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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 11.22.12

November 22, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:
TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

411’s IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 11.22.12 (Episode 437)

Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE VIA TAPE in Orlando!

-It’s Gutcheck reunion night, as the former Gutcheck winners will be in attendance for a Thanksgiving edition of Open Fight Night.

-Wes Briscoe steps up for Gutcheck.

Wes Briscoe vs. Garett Bischoff

And here we go, Takedown by Wes, reversal by Bischoff and he takes Wes down. Front facelock, counter by Wes and a takedown follows. Arm drags by Bischoff, and they stand off. Kurt Angle makes his way out to watch the match, lock up, to the corner and the ref breaks them up. Side headlock takedown by Bischoff, counters, they both try for dropkicks and stand off. Monkey flip by Wes, and a cover gets 2. Side headlock takedown by Bischoff, Wes to his feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Bischoff. Forearm shots by Bischoff, they trade shots and a neck breaker by Wes gets 1. Clothesline by Bischoff, and both guys are down. Bischoff works a headlock now, Wes elbows out, off the ropes and a cross body by Wes gets 2. Trip by Wes and a cover for 2. Small package by Bischoff and that gets 2. Flapjack by Bischoff, but Wes comes back with the SOS and that is enough for the victory.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Wes Briscoe @ 3:50 via pin

-Angle celebrates with Wes, and Bischoff shakes his hand, being a good sport about it.

-Al Snow is in the back with the other Guthcheck winners, and says tonight is all about opportunity.

-Angle is proud of both Wes and Garett backstage. He adds in some advice to both guys.

-Joey Ryan makes his way to the ring. Ryan says he was born a star and didn’t need Gutcheck to get star status. Ryan says Hogan cannot divide he and Morgan, and adds that they will become tag team champions. Tonight he calls out Chavo Guerrero. Morgan is big, Ryan is a giant, and everyone knows that size matters.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Ryan

Ryan attacks early, but Chavo fights back and lays in some rights. To the corner, Chavo avoids the charge and then slams Ryan to the corner. Ryan in the ropes, gets a break and back elbows Chavo. Rights by Ryan, but Chavo back with an elbow, but runs into a dropkick and Ryan poses and celebrates. He then covers for 2. Ryan works a neck crank, Chavo battles out, and then hits a dropkick. More rights by Chavo, off the ropes and a head scissors by Chavo. To the apron, Chavo levels Ryan and gets the slingshot senton. Boot by Chavo, into the rolling suplexes and gets all three. Chavo heads up top now, but Matt Morgan hits the ring and chokeslams Chavo off the top for a DQ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chavo @ 4:00 via DQ

-Hernandez hits the ring to run off Morgan and Ryan.

-Aries is backstage and discusses open fight night, saying he could call out anyone. He says the person he calls out needs a reality check, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, it will be a family affair.

-Sam Shaw makes his way to the ring for his challenge, and he calls out the first Gutcheck winner, Alex Silva.

Alex Silva vs. Sam Shaw

Silva hits the ring and tackles Shaw and beats him down. Rights by Silva follow, off the ropes and a big backdrop connects for Silva. More rights from Silva, and then the double axe handle and elbows connects. Silva covers for 2. Shoulder block by Silva takes Shaw down, and Silva looks to finish things. Misses a leg drop, but then takes Shaw to the corner. Corner charge by Silva connects, and then he locks in a headlock. Shaw tries to battle back, but gets slammed to the mat. Silva sings some of the Canadian national anthem and then works the nerve pinch. Chinlock now, elbows by Shaw, but Silva slams him down. Shaw counters a backdrop, spears Silva and then lays the beat down on Silva. Dropkicks follow, running kick and kips up. A neck breaker by Shaw, up top and gets the big top rope leg drop and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sam Shaw @ 4:05 via pin

-ODB and EY meet with Hulk Hogan. EY has the turkey suit and wants to do the challenge. Hogan says to do whatever makes him happy. Hogan says to beware of Aces and Eights, while ODB makes breast jokes. BAM.

-ODB and EY talk about the turkey suit match, and meets with Robbie E. They bring up Robbie T being ruined from that match, and Robbie E wants the match to make EY look stupid. Jesse and Tara arrive, and apparently Jesse wants in on the action. Yup.

-We get an Aces and 8s video package.

-Aces and 8s have a thanksgiving feast, with a sad ass looking turkey, and announce that Doc is a fully patched in member. They also have strippers for dessert. They go to the board and throw a dart, and have chosen their next victim.

-We get a Christian York video package.

-Christian York makes his way to the ring, he feels lucky for what he has achieved and because of that, he will double down and he is calling out the TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy.

Non-Title Match: Jeff Hardy © vs. Christian York

And here we go. Lock up, Jeff works the arm to begin. A back elbow by York, off the ropes and York eats a back elbow. They circle, lock up and York works the arm. Jeff tries to roll out, countered and a shoulder block by York. Boot by Jeff, but York back with a sidekick and then a dropkick and Jeff is down in the corner….

~commercial break~

We are back from a commercial as Jeff lays in the boots to York in the corner. A whip, back elbow by Jeff and he then crashes and burns with whisper in the wind, and York covers for 2. Short-armed clothesline by York, and another cover for 2. Jeff back with some rights, to the corner and York with a weird roll up, then gets a flying knee and covers for 2. York picks up Jeff, works a chinlock, but Jeff escapes and gets the reverse kick to York. Dropkick in the corner misses for Jeff, York up top now and misses the double stomp, but then gets a half nelson suplex on Jeff. Cannon ball to the corner by York, and he covers for 2. York works a poor man’s Koji clutch, and Jeff gets the ropes. York up, sets, charges and misses a corner clothesline. Twist of fate countered, and York hits a twist of fate! 1..2…no. York is pissed, sets and waits for Jeff to get to his feet, boot, Jeff counters and gets the gut buster suplex. Jeff up top, York up and stops that. Superplex try by York countered, and Jeff with the sunset flip powerbomb. Rights by Jeff, flying forearm follows. Boot, twist of fate and he heads up top. Swanton connects and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Hardy @ 10:00 via pin

-York and Jeff hug after the match.

-Bobby Roode hits the ring, spinebuster to York. He then spears Jeff out of his boots, and celebrates with the TNA World Title.

-We get a video package for Taeler Hendrix.

-Taeler Hendrix hit s the ring, she has been working hard and wants to see how she measures up to the gold standard. She calls out Tara.

Non-Title Match: Taeler Hendrix vs. Tara w/Jesse

Taryn Terrell is the referee. Tara refuses to shake hands, and here we go. Lock up, and Tara tosses Hendrix down. Lock up again, go behind by Tara, and then slams Hendrix down face first. Tara then beats down Hendrix, and a slam follows. Tara grabs Hendrix by the hair and tosses Hendrix across the ring. Tara with boots to the gut, and then chokes her out in the ropes. Tara tosses Hendrix around, and is in firm control now. Tara and Jesse make out a bit, and Hendrix to her feet and dropkicks Tara into Jesse. Small package by Hendrix gets 2. Hendrix avoids rights, hits a kick and then slams Tara down. Head butt by Hendrix, jabs follow and then a big forearm shot follows. Cross body off the ropes and Hendrix gets 2. Jesse bitches at Hendrix, and then Tara almost runs into him. Kick to the face by Hendrix and a cover gets 2. Knee buster by Tara, and a big slap follows. The widow’s peak finishes it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tara @ 4:18 via pin

Turkey Suit Match: Eric Young vs. Robbie E vs. Jessie Godderz

EY tries to lock up with the ref, and then clotheslines both Robbie E and Jesse. Jesse fights back and beats down EY. To the corner, and then off the ropes and a dropkick to EY. Robbie E and Jesse look like they will play who can beat down EY better, and they take turns beating on EY. They then work together, and hit a double-team flapjack on EY. They then try to steal pins on EY, and then they argue. Jesse beats down Robbie E in the corner, EY up top and gets a missile dropkick to Jesse. Flying forearm to Robbie E. Belly to belly by EY gets 2. Jesse back in, and Tara is also in the ring and that brings in ODB to fight with her. The women roll over the referee and to the floor. EY tosses Jesse to the floor, Robbie T holds EY, but he moves and Robbie E hits his buddy. Jesse back in, EY counters the stunner and rolls him up for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young @ 3:30 via pin

-Tara tells Jesse that he is still hot, as he puts on the Turkey suit.

-EY and ODB celebrate after the victory, but Aces and 8s hit the ring. EY tries to protect ODB and tries to fight them all off, but they take out his knee with the bat. They handcuff ODB to the steel post, and she has to watch as they “break” EY’s ankle with the hammer. AL SNOW and SIMON DIAMOND hit the ring to run off Aces and 8s…

-Stretcher job for EY, and possible farewell performance.

-Kaz and Daniels make their way to the ring. Daniels takes off his shirt to please the ladies. He says he challenged AJ for one last match at Final Resolution, but ass bags like these people in Orlando wondered why. AJ is having some hard times, and Daniels just wants to be a friend and be there in AJ’s time of need. Kaz now wants to give AJ an ass beating, and calls him out.

-Daniels leaves ringside as AJ comes out for the match.

AJ Styles vs. Kaz

Styles tries to attack early, lock up and Kaz works a headlock. Off the ropes, counters and Kaz stops a dropkick try and gets a roll up for 2. Styles counters, they trade pin attempts and Kaz mocks Styles, noting that he was close to pinning him. Rights by Kaz, but Styles back with the big dropkick and Kaz rolls to the floor. Styles with a head scissors, and then chops to Kaz follow. Kicks by Styles, side back breaker follows and then Styles lays in some kicks to Kaz. Eye poke by Kaz, but a back elbow connects for Styles. Styles tries to go up top, countered and Kaz stun guns him, pulls him out and levels him with a clothesline. Kaz with the suplex, dumps Styles on the ropes and then kicks him to the floor. GANGNAM STYLE DANCE by Kaz! Styles back in and comes back with rights, kicks and then misses the corner splash, almost hits the ref, and Kaz in with the DDT. Kaz yells at the ref a bit, and then Kaz gets a roll up with the ropes, but gets busted. He argues with the ref, who shoves him and Styles gets a roll up for 2. PELE by Styles, and that will be all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: AJ Styles @ 6:00 via pin

-Austin Aries heads to the ring to call out someone, and he says it will open “Pandora’s Box”…

-Austin Aries makes his way to the ring. He has been telling everyone that he has big things to tell us. For the last 4 or 5 months, he has been stating the facts, and that he has not been getting a fair shake around here. Things are not equal here. The deck has been stacked against him. And there is one name responsible for all of this, and that name is “Hogan.” Since it is open fight night, he wants the fake tan, bleach blond and ugly ass out here. But he needs to be specific, Brooke Hogan, get your ass out here.

Brooke makes her way to the ring, and Aries says this is not about wrestling, but he says she is a Hogan, a princess Hogan. Aries is sick and tired of the name Hogan. For 25-years it has all been about Hogan, and he is sick of it. He then says maybe Brooke is sic of it as well, especially when keeping her private life separate. She dreamed of finding her dream man to give the Hogan name away. Maybe she could have been Brooke Trump, Brooke McMahon, but she likely never thought she would be Miss Bully Ray. Brooke tells him to cut it out, and says that Hulk would never let her give the name away and says eh should be Mrs. Bully Ray Hogan. He then goes to the video screen, and we see Ray and Brooke talking backstage. That’s innocent Aries says, but what about last week, when Tara and Jesse walked in on Ray and Brooke, when they were on the couch, and we see video.

Aries says if she was hungry for love, she didn’t have to settle for the turkey, because he would have given her all the stuffing she could have handled. Hulk makes his way out and then Bully Ray hits the ring to chase off Aries. Hulk says that Aries is a dead man, and then stares down at Brooke and Bully. Brooke then runs to the back as Hulk looks on, and I do not think he approves…


-End scene….


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