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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 06.05.03

June 5, 2003 | Posted by Brad Jennette

WWE Smackdown for June 5, 2003. Taped from Anaheim, California.
Report by Brad Jennette, EXCLUSIVELY for www.411wrestling.com

The video rolls, the pyro hits and we are TAPED FROM ANAHEIM … it’s WWE Smackdown for June 5, 2003.

The show opens with the same awesome Kurt Angle video package set to “Clocks” from last week with a clip at the end that says “Kurt Angle Returns Tonight”

No pyro’s tonight as we start right up with the bagpipes and Piper’s Pit. Rowdy Piper and Sean O’Haire come down to the ring Piper gets on the mic. Piper says his guest tonight is truly special. Piper says he knows his guest is special because he pulled his leg off a few weeks ago. Piper introduces Zack Gowen as his guest tonight, but instead of Zack, Vince McMahon came down to the ring. Vince promised to make a change for the better last week and he was going to start on that promise right now. Vince introduces Zack who comes out with Mr. America. Vince says he will offer Zack something he’s wanted and that’s a chance to become a WWE Superstar. Next Week in Orlando, Vince will take on Zack in an arm wrestling contest and if Zack wins, he will get a contract. O’Haire gets in Mr. America’s face and that distracts Zack long enough for Vince to push Zack backwards and trip him over Piper’s body. The three heels scatter as Mr. America helps Zack to his feet.

A “Kurt Angle classic” video is shown hyping his return. It showed the time Angle gave WCW/ECW a milk bath.

Chuck Palumbo w/Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli vs The Undertaker
Taker in control early taking it right to Palumbo with hard rights. Taker with a leapfrog! Taker hit the Old School ropewalk of doom and then his jumping DDT. Taker got knocked out of the ring and attacked by Nunzio and Stamboli which allowed Palumbo to take control back in the ring but for only a short time. Taker takes control with a suplex out of a sleeper hold. Taker then hit Snake Eyes in the corner, but misses the big boot. Palumbo tries a scoop slam but Taker fights out and delivers a chokeslam for the victory. After the match Stamboli and Nunzio ran in and the FBI triple teamed the Undertaker. Taker fought back, sending Palumbo and Stamboli to the outside and almost delivering a Last Ride to Nunzio. That was broken up when Palumbo hits the jungle kick on Taker. Stamboli and Palumbo held the Undertaker while Nunzio got a chair but Taker kicked it into Nunzio’s face and fought his way free.
Winner by Pinfall The Undertaker

Last week’s main event finish is shown and Cole and Tazz announce Brock Lesnar and Big Show will go head to head next week for the WWE Heavyweight title.

A “Classy” Freddie Blassie tribute video package is shown. Hogan looked like a real porker back then!

The Basham Brothers vs Tajiri & Eddie Guerrero
Eddie and Tajiri come out riding in style once again in another nice low-rider Caddie! Typical type of tag match for the new champs. Tajiri especially looked good tonight hitting all his classic spots. The brothers didn’t get a reaction at all and didn’t get too much offense either crowd was really behind the tag champs. So much for Eddie not getting over as a face. The finish came with Tajiri locked in the tarantula on one of the brothers as Eddie hit the frog splash on the other brother. Then Tajiri hit his big kick to the face of the frog splashed brother for the win. Cole and Tazz played it off like the Basham’s hung tough, but they didn’t really get enough offense in and it really made them look like jobbers.
Winners by Pinfall Tajiri and Eddie Guerrero

Another “Classic Kurt Angle” moment is shown, this time the hilarious guitar segment where Angle took Austin’s guitar and sang “Jimmy cracked corn”

Kurt Angle’s music hits and half the crowd went crazy. The “You Suck” chants were still in full force. Angle got in the ring and soaked up the response. Angle gets the mic and says he never thought he would say this, but he wants his music to be played again because he missed hearing the “You Suck” chants. His music plays again and the crowd goes right back to the “You Suck” chants. The crowd yells “What?” after everything Angle says. Angle says he misses that too so after every pause from Angle there would be a “What?” Chant in the arena. Angle says he thought he would never wrestle again and that while he was in the hospital there was one man who visited him and one man who kept calling him to see how he was doing. Angle started to call that man out when The Big Show’s music hit and he walked out. Big Show got on the mic and said that even though the crowd appreciates Angle being back, The Big Show doesn’t give a damn that Angle’s back. Big Show backs Angle into the corner and says now isn’t the time to want a title shot because he will be taking the title away from Brock Lesnar next week and Angle won’t want to face him. Angle reaches into his pocket and asks the Big Show if has ever heard of breathe strips. Big Show wants Angle to be serious, Angle stands on the 2nd turnbuckle, calls Big Show a overgrown son of a bitch and says the last time he faced Big Show he beat his ass for the WWE title. Big Show grabbed Angle by the throat when Brock Lesnar’s music hits. Brock walked down and Big Show slowly bailed out of the ring. Brock glared at Big Show when Angle tapped him from behind. Brock turned and glared at Angle, who told him to go easy. Angle says he didn’t need Brock’s help with Big Show. Angle says Brock has been having a lot of trouble with Show and after next week, he may have to go after Show to be champion again. Brock says that after he beats Show next week, if Kurt wants the next title shot, then it’s on. He wanted to thank Brock for all the calls he and concerns he had for him and his family while Angle was in the hospital. The two shake hands and raise each other hands up as Angle leaves.

Ultimo Dragon: COMING SOON!

John Cena vs Chris Benoit
Cena cuts a pre match rap (wearing a LeBron James jersey) that shoots down the cruiserweights in the main event and Chris Benoit. The curse word of this week’s rap is “bitch” Benoit starts the match by just chopping the holy hell out of Cena. Benoit almost locked on the crossface in the first minute but Cena was able to quickly roll away and take over on the outside. Benoit elbows out of a chin lock and goes to work with the chops. Cena comes back and tries the FU but Benoit counters with a SICK DDT. Benoit goes up top and hits the flying head butt for 2. Benoit starts with the rolling germans but the ref gets bumped. Cena mule kicks out and grabs his chain. Rhyno runs in, steals the chain, but accidentally hits Benoit by mistake to give Cena the cheap win.
Winner by Pinfall John Cena

Mixed Tag Team Match: Rikishi and Torrie Wilson vs Jamie Noble and Nidia
Torrie’s outfit is nice and SHORT. Noble goes right to Rikishi but gets taken out. Nidia then goes right in the face of Rikishi so Rikishi just pushes her down and Torrie starts things off. The two eventually tag the guys in and we go to work from there with Rikishi getting the upper hand. Rikishi throws Jamie into the corner hitting Nidia who falls down in the corner as he knocks Noble out of the ring. Rikishi turns around and says its time to back that ass up and Nidia gets the Stink Face. Torrie then delivers her swinging neckbreaker to Nidia for the win.
Winners by Pinfall Torrie Wilson and Rikishi

A Tale of the Tape is shown similar to the one they showed for Brock and Cena a few months back. Matt outweighs Rey by roughly 50 pounds.

Backstage, Rey is getting interviewed for his upcoming match by Josh Matthews. He talks bout how he is ready for the title match now and that it’s not about his groin injury anymore. Eddie Guerrero shows up and tell Rey he better not even think about coming back to the locker room without the gold.

Stephanie McMahon is shown walking back to her office as Vince is seen just coming out of it. Steph says if Vince doesn’t give Zack a contract, then she will. Vince says if she does give him a contract she is fired. Vince says Stephanie needs an assistant and he found that person. Vince tells Steph to follow him into her office so she can meet her new assistant. Vince introduces Stephanie to Sable, who is now the new assistant to the GM. Steph reminds Vince that Sable did file a lawsuit against the company for sexual harassment a few years back. Vince says that was the past and this is now. Vince leaves and Sable gets up from the desk and just stares at Stephanie.

Cruiserweight Championship: Rey Mysterio vs Champion Matt Hardy w/Crash and Shannon
This match was really good as the action went back and forth for much of the match. Crash and Shannon were ejected by the referee when he caught them attacking Rey on the outside. I always thought outside interference was an automatic DQ and the champion retained his title, but I’m nitpicking. Rey hit his own Twist of Fate to Matt Hardy for a 2 count. Matt came back with the Side Effect from the top rope for a long 2. Mysterio then hit the 619, but Matt caught the West Coast Pop. Matt grabbed the title and distracted the ref while the two MFers ran down and hit a double suplex on Rey from behind. Matt then hit the yelling legdrop from the top rope for another 2. Matt went for the Twist of Fate when Mysterio rolled him up and got the 3 count. Rey celebrates in the ring and then brings in his son into the ring and holds him and the title up. Cole and Tazz really played it off like a big deal and I really liked the fact they let the little guys main event the show.
Winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

End of Show.


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