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411’s WWE Chronicle Report: Roman Reigns

March 7, 2019 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Roman Reigns

411’s WWE Chronicle Report: Roman Reigns

-Original air date: 03/04/19

-Run Time: 30:11

-Welcome to another WWE Network special from yours truly. Chronicle gets another entry and this outing we follow Roman Reigns on his latest battle with leukemia.

-Cold open with Reigns telling us that he has thought about how emotional everything is going to be and that he promises he won’t cry this time. He debated if he wanted to share his news in a public way, but he felt he has a larger purpose with this battle. His purpose is to provide hope and show people it is possible to fight.

-This is WWE Chronicle. The following Chronicle takes place from Feb 22, 2019 to Feb 25, 2019. The next graphic goes over that Reigns announced his second bout on Leukemia on RAW on 10/22/18 and this is the story of his return.

-Roman says he was at a live event and that a doctor told him something was going on with his blood work. They wanted to do another test and then at TV he was told he had to go see one of the doctors and he knew something was up. In his head he felt it was something non serious and he would be fine, but his white blood cell count was off and with his history they knew what it meant. Reigns hated relinquishing the title because he chased it for so long.

-Oct 22, 2018: Reigns talks about the night he made his announcement. He wanted to absorb every reaction and he admits he was scared. He was afraid the world wouldn’t take to his news in a proper fashion. Thankfully the fans gave him the support he needed and deserved. Rollins ugly crying and Ambrose breaking down was just heart breaking.

-Reigns says that he felt free after coming out with the news as he could finally talk about it and didn’t have to bury it. He knows he doesn’t look like someone who has an illness, but he had insecurities about letting people know. He does say that when he would visit Make A Wish kids with leukemia, he would let them know he was fighting the same battle. That is amazing and awesome and everything else you can say positive. Reigns talks about the way it touched the kids and their families. He didn’t know if everyone would react in a positive way to his news.

-We catch up with Reigns in the PC with a WWE doctor. He gets checked out and tells the doctor that he hasn’t been in the ring for a match, but his cardio is good. The doctor says the goal is to get him back in the ring and while Roman waits, he is good to workout and do weight lifting. He talks about being on his couch for the first few months and how it killed him not to do anything while his wife took care of everything.

-The doctor comes back and they okay Roman to take some bumps in the ring. Roman admits that the bumps suck, but being able to get up from them is a relief. He talks about how he doesn’t get nervous anymore, but this is different. He mentions that he called Vince and brought up the idea of coming back, which correlates with the reports that it was Roman’s call when he wanted to come back.

-Reigns tells us that he has CML (Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia) and that it is at an early enough point that if you are going to have it, now is the time. He says he has to take a pill that does have some nasty side effects, but at the end of the day, taking a pill is a win. He says that oral chemotherapy is a win for a lot of people and he is one of those people. It has allowed him to maintain a certain level of health and stay out of pain. The main side effect is arthritis in his feet and hips, but he will take that over radiation any day.

-Roman arrives in Atlanta and talks about his kids. He says any day that he can be with them is a good day. He spent the morning with them and talks about his fight being part of his legacy and their legacy.

-Roman makes a stop of his alma mater, Georgia Tech, and visits the football stadium. He says he learned a lot on that field. He talks about how he wishes there were times he could just be normal and not have people always asking how he is doing, because he doesn’t like the attention. He understands where they are coming from and he has learned to embrace they love and concern they are showing for him.

-He mentions that he never thought he would come back this quick. He says that the way he feels right now is the way humans should feel. He has thought about his return promo for months and has gone over what he would say thousands of times, but knows it will just come to him when he gets out there.

-Roman arrives at the arena and him meeting up with the guys and girls is amazing to watch. I can’t help but smile seeing his reaction and their reaction.

-He talks about the first bout and how it was just him and his mom. It ended his football career in an instant and it was him and his mom on an island and they didn’t know how to handle things. We meet his mom backstage and it’s a nice moment.

-We jump back to talk of the promo and Roman just wants to thank everyone. He doesn’t think there are enough “thank yous” said in the world, and he just wants everyone to know how grateful he is.

-His daughter is mentioned and he says she didn’t understand what was happening the first time as he was too young. She trusts the fact that he tells her that he is doing ok and is going to be ok. We get a fantastic moment with Roman calling cancer patients at a children’s hospital in Dallas and letting them know that he is returning to the ring and that he is in the first stages of remission before letting the world know on RAW. Roman does say that he does question why he is lucky enough to be in remission and not any of those kids, but he just wants to support them and encourage them to keep fighting. This man should never be booed again!

-Steph meets up with Roman and she is basically tears talking about him and his meetings with the cancer patients in Dallas. He tells Steph he let the kids know his announcement already.

-He says that in a weird way it makes him sad, but happy at the same time. It sucks he has to go through this, but at the same time he wants to be the one to give kids or anyone suffering through cancer the motivation to push through another day. He isn’t looking for sympathy and says it is still ok if people to boo him. If he can helps kids even if only by one percent then his job is done.

-A great moment is shown as Reigns is at gorilla when his music hits and the crowd pop seemingly takes his breath away. Amazing moment! Reigns speaks from the heart and lets the world know that he is back and he is in remission. All the feels when he announced “I’m in remission yall,” and the crowd reaction was perfect.

-Reigns mentions that he told his crying mom that they aren’t alone this time. They have an army backing them up and he hopes everyone can feel his gratitude. Thankful is the best word he can come up with.

-Some levity as Reigns jokes around with his sister backstage while he hugs his mom. The show then ends with him embracing both ladies and the three of them walking off.

-Fantastic stuff and a must watch for anyone. Nothing else really needs said as this was a different type of deal. There was nothing hear to advance story lines or get you more information on a new wrestler. This was just real life and Roman could do no wrong in deciding what he wanted to share and what he didn’t want to share. Just a joy to watch and I hope there are people out there that do look to Reigns and continue their fight.

-Thanks for reading.

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