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411’s WWE No Way Out Report 02.19.06

February 19, 2006 | Posted by Derek Martin

The Boogeyman defeated Simon Dean in a short match on Sunday Night Heat before the show began.

We get a highlight package outlining the two main event type matches – Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio and Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Title.

Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to Baltimore, Maryland for No Way Out! Hugo Savinovich and Carlos Cabrera are working the Spanish announce table.

**Gregory Helms music hits**

Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 215 lbs – the Cruiserweight champion of the world, Gregory Helms. They show us last week when Gregory Helms ran his mouth and the rest of the cruiserweights beat his ass.

**Turn it up….**

Introducing the challengers – Scotty Too Hotty!

**Paul London and Brian Kendrick’s music hits**

Paul London and Brian Kendrick make their way to the ring.

**Funaki’s music hits**

From Japan, weighing in at 200 pounds – Funaki.

**A Mexican style music hits**

Psichosis and Super Crazy otherwise known as the Mexicools make their way to the ring on their lawn mowers – the Juan Deeres.

**Nunzio’s music hits**

Weighing in at 175 pounds, Nunzio.

**Kid Kash’s music hits**

And weighing in at 200 pounds, Kid Kash.

Match 1: Gregory Helms vs. All the Cruiserweights

This match is a sudden death match meaning the first person to get a pin count wins the title. Helms ducks out of the ring as the rest of the cruiserweights pound away at each other. Scotty Too Hotty singles out Nunzio and knocks him out with a big right hand. Helms continues to hide out on the outside. Paul London lands a mule kick on Nunzio. Double dropkick by London and Kendrick on Scotty. Paul London gets tossed out uof the ring by Super Crazy and Kendrick gets the same treatment. The Mexicools go up and over the top taking out London and Kendrick. Kid Kash and Funaki exchange rights in the ring. Side slam by Kash. Kash looking for a springboard moonsault, but Funaki moves out of the way. Bulldog by Funaki! Funaki with the cover and Helms enters the ring and breaks it up. Helms stomping a mudhole in Kash, but all the cruiserweights are in the ring now and they are pounding and stomping away at Helms. All cruiserweights back in the ring now fighting amongst one another. London lands a great hurricanrana on Psichosis, but then gets a missile dropkick from Super Crazy off the ropes. The Mexicools land a very innovative leg rollup on Kendrick after he misses a double dropkick off the top. Tazz called it a rolling powerbomb. Funaki covers Nunzio for a two count. London stomps away at Helms, but Helms is up and lands some rights to London. London reverses it around, and he is back in control. Missile dropkick by London to the face of Helms. Scotty Too Hotty lands a belly to back suplex on Kash in the center of the ring. Helms capitalizes on Scotty’s taunting and lands a facebreaker. Cover gets 2 as Kash breaks it up.

Scotty with a rollup on Kash, but that is broken up by Nunzio and Funaki. Kash sends Helms to the outside through the second rope. Scotty on the apron battling with Kash. Scotty slams Kash’s face into the turnbuckle. In the middle of the ring Psichosis goes for a powerbomb, but Kash counters it. Psichosis with a head of steam, but Kash sends him to the outside. Hurricanrana from the inside to the outside on Psichosis by Kash!! Wow. Nunzio lands a maneuver in the ring and gets a two count. Nunzio and Funaki double teaming Kendrick. Kendrick off the ropes, London in the ring now and launches Kendrick into Nunzio and Funaki. London and Kendrick alone in the ring – up top now! Both men come off the top to the outside with some big splashes on to the other cruisers. Helms with a big maneuver on Super Crazy gets two. Another near fall for Kendrick as he landed an amazing move. London comes off the top rope on to the sternum of Helms! Cover is broken up! London misses a clothesline on Scotty – superkick! To the outside goes London! Bulldog by Scotty on Helms! W-O-R-M….hoo hoo hoo…..WORM completed! Cover…1…2….Psichosis pulls Scotty out of the ring! Psichosis in the ring with the cover, but Kid Kash breaks it up.

Kash with a slap on Psichosis. Psichosis off the ropes and counters a tilt-a-whirl. Psichosis goes for a belly to back, but Kash lands on his feet. Dead level by Kash!! Cover – BROKEN UP BY A MOONSAULT FROM SUPER CRAZY!! Helms covers Psichosis…1…..2…..3!! That’s it. Great match. Sorry if it was tough to follow the play-by-play!

WINNER: Gregory Helms (9:42)

Booker T, Sharmell, and Teddy Long are in the back. Booker says that he isn’t 100%, and he isn’t going to be able to compete at a top level tonight. Booker says that people don’t want to see him unless he’s 100%. Teddy says he looked 100% on Friday. Sharmell said it was a miracle, and he aggravated his injury. Sharmell gets down on one knee to beg. Booker says he’ll get down on one knee too. Teddy says Booker has one choice – either he wrestles Chris Benoit tonight or he will forfeit the title. Booker and Sharmell yell as Teddy leaves the room.

Crystal is here talking about Wrestlemania. Fit Finlay shows up and since he doesn’t have a fight tonight he’s going to pick a fight. He picks up Crystal and takes her to the ring.

**My name is Finlay and I love to fight….**

Finlay carries Crystal out to the ring, and throws her into the ring.

**Lashley’s music hits**

Lashley runs to the ring and starts to brawl with Finlay. Finlay pounds away on Lashley and takes advantage.

**JBL’s music hits**

JBL’s limousine makes it way to the ring. JBL arrives out of the limo and is high-stepping it to the ring as Finlay pounds away on Lashley. Lashley lands a belly to belly out of nowhere, and JBL meets face to face with Lashley.

Match 2: JBL vs. Bobby Lashley

The bell rings, and it looks like this match is going to get started. Poke to the eye by JBL. JBL slams Lashley’s head to the buckle, but Lashley’s got a hard head. Lashley with some rights. Lashley whips JBL from buckle to buckle – head of steam by Lashley but he gets a size 14 from JBL. JBL with a shoulder block. JBL off the ropes, leapfrog by Lashley, and Lashley knocks JBL to the mat with a shoulder block. Rights by Lashley. JBL off the ropes – big back body drop by Lashley! Elbow drop by Lashley. We get a look at Jillian Hall on the outside. Another back body drop b y Lashley, and JBL heads to the outside. Lashley follows him out, but JBL lands a cheap shot. JBL slams Lashley into the steel steps, but Lashley returns the favor. Jillian Hall hits Lashley with the clipboard, but that doesn’t faze him. Lashley lands a belly to belly on JBL on the outside. Back in the ring. Lashley with a standing vertical suplex on JBL! An impressive array of strength there. Lashley looking for his finisher, but JBL counters by sending Lashley to the outside. Lashley up on the apron, but JBL sends him back to the outside with a big boot! JBL follows Lashley to the outside. JBL bounces Lashley’s face off the steel steps. JBL Sucks chant rings throughout the crowd. JBL bounces Lashley’s face off the steps again. JBL in and out of the ring to break up the count. JBL slides Lashley back into the ring. JBL to the top rope, and he comes off with a big elbow drop into the sternum. Cover gets 1. Forearm to the spine by JBL. JBL lands a swinging neckbreaker. JBL lands five successive elbow drops. Cover gets 2. JBL and Lashley exchanging rights now. Lashley off the ropes and JBL locks in a sleeper hold. Lashley off his feet now. JBL releases the hold and covers up Lashley for a two count. JBL stalks Lashley and lands a boot to the skull of Lashley. Another big boot by JBL sends Lashley to the mat.

JBL heads to the top rope. Lashley up on his feet – Lashley catches JBL in midair and lands a big power slam! Lashley staggers around the ring a bit. JBL to his feet – Lashley blocks a right hand and lands one of his own. More rights by Lashley. Off the ropes comes Lashley and he lands a big clothesline staggering JBL. Belly to belly by Lashley! And again! And another! Lashley hits his fourth straight belly to belly as JBL is cut open now. Lashley going for the dominator. JBL slides off, clothesline from Hell is missed, and Lashley lands a T-bone! Cover gets two! Finlay comes out of nowhere to throw Chimel into the ring. Nick Patrick is distracted as Finlay hits Lashley with a foreign object. Clothesline from Hell! And that’s all.

WINNER: JBL (10:57)

Wrestlemania XXII is 42 days away. Tony Chimel says he would like to introduce tonight’s special guest.

**Batista’s music hits**

The former World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, is here! Batista walks down the aisle and into the ring. Batista grabs a microphone as the crowd continues to go crazy.

Batista: Baltimore! Man, thrill of a lifetime every time I walk out that curtain. I’m gonna make this real short and sweet so we can get along with the show. I’m here for three reasons. First reason I’m here is honestly – I want to see Kurt Angle verse the Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship. Second reason, definitely not the least important – I miss it. I miss the Smackdown crowd. You have no idea how hard it is to sit my ass on the couch every week watching Smackdown, hearing the roar of the crowd, oh man I miss it – it’s torture. (Batista chant) Third reason is – it’s good to be back, let me tell you! The third reason is – my torn tricep? It ain’t torn anymore! I’m in rehab everyday, busting my ass everyday. And sooner, rather than later, I will be back. And honestly it doesn’t matter to me who is world champion whether it be Kurt Angle, Undertaker – both men whom I respect very much. But it just doesn’t matter. Everyone needs to know one thing……..they need to know one thing. I will be back, and I will reclaim MY World Heavyweight Title!

Kurt Angle sits in the back. Randy Orton walks into the locker room and tells Kurt that the World Champion will be him when Batista comes back from his injury. Orton wonders who the hell Orton thinks he is. Angle says he’s the World Heavyweight Champion, and he isn’t focused on Orton tonight.

JBL and Jillian Hall are on WWE Instant Access.

**MNM’s music hits**

Making their way to the ring from Los Angeles, California – the tag team champions Mercury, Nitro, and their lovely manager, Melina.

**Ooooohhhh Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah…..**

Making his way to the ring from Cameron, North Carolina – Matt Hardy!

Hardy looks to the back for his partner……

**Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee yeee yeeeee yeeeeeeeeee**

Tatanka makes his way to the ring to be Matt Hardy’s partner.

Match 3: MNM vs. Matt Hardy and Tatanka

Hardy will start off with Mercury. Melina is already up on the apron trying to distract Hardy, the referee, and me. Mercury attacks Hardy from behind and begins to pound on the back of Hardy. Mercury stomps away on Hardy. Hardy starts to fight back with some rights. Hardy off the ropes, stops in his tracks, and nails Mercury with a big right. Hardy with another big right hand to the face of Mercury. Arm wringer by Hardy. Hardy drops the leg across the left arm of Joey Mercury. Hardy tags Tatanka. Tatanka with an arm wringer himself. Big chest slap by Tatanka. Mercury is up with a cheap shot, and a tag to Nitro. Nitro in the ring and Tatanka lands a big arm drag. Tag to Hardy. Nitro off the ropes, double back drop! Double elbow drop by Hardy and Tatanka. Innovative double team maneuver by Tatanka and Hardy. Nitro slides to the outside to consult with Melina and Mercury. Nitro somehow gets control and starts to stomp away on Hardy. Nitro chokes out Hardy on the second rope as Melina taunts Hardy. Nitro continues to choke out Hardy, but the referee breaks it up. Big slap from Melina on Nitro. Tag to Mercury. Double suplex attempt by MNM, but Hardy lands on his feet and lands a double neckbreaker. Hot tag to Tatanka. Chops all over the place for both members of MNM. Tatanka off the ropes and another tomahawk chop to Mercury. Mercury off the ropes, but he slides under to the outside.

Tatanka follows him and lands a huge chop to the chest of Mercury. Mercury slammed across the barricade by Tatanka. Another big chop by Tatanka sends Mercury sprawling. The referee is distracted so Melina lands a thumb to the eye of Tatanka. Nitro comes off the apron with a missile dropkick. Back in the ring Mercury and Nitro start to isolate Tatanka in their corner. Big shoulder to the midsection by Mercury. Snapmare by Mercury, and he lands a big knee drop. Cover gets 2. Tag to Nitro. Nitro taunts Tatanka and lands a big knee to the midsection of Tatanka. Mercury chokes out Tatanka as Nitro distracts the referee. Tatanka fighting back now with some rights and lefts, but Nitro thwarts that with some rights of his own. Tag to Mercury – Tatanka off the ropes and MNM lands a double elbow. Cover by Mercury gets another two. Mercury locks on a back headlock. Tatanka working his way up and out of it. Tatanka is out of it, but Mercury lands a knee to the midsection. Reverse neckbreaker by Mercury – cover gets two. Mercury to the top rope! Comes off and Tatanka catches him in midair! Inverted atomic drop by Tatanka. Nitro comes off the top rope, but lands short and Tatanka lands a massive clothesline. Tatanka with the hot tag to Hardy! Hardy with a clothesline for everyone! Mercury off the ropes – tilt-a-whirl spinning side slam by Hardy. Hardy with a clothesline to Nitro. Bulldog to Nitro and a clothesline to Mercury at the same time. Elbow drop off the top to Mercury! Side effect to Nitro! Twist of Fate attempt is countered and Nitro lands a big superkick. Double team by Nitro and Mercury – Hardy off the ropes and he clotheslines both men. Tag to Tatanka! Tatanka to the top rope and he lands a double tomahawk chop! Tatanka going crazy. Mercury off the ropes. Samoan drop coming! Samoan Drop by Tatanka and a Twist of Fate by Hardy. Tatanka covers Mercury and that’s all.

WINNERS: Matt Hardy and Tatanka (10:28)

Apparently that was a non-title match, and we do NOT have new tag team champions. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

We get a highlight package of the Booker T and Chris Benoit saga.

**Chris Benoit’s music hits**

Introducing the challenger, the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit.

**Can you dig it suckaaaaaaaa………**

Making his way to the ring led by his lovely wife, Sharmell – the United States Champion of the world, Booker T. Booker grabs the microphone…

Booker T: Before you ring the bell, I’ve got something to say. I’ve made up my mind. You see there will not be a United States championship match tonight. Teddy Long come on out here man. See, Benoit – I can beat you anyday of the week man – when I’m healthy. Best of seven, I was up 3-0. I would have finished you man – when I was healthy.

**Teddy Long’s music hits*

Teddy makes his way to the ring.

Booker T: Cut that music! Teddy Long, since you out here we gon’ make this official man. See tonight I’m going to forfeit the United States championship. That’s right, Benoit – you happy now. That’s right, I’m going to forfeit the United States championship.

Sharmell tries to talk some sense into him, but he begins to the leave the ring. Booker stops, but then goes out the ropes and leaves the ring.

Benoit on the mic: Coooooward, coooooward…..(the crowd joins in on the chant). Booker T, there is no way in hell I’m going to accept the title by forfeit. So get your ass back in here and take defeat like a man!

Sharmell on the mic: You know what Benoit – this is all your fault! (she slaps him) I mean Booker T is more of a man than you will ever be. (another slap) This title meant everything to him. (another slap)

Match 4: Booker T vs. Chris Benoit

Booker attacks Benoit from behind and the bell rings. Booker starts pounding and stomping away on Benoit. Big slap by Benoit. Benoit off the ropes and Booker lands a high elbow. Benoit fighting back now with some rights and some chops. Booker’s face meets the turnbuckle. Chop by Benoit. Big knees by Booker. Irish whip by Booker – big kick by Booker is missed. Benoit with a chop sends Booker sprawling. Big right by Benoit drives Booker to the outside. Benoit, on the attack, follows Booker out. Another big chop by Benoit. And again! Benoit slides Booker back into the ring. Booker meets Benoit with a kick to the ribs. And again. Booker looking for a suplex, but Benoit counters it into a snap suplex of his own. Benoit with a high belly to back suplex. Cover gets two. Rights and chops by Benoit again on Booker. Knee to the face by Benoit. Booker grabs Benoit’s legs and rolls through, but Benoit rolls through as well. Benoit ends up on top and lands a ton of rights. Benoit off the ropes and lands a dropkick/baseball slide to Booker knocking him off the apron.

Benoit follows Booker to the outside and slams him back first into the barricade. Booker fights back now with some rights. Benoit reverses a whip and sends Booker straight into the steel steps. Booker complains about a groin injury, and he tells the referee he can’t go. Booker tells the referee to back Benoit off him, but Benoit won’t do it. Booker was playing opossum and sends Benoit straight into the steel steps. Booker slides Benoit back into the ring. Booker lands a thrust kick. Cover gets two. Booker locks on a wristlock on Benoit. Benoit fighting his way out of it now, but Booker thwarts that and lands a waist lock takedown. Two more from Booker. Booker locks in a full nelson now. Benoit trying to power out of it. Benoit is out, but Booker goes right back to work on that left arm. Benoit with some elbows to get out of that. Benoit ducks under a clothesline and lands a German suplex! Both men are down as the referee begins his count. Benoit is up, and he goes for the crossface. Booker trying to stop the crossface from being locked in. Booker rolls through and lands a HUGE KICK to the jaw! Cover by Booker gets another two. Irish whip by Booker and he locks Benoit in a sleeper hold.

Benoit down on one knee now. The referee begins the arm lift routine. He gets one. And now two. The third arm stays up, though, as Benoit works his way to his feet. Benoit with a reversal and a big back suplex! Both men are down again as Charles Robinson begins his count again. The count gets up to five as both men make their way to their feet. Benoit walks towards Booker, but walks right into a slingshot! Booker lands a beautiful vertical suplex! Booker looking for another suplex and he gets it! Cover by Booker gets a two count. Booker with a big chop to Benoit. Benoit returns the favor. Booker’s turn – the two men are exchanging chops! Benoit gains control of it and lands at least seven or eight more. Benoit sends Booker from buckle to buckle – head of steam, but he runs right into the big boot of Booker! Both men to their feet as Booker lands a big boot to the midsection. Scissor kick forthcoming, but Benoit moved out of the way. Two quick chops by Benoit! Benoit off the ropes and lands two running back elbows! Vertical suplex by Benoit! Again! And again – three amigos! Cover…1….2…kick out!

Both men work their way to their feet. Rights by Benoit. Irish whip, but Booker reverses and lands a big spin kick! Booker heading to the ring apron and to the top rope. Benoit is up and stops Booker on the top rope. Chop by Benoit. Benoit up to the second rope. A flurry of headbutts. Superplex by Benoit! Cover – 1….2…kick out! Benoit pulls Booker to his feet by his hair. Rights by Benoit. Benoit off the ropes, but he runs right into a huge spinebuster by Booker T! Booker to the top rope again! Alabama Jam – shades of Bobby Eaton – misses by Booker! Benoit is up – German suplex! And again! Here comes a third – GOT IT! Benoit with the throat slash! Benoit heads to the top rope, but Sharmell is on the apron distracting referee Charles Robinson. That allows Booker T to take advantage and drop Benoit’s nuts on the top rope. Booker off the ropes – SCISSOR KICK! Cover by Booker – 1….2…..KICK OUT!! Benoit kicked out of it. Benoit to his feet. Booker lands a chop. Benoit reverses a whip into the buckle – Booker jumps over Benoit into a rollup. Benoit reverses – sharpshooter! No – countered. Sharmell on the ring apron! Booker kicks off Sharmell Benoit into Sharmell! Sharpshooter is locked in!! Booker will not tap! Booker almost to the ropes – Benoit pulls him back to the center of the ring. Benoit releases the sharpshooter – CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! Booker taps! New champion! I’m very happy I got to see that match. Great stuff from everyone involved.

WINNER: Chris Benoit (18:13)

Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio embrace in the back. Teddy Long, Matt Hardy, Tatanka, Lashley, Scotty, Funaki, Paul London, Pat Patterson, and the Mexicools offer their congratulations. Chavo and Vicki Guerrero also embrace with Benoit. Benoit gives Rey a little pep talk for his match with Randy.

They show a video montage of the Rey Mysterio/Randy Orton feud.

**Orton’s music hits**

Making his way to the ring, from St. Louis, Missouri – “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton.

**Mysterio’s music hits**

And his opponent, from San Diego, California – Rey Mysterio!

Match 5: Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio

Bell rings and a huge EDDIE chant goes throughout the crowd. Lockup – Orton backs Rey into the turnbuckle. Clean break. Orton taunts Rey a little bit. Another lockup and Randy slides to the back of Rey and brings him to the mat. Rey gets to the ropes, but Orton slaps him in the head as he breaks the hold. Lockup attempt by Orton, but Rey lands a swift knee to the midsection. Side headlock takedown by Rey. Rey off the ropes. Hip toss attempt by Orton, but Rey counters that into a face first bulldog. Big boot by Rey. Rey on the second rope and pounds away on Orton. Orton staggers along the ropes as Rey lands a big chop. Whip by Rey reversed by Orton. Rey dugs underneath a clothesline – springboard body press by Rey meets air as Orton moves out of the way. Orton stomps away on Rey. Orton places a knee directly in the throat of Rey. Orton continues to beat down Rey. Big Randy sucks chant. Orton responds to that by dropping a knee across the forehead of Rey. Orton whips Rey into the turnbuckle with authority. Cover by Orton gets two. Big uppercut by Orton. Kick to the side of the head by Rey! Head scissors by Rey sends Orton to the outside. Rey comes off the ring apron and Orton catches him. Rey trying to fight out of it. Orton swings Rey arm first straight into the ring post! Wow.

Orton into the ring and poses a bit. Orton goes to the outside and starts to work over that arm of Rey. Orton slides Rey into the ring and continues to work on that arm. Rey to his feet and he fights out of it. Rey off the ropes with a dropkick to the knee. Rey with another boot to Orton. Rey off the ropes, but Randy catches him and drops Rey’s back across his shoulder. Wow. Cover gets two. Orton continues to work over that arm. Rey fights out of it with a right and a kick to the hamstring. Orton with an arm wring. Rey off the ropes – hurricanrana by Rey! Both men are down and Jimmy Corderis begins the count. Orton is up and stomping on the head of Rey. Rey rolls to the outside and Orton follows him out. Orton puts Rey’s arm on the steel steps and stomps across the left arm of Rey. Orton slams the left arm on to the steel steps again. Orton slides in and out of the ring. Orton slides Rey into the ring – cover gets another two. Orton wraps Rey’s left arm around the bottom rope and holds until the four count of the referee breaks it up. Orton looking for an inverted rack, but Rey lands a beautiful arm drag that sends Orton to the outside.

Orton is pissed off, slides into the ring, but runs into a flying forearm by Rey. Another head of steam by Orton, but Rey lands a leg sweep sending Orton’s face into the second turnbuckle. Rey going to the top rope, but Orton breaks it up. Orton to the second rope! Rey trying to fight his way out of it! Sunset flip from the top rope by Rey! Cover –1…2…kick out! Orton goes for a clothesline, but Rey ducks under and lands an enziguri. Rey taunts Orton. Right by Rey. Irish whip by Rey is reversed, but Rey lands a dropkick to the knee. Rey drops the dime across the neck of Orton. Rolling neck snap by Rey! Cover gets another two and a half! Orton looks to be cut open a bit. Rey to his feet stalks Orton. Orton reverses an irish whip – Orton looking for a running power slam, but Rey slides off. Springboard moonsault by Rey is caught by Orton! Rey somehow drives Orton to the mat. Both men down – cover by Rey….1…2…another kick out! Poke to the eyes by Orton! Kick to the ribs by Rey. Rey with a kick to the face now. Rey to the top rope. Huge standing dropkick by Orton to a flying Rey Mysterio! Orton stalks Rey. Rey trying to work his way to his feet. Orton lying in wait for the RKO. Orton goes for it, but Rey lands as big drop kick! 619 attempt by Rey – Orton moves out of the way, rollup, grabs the ropes, and that’s all! Orton wins.

WINNER: Randy Orton (17:29)

Orton on the mic: Rey – guess what? I am going to the main event of Wrestlemania! Where are you going?

Orton drops the microphone and heads to the back. Rey remains distraught in the ring. Rey walks into Chavo and Vicki Guerrero in the back. Rey tells them he let them down. Chavo tells him he didn’t let anybody down.

We get another video montage highlighting the Kurt Angle/Undertaker feud.

**Angle’s music hits**

Making his way to the ring, the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle.


The challenger – from Death Valley – weighing in at 305 pounds, The Undertaker.

Match 6: Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker

Let’s see if this match lasts as long as the Undertaker’s entrance. Undertaker charges at Angle, but he moves out of the way. Angle with a waist lock. Undertaker gets to the ropes and Angle has to break the hold. Undertaker going for some haymakers, but Angle slides out of the way and out of the ring. Lockup into a side headlock by Taker. Taker off the ropes and lands a shoulder block. Cover gets quick one count. Taker working over the left arm of Angle. Taker slams that very arm into the top turnbuckle and lands a big boot to the left arm. Arm wringer by Taker and he locks his hands into Angle’s. Taker lifts Angle to the top of the building while still hanging on to the left arm. Taker drops the leg across the left arm. Angle fights his way out of the arm bar, but Taker applies more pressure and Angle goes back down to his knees. Taker looking to climb the ropes for the old school maneuver, but Angle breaks it up with some rights. Angle looks to whip Taker into the buckle, but Taker reverses it and rolls Angle through. Taker to the top rope and lands an old school across the shoulder. Face buster by Taker. Cover gets two. Taker whips Angle into the corner, Angle comes off, and lands the snake eyes. Taker off the ropes and misses a big boot. Angle takes advantage of it and lands a release German. Cover gets a one-point-five. Angle stomping the hell out of the Undertaker in the corner. Angle puts his boot into the neck of Taker, but Nick Patrick breaks it up. Shoulder to the midsection by Angle. Taker reverses a whip and sends Angle into the buckle. Taker rushes in and lands a high knee. Taker goes for another one, but Angle moves out of the way and knocks him to the ring apron. Angle off the ropes and shoulder blocks Taker off the ring apron and into the barricade.

Angle follows Taker to the outside and slams him head first into the steel steps. Angle to the ring apron, comes off, and Taker catches him! Taker slams him spine first into the steel ring post! Taker slides Angle into the ring but drapes his neck over the ring apron. Big shot by Taker to the neck of Angle. Taker up on the ring apron and lands a leg drop!! Ouch. Angle is writing in pain as Taker breaks the count by rolling in and out of the ring. Taker rolls Angle back into the ring. Cover by Taker gets two. Taker looking for the chokeslam! Goozle, but Angle kicks him in the knee. More kicks to the knee, but Taker puts a stop to that and lands a huge uppercut. Angle off the ropes, slides under a clothesline, and clips out the left knee of the Undertaker. Angle works over that knee. Angle rolls to the outside and clips the knee across the steel ring post. Angle locks in the figure four around the ring post!! Nick Patrick is counting, though, and Angle has to break the count. Undertaker falls to the outside. Angle slides out of after him, though. Angle grabs a hold of the knee again and lands some elbows. Cover by Angle gets another one count. More boots to the knee of Taker. Angle drops all his weight across the knee of the Undertaker. And again. Angle looking for another one, but Taker pushes him off. Angle with an uppercut. Taker ends that and sends Angle through the second rope.

Taker rolls out after Angle. Knee to the midsection by Taker. Taker rolls Angle back into the ring and again drapes his neck across the ring apron. Big boot by Taker to the neck. Taker looking for another leg drop on the ring apron, but his knee is giving out. Taker goes for the leg drop – Angle grabs the ankle of Taker and HAS THE ANKLE LOCK LOCKED IN ON THE OUTSIDE! Nick Patrick has the count up to seven, but Angle rolls in and out of the ring. Angle back outside….he has the Ankle Lock locked in again! Patrick gets up to eight this time, and Angle breaks the count up again. Angle rolls Taker back into the ring. Elbow to the inside of the knee by Angle. And again. Angle locks in some sort of rest hold on the knee. Angle continues to work over that knee in several different fashions. Taker lands three clubbing blows to Angle, but he will not relinquish the leg lock. Taker now dropping some legs across the throat of Angle which makes Angle let go of the hold. Angle pounds away on Taker, but Taker counters with the triangle choke on Angle. Angle gets into the ropes so referee Patrick makes him stop the hold after using the full five count. Angle slides to the outside of the ring again, and Taker follows him out. Taker slams Angle’s face straight into the barricade. Right hand by Taker. Taker sends Angle straight into Tony Chimel and a ton of chairs. Taker slams Angle’s face on the ring apron. More rights by Taker. Taker lands a big boot to Angle’s face. Taker pulls off the top of the announcer’s table and removes the necessary items. Taker into the ring to break up the count. Angle ducks underneath a right hand – ANGLE SLAM THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE! Holy shit!

Angle slides into the ring and Patrick begins the count out for the Undertaker. Patrick gets the count up to 9, but Angle stops the count and tells him he wants to get it done in the ring. Angle going crazy on Taker now with some uppercuts and elbows. Taker reverses Angle’s whip and sends Angle shoulder first into the steel steps! Taker slides Angle into the ring. Taker heading to the top rope! Taker gets up to the top, but Angle lands a right thwarting Taker’s ascent. Angle heads to the second rope! Superplex forthcoming – Taker lands a head butt sending Angle to the mat. Taker climbing again – Angle rushes to the top – BELLY TO BELLY FROM THE TOP! Cover – 1….2… KICK OUT! Rights being exchanged by Angle and Taker. Angle off the ropes, but he runs straight into a BOOT by Taker! Cover gets another two! Taker looking for the chokeslam again! GOOZLE! Angle rolls out of the chokeslam and into the Ankle LOCK! WOW! Angle has it locked in! Taker tries to roll through, but Angle holds on. Taker rolls through and locks in the triangle choke AGAIN! Angle rolls THAT through into another ANKLE LOCK! Angle is yelling TAP, TAP, TAP to the Undertaker. Neither one of these two men has ever submitted. Another roll through by Taker, and he’s out of it! Angle rushes at Taker – GOOZLE – CHOKESLAM! 1…2….thr-KICK OUT! Wow, WAS THAT CLOSE! Taker is on one leg. Boot to the midsection by Taker – LAST RIDE! No, Angle slid off and rolled through – ANKLE LOCK AGAIN! Angle: “TAP YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Taker working his way to the ropes. He’s almost there – Angle pulls him to the center of the ring, though. Taker kicks Angle out of it somehow! Angle ducks the clothesline – ANGLE SLAM! Cover – 1….2….NO!! Taker kicked out! HOLY SHIT!

Angle has GONE CRAZY! Straps are off – TAKER SITS UP!! Each man exchanges rights! Irish whip by Taker – TOMBSONE!! Angle reverses it!! UNDERTAKER REVERSES IT!!! Angle slides off INTO ANOTHER ANKLE LOCK!! ANKLE LOCK IS LOCKED IN!! GRAPEVINE!! Taker isn’t tapping. Taker is up off his back and landing boots to the face of Angle! Angle breaks the lock. Angle from behind – ANGLE SLAM! Cover – NO! Triangle choke again by Undertaker! Angle is fading. Angle acting like he might tap! Angle fading away. Nick Patrick lifting the arm – 1…..2….thr- no Angle rolled through into a pin. 1….2….3!! Both men may have had their shoulders down. The official word…

Chimel: The winner of this match by pinfall and still World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle.

WINNER: Kurt Angle (29:37)

Undertaker is pissed off, and he chases Nick Patrick out of the ring. Angle is laying in the corner of the ring. Undertaker pulls him up and throws him back into the turnbuckle. Undertaker says: “I’ve got your number.” What a match – what a FUCKING match!!


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