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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report 9.19.22: Judgment Day Celebrate, More

September 19, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk Judgment Day Image Credit: WWE

-My Retro Review of In Your House: Ground Zero can be found here. Let’s get to it!

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and is joined by Matt Camp. Booker T will be joining the show later.

-Headlines: Damage CTRL run RAW and Bayley calls her shot as she wants Bianca for the RAW Woman’s Title at Extreme Rules. Bobby Lashley successfully retained against Rollins thanks to an assist from Riddle. Speaking of Riddle, he and Rollins will be at Extreme Rules in The Fight Pit! YEAH! As I said in Twitter, Papa H is in a giving mood as WarGames and Fight Pit both announced today.

-To the video as Gargano distracted Theory which lets Owens get the win with the pop-up powerbomb.

-Alpha Academy are backstage to discuss their match next week against Owens and Gargano. Gable is tired of people trying to SHOOSH him. “You don’t SHOOSH a SHOOSHER.” He notes KO and Gargano wouldn’t accept a match in Minnesota and waited until they were in Edmonton next week. After they win, Otis is singing the US National Anthem.

-Camp notes he loves KO and Gargano, but he wants to hear Otis sing The Anthem. Booker T joins the show and he is asked about KO and Theory. KO likes the approach KO is using and says that sometimes with these young guys you just have to throw hands. He feels Theory has to do a lot of soul searching. Camp brings up that Booker once took a young Cody Rhodes under his wing to set on the right path and it took some time. Booker says Theory was checking off the boxes until he let Gargano get in his head and he hopes Theory learned from this.

-They talk about the tag match next week and Booker laugh as he tells us he doesn’t think he has even won a match in Canada. Camp brings up the long history that KO and Gargano have together.

-Next they get Booker’s thoughts on Bayley challenging Bianca Belair. Booker quotes Beverly Hills Cop 2 as he thinks Bianca needs to focus on herself and how she has hurt herself getting involved in the issues that Asuka and Alexa have.

-Brawling Brutes and Judgment Day still to come!

-NXT tomorrow night and the 2.0 has been dropped. I am curious to see what changes are made.

-To the video as Miz calls out Dexter Lumis and he uses his big ass knife to cut his way through the canvas and pop up through the ring. He nearly pulls Miz into the ring, but Ciampa makes the save and they bail as Dexter stares them down.

-Camp makes a joke about Miz and The Cleveland Browns (my best friend is a Browns fan, so I feel for him after that loss yesterday).

-To the video as The Brawling Brutes got the win over The Street Profits in a good match that gets them a credible win as they get The Usos on Friday.

-Ridge and Butch are backstage and Ridge is on the phone with Sheamus. Kevin Patrick interrupts and Ridge puts Sheamus on hold to let us know Ridge The Fridge and The Bruiser are winning the Tag Titles on Friday. Butch grabs KP and tells him Friday Night is Fight Night!

-Booker T is back and he wishes the Brutes would have beaten the hell out of KP and that breaks JAckie as she can’t help by squeal with laughter. Booker talks about the ups and downs The Usos have experienced and notes they are the best tag team in the world today. Camp feels that The Brutes are in a good spot because the match had a quick turnaround and The Usos won’t have time to play mind games.

-Jackie wants Booker’s thoughts on Roman/Logan. Booker is a fan of Logan as he checks all the boxes, but at Crown Jewel he is going to take a Universal Ass Whopping! Camp says the same as he appreciates the fearlessness of Paul, but he is toast.

-Judgment Day up next!

-Roman Reigns returns this Friday on SmackDown!

-To the video as it’s Riddle/Rey vs. Judgment Day, but Seth Rollins decks Riddle. Rey throws down a chair when he could have hit Dom and that leads to Judgment Day SQUASHING him for the win. Finally giving this group some wins and what do you know, they look like a threat now.

-Jackie and Camp discuss!

-Judgment Day is backstage as Balor walks in late from a meeting with AJ Styles. They are stopped to answer questions before they can celebrate. They laugh about Edge and his mountain of omnipotence and next week Riddle will join Edge. Balor then makes some pot jokes before the group takes their leave.

-Jackie and Camp discuss! Judgment Day will be the guests on The Bump this Wednesday at 1 PM. He wants to know the nature of the relationship between Dom and Rhea. Jackie thanks us for watching and we are out this week!

-Thanks for reading!

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