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411’s WCW Thunder Report 12.06.00

December 6, 2000 | Posted by Widro

WCW Thunder Report 12.6.00
Taped At Nitro In Lincoln
Announcers are Tony, Tenay, is that Stevie Ray?
Report by Casanova Wids

Flair comes out and says Sid is banned from the building, Steiner is too, and is stripped of the title. Sanders is out to call Flair spineless, etc.. Then Arn jumps in with a promo. He cuts a good promo, about how dangerous Steiner is. Tells Ric not to suspend or strip Steiner, that he has made so many enemies he will be brought down. Flair says ok, I wont strip Steiner.

Goldberg and Sarge talk backstage.

Commercial Break

Gene interviews Flair. Sid and Steiner still gone tonight, not suspended.

Crowbar has a surprise for Daffney. She’s excited.

Chavo talks to Lash. Wall and Chavo argue backstage.

Jindrack & O’Haire vs. Knoble and Karagias
J&O toss the Ks to the floor, but they are back in to take out the NBT. Evan “drives the Cadillac.” Jamie and Jindrack go at it. J&O begin to dominate Jamie. Is that an H Bomb? Nah, it can’t have been, it wasn’t devastating enough. Jindrack stomps. Jamie tries to fight back. Enziguri by Jamie, finally a “hot” tag to Evan, who gets no face pop. Evan cleans house. Ks get a ladder from under the ring and attack J&O on the floor with it. Jamie and Evan argue, O’Haire double clotheslines them. They slide Evan into the ring, and then the THROW THE GUY INTO THE RING move on Jamie. Jamie lands on Evan. O sends Evan to the floor with a guerilla press! Top rope rana by J, Seanton bomb, they cover Jamie.
Winners: J&O

Commercial Break

Adams on the cell, making a deal.

Pamela interviews Shane about Torrie. Shane has Goldberg tonight, he is going to get Goldberg’s ass franchised. I’m thinking that’s not going to happen.

Hardcore Match
Sgt A Worst vs. Bam Bam Bam
Crowbar is out, Daffney has bell bottoms and looks 70s. They are announcing. Crowbar back to his wacky Gordon Solie announcing persona. This match is for a shot at the PRESTIGIOUS hardcore title. Brawling all over the place. To the announce position. More brawling on the floor. Back into the ring. This is a mess from an announcing standpoint. Wall grabs Bammer for the chokeslam on the apron, BBB fighting, and here comes Mike Awesome, who sends both off the apron through the table on the floor.
Double Countout

Commercial Break

The Chosen One and the Harrises beat up the Jacked Up Termites backstage.

The Cat and Miss Jones talk to Leia and Dragons backstage.

Goddammit it’s a Sid video package.

Commercial Break

Gene interviews I Hate Buff backstage. He says something, and backs it up by saying “I’m buff and I’m the stuff.”

Team Canada w/Major Trash vs. Dragons and Top Cat w/Miss Jones and Leia Meow
Can I Be Serious For A Minute? Storm runs down the Cat and the Jung Dragons (says jung with a j and not young). Dragon led to ring by Leia, and Kaz points to her ass and observes. Cat on the mic. He’s tired of TC’s whining, and he’s going to leave a bit of them so the crowd can beat them up. Dragons with some early offense on PrimeTime. Storm is in, Yang jumps around, PT hits a DDT and tags Hacksaw. Hacksaw “HOOOOs” and they crowd responds. Duggan with his horrible offense on Yang. Poor Yang. Stevie Ray: why is he playing to the crowd, Tony? Storm is in, and goes to work. Cross body by Yang. Storm rolls into the Mapleleaf, but everyone is in. Kaz with an enziguri, and both Storm and Yang are down. WHO WILL MAKE THAT TAG?? Storm tags Elix, Cat is in, and he is your HOUSE a fire. Duggan sent to the floor. Cat blocks a sunset flip by PT and covers for 2. Storm back in. Duggan messes up and hits Elix with the 2X4 and Cat covers.
Winners: Cat and Dragons

TC walks off with Duggan pleading his case to an angry Storm. After the match, Miss Jones has the red shoes! He dances! Kaz and Yang dance!

Commercial Break

Pamela interview TC, and Storm tells Jim to hit the showers and Duggan says “who do you think you are” and walks off. Storm challenges Cat for Starrcade. Gunns looks ugly. Pam mocks her.

Maria talks to Stickball Bat about giving Reno another shot. He’s not my family, you are. But Vito, just talk to him! Maria, you are hideous, you talk to him.

WCW Cruiserweight Title
Above Average Mike Sanders (c) vs. C-H-A-V-O (not wacko)
Chavo goes right to work. Whips Sanders from pillar to post. Pumphandle suplex move by Sanders. Goes to work. Kicks Chavo, and then a crazy dancing chop. Sanders RULES. Stomps Chavo. Who are these refs? Chavo with some desperation offense, but Sanders is in full control. Cobra clutch, Chavo gets out of it and flies at Sanders. Chops. Sanders tossed to the floor over the top. It’s a DQ! Chavo flies from the ring onto Sanders. Whips Sanders into the… … STEEEEEEEEEL railing. And then Sanders does likewise. Sanders talks to the announcers and then gets Chavo and brings him back into the ring. Sanders puts the belt into the ring, Chavo dropkicks Sanders. Reversal now by Sanders sends Chavo headfirst into the turnbuckle. Sanders goes for Tornado DDT! Chavo counters into a Northern Lights for 2. Chavo grabs the belt, hits Sanders with ref distacted by, I guess the air, and then Chavo hits the Brainbuster and pins Sanders.
Winner and NEW Champion: Chavo

Commercial Break

Gene with Chavo backstage. He credits Pepe, cheating to win and Amway sales with his success. He yells at Hugh for not having edge.

Sanders is pissed backstage. Tosses stuff around.

Alex is upset, Disco has a plan for the match tonight. Alex is sick of Disco’s plans, he is going to try something new and go out and try it himself. Hopefully he will return to his Berlyn glory.

BIG Stevie Ray talks to the Insiders, recorded “yesterday.” Suckas Gots To know. Why get together as a team? Nash: well my friend was let go by WCW, we were friends and a team before. Every time Hall’s name is mentioned, it’s muted out. They talk about the Vegas Connection and how they won numerous titles in non-televised matches in Japan. They want the titles, etc

Commercial Break

Berlyn w/Disco vs. I Hate Buff
Disco announcing. Alex goes to work for a while, Buff rebounds and hits his HORRIBLE OFFENSE. Twn punch count along. Spinning heel kick by Alex. Alex slows it down with a chin lock. Some elbow drops. Back and forth. Japanese arm drags by Buff? Posing. Blockbuster.
Winner: Buff

Commercial Break

A Stickball Bat vs. Kronic
They brawl with Vito on the floor. Throw him around for a while. Adams goes to announce while Clarke beats him. Vito rebounds with a clothesline. They both go to the floor, Adams leaves the table and goes to help Clarke. Kronic takes control, Clarke and Vito go into the ring for some beatdowns. Big Vito Special for 2. Clakre up, Meltdown.
Winner: Kronic

Reno runs out, gets High Times, and Maria is here to tend to her brothers. I predict Maria is paying Kronic to beat up her brothers so they care about each other again.

Commercial Break

NBT yell at Reno backstage for helping Vito. We’re your family, not him.

Shane Douglas is out for a promo. It takes a hell of a lot to piss off the Franchise. Stevie: No it doesn’t. Shane yells at the crowd. He is upset about Torrie Wilson. Stevie: one yack down, about 5 to go. Shane goes on about how he’s going to beat Goldberg, and starts a Goldberg chant. Wow this promo rules. I can’t believe how good it is, its like his good ECW promos. If you want to lead your hero to the slaughter, chant his name.

Commercial Break

Shane Douglas vs. Goldberg
Long Goldberg entrance. Shane wraps his hand with a chain and hides it. Goldberg powers him down. Luger is out with Sarge! Racking Sarge! Goldberg sees him, Shane attacks. Tries Franchiser, Goldberg powers out. Spear. Jackhammer.
Winner: Goldberg (26-0)

Goldberg then runs to Luger and Sarge, Luger flees, Goldberg tends to Sarge and yells into the camera.


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