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411’s WWE Raw Report 2.11.19

February 11, 2019 | Posted by Tony Acero
Becky Lynch Raw 2-11-19

Dear Diary,

It has been one week since my last Mountain Dew. The days are dark here in California. The rain frightens me. I wonder soon if I’ll ever find love.

We are starting RAW with the head honcho and her husband, HHH. See what I did there? I made Stephanie the big boss. I’m full of hilarity. Steph welcomes us to RAW. She brings up Elimination Chamber. For the first time ever, they will have six teams compete to determine the Women’s Tag Team Champions. Triple H says that Bryan will have his hands full. Steph reminds us of Ronda vs Ruby. Triple H brings up Becky, and says that her v Ronda WAS the plan, at least until last week happened…

Video package of Becky goin ham on Steph then shit-talking Triple H the following night.

After the package, the crowd is hot for Becky. Steph says in spite of last week, they still are going to give us what we want. Becky did, in fact, see her doctors this past weekend and they sa—-

Becky Lynch’s music hits, and out comes The Man!

Triple H apologizes. He says she has been cleared. Triple H says that as of this moment, the suspension is lifted, and her match at Wrestlemania is on. Steph says that it is official; Lynch v Rousey at Wrestlemania. This could be one of the greatest matches in all of Mania history. That match will take place….IF and only if Becky can do one little thing. Honestly, says Steph, Becky is a role model and every action has a consequence. Steph is correct, says Triple H. The match is on, the suspension is lifted, all she has to do is apologize to Steph and Triple H. They apologized. Why can’t she. Steph tells her not to be stubborn.
Becky tells Steph to shut her face. She doesn’t trust either of them, or his old man. Their whole family has been screwing people over for decades. She doesn’t need to calm down. They tried to take her opportunity, and that’s stealing. Nobody is stealing her opportunity. She will fight anyone to get to here she wants to. She will fight her, HHH, Vince if she has to. But apologize? Hell no. She is going to tell them what to do – take their apology and shove it up their arse.

Stephanie gets in the face of Becky. They have a shouting match. Triple H tells them to calm down. This is not the hill she wants to die on. She needs to think clearly, put her pride aside, and think about this. Does she want to fight here or fight at Wrestlemania? Does she want the opportunity for it all or throw it away? If telling her is a problem, then she isn’t telling Becky anything – he is giving her a choice. By the endof the night, she needs to make the apology. Will she go to Mania? Will she fight Ronda? Will she show the world that she is the man, or will she choose to throw it all away. The choice is hers.

Match 1: Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan vs Nia Jax and Tamina

Sasha starts the match with a hard slap to Nia Jax. She then tags in Liv, who runs with a crossbody and gets pushed down hard. Liv tries to tag in Bayley but she’s not down. Liv stands, runs under Nia then hits an Enziguri. Tag to Logan, who comes in with some rights and a headbutt. Sarah ducks under a right and gets fireman scooped. Headbutt from Nia. Nia grabs Sarah by the hair and tags in Tamina. Tamina with a kick. She clubs the back. Sarah tries to lift Tamina, Tamina misses a horrible right, and Logan drags her down. Tag to Liv who covers for 1..2..NO! Live with a front face lock. Tamina stands and shoves Liv. Right underhook from Tamina. Tamina lifts and hits a body slam. Cover for 1..2.NO! Tamina slams Liv down hard then tags in Nia. Kick from Nia. Liv with a bunch of rights, and a kick to Nia. She dropkicks the knee. Nia still standing. Tag from Bayley!! Liv tries to attack, Bayley sends her to the apron. Liv shoves her and Nia trucks her down. Outside, Ruby attacks Sasha. Logan runs and hits a knee to the face of Sasha.

We return and Sasha is floored on the outside near the barricade. The medical staff is taking care of her as Bayley works Liv in the ring. Tag to Tamina from Liv, and Tamina comes in with a headbutt to Bayley. The medical team is walking Sasha up the ramp while Tamina looks to Superkick Bayley. Bayley side steps and rolls her up! 1…2…NO! Bayley shoots the legs. Jackknife cover for 1..2..NO!!! Bayley hangs Tamina up on the ropes. Tag to Liv. Logan pulls Bayley to the outside. Liv tags in Sarah. Sarah in, ducks a clothelsine. Double dropkick to Tamina. Liv with an enziguri. Running knee from Logan. Tag to Liv. Wheelbarrow drop onto Tamina and a cover for 1..2..NO! Tag to Sarah. She comes in, points to Nia, and laughs. Tamina gets the upperhand and tags in Nia who squashes Sarh in the corner .She hits the ropes and drops an elbow. Nia lifts Sarah up and locks in a half-nelson choke. Nia rushes the corner and gets posted. Tamina tags herself in. She knocks Liv off the apron. Samoan Drop to Sarah. Tamina is going to the top rope. She goes for the splash. Logan with her knees up! Tag to Liv. Bayley tags hersel in! Clotheslnie to Liv. Again. A bunch of rights. She corners Liv, hits a shoulder, rolls out, and runs forward with a knee! She hangs Liv up on the apron, Tamina runs in, Bayley sends her to the apron. A double Stunner to Liv and Tamina!!! She leaves the ring!!! Bayley slides through the ropes for a dropkick to the face of Liv! Another slide to Nia Jax! Ruby is nearby. CLOTHESLINE!! Back in the ring, Bayley with a running knee to Liv! Cove—nO! She heads to the top rope! Bayley flies! Elbow Drop! Pin for 1..2…..NO!!!! Logan breaks the pin up at the last half-second!!! Side suplex to Logan!!! Liv with an inside cradlel! 1…2…NO!!! Whip to Bayley after a kick. BAYLEY TO BELLY!!! P—-no! Tamina in with a Superkick to Bayley’s face!

Tamina grabs Liv and drags her to the corner to tag NIa in via Liv’s hand. Nia with a Samoan Drop. Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Bayley’s a G.
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: **

Elias is in the middle of the ring. He introduces himself, but we don’t care about that, because we head to the backstage area where the Irish are plannin a coup. Finn tells Becky that when Lashley and Lio run their mouth, he wants to slap them, but it’s better to wait and bide their time, and when the whole world is watching, he’s going to take the title. Becky wonders if he thinks she should apologize. He says he has seen pride get the better of many a men, don’t let it get the better of THE MAN. Becky compliemnts his abs then we go back to Elias being introduced. Again. But again, we don’t care, because we get a video package of Seth Rollins.

For the third time, Elias is introduced, but the Lucha House Party interrupts him.

Elias is very upset, and rightfully so. He shouts for them all to stop making noise. He is tired of being interrupted, and what’s worse was that his album was not nominated at The Grammy’s. He wrote a song for himself that he planned on signing. Kalisto says that unlike ELias, they love entertaining the WWE Universe. Tonight, they’ve decided that they want to walk with Elias.

Elias is finally able to sing a song about needing beer goggles to think anyone is pretty from this city. He wonders what Pinata Party thinks. Can they do better? Do they have any idea how hard it is to be Elias. They start dancing. This segment is unraveling, and I’m not liking the insides….

Kalisto sits on the stool and Elias hands him the guitar. Kalisto begins to play the guitar! He strums a few quick notes. Elias offers a duet. He goes to grab a conveniently placed SECOND guitar.

Before the Mexicans can scatter, a Wall of a man comes out.

Lashley is, apparently, out to watch the following match.

Match 2: Drew McIntyre vs Finn Balor

Lashley and Lio distract Finn and Drew hits him hard from behind. He sends Finn into the corner hard then mounts and hits a bunch of right hands to the face. Chop to Finn. Drew works the arm. He sends Finn back towards the mat after an escape attempt. Finn gets Drew on the apron, but Drew grabs the head and looks for a suplex. Finn lands on his feet, hops over a running Drew, and Drew eats the ringpost! Balor hits the ropes, but Lashley grabs the leg! Balor dives through the middle ropes right INTO LIO! Sick. Slingblade to Drew! Dropkick sends Drew face-first into the turnbuckle. Balor heads to the top rope. Lashley shoves him off! The ref calls for a DQ.
Winner: Finn Balor via DQ
Match Quality: NR
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: NR

Lashley enters the ring with some stomps. He and Drew double team. Lashley sends Finn into the corner hard, back-first. Drew grabs the ring steps and looks to bring the bottome half into the ring. The music of Kurt Angle hits, and out comes Kurt. He ducks a clothesline on the ramp from Drew. Right hands! He slides into the ring. GERMAN SUPLEX TO LASHLEY!!! One for Drew! LIo in the ring, kicks, but Ankle grabs the kick and hits an Ankle lock! Baron Corbin attacks from behind! He clubs Angle in the back. Corbin, Lashley, and McIntyre triple team Angle until….

BRAUN!!! Out comes the big man! Drew isn’t waiting! He heads up the ramp and the big men meet in the middle. Right hand to Lashley and Drew. He sends Lashley into the barricade. Knee to Drew. He gets tosssed into the barricade. Corbin stands in the center of the ring. Braun gets up to the apron. Corbin runs, Braun catches his head. Headbutt. Corbin kicks, right hand, another. Braun looks for a powerslam, but Drew catches his foot and pulls Corbin out of the ring.

Of course, we get ourselves a little six man tag.

Match 3: Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, and Baron Corbin vs Kurt Angle, Finn Balor, and

We start with Lashley and Finn. Ok, no we don’t, but I had to pee. I didn’t wash my hands because of you guys!!! Corbin and Lashley double team Finn. Drew gets tagged in and stops a tag. Whip to Finn. Finn with a tornado DDT. Tag to Angle. German Suplex. Another! A third to Drew. Kick from Drew. Angle kicks out of the corner. Dropkick from Angle. He hits an ANgle Slam!!! Cover for 1..2…NO! Lashley with a pay-dirt. Cover from Drew. 1…2.. NO!!! Corbin drops some elbows! Corbin hits a back elbow to Angle. 1…2..NO!! Corbin backs into the corner and Lashley gets the tag. He hits a few rights in the corner. Shoulder thrusts in the corner. Snapmare into a rest hold from Lashley. Lashley releases, gets Angle in the corner. Lashley runs right into a boot. Lashley gets a tag to Drew who stops a tag from Angle. He hits a bunch of rights then stomps the head. Drew sends Angle to the outside.

We come back to Drew talking shit to Kurt Angle on his knees. That could be read either way. Finn is in with abunch of kicks. He sends Balor down and whips Corbin, but it’s reversed. Corbin with a kick. Finn kicks high and knocks Corbin off the top rope. Balor goes for a slingblade, but Balor with a chokeslam onto the knee. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Right hands. Tag to Lashley. He comes in and oes for a powerbomb, but Finn rolls out and hits a dropkick. Tag to Corbin, who comes in to knock Angle off the corner. Drew pulls Braun down, so Braun just slaps the shit out of him. He goes to chokeslam Corbin but Drew Claymore kicks him! Lashley in the ring. He waits. Finn tries to stand. Lahley rushes and Finn side steps. Finn flies over the top rope onto Corin and Drew! He heads back in with a shoulder to Lashley. High kick to Lashley. Finn to the top rope. Lio on the apron.

Finn hits a right. He goes to the top rope, Lashley crotches him, and Lashley grabs Finn atop his shoulder then hits a weak ass twirly move. 1..2….BALOR WITH THE FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE…..3!!!
Afterwards, another ref comes out to tell the first ref that Finn’s foot was on the ropes, because this week that matters. They are going to restart this match.

Match 3 Part 2: Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, and Baron Corbin vs Kurt Angle, Finn Balor, and

Corbin tries to do that stupid run in and out thing but Balor stops him with a hit. Unfortunately, Finn has no one to tag cuz Braun is chillin in the audience, and angle is somewhere else. Lashley gets a tag. He grabs Balor and lifts him over his shoulder. Finn hooks the legs. Stomp to Lashley, but Finn can’t stand. He crawls in front of Lashley and tries to reach his corner. Still, there is no one there. Lashley grabs the leg and rags him, but Finn hits an enziguri. BOth men down yet again.

WE see Braun struggling to stand, finally able to swing his leg over the barricade. Braun walks the steps. Finn is close. TAG TO BRAUN! He trucks Lashley down then sends Drew and Baron off the apron. He shoves Lshley to the corner. Clubs the chest. Same to Corbin. Drew comes in and gets one as well. Braun leaves the ring and trucks down Drew, then Corbin, then Lio AND LASHLEY! Braun hops on the apron, but Corbin is there to pull him, only for Angle to lock up behind and hit a German! Braun walks over to Lashley. Drew enters the ring. Braun sends him to the outside. Lashley attacks from behind.

Lashley squares up and runs right into a running Powerslam! Sick. Tag to Finn. COUP DE GRACE!!!!! Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Finn Balor, Bobby Lashley, and Kurt Angle
66% of the heels are uninteresting, and the faces have nothing to gain. Lack of intrigue causes a relatively boring match.
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: **

We get an announcement that Kevin Owens is coming back soon! It’s a video promo from an Android.

He claims he’s enjoying a lot of time with his family, and he says WWE TV has been very rough to watch. He’s watching others do what he does best. He doesn’t know when he is coming back, and he doesn’t know if it’s RAW or Smackdown. In a month or so, the Kevin Owen’s show returns. Owens pauses to hit a gutter ball.

Nikki Cross makes her entrance, but Becky is backstage thinking so let’s see what it is that she is…thinking. Charley asks, and Becky says it’s none of her business.

Match 4: Ruby Riot vs Nikki Cross

Nikki backs Ruby into the ropes. Ruby escapes and Nikki covers her randomly for 1. Nikki with a side headlock. Ruby twirls her out and hits a clothelsine. Ruby hits the ropes. CROSSBODY from Nikki! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Front face hedlock. Ruby shoves her off. Nikki goes behind and gets a…sorta-sleeper. Ruby backs her into the corner a few times. Nikki drops. Ruby turns and rushes the corner, steps up, locks the head, and sends Nikki into the middle buckle. Cover for 1..2.NO!! Backstage, Becky is THINKING! In comes Ronda! We go full screen.

Ronda says this is bigger than both of them. She grabs Becky’s arm and says it’s time to man up. Apologie, even if she doesn’t mean it. If she doesn’t apologize, then she’s just admitting that she is too much of a corward to face her at Mania.

Back to the match at hand, and Nikki arm drags Ruby away then attacks the midsection. Throat thrust, but Ruby hits an STO! Cover for 1..2..NO!! Ruby drives a knee to the back of Nikki. Whip to Nikki in the corner. Elbow to Ruby. Right hand from Nikki is reversed, Nikki tries for another crossbody, but Ruby ducks then kicks her in the gut. Nikki rolls to the apron. Ruby hops to the apron then grabs the face of Nikki and tells her she is the next champ. Ruby goes for an STO on the apron, but Nikki hits an elbow, turns the head of Ruby, and drops her down hard on the apron. Nikki stands on the apron Ruby is up on the outside. Nikki with a crossbody from the apron down to the floor! Nikki grabs the boot of Ruby then traps her in between the ring skirt and ring. Nikki beats her down with a bunch of rights. She sends Ruby back into the ring. Nikki to the top rope.

Ruby runs up and kicks the leg out from under nikki. Ruby with the Riot Kick. Cover for 1…2…3!!!
Winner: Ruby Riot
I know y’all love Nikki, but ultimately, there’s little reason for her to be here.
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating:

Seth Rollins is here! He wants to talk about the last 12 months of his career. What a ride. From the gauntlet to today. This was the year he finally felt like Seth Freakin Rollins. He rode that wave all the way to the Royal Rumble. He was on top of the world. Then the next night, the bottom dropped out of his world just when he was at the top of it. 6 F5s. He’s got good news and bad news. Bad news: He took Six F5s. He’s in pain. The pain he felt after those six F5s is like nothing he’s ever felt. But the good news is that he took six F5s and yet he is still here. He can stand, he can fight, he can stomp, and he can beat Brock. Seth ays he doesn’t care if Mania is the last match of his career.

Heyman cuts off Seth to introduce himself. He has a surprise for us. He introduces Brock. But of course, no Brock. Heyman is here to educate Rollins. He calls him Mr. Rollins. He claims that Seth is pontificating on the premise of the misguided notion that all men are created equal – and they are not. Does Seth honestly believe that his DNA matches Brock Lesnar? Seth is a great athelete, a top tier performer, one of the best he has ever seen. But Brock is a beast. A predator. A career killer. Brock is a merciless sadist with an unrepented soul. So if Seth goes in with the mindset that he will do anything, including taking the beating that will signify Mania as his last match, then that is a task that we call a suicide mission. Here’s fair warning, Seth Rollins, if he walks into Mania and try to take the Universal Title away, he will be the architect of his own demise. Spoilercus Chapter 3, Verse 55

Seth says Heyman doesn’t seem to understand that he doesn’t care. Brock has held this industry, the one that he loves more than anything, hostage for two long years, and he won’t stand for it anymore. He doesn’t care if Mania is a suicide mission, because he will be that Martyr. He will sacrifice everything. He will sell his soul to the devil. He will burn in hell if it means that Brock doesn’t leave Mania with the title.

Before Seth can leave, Dean Ambrose comes out to his sirens, and chews his gum all the way down the ramp.

Dean has only one thing to say: Slay The Beast.

Dean drops the mic and leaves the ring, then takes a seat by the time keeper.

Match 4: Dean Ambrose vs EC3

Ambrose attacks immediately. He chops EC3 then whips, but misses a clothesline as EC3 rolls to the outside. Dean chases him into the ring, and EC3 drops an elbow. Whip to the ropes. Dean with a shouler tackle. Drew mises a corner attack and EC3 hits a clothelsine. EC3 sends Dean into the corner. Chop to Dean. Whip to the corner. Clothesline to Dean. EC3 hops to the 2nd rope and hits a dropkick. He locks the head of Dean and hits a stalling suplex. Cover for 1…2..NO! Dean with a chop. EC3 drops him. He shouts his name then drops an elbow in the middle of the ring. EC3 gets Dean on his shoulders. Dean floats off. He sends EC3 into the corner. Dean with a clothesline. Whip and EC3 hits a shoulde rtackle. Dean drops him and pins for 1..2..NO!!!

Dean heads to the top rope. EC3 hits the ropes and Dean collapses down. Dean with a cradle for 1..2…3!!
Winner: Dean Ambrose
Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: ½*

Alexa Bliss has some advice for Becky. She says not to apologize. Becky considers that maybe Alexa is doing this for her spot at Mania. Alexa claims she would never; she just wants to see Becky be true to herself. Alexa says fine then, go out and apologize – she’s the same ol Becky Lynch. She’s the irish girl that swallowed her pride and sold out. Becky says if she does apologize, the only thing she will sell out is Wrestlemania.

Bobby Roode’s music hits and I haven’t cared or seen him in so long I forget who it belongs to for a second…

Match 5: WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match
The Revival vs Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

We start with Dash and Gable who hip tosses then locks up the arm from behind. Dash escapes and hits a body slam in the heel corner. Tag to Dawson who gets arm dragged not once, but twice. Gable works the arm again. Dawson flips out of an arm hold and gets one of his own. He twists the arm a bit but Gable flips up then bridges out of the hold and breaks it, tumbles down with a drop toe hold then an arm bar. Dawson with an uppercut. Gable to the outside. He cheapshots Roode then hops over him in the corner. Looks like Roode got a tag. Both Revival in. Gable on the top rope. He flies off the top rope with a clothesline to both men! Rood eand Gable grab a dude. T Bone suplexes to both guys! Revival to the outside. Gable on th apron. He hits a moonsault to both men!
Back from a break and Dawson is getting sent to the outside by Roode. He side-steps Dash who crotches himself in the corner. Dawson slides in the ring to stop the tag to Gabl—No! He gets the tag to Gable! Gable with a right. Another. Dropkick to Dawson. He tosses Dash over the top of his head then gets Dawson in the corner with a bunch of right hands In come Dash, so Gable flies off the corner onto him with some rights Inverted atomic drop to Dason. BELLY TO BELLY to Dash!!! He locks up behind Dawson. Elbow to Gable. Dawson on the shoulders. Gable drops him in front. German Suplex pin for 1..2…NO!!! Rope work. Gable stacks him for a pin for 1..2.>N!O!! Dash on the apron. Roode gets taken back to his corner by the ref. Double team by Revival. Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Leg drop from Dawson. Elbow drop. He lifts up and we get a back suplex to Roode. Tag to Dash. Dawson drops Dash onto Gable with a leg drop. Pin for 1…2..NO!!!!

Snapmare into a chin lock from Dawson. Gable turns into it. Arm drag and Dawson shoves Gable into the heel corner. Ebow to Dash. Daawson goes for a back suplex but Gable tries for a tag! He is able to hit a suplex iof his own. Gable goes for a tag, but Dash drags Roode off the apron. Gable has no one to tag. Roode is up, and Dawson sends him right back off! Tag to Dash! Dash flies off the top rope with an elbow to the chest of Gable while Dawson holds him! Right hand from Dash. Dawson gets a tag, just as Gable hits a German to Dash. Dawson is in the ring. German!

After a commercial, Roode is in the ring with a back body drop to Dash. He hits a Rock bottom to Dawson. Kick to Dash. Headlock and a suplex ONTO DAWSON! Roode is hyped. Not like Mojo. Slightly better. He hits a shoulder tackle in the corner then flies of the second rope, lands on his feet, clothelsines Dawson over the top rope. SPINEBUSTER TO DASH!!! Roode calls for the DDT. He kicks. Locks. Dawson is in. He distracts. Kick. Rollup from Dash! 1…2..NO!!! Tag to Dawson, Gory Special lock up! Dawson runs with a facebuster! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Double team with The Revival, but Gable flies off the top rope with a crossbody to Dawson. Rollup from Roode for 1..2..NO!! Tag to Gable.Neckbrea—-no!!! Gable flips off, lands on his feet. Roode on the 2nd rope. Blockbuster into a German!!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Dawson breaks the pin!!! So close! Gable flips with. kicka, her rolls up Dash! 1..2…NO!!! Shoulder off the apron from Dash. He goes to the 2nd rope. Gable meets him. They lock up. Dawson tags himself in. Dash gets Gable on his shoulders! Dawson flies off with a clothesline!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Roode stops the pin!!! Revival looks for a double team but Roode enters to send Dash INTO Dawson, then send Dash to the outside. Dawson spikes Roode. Gable is on the corner post. He flies off with a sunset flip. Pin for 1..2.>NO!!!

Gable gets Dawson up. Dawson in the corner. Gable hits the opposite corner. Gable flies off the 2nd rope! SHATTER MACHINE!!! Pin for 1….2……3!!!
Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: The Revival
EVERYTHING after the break was amazing.
Match Quality: ***1/2
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***3/4

Here’s a video of Vanessa marking out to someone’s physique better than mine…

Backstage, The Revival says that there is no one around the damned globe better than them.

Becky’s music hits. Here comes The Man!!

Next out is the power couple known as Stephanie’s boobs. Triple H leads the way as Becky shows her contemplative face in the ring. Steph claims it’s been a long night for all of them. Will cooler heads prevail? Will she live her dream at Mania or nah? Triple H says whether she beieves it or not, they want this to work out. Steph meant what she said; her vs Ronda is the biggest match in Mania history, but like all of us, she must accept the consequences of her actions. They did. They apologized. Will Becky do the same? Will she throw away her moment in history?

Triple H tells Becky to shut us out, and not let us, strangers, dictate Becky’s future. Does she want to live her dream? This is the moment. What does she want?

Becky still thinks the two of them want her nowhere near that match. She has been getting advice whether she wants it or not. Yes, she doesn’t trust them, and yes she got angry when she thought her opportunity was being stripped away. Yes she punched and slapped them, but yes, if all that is keeping them away from her dream is two little words then….

Excessively long pause.

Becky: “Stephanie. Triple H. I’m sorry.”

Now that that nonsense is out of the way, they have a deal. Her path is clear. Because if anyone tries to steal her dream away, they’d find themselves in the fight of their lives. No one is taking her dream away from her.

Triple H says he wouldn’t have it any other way. He extends his hand. Says Becky is going to Wrestlemania. They leave. Becky wonders if that’s it. Triple H repeats himself. She is going to Wrestlemania.

Becky is happy as shit. She says well then, it’s her and Ronda, they’re going to Mania, and they are going to fight in front of 70,000 people.

Here comes Ronda!

Vince McMahon comes out immediately after! They nearly play his music, but stop. Vince wants to get something off of his chest. This could be one of the greatest main events of all time. It could be. But Becky thinks she is bigger than the WWE. She’s got a bad attitude, and he doesn’t like bad attitudes. She is not The Man, Vince is The Man. Sometimes, The Man has to make tough decisions. Becky is suspended for 60 days. They may accept her apology, but he won’t. He wants someone who knows her lane and will stay in it. Someone with charisma. They need….Charlotte Flair.

Out comes Flair, all smiles. Vince holds Charlotte’s hand up and tells Ronda to get used to this, because this is what she will be sseing come Mania…

End Show.

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