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411’s WWE Raw Report 04.12.04

April 12, 2004 | Posted by PK

411’s WWE Raw Report 04.12.04
Live from Chicago (Rosemont Horizon)
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411MANIA by PK

Recap of Shelton beating HHH again, then the beatdown. HBK/Foley/Benoit make the save and the 4 on 4 match is made for tonight.

We go to Bischoff telling Shelton to calm down. Shelton says that it seems like things like this happen all the time around. Johnny Nitro tells Shelton that he got beat up, and he better get used to it. Foley, HBK and Benoit back him up. Foley then comes out and says that he is hunting Randys. He then says that he knows he has to abide by the rules tonight. He then goes on to say that he is not really sure he wants to tear apart Randy. The luck is, that he knows someone that does, Cactus Jack. Cactus Jack has no remorse according to Foley. Orton sprints down the ring, and goes to hit Foley with a chair from behind, but Foley turns around and swings Barbie and knocks the chair out of Orton’s hand, and Orton then quickly gets back up the ramp.


Kane vs. Grandmasta Sexay
Yes, it says Grandmasta Sexay. King: “Hey, I know that guy!” GMS mounts some offense, but Kane starts to dominate. Kane nails a big boot, then a pounding in the corner. Kane nails a sidewalk slam and a choke slam for the win.
Winner – Kane

Trish is bitching to the make-up lady about being in the match at Backlash. Eugene comes in and says hi to the make-up lady. Trish then wonders if he knows who she is. Eugene then says “SLUT”. HAHA. Regal snags Eugene, and Christian enters. Christian says that at Backlash, he will do all the work, and Trish will just have to make the pinfall.


WWE Rewind – Coach helping Christian to beat Tajiri.

Coach comes down to the ring with a masked ninja fella. Coach says that Tajiri has challenged him to a match at Backlash, but Tajiri has to prove himself. He has brought a dangerous, 5 Star Ninja from the orient to face Tajiri. And if Tajiri can win, then they will have a match at Backlash.

Tajiri vs. Dangerous 5 Star Ninja
They go back and forth, and Tajiri has the Ninja in the corner and goes to take off the mask, but the Ninja gets away, and drill Tajiri with a kick. The Ninja’s huge braided pony tail whips the ref in the eyes, and Tajiri is sent to the corner. Ninja charges, and Tajiri catches him and goes for the tarantula. Coach nails a rabbit punch, and the Ninja gets 2. Tajiri fights back, and nails his big kick for the win.
Winner – Tajiri

Coach isn’t happy that he has the match, and Tajiri unmasks the Ninja to reveal that it is Al Snow! HAHA!


Flair is in Bischoff’s office, and he wants a one on one match with Shelton Benjamin at Backlash. Bischoff says that everything was already taken care of. Flair goes to leave, and Benjamin attacks him until refs and agents break it up.

JR and King then hype the Triple Threat.

HHH is in a studio. He is talking about how great the match was at WMXX. He says that each and everyone has something prove. Benoit will try to prove he is not a one hit wonder, HBK will try and prove he is still the Icon. But, he WILL prove that the World title still belongs to him.


Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel
Jericho goes on a rant using ackrynonus to express his excitement for the match this Sunday. He then goes on to show old footage of Trish acting like a dog in front of Mr. McMahon. Jericho then introduces his guest, Lita! Lita comes out, but is jumped by Trish, and tossed into the stage. Bischoff comes out and says that Lita vs. Trish will happen right now.


Trish Stratus vs. Lita
We come back and Trish is pummeling Lita. Jericho as stayed in Lita’s corner, and Christian makes his way down to Trish’s corner. Lita nails a monkey flip, but Trish slaps the crap out of Lita. Lita starts fighting back, beats down Trish in the corner. Trish reverses Lita, and goes for the Stratusfaction, but Lita turns it into a belly to back suplex. They both fall to the outside, where Christian takes out Lita for the DQ.
Winner – Lita

Christian and Jericho go at it, and Jericho gets the best of him. Jericho then goes to lock the Walls on Trish, but Christian comes back in, and nails Jericho with 2 Unprettiers.


La Rez is explaining why they are from Quebec, but Eugene is in the backround, messing around with the Quebec flag. Regal stops the madness, and Eugene looks sad. Regal says that he things La Rez are his friends.

Johnny Nitro (who comes down to the old Monday Nitro theme song) in out in the ring. He starts talking about Edge, and how if Edge uses his cast as a weapon, he will not only lose, but he will be suspended. Edge comes out, and says that he is just licking his chops to get back in the ring, and nothing will stop him. Edge then asks Nitro to pass a message to Bischoff, and spears him.


Sylvan Grenier (w/ Rob Conway) vs. The Hurricane (w/ Rosey)
Back and forth action, until Eugene makes his way down. He wants to give a stuffed Easter Bunny to his new friends, La Rez. Grenier rips the head off, but Hurricane capitalizes on the distraction and nails Greiner with The Eye of the Hurricane for the pin.
Winner – Hurricane

Eugene looks very, very sad, and Regal brings him to the back.

HBK in a studio now. He says that last months Triple Threat match was the greatest WM main event in history. People are asking him how he will top last month. He is the ShowStoppa, and it is his nature to top it. Only one man will win, and HBK thinks it’ll be him.


Smackdown Rebound:

  • Kurt Angle giving JBL the Great American Award, only for Eddie to steal the trophy, and destroy it.
  • Booker T walking out on RVD.
  • RVD vs. Booker T this week!

    Video montage of Foley’s Hardcore legacy. Then they show Orton backstage looking worried.

    JR and King run down the Backlash card:

  • Foley vs. Orton
  • Jericho vs. Christian & Trish
  • Coach vs. Tajiri
  • Shelton vs. Flair
  • Kane vs. Edge
  • Victoria vs. Lita
  • Benoit vs. HHH vs. HBK

    Benoit in the studio now. He says that WMXX was the greatest night of his career. The night he after the World Title, the night he wrestled 2 of the greatest superstars of all time, and the night he made HHH tap. He then says that people tell him that he got lucky. He doesn’t believe in luck, and at Backlash he will prove that luck had nothing to do with it.


    Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin, Shawn Michaels, & Mick Foley vs. Evolution
    Shelton wants to start, but HBK calms him down, and starts the match against Flair. They tie up, and Flair backs HBK to the corner and hits the chops, HBK reverses, and Flair comes out of the corner and HBK with a backbody drop. Foley in, hits his usual stiff moves, Benoit in, and he lets Flair get to HHH. Benoit runs roughshot on HHH. Benoit off the ropes, HHH nails the knee to face. They get up at the same time, Benoit chops away, sends HHH off the ropes, and lowers his head, but HHH goes for the Pedigree, but Benoit pulls through and locks on the Sharpshooter. Melee ensues, with all 8 men in the ring. The faces clear house, and HBK leaps to the floor on Batista/Flair/HHH.


    HHH and Benoit back in the middle of the ring, and HHH is on top. Flair now in, slugs away on Benoit in the corner. Batista in, and he over powers Benoit. Flair back in. Flair and Benoit go chop for chop. Benoit gets to Foley, who now pounds away on Flair in the corner, and charges with the knee. Shelton tagged in, nails the top rope bulldog. HHH comes in, and they go to the outside, where HHH runs Shelton to the ring steps. Orton in, nails his textbook dropkick for 2. HHH back in, and he backs Shelton into the corner, and beats him down. Shelton off the ropes, and HHH nails the Arn Anderson Spinebuster for 2. Flair in, chops down Shelton, and then hammers away on his head to open up the cuts. Flair lifts up Shelton, and they go punch for punch. Batista tagged in, and he drills Shelton. Shelton fights back again, Batista catches his leg, and spins him around into a roundhouse. Orton and HBK are tagged in. HBK takes out Orton, then atomic drops on Flair and HHH, and a melee starts up again. HBK nails Orton with an elbow drop, then tunes up the band, but he hits Flair. Orton then nails the RKO on HBK, Benoit comes off the top with a headbutt and breaks the count. HHH takes out Benoit, then nails a face to knee on Foley. He then sets up for a Pedigree, but Foley back body drops HHH to the outside. Foley shoves the Mandible Claw down Orton’s throat, but Batista pulls Foley to the outside, and HBK comes out of nowhere and nails Orton with Chin Music for the pin.
    Winners – Benoit/Shelton/Foley/HBK

    Benoit, HBK and HHH stare each other down.

    Show Over.


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