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411’s TNA Slammiversary XI PPV Report 6.02.13

June 2, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Welcome to 411’s LIVE TNA SLAMMIVERSARY REPORT 6.02.13
Championship Roll Call
TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero

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Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-And here we are, LIVE from Boston, Massachusetts. They hype the second TNA Hall of Fame inductee to be revealed tonight. We kick off with….

Ultimate X Match For The X-Division Title: Kenny King © vs. Chris Sabin vs. Suicide

This is the 30th Ultimate X match, and the 16th one for Chris Sabin. King jumps to the floor, wanting no part of the early action. Tough shit for him as Suicide and Sabin chase. The team up early and work over King with double teams, and that quickly ends as Suicide goes lucha on both guys. Suicide looks to climb, but Sabin is slammed into the apron by King. Suicide misses a double stomp, and eats double knees in the corner by King. Sabin back in and King suplexes him out of his boots with a high cradle suplex. King in control here, chops to Sabin who then fights back. To the corner, forearms by Sabin but Suicide cuts him off and gets a backdrop suplex. Head scissors by Suicide, Sabin cuts him off and nails a suplex. He then chokes out King in the corner, a whip to the corner and a boot by Sabin. Tornado DDT on King after he used Suicide to run up on by Sabin and then suplexes Suicide onto King. Sabin now climbs, but Suicide stops him and tosses him to the mat. Suicide now climbs, King over to stop and then hits a dropkick to send Suicide to the floor. King now works over Sabin, avoids a kick and works a single leg crab. Suicide breaks it up, and gets an atomic drop on King. Dropkicks to both Sabin and King follow, and he looks to climb. Across the cables he goes, pulled off by King and then gets choked out. King tries to climb, stopped by Suicide. Sabin pulls him off, grabs King and gets a fisherman’s buster out of the corner. Sabin looks to climbs, but Suicide with the electric chair to stop him. King gets a leg drop on Suicide, and climbs. He makes his way across, Suicide pulls him off, counters and a enziguri by Sabin to Suicide. King with a kick to the face on him. Sabin powerbombs Suicide, but then eats a blockbuster by King! The crowd is loving the match. Sabin and King sent to the floor, and then a dual dropkick by Suicide takes both men out. All three are down on the floor, and Suicide is the first to get to his feet. King and Sabin stirring as Suicide gets to his feet. He slams King and Sabin together, runs up their backs to climb but King up with him. Sabin over, countered and Suicide is in the tree of woe with King trapped behind him. Sabin up, and then gets suplexed off by King and Suicide. All three are down again. They struggle to their feet, King and Suicide look to climb in opposite corners. They make their way across, King tries to pull off Suicide’s mask, he falls, Sabin scampers across, he fights for the belt, but holds on upside down as King falls. Sabin gets the title and WINS!

RATING: ***½

-Sabin is busted open as he celebrates.

-Hulk Hogan makes his way out now. He shakes hands with Sabin and raises his hand. Hogan says that Sabin should hear what the Maniacs sound like. He then says that he gives Sabin props, he has fought in Boston many times, and they love champions. Hogan brings up beating Andre, and says that Sabin is the future of the business. Just like last year, the X-Division champion will have a shot at the champion at Destination X. Hogan is betting on Sabin to get the shot this summer. I thought they dropped Destination X? Anyway, Hogan now says that he has business to deal with. Sabin is a great champion, but they have other things happening. Just then, the Aces and 8s music hits and Anderson, Bischoff and Briscoe make their way out. Anderson mocks Hogan as the crowd cheers for the Hulkster. He then says that Aces and 8s will rule tonight, and Hogan will be left on top of a mountain of bodies. Hogan says Anderson forgot where he is at, they are in Boston. No one is afraid of terrorists here in Boston, and they sure the hell aren’t afraid of three pussies wearing leather. This is not Aces and 8s night, Park will win the TV title (and threatens to bitch slap Bischoff, because he’s bitch like his old man) and then Sting will defeat Bully Ray for the world title. And now, since they are ready to go, it is time for the big six man tag.

Samoa Joe, Magnus and Jeff Hardy vs. Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco and Anderson
Magnus is sporting long tights now. Hardy now has a beard. Aces and 8s attack before the bell and works over Jeff to begin. Anderson in control early, off the ropes and a clothes line by Jeff. Leg drop to the balls, basement dropkick and a cover gets 2. Anderson runs to his corner, and tags in Wes. To the corner, slams Wes around and he tags in Bischoff. Hip tosses to Bischoff, snap mare and a dropkick to the back by Jeff. Tag to Joe, rapid fire jabs to Bischoff and Joe beats him down in the corner and then lays the boots to him. Joe is a bit pissed, and may kill someone. Bischoff fights back, off the ropes and Joe sidesteps him. Snap mare by Joe, chops, kicks and then the knee crop all connect for 2. Eye rake by Bischoff, tag to Anderson and Joe just beats him down and tags in Magnus. Double teams now, and Magnus covers for 2. Magnus catches Anderson and tosses him into a suplex. Wes nails Magnus enough to distract him, clothesline by Anderson and a cover for 2. To the corner, back elbow by Anderson, climbs up top and stopped by Magnus. Anderson drops down and pulls the arm over the ropes to turn the tide. Tag to Wes, suplex connects and then works the arm with elbow drops. Tag back to Anderson, and he goes to work on the arm. Anderson with shots to Joe and Jeff, tags in Bischoff and then a tag back to Wes quickly as they continue to work over Magnus’ arm. Magnus gets a Luke warm tag to Jeff, clothesline connects and then starts to clean house. Twist of fate to Bischoff, but Wes cuts him off. To the corner, back elbow and then whisper in the wins by Jeff gets 2. It breaks down, everyone in and bodies fly to the floor. Twist of fate to Wes, another and then Jeff heads up top. Bischoff crotches him to stop the swanton try. Joe in, runs wild, snap mare, elbow drop off the ropes by Magnus. Joe gets the clutch on Anderson in the corner, and Wes low blows Magnus and covers. Swanton onto him by Jeff and he covers for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Samoa Joe, Magnus and Jeff Hardy @ 11:00 via pin

-Highlights of Jarrett vs. Sting from Bound for Glory 2006. Sting was fighting for his career in that match.

-Borash discusses the history of TNA and is joined by Joseph Park. He talks about having the chance to win gold, and talks about Boston. Park then says this is family business and is then jumped by Devon and Knux. They beat him down and slam him into a wall and leave laughing. Park is busted open…

GutCheck BFG Series Qualifier: Jay Bradley vs. Sam Shaw

Some basic stuff to begin, side headlock takedowns and such. Shaw in control, but Bradley to his feet and connects with a backdrop suplex. Shaw back with a monkey flip, misses another try and is slammed to the mat. Rights by Bradley, and then connects with a knee drop and head butts. Shaw tries to fight back, but a side back breaker by Bradley connects and gets 2. More rights by Bradley, and into a chinlock. Shaw to his feet, escapes and just about blows a Thesz press. Back elbows by Shaw, and then a dropkick. Charges and gets a corner dropkick. Orton style back breaker by Shaw, eye rake by Bradley, and then gets the boom stick for the win. Not good at all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jay Bradley @ 4:00 via pin

-Hemme talks with Bradley, who is now in the BFG Series. He says it feels good, and is not only the first, but will also be the winner and then win the title.

-Roode and Aries are with Borash to discuss the tag team title match. They put over their accomplishments, and then say they are the team to beat tonight. Roode then reminds Storm that he has a new partner in Gunner, and Gunner is no Bobby Roode.

-Devon w/Knux make their way to the ring.

-Park’s music hits, but he doesn’t come out. Devon then asks where Park is. He then says he fell and couldn’t get back up. Devon says it is like when the Knicks beat the Celtics in the NBA playoffs. He then instructs the ref to ring the bell, count Park out and then raise his hand in victory.

-The ref counted 10, and Devon retained. Devon then got on the mic and said he knew Park wouldn’t come out, just like Abyss didn’t have it in him. If Abyss was here, he would have the ref ring the bell so he could whoop his ass. But since he isn’t here, they will go drink some beers and play with strippers.

-Abyss’ music hits…

TV Title Match: Devon © w/Knux vs. Joseph Park ABYSS

Abyss hits the ring and beats down Knux and Devon. He clears Knux to the floor, the bell rings and a boot by Abyss to Devon. Knux gets involved again, allowing Devon to hit an elbow to take Abyss down. Devon chokes out Abyss, and follows with rights in the corner. Devon then lays the boots to him, and then beats him down in the corner. Abyss back with rights, but Devon rakes the eyes to stop that. Devon works the knee of Abyss, lands a head butt and then covers for 2. Devon to the 2nd rope, misses a head but and Abyss fires up and lands clotheslines. Corner splash connects, takes out Knux as he tries to get involved and chokeslams Devon. Off the ropes, boot by Devon, and then runs into the black hole slam and Abyss covers for the win.


-Abyss celebrates with the title as Taz says the match was never officially signed.

-Highlights of Angle vs. Sting from BFG 2007.

-Dixie Carter is out for the TNA Hall of Fame announcement. Tonight they celebrate 11-years of TNA, and praises their fans. They have built TNA into a global success, and they have more determination and talent than any other company. Tonight she announces the second TNA Hall of Fame inductee. Tonight, she calls out the roster for the official announcement. They all come out, and then Dixie announces that Kurt Angle will be the second member of the TNA Hall of Fame. Angle makes his way to the ring and hugs Dixie as a video package for him plays. After the video we see an emotional Angle in the ring with Dixie as the crowd chants USA for him. Dixie discusses his Olympic Gold Medal victory, his determination, his coming to TNA and the fact that he shocked the wrestling world. She says he gave the company the ability to know that they would make it since he joined them and became a leader. Angle grabs the mic and says that he was not expecting this, and he has had awesome moments in Boston. He says that this is an honor, thanks God for his gifts, thanks his wife and kids and is glad he can make his kids proud. He then thanks Dixie for brining him to TNA, because they made him love wrestling again. He is humbled, and there are a lot of guys who could go in before him. Like AJ, Joe, Roode and Storm. He could go on he says, but this is the best roster in the word and is here because they make him look good. He also thanks JEFF JARRETT as the co-founder of TNA. He appreciates each and every one of the fans, and says God bless.

-Highlights of Joe vs. Sting from BFG 2008.

-We see Sting arrive earlier today.

-Borash is backstage with Bad Influence. They say that they are the reason that they are the reason that the tag titles mean something. They put over the other teams coming together to get that gold, and while praising Storm, they continue to say that they are the best and will win the titles tonight.

Tag Team Title Elimination Match: Chavo and Hernandez © vs. Bad Influence (Daniels and Kaz) vs. Roode & Aries vs. James Storm and Gunner

And here we go. Chavo and Daniels to begin, counters and an eye rake by Daniels. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Daniels. Chavo back with a clothesline, tag to Hernandez, off the ropes and a bear hug and overhead toss by Hernandez onto Daniels. Daniels rolls and tags Aries in, Hernandez catches him, tags Chavo, slams Aries and Chavo sling shots in onto Aries. Aries back with a right, tags in Roode and Chavo with a drop toehold. Tag to Storm, and he and Roode face off. They talk shit, and then trade rights. Clotheslines by Storm, tag to Gunner. Roode backs off, and then tags in Hernandez. They stand off and shove each other. They trade shoulder blocks, but do not go down. They then toss in Kaz, it breaks down with guy to the floor and then Hernandez with the double back breaker onto bad Influence. Aries and Roode in and clear out some bodies as Storm and Gunner are back in. They slam Aries and Roode together, but Bad Influence attacks them an more brawling. Bad Influence celebrates, and then eat stereo dives from the ramp by the tag champs. Double teams on Daniels, and Hernandez covers for 2. Stalling suplex to Daniels, Kaz stops that and Hernandez is tossed to the floor. Kaz tosses him back in, tags in and double teams by Bad Influence, and they get a cover for 2. Kaz tags in Roode, and he continues the attack on Hernandez. Hennig neck flip by Roode, elbow off the ropes by Aries and that gets 2. Tag back to Roode, off the ropes and they try to suplex Hernandez, countered and they are all down. Chavo and Kaz tag in, head scissors to Kaz. Trip and a senton off the ropes. Tilt a whirl back breaker by Chavo, cannonball in the corner and a cover gets 2. Jawbreaker by Kzz, Daniels in but clotheslines Kaz by accident, Three amigos to Kaz and we get Eddie chants. Daniels in with angel’s wings, but Gunner in to take him out and then Storm, back stabber to Roode. He sets, superkick stopped as Daniels hits Storm in the leg with a title belt. Elbow to Gunner by Aries, and then Hernandez in and POUNCES Aries out of his boots. Dropkick by Kaz, misses a charge and BORDER TOSS by Hernandez. He’s not legal, FROG SPLASH by Chavo and Roode distracts the ref. Daniels then gets DQ’d for using the title belt. BOOOOOOOOO!

Aries them eliminates Chavo almost immediately. We will have new champions. Dive to the floor onto Storm, Roode covers Gunner for 2. Double teams to Gunner, and a close 2 for Aries. Aries slaps Gunner, and pisses him off. Uranage back breaker by Gunner, and Roode pulls Storm to the floor to stop the tag. Gunner stops the corner dropkick and then lays out Roode with a clothesline. Storm back to the apron and tagged in. he tosses Aries, and lays in the rights to Roode. Backdrop follows. To the apron, enziguri by Storm connects. Beck breaker follows and is limping badly. Hangman’s neckbreaker to Aires, and tags in Gunner. Aries battles back, but Gunner sends Aries into a Storm DDT for 2. Storm tossed to the floor, leaving Gunner alone. Gunner with the back breaker on Roode, Aries stops that and gets the knee breaker into the backdrop suplex. Corner dropkick by Aires, into a spinebuster by Roode and then the 450 by Aries! 1…2…NO! Gunner kicked out! Roode grabs a title belt, and tosses it to Aries. Lung blower by Storm. Nails Roode to the floor. Storm sets, SUPERKICK into the back breaker by Gunner and Aries submits!

OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPIONS James Storm and Gunner @ 17:00 via submission
RATING: ***¼

Brooke Hogan discusses tonight’s knockouts match. Borash asks her about still loving Bully Ray, and she ends the interview.

Last Knockout Standing: Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

ODB is the special referee. They talk trash right away, slaps by both and here we go. Boot by Kim, and slams Terrell to the corner. Knees by Terrell, but Kim back and hits a corner splash. Terrell tries to fight back, but Kim gets the octopus hold. She wears Terrell down to the mat, releases the hold and ODB counts. Kim stops the count and lays the boots to Terrell. She works the leg off the apron, lays in the rights and heads up top. Hits the missile dropkick and ODB counts again. Kim gets a chair, but Terrell kicks it away and lays in soft forearms. She tosses Kim down, and heads up top. Kim has the chair and as Terrell leaps off hits a cross body into the chair which Kim was holding. That elicits a holy shit chant as ODB counts both ladies. Kim then slams the knee of Terrell onto the chair. She wedges the chair into the corner, and lays in forearms to Terrell. Terrell avoids the chair in the corner, but Kim then looks for the post figure four and gets it! Terrell is screaming as Kim releases the hold for ODB to count on Terrell. Terrell makes it to her feet, Kim charges and flies into the chair in the corner! Kim is down on the floor and ODB counts. 6…7…8…9 and Kim is up. Terrell then grabs Kim and locks in the figure four on the post! Terrell with some sweet revenge there and ODB counts on Kim. ODB gets to 6…7…8..9 and is up on the apron. Terrell looks to spear her, Kim sidesteps her and Terrell crashes onto the ramp. ODB counts, 7…8…9… and is up. Kim then clips the leg of Terrell, and she hits the ramp hard. ODB counts again, 7…8…9… and Terrell is up. Kim looks to piledrive her, countered and Terrell gets a bulldog off of the ramp onto the floor! ODB counts for both ladies, Terrell to her feet before the 10 count and wins!

Well damn if that wasn’t enjoyable, nice work by both and the best women’s match on PPV (WWE & TNA) in a quite some time. Terrell worked hard and did her part, but Kim was awesome here.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Taryn Terrell @ 9:00
RATING: ***½

-Highlights of Sting vs. Anderson from July 2010.

Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

AJ has new theme music to go with the new persona. It’s a slow, country themed tune, not totally sold on it, but the change needed to be made. Slow start here as AJ teases shooting in for takedowns. He also faints some leg kicks to the injured leg of Angle. They go to the floor, rights and chops by AJ and then back in and hits a baseball slide dropkick to Angle. Corner forearm shot by AJ, Angle back with rights, off the ropes and a boot by AJ. Tilt a whirl back breaker by Angle, and more rights follow. Off the ropes and a high backdrop by Angle. AJ back with leg kicks to the injured leg of Angle. To the apron, right by Angle and then AJ springboards in with a dropkick to the bad leg of Angle. AJ back to the leg kicks and some forearm shots as well. Angle back with rights, off the ropes and AJ slides into his new submission hold (calf killer), but Angle gets the ropes. AJ back to the leg kicks, and then connects with the standing dropkick. AJ now works a single leg crab to ground Angle. Angle rolls and counters with an ankle lock but AJ immediately gets the ropes. Big clothesline by Angle, and both men are down. To their feet, uppercuts by Angle follows. They trade rights, more kicks by AJ, and they trade rights again. Clotheslines by Angle, overhead throw connects for Angle and he covers for 2. Angle slam countered, but Angle back with another overhead throw and a cover gets 2. AJ kicks Angle away, and then gets a spinebuster, and then the lionsault and covers for 2. Angle battles back, looks for a German, and gets it. Rolls for the second and it connects. He then rolls for the third, AJ out as he gets the ropes and stun guns Angle. Slingshot back splash by AJ and a cover gets 2. AJ heads up top, Angle up and runs up and gets a release German, AJ lands on his feet and runs into an overhead toss into the buckles! JESUS. They trade shots, AJ with the leg kicks, and then a spinning back fist to Angle. AJ springs in, kicked on the way down, Angle slam connects! 1…2..NO! STRAPS ARE DOWN and Angle gets the ankle lock. AJ escapes, Angle back at him but AJ rolls into the calf killer! Angle then counters into the ankle lock again! AJ looks for the ropes, but Angle pulls him back and grapevines the leg! AJ kicks at Angle’s knee and escapes. Angle charges and misses AJ, slamming into the post. AJ then sets Angle up top and puts him in the tree of woe. Charging dropkick by AJ connects, and then gets a back breaker and heads to the apron. Springboard 450 MISSES. Angle with the roll up for 2. Angle slam countered, and Angle counters and stacks up AJ with a roll up and gets the win.

Really good match, and a different match than the ones they have had in the past. Questionable booking though as it feels as the “new AJ Styles” has really cooled off. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle @ 16:00 via pin
RATING: ***¾

-Bully Ray comments on the main event, noting that there is one move that wrestlers stay away from. The piledriver, and that is what he beats Sting with tonight. He wants Sting to see it coming, because he will break his neck.

-Borash does the super special ring announcing.

TNA World Title No Holds Barred Match: Bully Ray © vs. Sting (If Sting loses, he cannot wrestle for the TNA Title again)

Sting attacks before the bell and shit just got real! To the floor and Sting assaults Bully with the title belt and slams him to the steps. Back into the ring and they trade rights. Clotheslines by Sting, to the corner a whip and Bully collapses to the mat. Sting grabs the belt again and whips Ray with it. To the floor and Bully fires back with a big clothesline and takes back control. He now whips Sting with the belt, and then lights him up with chops. Bully looks under the ring, but the whips Sting into the steps. Bully then follows with right and slams Sting to the steps again. Crowd chants for tables as Bully looks under the ring again, but gets nothing. Bully with a short armed clothesline and Bully runs up the ramp and leaves the arena. He returns with a chair and misses Sting, hitting the post. Sting has the chair and nails Bully in the back several times with it. On the ramp now, Sting stalks Bully with the chair and now Brooke Hogan appears. She plays sad about this as Sting tells the ref to get her out and hits Bully again. Sting tells her to leave and gets her to do so. This allows Bully to low blow Sting, and then works him over with numerous chair shots. Back into the ring they go and Bully tosses Sting the chair and kicks him in the face. JUMPING PILEDRIVER by Bully! 1…2…NO! Bully now grabs a table and slides it in and sets it up. Sting up and fires back, mounted shots in the corner, but Bully grabs him and POWERBOMB through the table! 1…2…NO! Bully is not happy about this. Bully pulls out a knife and starts to cut away the ring apron. He pulls the matting back and exposes the wood underneath the matting. Sting misses the splash, PILEDRIVER onto the wood! 1…2…no. Sting is alive. Sting counters another piledriver with a backdrop, looks to piledrive Bully, countered and Bully MISSES the back splash off the ropes. Death Drop by Sting onto the exposed wood! 1…2…

Aces and 8s run in to stop that. They do the gang beat down on Sting, who starts to fight back against four men and starts to clear them out. He tosses Bischoff to the ramp, a chain is tossed in and Sting nails Bully. 1…2…NO as Devon pulls out the ref. Sting goes after Devon and beats him down. Anderson sneaks out and tosses Bully a hammer, Sting up top and flies into a hammer shot by Bully. 1…2…3.

I was actually liking the match until they went into the cliché overbooked finish.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bully Ray @ 14:00 via pin

-Aces and 8s celebrate the victory as Sting will now not get a TNA Title shot again.

-End scene.


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