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411’s WWE Photo Shoot Report: The Miz

February 13, 2018 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Miz WWE Raw

411’s WWE Photo Shoot Report: The Miz

-I enjoyed the episode with Bischoff and these are short enough that I figured I would check out the previous episodes. This one with The Miz should be interesting as he has a great story and he generally does well with talking about his life and career.

-As a note I will just list a quick description of the picture and then Miz’s comments plus any of mine own.

-R Truth: Miz talks about being in Awesome Truth and he pitched doing a remix of Truth’s song with him rapping some parts. Truth is apparently too nice and told Miz that it sounded good. John Cena was in the background signing autographs and told Truth to tell The Miz the truth. He finally admitted to Miz that it wasn’t any good and that led to Miz just being the hype man of the team.

-Miz standing outside Titan Towers: Miz says this was one of the first videos he shot for the WWE. They had him at WWE HQ and had him annoying people by tossing water balloons off the roof. He talks about hitting cars as they pulled in and denting some hoods.

-Miz grabbing MITB briefcase: This was the rise for Miz to get to another level and the key to him winning the WWE Title. He says it allowed him to achieve a dream he didn’t know was possible.

-Miz with the WWE Title: The Miz says he was destined to be WWE Champion and they show footage of him pinning Orton to win the title. He talks about the range of emotions as first you are just excited and then it kind of sinks in and you can’t believe it. After that he got choked up as he thought back to watching as a kid with his friends and he had to pull himself together as he is a heel and they don’t cry. He talks about nearly losing it when A-Ry came over and gave him a hug. He talks about angry Miz girl, and that flash that picture on the screen. He loved her reaction as it was everything he wanted from the crowd and it made him happy.

-Shaking Vince’s hand after winning the WWE Title: They show video of Miz hugging Vince after the Title win and Vince telling him that he deserved it. Miz says that Vince is his biggest supporter. This was Vince’s way of letting Miz know that they were going to run with him. He talks about the fans hating him and the boys hating him as he came in as a reality TV star. He talks about being kicked out of the locker room and how through all of that Vince believed in him.

-Miz with the Cleveland Indians mascot at an Indians game: The Miz got to throw out the first pitch and talks about all the times he went to games with his dad. This was a special moment and he is proud he actually threw a strike. He pimps being on a YouTube list of celebrities who threw great first pitches as the biggest fear is embarrassing yourself out there. This is very true as a lot of great athletes have had some horrendous first pitches.

-First promo picture with WWE: The Miz laughs at what he is wearing as he thought it was cool at the time. He just wanted to look different and stand out. He notes that he picked shorts over tights because he always loved shorts.

-Calgary Kid: The Miz does a good job of recapping this story as he was fired from Monday Night RAW and then the next week in Calgary they have a contract on a pole match. The unknown masked man, The Calgary Kid, made his debut and won the match. The Miz talks about how he wore tights for the first time and did so because he didn’t want people to know it was him under the mask. He talks about the crowd pop for the hometown kid winning and then booing him out of the building when he unmasked. They should have let him run with being The Calgary Kid for a bit before being revealed as the Miz, but maybe that’s just me.

-Show-Miz: He talks about having a great time teaming with The Big Show and how he wanted the team to be The MizShow, but Show wasn’t having any of that. He loved teaming with Show because he could be the biggest, cockiest heel ever due to having a giant on his side. He puts over being possibly the only and at least last person in the WWE to hold 3 Title belts at once as he was part of the Undisputed Tag Champions (which was 2 physical belts) and he was the US Champion.

-Diva Search Host: The picture is from a game of musical chairs that was done during The Diva Search. The Miz mentions that when you become a WWE Superstar you have visions of being Stone Cold or The Rock and the WWE told him he was going to be their Ryan Seacrest. He was kind of bummed with that comparison, but took it is an opportunity as he would be on TV and have a mic. He talks about screwing up the number and they show he just butchering telling the fans how to vote. That was absolutely cringe worthy, and Miz obviously got much better being on the mic. The great thing that came from doing the show was it was how he met his future wife, Maryse.

-WrestleMania XXVII Main Event: He says nobody saw it coming, but if I remember correctly it was reported months in advance that the plans were Miz/Cena at Mania. I was there in The Georgia Dome as it was the third straight (and last) Mania I attended. The crowd behind me absolutely hated the match and hated that they paid a ton of money a year in advance only to be rewarded with this match as the main event. The Miz talks about looking out to the front row and seeing his high schools friends and telling them “we did it.” I will say the hype video for The Miz before he made his entrance is one of the best ones the WWE has ever done.

-KFC Commercial: The Miz was jealous that that Dolph got to be the Colonel while he had to dress up like a chicken. He does an impression of what he would have sounded like had he been The Colonel.

-RAW 1000: The Miz wins his first IC Title by defeating Christian. He says Christian is his second favorite WWE star (behind The Rock) and how Christian reminds him of that fact often. He calls the match one of the best he has ever had and puts over that it made him one of 15 people to be a Grand Slam Champion.

-Hollywood Miz: The Miz was off filming one of the many Marie sequels and while on set he listened to the lingo being used by the crew. To him, without context, they sounded like douchebags and he wanted to come back with that gimmick. He had to fight for the character change.

-MizDow: All that lead to him wanting his own stunt double and he puts over Sandow for coming up with the idea of doing everything Miz did while outside the ring. He mentions that he did all the work and Sandow got all the reaction.

-Miz/Maryse as Cena/Nikki: Miz warms my heart by saying “Total Bella Bullshit” when talking about the picture. He was told they wanted him doing a Cena impression, and he didn’t want to at first. On car trips he would start doing an impression of Cena from Total Divas (turned up 1000 times) and it made Maryse laugh and then those in the WWE loved it so they let him run with it. He talks about how he and Maryse just played off each other and had the thought of “how stupid can we be?” He think Cena and Nikki thought it was funny.

-Talking Smack with Daniel Bryan: Here we go! This is early in the run of the show and the one that made the show must see TV every week. The Miz says he had a lot of emotions going into the show because WWE Creative told him they had nothing for him on that episode of SmackDown and it pissed him off. He was the IC Champion and they wanted to get over the other titles they were introducing. He told them he wanted to be on Talking Smack then and he just let it all hang out. When Daniel called him a coward it only angered him more, so he went off on Bryan calling him a coward for not getting back into the ring. He didn’t know if Daniel was going to hit him and then when Bryan got up and walked off the set, it threw him off for a second. Find the clip on The WWE Network or on YouTube and enjoy. It also makes me miss Talking Smack even more. The Miz says from that day he wanted everything he did to be must see as he didn’t want to lose the importance of that moment and he set out to make the IC Title the most important title in the WWE.

-The Miz wraps things up by saying this whole show was Awesome!

-As mentioned earlier The Miz does a great job of being able to talk about himself and his history in wrestling. The final segment discussing his famous Talking Smack run in with Daniel Bryan is easily the highlight of this episode, but everything was solid and it was an easy watch. Next time I will catch up with the only other episode: Cesaro.