Devon cuts a promo, and says that Bram now has a problem, and that is Devon. Bram got Magnus involved, and Devon has something up his sleeve. He answers his phone, and his answer to Magnus has arrived at the building.

* Bobby Roode gets taped up backstage.

* We get a Lashley video package.

* Bram makes his way to the ring. Bram says that he is rewriting history, and will systematically destroy the brotherhood of hardcore. Nothing will stop him. Devon and Abyss, your time is up. Bram wants to call out his brother, Magnus. Magnus says that they don’t always see eye to eye, and that they aren’t brothers by blood, they are brothers by the blood that they have spilt. They have been disturbing the peace since they were kids, and continue to do so in this business. He doesn’t care if you are a veteran a flash in the pan, but you better take a hard look at them, because it is their time. Bram says that they will rule this place, and they will take out the dinosaurs of hardcore and make them all extinct. Devon’s music hits and says for them to shut the hell up. Devon says that they are the only ones believing the crap that they are actually speaking. He calls Magnus a jackass for getting involved in his business. Devon calls out the innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer. They brawl around ringside, and then end up in the ring. Devon gets some chairs and that is enough to run off Magnus and Bram.

* Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell meet backstage. Rayne tries to apologize for cheating to win her title shot by pulling Terrell’s tights. Terrell says they need to focus on their match tonight, and deal with their issues later.

* Stone Cold Sharky is eating and being rude to autograph seekers backstage. Simon Diamond complains about Sharky getting fat and says he is ruining his second chance. He tries to motivate him, because he wants to see the real Shark Boy one more time. When Sharky leaves, the cameraman asks Diamond if he actually believes what he just said, he says, “not a chance”.

Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell vs. The Beautiful People : Love and Rayne to start. They lock up, and Rayne gets a couple of roll ups early. Drop toeholds to both Love and then Sky. To the corner, and Terrell wants the tag and Rayne reluctantly tags out. Kicks and forearms to Love, a neck breaker follows for 2. Drop toeholds to both again, and then a dropkick to both connects. They roll to the floor and Terrell hits a basement dropkick. Terrell looks for a high five, but Rayne then rolls love in instead. Sky trips up Terrell from the floor as Rayne doesn’t look too impressed. Terrell fights back and hits the double clothesline and Rayne then drops to the floor and doesn’t tag in. Sky then beats down Terrell as Rayne fixes her hair. To the corner they go and Love tags in. They whip Terrell to the corner, boot by Terrell to Love and then to Sky. Terrell up top now, high cross to both and all three are down now. Terrell looks for the tag and Rayne then runs in without the tag and kicks Terrell in the head after taking down her opponents. She then hits the Rayne drop on Terrell and does the Queen wave to her. Rayne then leaves the ring and Love and Sky cover Terrell for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Beautiful People @ 5:00 via pin

* We get another video package for Lashley.

* Angle puts over Roode and Lashley and says the match deserves to be called down the middle. If MVP and King get involved, it will get real, damn real.

TNA Tag Team Contender’s Tournament Semifinal Match: Matt and Jeff Hardy vs. Ethan Carter III and Tyrus: Carter and Matt to begin. They talk trash, boots by Carter and he takes Matt to the corner and beats him down with rights. Matt then fires back with rights, to the corner and a back elbow by Matt. Tag to Jeff, suplex by Matt and then the splash off the ropes by Jeff gets 2. Boots by Carter, rights follow as he beats him down in the corner. Jeff back with ahead scissors, tag to Matt and they hit poetry in motion. Side effect by Matt follows and the cover gets 2. Tyrus distracts Matt, allowing Carter to rush him to the corner and get a tag. Tyrus hits a corner splash and elbow drop, and then continues to beat him down. Tag back to Carter now, he works over Matt a bit a tags in Tyrus. He works the nerve pinch on Matt, then slams Matt down and tags in Carter. Hennig front neck flip snap and a cover gets 2. Carter cuts off the tag attempt, to the corner and looks for a Stinger splash, misses and Matt gets a neck breaker and both men are down. Matt gets the tag to Jeff, flying forearm to Carter and then the atomic drop, leg drop to the balls and the basement dropkick and the cover gets 2. Jeff misses the corner splash, but then hits the whisper in the wind and the cover gets 2. Tag back to Matt, corner clothesline to Matt and then the twist of fate by Jeff, but that allows Carter to fall into a tag to Tyrus. Tyrus takes both men down, drags them to the corner and heads to the second rope. Vader splash misses. Twist of fate by Jeff and then one from Matt. Jeff then hits the swanton as Matt holds down Tyrus and that is all

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt and Jeff Hardy @ 8:00 via pin

* Carter is pissed that Tyrus lost the match.

* Low Ki and Samoa Joe will face Matt and Jeff Hardy in the finals of the tag team tournament.

* Storm tells Sanada and Manik that the Revolution will expand a little more tonight.

* Lashley prepares backstage for his title defense.

* Storm, Sanada and Manik are in the ring. Storm says that a Storm is coming, and that is because there is quiet. Before the heavens open up, before the thunder and lightning, the quiet hits. A Storm is coming. He doesn’t pray on the weak, he provides guidance and makes them strong. Sanada is strong for getting rid of Muta and Manik now speaks his gospel. They are disciplined, and anyone of them can become a champion. The Revolution just gets things done. No more listening to the simple-minded doubters, and they are here to extend an offer. He calls out Davey Richards. Richards makes his way out to the ring, looking concerned. Storm says he hopes Richards had time to consider their offer. Storm knows about being in great tag teams ad about being held back by his tag team partners. He doesn’t want Richards to go through that, so they are here to hear him pledge his allegiance to the Revolution. Eddie Edwards then makes his way to the ring and tells Storm that enough is enough. He asks Richards to tell him that he’s not really considering this. Storm is out of his mind, and there is something wrong with Storm and his crew. There is no way that Richards would give up what they have for Storm. Richards grabs the mic and says that Eddie is his brother, and that he can speak for himself. Edwards asks what he is thinking, and Storm says that this doesn’t concern him because this is Richards’ awakening. Edwards then challenges Storm to a match and slaps him.

Eddie Edwards w/Richards vs. James Storm w/Manik and Sanada: JIP as Edwards nails Storm with some kicks and gets a cover for 2. Manik talks with Richards on the floor, Edwards breaks that up. This leads to him being distracted, and Storm hits an Enziguri. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Storm follows. Storm then lays the boots to Edwards, and then chokes him out with the ring skirt. Edwards tries to fight back with chops, but Storm brats him down in the corner. Edwards counters a back suplex, elbow to Storm and then a running back elbow to Storm connects. Off the ropes and a boot by Edwards, chops follow in the corner. Richards looks conflicted on the floor. Storm to the second rope, Enziguri by Edwards and then the backpack stunner follows and a cover gets 2. Storm counters a kick, rights to Edwards and then takes control back as Richards looks conflicted again. Sanada distracts the ref, Storm has the mic and Edwards is able to rush him intro Sanada and rolls him up for 2. Storm to the floor, kick by Edwards and then the moonsault to the floor connects. Manik whispers sweet nothings to Richards as Edwards hits a basement dropkick on him. The Wolves argue, allowing Storm to hit a superkick on Edwards and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Storm @ 5:00 via pin

* Storm and the revolution bail as commentary sells that Richards didn’t warn Edwards about the superkick.

* Roode and Lashley walk.

TNA World Title Match: Lashley © vs. Bobby Roode: Kurt Angle is the special referee for the match. And here we go. Lock up to begin, Lashley takes Roode to the corner and Angle calls for a break. Lashley tries a cheap shot, misses and Roode shoves him. Go behind and takedown by Lashley follows, Roode struggles to his feet but gets driven to the corner. Corner spear by Lashley follows. Roode with rights, hits the flying forearm off the ropes and then misses a corner clothesline. He rebounds and then connects with a running clothesline. Lock up, hammerlock and then a suplex by Lashley follows. Mounted rights by Lashley, Roode to his feet and gets dropped with another right by Lashley. Roode with chops and then tries to get the crossface but Lashley gets the ropes right away. Lashley bails to the floor to take a powder, and then pulls Roode to the floor. Rights by Roode follow as we head to a commercial…

Back from commercial as Lashley is in control, working a grounded bear hug on Roode. Lashley worked the back during the break to set this up. Roode works to escape with elbows, hit the atomic drop and another. Chops to Lashley, another atomic drop; avoids a roll up and hits a boot to Lashley and then the blockbuster and the cover gets 2. Elbow by Lashley to stop the charge of Roode, but Roode then hits a spinebuster and covers for 2. Clubbing shots to the back by Roode, off the ropes and runs into a spinebuster by Lashley and that gets 2. Lashley looks for the running powerslam, Roode escapes and we have a ref bump. Lashley escapes the Roode bomb and Lashley then hits the spear. He drags over Angle, who counts slowly for 2. Lashley sets, misses the spear and then looks for another, Roode moves and Lashley spears Angle for the second ref bump. Enziguri by Roode follows, and then clotheslines Lashley to the floor. Roode to the apron, leaps off, misses Lashley and then Lashley ends up spearing the timekeeper on the floor. Roode then picks up Lashley and hits the Roode bomb on the ramp. Roode then tries to get Lashley back into the ring, rolls him in but Angle is still down as Roode covers for the visual fall. Brian Hebner then runs out and counts two for Roode. Lashley then low blows Roode as Hebner checks in on Angle. Lashley grabs the TNA Title, Hebner tells Lashley not to use it, so Lashley clotheslines him out of his shoes. Lashley grabs the title, and levels Roode with it. Lashley dumps the title and covers Roode as Angle rolls in and slowly counts 2. Lashley is not pleased with the count, Lashley looks to finish off Roode and Roode escapes the dominator and looks for the Roode bomb. Lashley fights and holds onto the ropes, and gets tossed to the apron. He stuns Roode off the ropes, and Lashley heads up top. Roode up, snags Lashley off the ropes for the Roode bomb, Lashley counters for the sunset flip but Roode does the Summerslam 92 Bulldog counter and scores the win and the title.


* Lashley is not pleased by this and argues with Angle from the floor. Roode celebrates getting the TNA Title back. Commentary notes that Lashley has a rematch clause, so we’ll be getting another match.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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