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411’s WWE Raw Report 03.29.04

March 29, 2004 | Posted by PK

411’s WWE Raw Report 03.29.04
Live from Cincinnati
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411MANIA by PK

Recap of HHH being drafted, then sent back to RAW for the Dudz and Booker.

Intro. Batista/Flair defend against Benoit/HBK, plus Trish is on Jericho’s Highlight Reel.

Evolution minus HHH come on down to the ring. Flair starts off by saying how happy they are to have HHH back on the show. He says that he is upset with the lockerroom last week, and when HHH does get here, he will deal with the lockerroom. Next, he says that he is tired of the lack of respect for Randy Orton. Orton on the mic, says that his voice is still messed up due to his tonsils being taken out last week. He also says that he is here though, and Mick Foley isn’t, calling him a coward. This brings out Foley. Foley says that at WM, Orton proved that in a 3 on 2 situation, Orton can beat a Hollywood actor and a man who writes Children’s books. Flair then says that Orton challenged him for Backlash, but Foley didn’t answer. Foley says that it will be on his terms. Evolution banned from ringside, IC title on the line, No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere. Orton, very reluctantly, agrees.

Greiner, Conway, and Cade are welcoming Tajiri into the RAW lockerroom, and says to be accepted, he has to spit the green mist on the next person who walks through the door. They wait a bit, and Coach comes though to a cloud of green. HAHA. Coach gets out of there, and Cade says that Coach is Bischoff’s boy, and maybe he shouldn’t have done that.


Rewind – Nidia being drafted by RAW.

Nidia vs. Molly Holly (with a new wig)
Nidia seems as stiff as a board in the ring. Molly flips her over the top, but Nidia lands on the apron, only for Molly to run her shoulder first into the ring post. Molly then brings Nidia back in, and works on the shoulder. Nidia fires up, a few clotheslines, and a catapult. Nidia then nails a Northern Lights Suplex for 2. Nidia goes for a bulldog, but ends up pulling off Molly’s wig. Molly fights to get her wig back, and Nidia rolls up Molly for the win.
Winner – Nidia

Recap of Bischoff getting speared by Edge.

Bischoff angry that that footage showed. He tells Johnny Spade that he wants Edge. Spade tells “EB” that he hasn’t seen Edge all day. Bischoff then makes Edge vs. Kane for Backlash.


Hurricane comes out for a match, but HHH comes out and beats him up to send a message to the lockerroom. He then calls Bischoff a smart man for bringing him back. He then calls himself the Franchise, and says that he fills seats. HHH then says that Kurt Angle sent him packing because he didn’t want him in his spotlight. He then says that Bischoff will come out here and make HHH vs. Benoit for Backlash. Bischoff comes out and says that he would’ve traded anyone and everyone to get HHH back. Bischoff says that he made a verbal agreement with HBK, and if he breaks it, it might “break the law,” but he can make HHH/Benoit/HBK 2 at Backlash, so he does.


HHH meets up with Evo in the back, and they discuss the laughing last week. Shelton Benjamin walks by and gets his ass whipped by HHH as a welcoming gift.

Lance Storm in the ring, says that he is sick of the music, sick of the dancing, and sick of being a joke. His once chance of getting away from all of that was last week, to be sent to SmackDown…Rhyno’s music blares.

Lance Storm vs. Rhyno
Storm jumps Rhyno, but Rhyno nails a quick spinebuster, and follows it with a gore for the win.
Winner – Rhyno

Tajiri walks into Bischoff’s office to apologize. Coach is in there telling Bischoff the story. Coach then makes up a few lies, and Bischoff makes Tajiri vs. Kane tonight.


Highlights of WWE winning the Legacy of Hope award from the USO.

Ric Flair & Batista (c) vs. Chris Benoit & Shawn Michaels – World Tag Team Titles
Lillian says that the special guest for this match is going to be Johnny Spade. Spade, then tells Lillian that he wants to be known as Johnny Nitro. JR then calls him Johnny Suckass. Melee starts, it seems like HBK and Benoit are getting along. Back and forth action. King asks why wanting to be called Nitro is sucking up to Bischoff, JR then says that his middle name is Monday. HAHA. Nitro isn’t really doing much about anything, letting double teams go. Batista nails HBK with a huge spinebuster for 2. Flair in, drops some knees, connects some suplexes for 2. Flair chops some more, and goes to the top rope, but HBK pulls him down. Flair is the first one up, goes for an elbow drop but misses. Benoit in, lights up and nails the Trifecta German on Flair. Benoit then locks on the Sharpshooter, but Batista runs in and drills Benoit with a clothesline. HBK then comes in and takes out Batista.


Flair and Benoit in, both are tired, both tag and HBK is on fire. HBK and Benoit take out Batista, HBK with a scoop slam, Benoit with a swandive headbutt, HBK with Chin Music for the pin.
Winners and NEW Champs – Benoit & HBK

Nitro restarts the match, stating that Flair was not the legal man. HBK doesn’t like this and he drills Nitro, and Nitro DQ’s Benoit/HBK.
Winners – Evolution

HBK pulls Nitro in the ring, and Benoit locks on the Crossface. HBK and Benoit are celebrating together.

Shelton comes into Bischoff’s Office and complains about HHH. Bischoff then says that is the rule around here, and don’t disrespect HHH or Bischoff. Austin comes in and tells Shelton not to listen to Bischoff. He then tells Shelton that if he wants something, he better do something about it. Shelton then requests a match with HHH tonight, and Bischoff gives it to him.


Slam of the Week – Trish turning on Jericho

Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel
Jericho starts by congratulating Trish and Christian for fooling him on the grandest stage of them all, and will get his revenge, but not tonight. He will get fined and suspended if he lays his hands on Trish tonight, by orders of Bischoff. All he wants tonight is an explanation. Trish comes out. She says that last month when he had to wrestle Christian, where was he? He had a gimp knee…boohoo. She then says that Christian came by her hotel room, and explained the situation. She then said that they plotted out the plan for WM, but that’s not the only thing they did all night long. Jericho then thanks for the reasoning, and then calls her a slut in many, many words. He then calls her Steph’s old nickname; Filthy, Dirty, Disgusting, Bottom-Feeding, Trash Bag Hoe.


Christian consoles Trish, and says that he was in Bischoff’s Office making Jericho/Christian 2 for Backlash…wonderful, so WMXX was useless then?

Tajiri vs. Kane – No DQ
Tajiri tries to kick his way in the match, but Kane dominates. They fall to the outside, and Tajiri pushes Kane shoulder-first to the ring post, which only irritates Kane, but Kane turns around into some Green Mist, and Tajiri slides in the ring before the 10 count.
Winner via CO – Tajiri

Kane gets in the ring and choke slams Tajiri, and goes to do it again, but Edge runs in and spears Kane. Man, does Kane look like a little bitch.


Shelton Benjamin getting ready, Benoit comes in and says that SmackDown is the past, and he tells Shelton that HHH’s biggest weakness is his ego, and to use it to his advantage. Shelton exits the lockerroom, and runs into Hurricane to tells him to take down HHH. He then passes Foley, who tell him that he doesn’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Smackdown Rebound – Recap of Angle becoming the new GM, and Booker T stuff with Eddie and Bradshaw, and Dudz first match.

Flair hyping up HHH.


Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin
Tie ups start. HHH ties Benjamin to the corner, and breaks it, then pats Shelton on the cheek. Shelton then starts to Greco HHH, until HHH gets to the ropes, does it again, and then pats HHH on the cheek. Tie up again, HHH drops Shelton, and hits the ropes, but Shelton leaps to his feet to surprise HHH. Shelton sends HHH off the ropes, ducks his head, but HHH goes for a Pedigree to which Shelton nearly escapes, HHH then says that Shelton was “that close”. Shelton blocks a hip toss for a backslide for 2, Shelton then tells HHH that he was “that close.” Shelton locks on an arm bar, but gets sent off the ropes, ducks a clothesline, then nails HHH with a hip toss. HHH then backs Shelton to the corner and nails a few shoulder blocks. HHH whips him to the other corner and charges, but Shelton lifts his leg up, but HHH grabs it, and pulls him to the middle of the ring. He then spins Shelton around, but Shelton then whips his leg all around to nail HHH. 2 count. Flair comes out, and HHH dumps Shelton to the outside, but Benoit then comes out to offset Flair.


Back in the ring, HHH has a wrist lock applied. Shelton reverses it, and locks on a wrist lock of his own. HHH sends Shelton off the ropes, and nails the knee to face. HHH then sends Shelton through the ropes to the ringpost. HHH then with a neckbreaker for 2. Shelton is playing possum, blocks a right hand from HHH, and connects with some of his own. HHH sends him off the ropes, and locks on the sleeper. Shelton fights out, nails a back elbow, both men down, both back up, Shelton with a back body drop, then some punches in the corner, followed by a Russian Leg Sweep for 2. Shelton then sends HHH to the outside, and leaps off the apron with a diving clothesline on the floor. Flair distracts Shelton, and HHH thumbs him in the eye, and goes to slam Shelton head first into the steps, but Shelton blocks it and slams HHH’s head on the steps. Shelton then slides HHH back in, and nails a bulldog like maneuver off the top for 2. He then does the 10 count of punches, but HHH walks though and Shelton drops head first on the turnbuckle. HHH charges Shelton, but Shelton nails a powerslam. Flair then nails Shelton with a right hand behind the refs back. HHH goes for a Pedigree, but Shelton drops him and flips over for 2. Benoit then tracks down Flair, and HHH is distracted. Shelton with a Stinger Splash, and a roll up for the win!
Winner – Shelton Benjamin


Show Over.



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