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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 05.08.03

May 8, 2003 | Posted by Brad Jennette

WWE Smackdown for May 8, 2003. Taped from Halifax, NS.
Report by Brad Jennette, EXCLUSIVELY for www.411wrestling.com

The video rolls, the pyro hits and we are TAPED FROM HALIFAX… it’s WWE Smackdown for May 8, 2003.

Vince comes out to the ring and gets on the mic. He says Hogan will be here…..on the screen from his home in Tampa. Vince calls out Steph and demands to know why she gave Mr. America an iron-clad contract. She says she did it to out bid Eric. She agrees to terminate Mr. America’s contract IF he is revealed to be Hulk Hogan after all. Hogan appears on the video screen and talks about how he isn’t Mr. America. He claims to have bigger arms and be better looking. Hogan teases that Mr. America might show up in Halifax after all. Vince listens for a bit then promises to rip the mask off Mr. America’s face WHEN he shows up.

Backstage, one of the techs tells Vince that Mr. America is here!

Eddie Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy
Los Guererros have the medals on as they head to the ring. Good match that had some nice spots, especially the finish. Eddie missed the frog splash after hitting the rolling vertical suplexes and Matt got a 2. Matt tried the Twist of Fate but Eddie pushed him off into the corner. Eddie charged but ate boot and Matt hit the yelling ledrop to the back of the neck for 2. Matt tried the Side Effect but Eddie got an AWESOME counter into a rollup for the pin (think his counter of the Rock Bottom from way back in July).
Winner: Eddie Guererro (B)

Team Angle attacks Chavo from behind and get the medals back.

Spanky vs. Jamie Noble
Kendrick is called “Spanky” this week. This was the match of the night as both men worked hard and put on a good show in a short amount of time. Noble controled most of the match, working on the neck. Spanky ducked a clothesline and hit a jumpkick, then another. Noble came back with a german suplex but Spanky reversed it with a stiff enzuigiri for 2. Spanky charged Noble but got caught with a powerslam for 2. Noble put Spanky on the top rope and went for a superplex but Spanky stopped him and hit Sliced Bread number 2 for the pin.
Winner: Spanky (B+)

Cole and Tazz hype tonight’s main event which is Benoit & Lesnar vs Show & A-Train

Backstage, Brock wants to make his match with Big Show a STRETCHER MATCH! Sounds cool to me.

Mr. America comes out and poses for a LONG time. He again tells us is isn’t Hogan. He tells us he is actually a 160-pound accountant from New Jersey who saw Wrestlemania and decided he wanted to be just like Hogan. Vince comes out and calls Steph out also. They both get into the ring and Vince throws his jacket as Mr. America and lowblows him. Vince goes for the mask but Mr. America pushes him backwards into Steph. Mr. America takes Vince out with two right hands and carries Steph to the back.

Backstage, Stephanie (with an icepack on her head) blames Vince for knocking her down. Mr. America has also left the building.

Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson
Sable comes out first and sits at ringside. This is basically no match as Torrie gets a rollup less then a minute in for the pin. Sable challenged Torrie to a bikini contest at Judgement Day and Torrie accepted.
Winner: Torrie Wilson (F)

Another NFL Flims style video package of Kurt Angle was shown

Team Angle vs. Rikishi & Tajiri
Not a great match mainly the length and that 1 out of the 4 participants is a slug. The mismatched faces controled the early portion of this match until a cheapshot allowed the champs to take over. The champs worked over Tajiri with the double team splash until Tajiri went buzzsaw style and kicked his way to his corner. Tajiri hit the handspring on Haas and Benjamin, knocking him off the apron. Tajiri locked the Tarantula on Haas with the refs back turned but Benjamin snuck back in and Team Angle hit the STAR SPANGLED BLASTER for the pin. Los Guererro come in from the crowd and steal the medals and the picture of Kurt. They better let my boys keep the straps.
Winners: Team Angle (C-)

John Cena vs. Rhyno
Spanky joins us for color as Cena comes out and gets the crowd on HIS side with a great rap. Another average match. Rhyno pounded on Cena early, sending him to the floor. Cena got the advantage back in the ring and worked over the back and neck with a suplex that got 2. Cena put Rhyno in a surfboard, but Rhyno escaped and hit a lariat. Cena got another cheapshot and hit his front flip stunner for 2. Rhyno came right back and hit the spinebuster off a charge and both men were down. Cena went for his chain but Spanky stopped him and Rhyno rolled Cena up for the pin.
Winner: Rhyno (C-)

Backstage, the FBI go into Brock’s dressing room and get him to chase them into an empty dressing room where they lock him inside with a forklift. Thus the main event is changed to Big Show vs Chris Benoit.

Big Show vs. Chris Benoit
Not a great match. Cole mentions how the last stretcher match in the WWE was 17 years ago. Show pretty much dominated the whole match until Benoit avoided a legdrop and hit the swandive headbutt for 2. Benoit got the crossface but A-Train got on the apron and distracted Benoit long enough to make him let go of the crossface. Big Show, of course, recovered and chokeslammed Benoit for the pin. Big Show strapped Benoit to a stretcher when Brock ran out only to be chokeslammed him on the ramp to end the show.
Winner: Big Show (D)

End of Show.


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