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411’s TNA Victory Road Report 7.13.08

July 13, 2008 | Posted by Larry Csonka

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    -Live from Houston, Texas!

    -Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the show.

    -JB is outside and they hype the voting for the 6-man war match.

    -Lauren and BG James are in the crowd and BG hypes the crowd up. Please give him this job.

    *TEAM TNA: 3
    *TEAM JAPAN: 2

    World X Cup Semifinal Elimination Tag Match: Curry Man, Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin vs. Puma, Yoshino and Milano Collection AT vs. Rey Bucanero, Averno and Ultimo Guerrero vs. Williams, Dux and Kozlov

    Puma is replacing Taichi Ishikari, who was supposed to be on the Japanese team. This appears to be single elimination, with the winner getting three points and the runner up 2 point and 1 for 3rd.

    Curry Man and Yoshino to begin. Fast counters to begin, dropkick by Yoshino and Curry Man challenges him to a race and trips him up. He attacks Team Japan, the Guns are in and double team Yoshino. Dux tags in against Sabin, clothesline, Williams in and they double-team Sabin, back breaker and a high knee by Williams. Dux covers for 2. Sabin tags in Bucanero, Guerrero in as well and Team Mexico pulls the AWA special and dumps Williams. Press slam into a chokeslam on Dux. DIVE onto Williams. Bucanero covers Dux for 2. SICK Wheel Barrel driver to Dux and he is gone @ 3:00.

    Puma in and sends Bucanero to the floor. Milano slams him to the railing, back in and double teams to Bucanero, dropkicks and Milano celebrates. Tag to Puma and he slingshots in onto Bucanero. Some counters and a gut buster to Puma. Averno in and he cleans house, Milano back in and Puma kick shim by accident, and Averno with an implant buster and Puma is gone @ 5:10.

    Averno to the apron, Enziguri by Milano and then a superkick gets 2. Averno tags in Sabin, MATRIX by Milano and then drop toe holds Shelley and gets the double half crab! Curry Man in and breaks that up. Milano shoves the ref, FAKES a foul and doesn’t draw the DQ as we have two refs. Enziguri to Sabin, but he battles back, Cradle shock by Sabin and Milano is gone @ 7:15.

    Yoshino in and a roll up by Sabin for 2. SICK arm breaker by Yoshino and a cover for 2. Shelley tags in, kicks to Yoshino and then chops. Irish whip and a reversal, back elbow by Yoshino and Shelley back with a clothesline, tree of woe and the dropkick follows, LEVITATION DROPKICK by Sabin and a cover for 2.Shelley for a tornado DDT, Yoshino counters into the OCTOPUS HOLD~! Roll up now and Shelley rolls through, kick to the face! Sliced bread countered and a cool inverted DDT by Yoshino. Averno in and some cool counters and a flap jack by Averno gets a close 2. Clothesline by Averno, a whip and a boot by Yoshino and he walks into a TKO. Yoshino gets a roll up off the counter for 3 and Averno is gone @ 10:40.

    Kozlov and Curry Man in, RUSSIAN DANCE AND KICKS by Kozlov! SUPERKICK by Sabin. Williams in…CHAOS THEORY gets 2. Curry Man in to stop the count, they clothesline each other and are down. Forearms by Williams, chops by Curry Man. Cross Bodies by Bucanero and Guerrero! They double-team Curry Man, they attack Williams and take him out. Curry Man up top with Guerrero, RANA stopped and SUPER BOMB on Curry Man! He is gone @ 12:55.

    Williams and Bucanero in, off the ropes and double-teams on Williams, SENTON onto Williams and he is gone @ 13:25.

    Bucanero and Guerrero celebrate, the Guns toss them and STEREO DIVES connect! Kozlov and Guerrero in, chops by Guerrero and he is in control. A whip, counter and up top they go. SUPER GOURD BUSTER by Guerrero gets 2! Kozlov grabs the ref, LOW BLOW to Guerrero, Russian leg sweep and into a cross face variation and Guerrero is gone @ 15:17.

    Bucanero in and drops Kozlov with a DDT for 2. Tag to Sabin, chops by Bucanero, a slam and Bucanero up top…Sabin up with Bucanero…SUPER FUCKING RANA OFF THE TOP~! Shelley in and double super kick and Bucanero is gone @ 16:20.

    Yoshino in and more double teams, and Sabin tosses Kozlov as well. To the corner, Yoshino set up top and rights to Yoshino. Kozlov in and in the corner, Shelley over, almost falls, SICK Jawbreaker off the top. Missile dropkick onto a flatliner and Yoshino kicks out at 2! The whip to the corner, Yoshino fights back and Kozlov in and eats a dropkick as he flies in! Kozlov fights off the shock, cutter by Sabin though and goes for a clothesline and KILLS Kozlov! Covers and only gets 2! Sabin in control, charges in, Kozlov uses the ref, gets a roll up and the ropes and pins Sabin @ 19:10.

    Kozlov tosses Shelley, and then gets a dive onto him. Back in, boot by Yoshino and then eats an Enziguri and only 2! Kicks by Shelley, to the corner and chops. A whip and misses a charge and falls to the floor. Yoshino fires away at Kozlov and gets a cool head scissors. He gets some wacky submission and Kozlov taps @ 20:40.

    Yoshino and Shelley left, up top and a SICK missile dropkick by Yoshino and a cover for 2! Superkick by Shelley, sliced bread! 1…2…NO! Shelley up top…FROG SPLASH eats knees! Hammerlock slam by Yoshino gets a close 2! Chops by Yoshino, Shelley counters a head scissors, TOGER SUPLEX and Yoshino kicks out at 2! Shelley calls for the end, sets Yoshino up top and follows with a superkick. Up top now and Yoshino fights…slingshot into a clothesline by Yoshino gets another close 2! Yoshino sets Shelley up top, up top with him…atomic drop by Shelley, KRYPTONITE KRUNCH by Shelley and that is all!

    Winner: TEAM TNA @ 24:25 via pin
    A spectacular opener with tons of stuff for you to love. The beginning was a bit sketchy with all of the guys in there, but as the eliminations happened, it just got better and better. Considering there were a ton of guys in there that the regular fans weren’t familiar with, they had a ton of heat and Yoshino looked like a star.
    Rating: ****½

    *TEAM TNA: 6
    *TEAM JAPAN: 4

    -Tenay and West run down the rest of the card.

    -We get video of Booker’s homecoming to Houston. We see Booker’s estate and all of his stuff. He is so awesome here.

    Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky

    Love attacks at the bell and takes control. Slams Kim to the corner, they trade forearms and off the ropes, counter and a back elbow by Kim. A clothesline follows as well as chops. Corner clothesline by Kim, to the apron and Sky pulls her to the floor. She tosses her back in and Love covers for 2. Love slams her head repeatedly to the mat, and then drags Kim around by her hair. She gets a clothesline and another cover for 2. Kim back and grabs a leg, Love rolls through into a roll up for 2. Chops and a spin kick by Love and a cover for 2. Another cover for another 2. Love is pissed, throws a mini-fit and then whips Kim to a corner, misses a charge, stun gun by Kim and then gets the POSTED FIGURE FOUR variation! Sky attacks Kim, but Kim slams her to the railing. Kim up top now but Love crotches her. Rights by Love, goes up top and they trade forearms. Love gets a SUPERPLEX and BOT ladies are down. Love manages a cover for 2, and her top is looking to come off. Misses the kick and a clothesline by Kim. Another, a dropkick follows but Love counters a slam into a roll up for 2. SPEAR by Kim! Sky distracts Kim, Love with a boot and tries the lights out, Kim fights back and gets the lung blower! Handcuff neck breaker and Kim gets the win.

    Winner: Gail Kim @ 6:19 via pin
    A solid bout with Kim looking great and Love doing her best to keep up. Unfortunately she just isn’t at Kim’s level.
    Rating: **

    -Sky attacks after the match and beats down Kim. Love joins in and they get the brownbag. Off the ropes and Kim manages to escape and avoids the brownbag.

    -Lauren and BG James are with the 12-fans that will hold the straps and use them during the fan’s revenge match. They are whipping dummies made up to look like Storm and Roode.

    Grudge Match: “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal w/SoCal Val vs. “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt

    Dutt gives Val a card and a rose, Lethal attacks, tosses him and gets a suicide dive. Lethal tears up the card and then tosses Dutt in the ring. Rights by Lethal, off the ropes and a leg lariat by Lethal. Up top now and a double sledge to Dutt, and a cover for 2. Rights by Lethal, but a jawbreaker by Dutt stops that. Off the ropes, Dutt slams him down. Lethal gets the Lethal combo and a cover for 2. A whip by Lethal, Dutt avoids him and gets a stun gun off the ropes. Leg drop to Lethal, who was caught in the ropes and then the seated senton follows. Dutt is pleased with himself, stomps on the face of Lethal, a side back breaker and Dutt now goes to the apron. Slingshots in, stops and then kicks Lethal, and he DANCES! Side headlock by Dutt, Lethal fights back but Dutt with a trip and a senton. Standing moonsault and a cover for 2. Lethal back with jabs, but Dutt with an Enziguri. Lethal back with a SICK release German on Dutt and BOTH men are down. Lethal comes back with clotheslines, chops, a whip and Dutt with a back elbow. Tornado DDT countered by Lethal, up top and a leg lariat to Dutt and a cover for 2. Dutt escapes a slam, to the corner and Lethal set up top, chops by Dutt and he follows. Lethal battles back, Dutt to the apron and then SLINGSHOTS IN WITH A RANA! Val is concerned as Dutt has control, Lethal back with a gut buster and a cover for 2. To he floor they go, Lethal slams Dutt to the railing. More rights follow as Dutt cries for Val to help him. Lethal just whops his ass and slams him to the announce table. Back into the ring and Lethal gets a cloverleaf variation. Val is now on the apron, Lethal breaks the hold and tells her to get down. Dutt attacks Lethal from behind and asks Val for help, but Lethal is back and gets the Lethal combo! Lethal yells at Dutt, Val now asks him to stop and Dutt rolls up Lethal with the ropes and gets the win.

    Dutt kisses Val’s hand in thanks and leaves…

    Winner: Sonjay [email protected] 9:00 via pin
    It wasn’t bad and played the story well, but dragged at times and lacked heat.
    Rating: *¾

    -JB is with Beer Money Inc. Roode laughs off the comments from JB and then says fury is when he loses investments or when last call is called for Storm. There is no fury in a 95lb mark holding a strap. What can they do to them? What will Beer Money do to them? Roode says they will now be held responsible for what happens. Storm then says the best thing about coming here is leaving, just like the Titans. They saw they whipping dummies, DO THEY LOOK LIKE DUMMIES? They are two men, they sit on couches and think that they can do what they do. They will be face to face, they will beat their asses. LAX, get ready to pay the hospital bills, Beer Money, sorry about your damn luck. Jackie refuses to go out there because the fans have belts. Good luck guys! HAHAHA!

    -The fans come to the ring.

    Fan’s Revenge TNA Tag Team Title Match: The Latin American Xchange © w/Salinas and Hector Guerrero vs. Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm)

    Roode and Cide to begin, off the ropes and they trade shots. Headlock by Roode, but Cide tosses him he gets whipped a bit and slides back in and hugs Storm in a Midnight Express moment. Storm tags in, boots to Cide, tosses him and the fans leave him alone and Cide drinks Storm’s beer! Storm to the floor, get gets whipped as he tried to rescue his beer and he rushes back in and calls a time out. Cide tosses Storm again, skim the cat, but he gets tossed again and he gets whipped again. Tag to Hernandez, double teams and a cover for 2 on Storm. Cide back in, shot to the ribs on Storm but he fires back and tags Roode. Head scissors to Roode, Roode tosses Cide and misses a baseball slide and Cide pulls a Finlay trapping Roode in the ring banner, he gets whipped and Roode crawls under the ring and then back in. Suplex by Cide, rolls into a second and then gets the 3rd amigo to Eddie chants. Up top and Storm over, distracts him and Roode manages a spinebuster on Cide. Storm tags in and rights to Cide. Snap mare and a neck vice applied by Storm. Butterfly slam by Storm now and a cover for 2. Tags in Roode, double team suplex by Beer Money, they chant BEER MONEY and cover for 2. Roode in control, Hernandez tossed to the floor as Storm and Roode double team Cide. HART ATTACK on Cide and then a Boston Crab/knee drop combo. Storm holds the crab, releases, Roode tags in and gets a front facelock. Cide counters the payoff, TBONE on Roode and looks for a tag. Cide kicks Roode away, tag to Hernandez! Flies in and then tosses Storm with the cracker jack! Backdrop to Roode. Mexican Back Breaker on Storm. Boot by Roode, leaps in, caught and into the sit out powerbomb for a close 2!Storm back in and attacks Hernandez, flying clothesline follows. Hernandez battles back, up top, Beer Money over with him and Hernandez fights them off…SPLASH to Roode! 1…2…NO! Storm makes the save. Cide back in and Storm attacks, to the corner and Cide to the 2nd rope and gets a tornado DDT. Roode sent to the floor, WHIPPIN TIME! Hernandez grabs Roode, on his shoulders…DOOMSDAY GRINGO CUTTER and that is all!

    Winner: LAX @ 10:10 via pin
    They played the stip well at times, but overall it hurt the match. They’ll do better in a regular match setting I hope..
    Rating: *½

    -More with Booker in Houston. He is at the wrestling school, with his students speaking well on him.

    -We get a video package for Kong vs. Taylor.

    TNA Knockout’s Title Match: Taylor Wilde © vs. Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saeed

    Kong attacks before the bell because she plans to kill a bitch. Kong tosses her across the ring. Wilde fires back but Kong uses her power and then kills her with rights. Chops follow, and then Kong chokes her out in the ropes. Kong then steps on her throat, picks her up and slams her down. Kicks by Kong, and into the camel clutch! Wilde fights, gets an arm out and works for the ropes. Kong drops down and back into the clutch. Wilde gets another arm out and to her feet, grabs Kong’s hair and then eats a corner splash from Kong. Kong looks to about fall out of her top, we don’t need that. Dropkick by Wilde, another and then up top…missile dropkick! KONG UP AND KILLS HER WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Kong to the 2nd rope… Wilde up and forearms to Kong. Up with her and delivers elbows, LUCHA ARM DRAG and a cover for 2. Kong misses the back fist, roll up by Wilde for 2. Implant buster countered and then a roll up by Wilde and SHE WINS AGAIN!

    Winner: Taylor Wilde @ 4:55 via pin
    Kong killing people is always fun, but I am really worried about her direction. Having her lose again, in such a short time is questionable. What they did was fun though.
    Rating: *

    -Saeed then attacks Wilde after the match, slams her to the railing and tossed her back in the ring. Kong and Saeed lay the beat down on Wilde, IMPLANT BUSTER by Kong. Saeed to the floor and gets a chair! Lays it out and as Kong tries the bomb, Abyss is here? Kong looks like she wants to kill him, but Saeed stops her. Kong leaves, and Saeed lays the bad mouth on Abyss. Bad move honey. She slaps him even worse move. BLACK HOLE SLAM on Saeed! Abyss then carries Taylor to the back.

    -More with Booker. He and Sharmell are out to eat at one of his places, Sharmell’s. His employees put him over, and we see Booker telling them to water down the booze and to sort people on the portions. TREMENDOUS.

    -We get a video package for Ultimate X.

    *TEAM TNA: 6
    *TEAM JAPAN: 4

    World X-Cup Finals – Ultimate X Match: Kaz vs. Naruki Doi vs. Voloador Jr vs. Davari

    4-points for the winner, so anyone can win.

    They all brawl, Kaz leaps up and tries to climb but no go. Davari with a back elbow, goes up and Kaz tosses him into the truss and falls to the floor. Kaz climbs, pulled down and then wipes out Doi with a spinkick. Voloador with a RANA on Kaz, kick by Doi to Voloador and then Voloador up top and climbs. He then falls off into a RANA on Doi. That was awkward looking. Kaz tosses Voloador, he climbs and is pulled off by Davari. They brawl on the floor and Kaz is tossed to the railing. Davari works the injured arm of Kaz, big boot to the arm and then tosses him back in the ring. Everyone kicks Kaz’s ass now and they pick apart the arm. Doi up top and ends up hitting Davari. Kaz tries to battle back, goes up top and can’t climb as the arm is too hurt. Davari attacks the arm again as Voloador and Doi help. Corner forearm by Davari, kick by Voloador and Doi flips everyone off and then gets Kaz in the tree of woe. Voloador and Davari attack Doi, Doi battles back and then gets a cannon ball onto Kaz. Doi climbs, Davari over and they battle on the truss. Head butts by Davari and Doi falls all the way to the floor! Davari climbs, Voloador pulls him off and they brawl. Off the ropes and a sweet handspring by Voloador, lucha arm drag and Davari to the floor. Voloador up top and climbs, Kaz battles Doi and then tosses Doi into Voloador! Doi traps Kaz in the ropes and gets a charging dropkick. Doi climbs now, climbs the cable backwards, Kaz up and kicks at Doi and he falls. Kaz wraps his legs, Voloador up as well and Voloador is knocked off. Davari over, climb and he knocks off Kaz. Voloador powerbombs Davari off! Voloador and Doi with counters, and they collide mid-ring. EVERYONE is down. Doi goes to a corner, he climbs, Voloador up as is Kaz. Doi climbs, he is close and a missile dropkick by Voloador takes him out. Voloador with a MOONSAULT to the floor onto Doi! Kaz and Davari climb the truss, all the way up and they trade rights. Kaz gets his arm trapped, Davari climbs with his legs wrapped and Kaz up and GETS A FUCKING LEG DROP TO TAKE OUT DAVARI FROM THE TOP OF THE TRUSS~! Voloador climbs, to the center and he WINS!

    Winner: Voloador Jr. @ 11:05: TEAM MEXICO WINS THE WORLD X-CUP
    Unfortunately not the greatest Ultimate X match here. They worked hard and the ending leg drop spot was great, but it just didn’t click as I had worried. Not bad at all, but with the history of Ultimate X they had a lot to live up to.
    Rating: **¾

    *TEAM TNA: 6
    *TEAM JAPAN: 4

    -Mike Tenay is in the ring for the trophy presentation. Willie Urbina is in the ring to translate and Voloador thanks everyone. Ultimo Guerrero says that he is happy and thanks us all. Kaz looks on and is a sad panda.

    -More with Booker T, he is golfing at HIS golf course. Some dude says he is better than Tiger Woods, tremendous.

    -Frank Trigg joins us for commentary.

    -We get a preview for the Six Man War match.

    -JB thanks the fans for voting, and the match will be Full Metal Mayhem!

    Full Metal Mayhem – Six-Man War Match: AJ Styles, Christian Cage & Rhino vs. Kurt Angle & Team 3D

    Angle attacks AJ as he enters and the match is underway! Cage attacks Ray looking for revenge and Devon and Rhino then pair off. SWEET DIVE by AJ takes out Devon and Ray. Devon and AJ in, dropkick by AJ and then takes Devon to the floor. Rhino in with Angle, spinebuster by Rhino and a cover for 2. Angle is wearing the big knee brace. Cage has a trashcan and hits Ray and levels him, covers for 2. Off the ropes and a big backdrop by Ray. Superman forearm by AJ to Ray and a cover for 2. Rights by AJ, Devon in and takes AJ down. Off the ropes and AJ back flips and then walks into a flapjack. Rhino and Cage take out 3D with a ladder. Chair shots by Angle to Cage and Rhino, grabs the ladder and goes for a belly to belly, and gets it on Cage onto the ladder! 3D sandwiches Rhino with the ladders. AJ GETS A SUPERMAN FOREARM OFF OF THE TOP OF THE LADDER onto Ray! Devon back in and the heels beat down AJ. Cage climbs the truss and GETS A HUGE CROSS BODY onto the heels! Sweet! Covers Angle for 2. Cage has a ladder, but Ray hits it with a chair. Chair shot to AJ and he is down. GORE by Rhino to Ray! One for Angle! One for Devon! GORE BUFFET~! Rhino gets a table now and sets it up. He has Devon, sets him up top and goes up with him. Ray is over, nails Rhino and gets him in the shoulders…DUDLEYVILLE DEVICE THROUGH THE TABLE! Devon looks to have hurt his ankle on a bad landing. Ray covers Rhino for 2 as Cage makes the save. Angle in and misses a charge, unprettier try, countered, another counter and then the ankle lock by Angle! Cage rolls through and gets a roll up for 2. Inverted DDT by Cage, up top now and Angle pops up top, Cage bites him and Angle falls. LOW BLOW by Devon. 3D THROUGH A TABLE onto Cage on the floor! AJ is back in and works over Angle, Ray in and takes out AJ with a can shot. Devon is limping badly right now as they beat on AJ. PELE to Angle! Ray is back in and tries to set up a table, AJ stops him. Ray then levels AJ with a kick, sets up the table in the corner and Devon chokes out AJ. Chops by Ray to AJ, eye rake, more chops and AJ is down. We get another table in the ring. Rights by Ray, lays AJ on the table and goes up top. AJ up and LOW BLOWS Ray! AJ up top…and plants Ray THROUGH the table! Devon misses a charge and flies through a table! AJ rolls through, CLASH ON ANGLE! 1…2…NO! Johnny Devine is out and has a cane, PELE by AJ! Cane shot by AJ to Devine and he is gone. Angle attacks AJ, Angle slam! 1…2…NO! Angle now goes for and gets another table, slides it in and then delivers uppercuts to AJ. He has a ladder, sets it up and then tosses the ref down and he “hurts” his ankle and is down. Angle sets up the table, AJ escapes and slams Angle onto the table. Frank Trigg is up as AJ climbs the ladder. He has the cane and NAILS AJ. Angle up the ladder…ANGLE SLAM THROUGH THE TABLE! 1…2…3.

    Winners: Kurt Angle & Team 3D @ 16:00 via pin
    A completely wild match as it needed to be with the stipulation. They did good work of delivering there, as well as setting up 3D vs. Cage and Rhino (if Devon is ok) as well as continuing Angle vs. AJ, as well as the Trigg factor. Tons to enjoy here if you are a fan of the gimmick.
    Rating: ***¾

    -TO THE BACK and JB is with Joe. Joe promises that Booker will have to take his life to win the title. Joe has no problem trying to take Booker’s life. Nash is here, and wants Joe to know that he is in his corner. Joe says he believes him, and says if that is the case, that no matter what happens, he stays in the back. They shake and Nash says if that’s what it takes, he’ll stay in the back.

    -We get a video package for Joe vs. Booker.

    -Sharmell and some of Booker’s students are ringside.

    -JB does the super special ring announcing.

    TNA World Title Match: Samoa Joe © vs. Booker T

    They talk trash to begin as the crowd loves Booker. They circle a bit, lock up and to the corner they go. Chops by Booker, forearm shots, Joe fires back and they trade shots. Chops by Booker, rights by Joe and the crowd hates Joe. Chops to Booker, a whip and back elbow by Joe. Enziguri by Joe and Booker is down. Head butts to Booker, eye poke by Booker, off the ropes and a flying knee by Joe gets 2. Jabs by Joe, body shots follow and Booker is down in the corner. Head butts by Joe, snap mare, chops and then to the corner and Joe slams Booker to the buckle. Booker manages to pull Joe to the floor, Booker follows and they brawl ringside. Eye poke by Booker, slams Joe to the railing and the gets a clothesline. Booker then slams Joe into the steel steps to the delight of the crowd. Joe is busted open and Booker takes advantage by delivering rights to the cut on Joe’s head. Superkick by Booker and a cover for 2. They keep cutting to Sharmell, which is distracting. Rights by Booker, knees now and then the sidekick is countered, atomic drop by Joe, boot and a senton misses. Ax kick by Booker and a cover for 2. More chops by Booker, sidekick again by Booker and a cover for 2. Rights and chops by Booker, Joe fights back, off the ropes and gets a flying knee attack. Back elbow by Joe, a boot, to the 2nd rope and a leg lariat takes Booker down, and Joe covers for 2. Eye poke by Booker, off the ropes and a snap slam by Joe gets 2. STOP CUTTING TO SHARMELLE! Chops by Joe, off the ropes, Book End try, XPLODER by Joe and a cover for 2. To the corner and Joe sets Booker up top, chops, but Booker back down and knees to Joe. Kick by Booker misses and we get the ref bump. Shit. Joe stalks Booker and kills him with a clothesline. Joe grabs Booker and tosses him over the top and to the floor. They brawl ringside, Joe gets a chair and sets Booker in it. Backs up…OLE KICK! Sharmell is upset as Joe beats down Booker right in front of her. She begs Joe to stop and then slaps him. Joe then starts killing Booker’s students and or Sharmell’s security. Booker is now busted open and Joe is beating on him and we have a new ref. Joe pummels Booker as we get another ref. Joe starts killing refs! He tears at the cut on Booker’s head, Sharmell is up and Joe scares off TNA officials. Joe slams down Booker and Joe starts beating down security. Belly to belly to one dude. Sharmell is in and begs Joe to stop. She screams for help as Joe chokes the life out of Booker.

    Lights out and Sting’s music hits, he is here. He makes his way to the ring and stares down with Joe. Joe blows him off and goes back to attacking Booker. Sting tells Joe to stop and that he went too far. Joe leaves the ring, and then says fuck it and is back in and starts killing Booker again! Sting back in and grabs Joe, telling him that he made his point. Joe flips him off and Sting lays out Joe with bat shots to finally stop the attack.

    Booker covers Joe and Sharmell counts the pin. Sharmell gives Booker the title belt and they leave.

    Winner: No Contest @ 17:45
    Showing Sharmell so many times was annoying and an obvious tip off that she would be involved. It was wild in that Joe was the heel the whole time and that they looked to pull the turn here, which isn’t a bad idea. But the way it ended with Sting laying out Joe, and Booker leaving with the title is questionable at best. Joe looked badass then is laid out, Sting ended up with heat for taking out Joe, Booker had face sympathy and then steals the title. It was so damn confusing, and that’s not the best way to leave your paying customers. I’ll see where it goes, but as mentioned, it came off more confusing I think than anything else and I very much dislike ending a PPV main event without a finish.
    Rating: **½

    -Sting leaves and Joe is out in the ring.

    -End scene…

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