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411’s WWE NXT Report 07.25.13

July 28, 2013 | Posted by Marc Elusive

From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida

Commentators: Tom Phillips & Brad Maddox

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: John Cena… World Champion: Alberto Del Rio… Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel… United States Champion: Dean Ambrose… Tag Team Champions: The Shield… NXT Champion: Bo Dallas… NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville & Corey Graves… Divas Champion: AJ Lee… NXT Women’s Champion: Vacant

Paige vs. Emma NXT Women’s Championship tournament, finals:   This title belt is MUCH nicer than the Divas title. They lock up and twirl along the ropes; Emma with a clothesline and then Paige with a headlock and shoulderblock of her own. Paige counters a slam and tosses Emma into the corner; she fires back and stick an elbow into the face of a charging Paige and schoolgirls her for two. Emma slips and slides along the ropes and gets a few nearfalls; she applies a hammerlock on the mat. Paige tries to use the hair but rolls free and nails a headbutt. They fight into the ropes and Emma hooks the DilEmma in the ropes but gets kicked to the floor when the referee forces the break. We go to break and return with Emma hitting the low crossbody in the corner, for two. Paige tries a sunset and they go through a series of counters where Emma keeps her advantage and locks in a chinlock. Emma has been dominating most of the match. Quite strange. Paige stomps the toes but runs afoul of an elbow to the face. She goes to a waistlock but Page backs her into the corner and elbows her way free. Emma tries a boot in the corner but Paige grabs it and turns it into an elevated cloverleaf. Emma fights but refuses to tapout and kicks her way free; Emma sneaks in an inside cradle but only gets two. Emma grasps for the foot, trying to lock in something, but Paige makes the ropes where Paige gets a headbutt. She heads up top but Emma catches her and locks in a superplex, which is rarely seen in a WWE divas match. This may be one of the best divas matches I have ever seen. Emma tries a pin but Paige gets a foot on the ropes. Paige fires back with a pair of superkicks and nails the Paige Turner out of nowhere to take the match and the title. Post-match, all of the NXT divas spill out of the locker room to show respect to the new champion. Triple H also comes out to offer his congratulations   7/10 This was one of the best divas match I’ve seen in a very long time. Paige and Emma put together a well-planned match including some highspots, which you do not see very often in a divas match. Paige is the new champ, which is the right call since she is über popular.

Here is your winner AND NEW CHAMPION… Paige via Paige Turner pinfall

Angelo Dawkins vs. Tyler Breeze:   They announce Breeze as having “seasonal residences” and get a runway like entrance. This is a repackaged Mike Dalton as a male model character. He takes “selfies” with his iPhone throughout the entrance and takes forever to start the match. He has long blue tights (with white fuzzy belt) with white tassels on the boots. The bell finally rings and Dawkins attacks but Breeze quickly clubbers away. Angelo gets a few rollups but only gets two; Breeze comes back with a furious clubbing. Breeze returns to his phone and takes another selfie and nails a huge pinwheel kick for the pinfall.   3/10 Not much of a chance to see his skills as a wrestler, but Breeze is all character anyway, much like Fandango. As Dalton, he was a jobber up, so I have not seen him wrestle that much (as a “good” competitor).

Here is your winner… Tyler Breeze via pinwheel kick

The Ascension is here to lay waste to our heroes; they will rise again.

Mickey Keegan & Aiden English vs. The Ascension:   It’s good to see this team reformed; Rick Victor filling the void left by Kenneth Cameron’s release. Keegan and English get entrances after the Ascension, which is odd to see. English has to start to his chagrin with O’Brian who steamrolls with shoulderblocks. Victor tags in and chops in the corner. He hits a release over the shoulder suplex and he and O’Brian get a double whip chop. O’Brian squashes him in the corner with a splash and quickly tags Victor back in. The frequent tags are at a furious pace. Rick hits a running one-footed dropkick and brings Conor back in; they hit a =n H-Bomb and then Total Elimination for the three count.   3/10 Total squash for Ascension; Keegan never got a tag, which is the usual modus operandi for the Ascension team: blurring tags, fast paced O, which does not allow the opponent to get any momentum and then crushed. NXT (and WWE) needs some new teams so this reformation is a good thing.

Here are your winners… The Ascension via Total Elimination pinfall

Sheamus vs. Luke Harper (w/The Wyatt Family):   I like the fact that the WWE brings some of the main event guys down to work with the young talent; gives it a feeling of legitimacy. They lock up in the ropes and we stalemate. Sheamus goes for a headlock and wrenches on it. Harper fires him off and nails a shoulderblock; Rowan shouts from the floor. The Celtic Warrior grabs a side headlock and nails his own shoulderblock so Harper retreats to the floor for some regrouping. Brad Maddox’s revisionist history regarding his match with Sheamus is pretty humorous. “I made a miraculous comeback… but he just eked out a win in the end.” Back in the ring, the brawl is on as they pound away in the corner; Sheamus fires rights back and hits a clothesline. He chokes Harper with his shin, in a heel like move; he knocks Harper onto the apron for some O’Clubbering. Rowan gets involved and takes the blunt of Sheamus’ rage but it allows Harper to lie in the weeds and nail Sheamus with a big boot (sending him careening to the floor) and takes over. Rowan extracts some revenge with a clothesline while Harper distracts the referee and we head to break. We get a Summerslam commercial with photos of WWE superstars as youths and then as themselves currently; I like it. Back from break with Harper clubbing away in the corner; he chokes in the ropes while Rowan gets a few cheapshots in. Harper goes to a chinlock for a while. Sheamus begins a comeback with a powerslam; he mounts offense with Irish Hammers but Harper counters the Finlay Roll with the Truck Stop, for two. He misses a second rope elbow and plants Harper it with the Finlay Roll. Sheamus now goes up but Harper ducks; Sheamus rolls through and tries a Brogue but it is avoided and Harper nails the discus lariat… for two! Well it is Sheamus. Harper hits a running clothesline in the corner but goes to the well once too often and Sheamus capitalizes with White Noise. There’s the Brogue Kick for three as Wyatt looks on laughing. Post-match, Wyatt applauds Sheamus and the Family leaves.   5/10 Actually, a pretty good WWE main event style match and Harper looked at home in it; some of these Indie stars have trouble adjusting to it but not Harper. As I said before, I don’t mind the occasional WWE main eventer heading into NXT for a match or two. It gives the fans there something special to see and legitimizes the wrestler who gets to face them, win or lose.

Here is your winner… Sheamus via Brogue Kick pinfall

OVERALL 5.5/10   The women’s title match was the real highlight; everything else was a squash. We got a debut and a decent WWE main event this week; not as good as previous shows but still entertaining nonetheless.

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