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411’s WWE Smackdown Report: 11.11.05

November 11, 2005 | Posted by Scott Fried

We open up with the entire roster in the locker room. Teddy Long tells them that he’s proud, and that they’re the greatest assemblage of talent in sports entertainment history. Long repeats Bischoff’s insults, then says they’ll prove him wrong tonight. He announces that Batista is on the Survivor Series team, so I guess there’s no title match. He hypes Edge-Batista, then says he’ll determine the rest of the team via matches tonight.

Randy Orton versus Rey Mysterio

Lockup, and Orton gets a headlock. He takes Mysterio down as Cowboy Bob gives his seal of approval. Rey gets up and reverses into a wristlock, but Orton takes one of his own. Rey flips out, slides between Orton’s legs, and gets two armdrags. Orton seems pissed, and they lock up again. Orton backs Rey into the corner, then gets a cheap shot, followed by punching and kicking. Orton gets a big atomic drop, then squeezes him against the middle turnbuckle with his knee. Rey fights back with gut punches, but Orton hits a European Uppercut. Orton whips Rey to the opposite turnbuckle hard, then covers him for two. Orton hits a standing chinlock, which he uses to drag Rey around. Orton takes a knee, but rey gets up and gets to the ropes. Orton whips Rey to the corner, but Rey springs over him and hits some kicks. Orton turns the tide with a kick of his own and whips Rey to the ropes, but Rey catches, pulls the rope down, and sends Orton over. Rey follows with a corkscrew plancha as we head to a commercial. When we return, Rey has Orton in a headscissor hold. Orton escapes, but Rey hits a ten punch in the corner, then a bulldog for two. Rey goes out to the apron, but Cowboy Bob trips him up. Orton grabs Rey and slams him into the steel post. Rey tumbles to the floor, and Orton heads out after him. He rolls him back in and covers for two. Orton covers again for another two, then gets a head twist. He feels out of place, apparently, because he goes back to the chinlock. Orton pulls Rey over onto his back, then hits an elevated 3.0 for two. Orton gets a kneedrop for another nearfall. Orton whips Rey to the corner, but Rey kicks a charge, then hits a headscissor takedown. Rey punches Orton in the gut, the hits a dropkick. Orton reverse a whip to the corner, but Rey springs off with a moonsault press. Orton catches him, but Rey slides off and shoves him into the buckle for two. Rey gets a crucifix for two, then dropkicks Orton into 619 position. Bob tries for interference, but Rey hits him with a dropkick. Orton slides out of the 619, the hits a clothesline. He whips Rey, but Rey comes back with the bodyscissors faceplant. He hits Orton with the 619, but Bob trips him on the rope before he can Drop the Dime. This draws the DQ. Cowboy Bob thinks he done good, until Chimel announces that Rey wins, and therefore, gets the spot in the match.

Winner: Rey Mysterio
Match Time: 14:10 (including commercial)
Rating: ***1/2
Commentary: Great opener, which was only hurt by the lack of an ending. I’m usually not a stickler for such stuff, but it seemed like the match was kinda cut off prematurely.

Post-match, the Ortons beat Rey down until Matt Hardy runs in for the save. He ends the assault with a Twist of Fate on Randy.

Josh Mathews catches up with Randy Orton backstage. Orton’s mad at Hardy, he’ll give him the RKO. Generic stuff.

MNM head out to the ring. Melina starts by telling the fans that she’s there for them, even though she took the Frog Splash last week. She then hypes up MNM and shows clips of their exploits from the past two weeks. Melina compares the audience to Tyra Banks (okay…), and talks about her own modelosity. She brings out Michelle Deighton from America’s Next Top Model (talk about cross-promotion. Maybe next week, we’ll get someone from The Food Network), and gives her some backhanded compliments. Michelle slaps her, and we get some catfightin’. The Mexicools make the save, overwhelming MNM with their number advantage. Psicosis hits the legdrop and Super Crazy hits the moonsault as Melina screams. They bring Michelle back into the ring and dance with her. She briefly sells the scuffle, but realizes there’s no point.

We get a pretty cool Bobby Lashley video package, as Lashley and OJ meet next for a spot on the team. I like it, but they have to protect Lashley in the Survivor Series match. Tricky situation.

Bobby Lashley versus Orlando Jordan

Lockup to start, and Lashley backs Jordan into the corner. Jordan fights out with kicks, but Lashley slams him into the corner and hits the overhead belly to belly suplex. Jordan rolls out, but Lashley follows. He whips Jordan into the apron, then clotheslines him on the floor. Jordan slides out of a slam, but Lashley gets a charging elbow. T-Bone Suplex follows, and Lashley poses to the crowd to a respectable reaction. He hits the Dominator and picks up the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley
Match Time: 2:04
Rating: *3/4
Commentary: Really, no complaints about this booking. Lashley destroyed Jordan, and the announcers built it up as a big deal as he did it. Smart stuff.

Backstage, Edge and Lita meet up with Teddy Long. Edge wants out of the match because he has nothing against Smackdown. Edge claims his leaving the Taboo Tuesday match was a favor to Smackdown. Teddy Long is okay with canceling the match… if Batista agrees. Edge wants Long to ask him, but no dice- Edge has to do it himself.

Eddie Guerrero versus Mr. Kennedy

Hands are locked to start, and Eddie gets a drop toe hold. He tries for an STF, but Kennedy gets the ropes. Lockup, and Eddie gets a hammerlock. Kennedy gets to the ropes, forcing a break. Kennedy offers a handshake, and when Eddie goes for it, Kennedy slaps him. Eddie lifts his hand for a test of strength, then thumbs Kennedy in the eye and beats him down in the corner. Eddie gets a European Uppercut, then takes Kennedy to the corner and chokes him with the tag rope. Eddie whips Kennedy across the ring, but Kennedy pulls him into the turnbuckle by the tights. Kennedy chokes him with the boot, then runs to the ropes and gets a face wipe for two. Kennedy gets a hammerlock, then pushes Eddie down to his knees. Eddie gets up and elbows out, then takes Kennedy over with a back suplex. Eddie gets two clotheslines, then then two of the three amigos. Kennedy slides out of the last and pushes Eddie to the corner. Guerrero gets a back elbow, but Kennedy punches him down. Eddie whips Kennedy, and Charles Robinson gets taken out. Guerrero goes out and gets a chair, but Robinson gets back up. Eddie hits the mat, tosses the chair to Kennedy, and gets down. Robinson surveys the situation and calls for the DQ.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero
Match Time: 5:02
Rating: **1/4
Commentary: Funny, but not much more. Still, glad to see Eddie go to Survivor Series.

Post-match, Kennedy nails Eddie with the chair for real. Might as well.

Backstage, a doctor tells Eddie he might have a concussion. Batista checks on him, but Eddie don’t look so good.

Pierrothito versus Todd Stone

Lockup, and Pierrothito shoves Stone down. Stone gets a waistlock and takes Pierrothito down, then steps on him a couple of times. Stone reverses a hiptoss, then misses a dropkick. Pierrothito comes back with a running knee. Stone gets a sunset flip for two. Pierrothito gets a pump handle slam for two. He goes for another, but Stone reverses into a crossbody for two. Really bad sequence where the referee catches Stone and tosses him on top of Pierrothito. Stone gets a rollup for two. Pierrothito tosses him down, goes up top, and hits an elbow for the win.

Winner: Pierrothito
Match Time: 2:37
Rating: *
Commentary: Real bad.

Backstage, Edge is talking strategy with Lita. He’s gonna go talk to Batista, don’tcha know. He leaves, and the Boogeyman sneaks up behind Lita. He scares her out of the room.

Undertaker video. November 27 is the beginning of the end. For, like, what, the twelfth time?

Edge finds Batista backstage and kisses up to him a bit. Batista zings Edge by telling him when he signs up for a match, he delivers. It’s on!

Steve Romero is backstage with The Dicks. They think they’ll beat LOD next week. Stupid interview with penis innuendo that would’ve gotten WAY more over in 1999.

JBL versus Chris Benoit

Lockup to start, and JBL backs Benoit into the corner. Bradshaw breaks clean, and backs off. Another lockup, and JBL gets a headlock. Benoit pushes him off, but JBL comes back with a shoulder. Benoit goes to chops, sending Bradshaw to the corner. He slams JBL to the turnbuckle, then gets a snap suplex. Benoit lands a head punch, then chops Bradshaw down for two. More chops, but Bradhsaw turns the tide with a kick. He follows up with a running boot, flooring Benoit. Swinging neckbreaker by JBL, followed by another. JBL gets three elbow drops, scoring a near fall. He gets a European Uppercut to Benoit’s back, then whips him hard across the ring. Bradshaw gets a reverse bearhug on the mat, which I guess is slightly less boring that the normal version. Benoit punches his way out. Benoit boots JBL, then gets the Rolling Germans. Throat slash, and we go up top. Booker T’s music hits, and the U.S. Champion heads out with Sharmell (who’s wearing a tiara). We go to commercial, unsure of what Booker’s distraction has done to Benoit. Bradshaw tosses Benoit out of the ring as we get back, then gets a thumb to his eye. He slams Benoit on the announcers’ table, where Booker T and Sharmell have taken seats. JBL rolls Benoit back in for two, then hits repeated spine kicks. Back outside, JBL hits another spinal uppercut. He takes Benoit back in for another two count. Bradshaw applies a bearhug, throwing in a punch for good measure. Benoit breaks with punches and a headbutt, then gets a rollup for two. Benoit reverses a slam into a crossbody for two, but we’re spending more time covering Booker and Sharmell at this point. JBL beats on Benoit in the corner, then puts him up top. He climbs, but Benoit knocks him off with a headbutt. Benoit gets a flying shoulder, and both men are down. Benoit ducks a short arm clothesline and gets five more German Suplexes. Throat slash, back up top, and the Diving Headbutt connects for two. Another cover, another two. Benoit gets a running dropkick, then goes for the Sharpshooter, but JBL pushes him off. Benoit works on JBL’s lower back with punches, then goes for another German Suplex, but JBL holds the rope. He goes for a clothesline, but Benoit ducks and hits a release Northern Lights Suplex. Benoit tries for the Sharpshooter again, but JBL hits a thumb to hit eye. Benoit gets chops in the corner, but JBL whips him away and goes for the Clothesline from Hell. Benoit reverses into the Crossface, but JBL grabs the rope. Bradshaw gets a big boot, then sets Benoit up for a Powerbomb. Benoit scoops JBL’s legs out, though, and applies the Sharpshooter. He gets near the rope, but Benoit pulls back. Booker enters the ring, and Benoit breaks the hold as JBL taps (ref didn’t see it, of course). Benoit goes after Booker, who slides out to the apron. JBL hits him with the Clothesline from Hell for the win.

Winner: Chris Benoit
Match Time: 18:03 (including commercial)
Rating: ***1/4
Commentary: Started off slow, but turned into a good contest. Of course, we knew the ending was coming, but the action did what it needed to do.

As Batista enters the ring, Edge heads into the aisle. He points to the Titantron, where Teddy Long is encountering Eric Bischoff in the parking area. Chris Masters attacks the security guards from behind, then puts Long in the Masterlock. The Smackdown guys make the save, but Bischoff and Masters leave in the limo. They pile into JBL’s to give chase. Back in the arena, Edge points to the entraceway and Kane heads out. Apparently, his loyalty to Raw is stronger than his whole wife-stealing hatred thing. The Big Show heads out through the crowd as Batista realizes that things ain’t so good. The WWE World Tag Team Champions enter the ring. Batista fights them off briefly, but that lasts… well, briefly. Both men squash Batista in the corner. Funaki runs out, but gets Chokeslammed by the Big Show. Scotty 2 Hotty takes a big boot. Brian Kendrick gets tossed out of the ring. This continues, as all the Smackdown guys use the attack-one-at-a-time technique. Double Chokeslam on Batista, and Kane sets his pyro off.

Two good matches, but there was some real crap in between. Next week, there’s a Batista-Orton-Eddie match for the title, according to UPN, but that’s tentative, as Batista’s injured.


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