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411’s WWE NXT Report 5.1.19

May 1, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Kushida NXT 5-1-12

We open with a short video hyping tonight’s debut of KUSHIDA.

Danny Burch, Humberto Carrillo, and Oney Lorcan vs. The Forgotten Sons

Cutler and Oney begin. They trade shots and Oney catches him with a European uppercut. He misses a sunset flip but hits a running Blockbuster. Blake enters and is sent outside with a running European.They knock Ryker off the apron and Oney takes out all three with a pescado. The Sons take a moment to regroup outside. Humberto goes up against Blake and catches him with a great arm drag. However, Ryker blind tagged in and nails a spinebuster. He wails on Carrillo with shots. Blake comes back in and wears down Carrillo. Tags by the Forgotten Sons leads to a Ryker diving headbutt following a double team move that gets two. Cobra Clutch wears down Carrillo. Carrillo nearly gets free but Cutler cuts off the tag. He rolls away and gets it anyway. Burch enters hot, hitting everything moving. He eats a back elbow that brings Cutler in but then comes back with a German suplex. Corner clothesline and enziguri from Burch. Front dropkick off the second rope. Burch traps Cutler in a crossface but Ryker breaks it up. Carrillo takes him out with a missile dropkick. Blake eats a kick and Oney clotheslines him over and out. Carrillo follows with a tope suicida, but Ryker shoves Blake out of the way and he takes out Oney by mistake. Burch is left alone with his three opponents. He lays into each guy but the numbers are too much. Burch and Carrillo both take powerbombs into knees in the corner. Ryker holds them in place while his teammates hit weak diving stomps on them to win.

Winners: The Forgotten Sons in 7:31 [**1/4]

Earlier today, Cathy Kelley asks Shayna Baszler if she has remorse after the attack last week. Shayna doesn’t and gets upset when Cathy mentions that Io has pinned Shayna and Shayna hasn’t done it back. Shayna smacks the microphone from her hand and storms off.

Earlier this week, Bianca Belair and Mia Yim had an altercation at the Performance Center. Bianca gets in Mia’s face and it seems like she isn’t happy with Mia’s words last week. Robbie Bookside attempts to stop them. Bianca walks off and snaps at the cameraman. They go one on one next week.

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Mansoor

I remember Mansoor being one of the signees announced during the first Saudi Arabia show. He avoids a Cyclone Kick at the start and slaps on a few headlocks. He can’t get much more going though. His chop is shaken off by Dijakovic. Mansoor fires off a few more shots and a snap rana. Running forearm works, as does a single leg dropkick. The mistake is when he goes up. Dijakovic catches a cross body and hits a backbreaker before launching him over the top. Inside, Dijakovic continues on offense, yet only gets two. Backbreaker connects and Dijakovic adds a falling middle rope splash for two. Mansoor gets a sleeper on. it is broken but Mansoor comes off the top and puts it back on. Running forearm connects when it is broken. Another clothesline and running enziguri. He lets out a roar and leaps off Dijakovic’s knee to hit a leaping enziguri for a great near fall. He leaps into a kick to the gut. Dijakovic with palm strikes, clubs, and a clothesline. Feast Your Eyes ends it.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic in 5:10 [**3/4]

Dijakovic’s celebration is cut off by Velveteen Dream’s music. He is wheeled out on a couch by two women. As he snaps his fingers, his music stops. Dream makes a red, white, and blue reference as the shot of him dressed as the Statue of Liberty appears on screen. He then does a sing-along with the crowd to his own version of the national anthem. You have to see it to appreciate it.

Next week, Adam Cole takes on Matt Riddle.

We get a recap of the events that ended Johnny Gargano vs. Roderick Strong last week. We then get an Undisputed Era promo. They call Johnny the luckiest man on Earth. Turning the attention to Cole’s match with Riddle, they know he’ll win because the team is stronger than ever before. They focus on the future and not Strong dropping the ball. That causes friction and Strong walks away. Bobby Fish seems to agree that the timing of the “Joke” was bad.

Kassius Ohno vs. KUSHIDA

Great reaction for KUSHIDA. Ohno kicks away a handshake. Ohno applies a headlock before taking KUSHIDA down to the mat. KUSHIDA turns it around and bamboozles Ohno with his quickness. Ohno misses a leg drop and KUSHIDA uses a cartwheel to set up a dropkick. Ohno catches a moonsault into the cravat. KUSHIDA rolls through into a pin for two. Standoff. Ohno boots him and keeps on the offensive. Knee drop gets one. KUSHIDA catches him with a boot and adds an enziguri. He springboards in with a Tomahawk Chop. A running dropkick to the arm. He misses a roundhouse and takes a sitout electric chair drop facebuster for two. KUSHIDA sends Ohno into the turnbuckle and hits a slow springboard rana for two. He fires off some shots and physically takes the handshake. Handspring elbow leads to Ohno hitting him with a knockout style forearm but it only gets two. Fastball punch by KUSHIDA and another kick to the arm. He rolls Ohno into the Hoverboard Lock for a quick tapout.

Winner: KUSHIDA in 8:04 [***]

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