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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 9.27.12

September 27, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:

411’s IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 9.27.12 (Episode 429)

Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Orlando!

-Taz and Tenay welcome us to the show.

-Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. Hulk says he has a date with Aces and Eights. He asks the crowd to watch his back, because this is a turning point. Bound for Glory is three weeks away, and all he has say is that he has been distracted with Aces and Eights. But tonight is Championship Thursday, and the TV Title hangs in the balance. Devon was a great champion, and he would like to have him back. But he is negotiating, and they have to move forward. He will met with Joe, Magnus, Anderson and Garett about who will fight for the title, and we will have a new champion tonight. Onto Storm and Roode. It has been out of control for a year now, and the referees have given up. So to straighten it out, they will face in a street fight at Bound for Glory. He will have a special referee for the match, and we will meet him next week, KING MO. And now, onto Aces and Eights. If they want him, they got him. Tonight he goes to their clubhouse. He says they took Joseph Park out, and then they messed with the TNA wrestlers and his daughter, so tonight, he meets with them for a fight, even if he goes alone.

Sting makes his arrival in the Impact Zone. Hulk says he just borrowed his bat, and Sting says it is ok. Sting says he has his back, and Aces and Eights started with him, so Sting is going with him and has his back. They will pay them a visit together. Hulk says lets get another bat and lets do it!

-Mr. Anderson talks Bound for Glory memories.

-Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring.

Kurt Angle w/AJ Styles vs. Chavo Guerrero w/Hernandez vs. Daniels w/Kazarian

Daniels bails to the floor right away. Angle and Chavo then toss him in and work him over. To the corner, and Angle with rights. Chavo gets his turn as well and they are lighting Daniels up. Angle lays the boots to him and then Chavo. They whip Daniels to a corner, Angle misses a corner charge and Chavo takes control on Daniels. Off the ropes, Kaz trips Chavo and when he gets up, he thinks AJ did it. We have an argument on the floor, and everyone gets in the ring…

~commercial break~

We are back from commercial with Daniels working over Angle. During the break, Kaz, AJ and Hernandez were booted by the ref. Off the ropes and a forearm by Angle. A clothesline follows, and then a suplex. Chavo in and eats a German. Chavo manages to take Angle to the floor, in with Daniels and gets a head scissors. Senton by Chavo gets 2. Angle back in and gets an overhead belly to belly on Chavo. Angle slam on Daniels connects and the STRAPS ARE DOWN! Chavo in and roll sup Angle for 2. They argue and then trade rights. They blow a counter spot, and then Daniels runs into Angle. Three amigos by Chavo on Daniels, and up top he goes. Angle in with the ankle lock on Daniels, and then whipped into Chavo. They argue now, and as they brawl, Daniels slams them together. STO on Chavo and Daniels gets the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Daniels @ 9:00 via pin

-Hogan meets with Joe, Garett, Anderson and Magnus. Hogan wants to know who wants it the most, which leads to the usual arguing. Hogan boots Magnus, because this isn’t about sucking up.

-Brooke meets with Tara. Brooke tries to talk, and Tara is stopped by a phone call from her anonymous Hollywood boyfriend. Broke then says Tara has to earn a title shot. Brooke interrupts the call and says Tara’s match is next.

#1 Contender’s Match: Tara vs. ODB w/Eric Young

Taryn Terrell is the referee. ODB pulls Tara in the ring to begin the match. In the corner and ODB works her over, and then hits a hip toss. Hits another and Tara rolls to the floor. ODB chases, back in and a shoulder block by ODB. To the corner, shoulder blocks by ODB. Young looks for a tag, because he’s wacky. Whip to the corner by PDB, corner splash follows. Bronco buster by ODB, and now Young is in and wants one. Tara bails to the floor, and ODB gets a baseball slide. She slaps Tara’s ass, and slams Tara to the apron. Back in they go, Tara begs off and Tara then looks for a handshake, ODB picks her up and gives her a clothesline instead. Sack of shit slam by ODB, kip up, rusty trombone celebration. ODB kicks Tara to the floor, and Tara grabs at her knee. She looks to Young for help, ODB to the floor and attacks her. Tara back in the ring, takes off her knee brace and begs off with the fake injury. She then rolls up ODB for the win. Yup.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tara @ 5:00 via pin

-Gutcheck with Evan Markopolous is next.

-Snow and Prichard talk about Gutcheck. They argue over Snow’s actions regarding Joey Ryan first. Prichard dresses down Snow, and Taz finally joins them to talk about Evan. Taz was surprised that at 18, he looked good. Prichard loves his passion for the business. But he is 18, and is not mature, and the business can be rough on him. They make the decision later.

-Bully Ray walks. DO NOT BOTHER HIM WHILE ON THE FIRE BREATHIN TWITTAH MACHINE! He also adds that he looked great holding the TNA Title up last week after beating Aries. NOW SHOOT MY CALVES!

-Hogan talks with Garett, Anderson and Joe about the TV Title situation. Garett says he can hang, and Hogan says Garett has been on a roll, but now is not the time. Joe and Anderson will fight for the TNA TV Title tonight.

-Aries meets with Roode backstage. Roode says he will be tagging with Ray tonight against Aries and Hardy. Roode says he is interested, because as long as Aries is champion, he doesn’t get a rematch. Roode adds that he faced Hardy several times, and knows how to beat him. But he has also never beaten Aries. Roode says Aries is the better man, and has the total package. But he knows Aries doesn’t want Hardy to win the title. Roode says Aries deserves to be champion, and well, good luck tonight and at Bound for Glory. Aries says luck is for losers.

VACANT TV TITLE MATCH: Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson

Joe attacks at the bell, and lays in the rights to Anderson. Some counters by both men, they circle, and lock up. To the corner they go, jabs by Joe in the corner and then a whip across the ring and the back splash and enziguri all connect, and Joe covers for 2. Joe in control here, lays the boots to Anderson. Snap mare by Joe, chops and misses the kick, roll up for 2 by Anderson. Anderson gets the neck breaker, and that gets a cover for 2. Mounted rights by Anderson, to the corner now and Anderson eats a back elbow. Joe to the 2nd rope, Anderson stops that and eventually gets the jawbreaker. Kamikaze roll countered by Joe into a pin for 2. Joe works the arm, but Anderson back with a clothesline. Mic check countered by Joe, They about blow the roll up, but Joe counters into the choke. Anderson fights for the ropes, Joe gets rear mount on him, but Anderson is stopped as he reaches for the ropes. Joe locks in the body scissors as well, choke on forever here, Anderson fades and he passes out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: NEW CHAMPION Samoa Joe @ 5:00 via submission

-Video of the Hogan vs. Aces and Eights drama.

-Hogan and Sting talk, and then get pepper sprayed by a mystery chick and get beat down and tossed into a van. KIDNAPPING! Aces and Eights steal a camera to document what they do to them.

-Gutcheck time for Evan Markopolous. Prichard, Taz and Snow are in the ring. Markopolous makes his way to the ring. He says he lost, and got his ass kicked, but is here tonight. Taz says he has an upside for his age, and is ahead of the curve, but has a lot to learn. Taz says yes. Taz says many of the same things, and that Markopolous wants it badly, but Prichard says no. Markopolous tries to convince Snow, and says he knows Snow’s history, and while he got his ass handed to him, he will come back and do it every week “Mr. Snow.” He wants the ball so he can run with it. Snow says that Markopolous is what Gutcheck is about, about finding kids with passion and heart, future stars. Some guys never have the passion, but he thinks Markopolous does. But he is 18, and he is not sure he is ready and says no. Markopolous shakes hands with the judges, and Borash says he has time to make an impact.

-We get footage from Aces and Eights of Sting and Hogan at “the clubhouse.” The “boss” is on his way to speak with them.

-Magnus discusses Bound for Glory memories.

-Back at the clubhouse with Aces and Eights making clever comments to Hogan and Sting. The “leader” says he wants something. He apologizes for the kidnapping, and Hogan asks about Joseph Park. The leader says they had fun until Hogan one upped them. They want to fix that, they have a proposition. The leader says they like them and want to come and go as they please to share the good times. Park is there, tied up and apparently alive still! The leader says they can all go, if at Bound for Glory, they want Hogan to get two guys to face two of their guys. Hogan says he and Sting will fight them. But the leader says it is not about Hogan, he has to watch. So the deal is, Hogan picks two, they pick two, and if Aces and eights win, they get full access. If TNA’s team wins, Aces and Eights will disappear. Sting calls them a piece of shit, and Hogan says they have a deal. They agree to release Park after the match at Bound for Glory, he is their insurance.

-Hardy and Aries walk…

-Tenay and Taz recount the video from Aces and Eights.

-Storm discusses the match with Roode at Bound For Glory, and the fact that King Mo will be the special referee.

Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray and Bobby Roode

Ray and Jeff to begin, and Ray works him over with rights to begin. To the corner, a whip to the other corner, and Jeff counters with a head scissors and some arm drags. Ray backs off, Jeff tags in Aries. They stand off, and Ray backs out and tags Roode. Lock up, Aries works the arm. Side headlock now, off the ropes and counters by Aries and arm drags follow. Trips Ray on his way in and poses in the corner. Jeff in with the clothesline to the heels, and celebrates in the corner, and Aries isn’t happy.

~commercial time~

We are back from commercial as Jeff and Ray battle in the corner. Ray with the whip, eats a back elbow, and as he heads up top, Roode clips his legs and Jeff crashes to the mat. Ray drags Jeff to the corner and works over the knee. Ray with a cover for 2 after the splash. Tag to Roode, knee drop and a cover by Roode for 2. Jeff tries to fight back, and hits a twist of fate out of nowhere and now BOTH men are down. Tags to Ray and Aries. Aries is the old house of fire, until Ray knees him in the back and sends him to the floor. Roode then slams Aries into the steps, and then rolls him back in. Ray yells at Aries, saying he HUMBLED him. Roode tags in, continues the attack on Aries. Aries tries to fight back, cut off and Roode tags in Ray. Axe smash by Ray and then hits the splash and covers for 2. And now the bear hug by Ray. Aries bites his way out, hits a basement dropkick and Roode tags in. Aries fights him off now, boot to the chest and then a second rope clothesline. Aries to the apron, levels Ray and then gets the last chancellery on Roode. Ray breaks that up, and takes out Jeff. Ray misses Aries, hits Roode and then Aries runs wild with corner dropkicks to both men. Suicide dive to Roode! Aries up top now, MISSILE DROPKICK to Ray! Aries and Jeff argue, and Roode is in and Aries gets the BRAIN BUSTA~! Jeff tags himself in, and Ray pulls Aries to the floor. Swanton onto Roode and Jeff gets the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries @ 15:00 via pin

-Jeff celebrates, and Aries is not impressed. They argue…

-Footage of Aces and Eights returning Hogan and Sting to the Impact Zone.

-End scene….


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