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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 12.26.02

December 26, 2002 | Posted by Ashish

411’s WWE Smackdown Report 12.26.02
Announcers: Miggidy Michael Cole & Tazz

-Highlights of Paul Heyman’s addition of Kurt Angle last week.

-Stephanie comes to the ring for an interview. She says Kurt Angle will not be facing Brock Lesnar tonight. Big Show interupts and complains about not being #1 contender. Stephanie told him that he will wrestle Chris Benoit tonight, the winner becoming #1 contender. Big Show called Benoit the toothless wonder and made some height jokes, which of course brought out the Crippler. The two talked trash until Benoit nailed Big Show with a low blow. Stephanie seemed to enjoy that.

Bill DeMott vs. Crash Holly
The DeMott push continues as he took care of Crash with the moonsault. This was a glorified squash, with Crash getting in little offense.
Winner: Bill DeMott

-Backstage: Dawn Marie gave Al Wilson some viagra backstage. Dawn said she plans to video tape their entire honeymoon and gave Al a big kiss. The wedding will apparently be next week. Yippee.

-Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore were in the ring and showed footage of Brock Lesnar destroying Moore last week. Hardy said that Lesnar must be stopped and challenged him to a match next week. Hardy then attacked Moore. OK. Officals eventually ran in to break up their brawl.

The Guerreros vs. Kidman & Edge
Very good tag match. Finish saw A-Train run in and attack Edge, nailing his shoulder breaker. This prevented Kidman from making a tag and allowed Chavo to hold down Kidman as Eddie Guerrero nailed a Frogsplash and got the win. This was a very exciting match that was actually restarted after the Guerreros tried to get themselves DQed.
Winners: The Guerreros

-They showed footage of what happened last week on Smackdown, after the TV broadcast ending. The footage featured Kurt Angle stomping away on Lesnar as Big Show and Paul Heyman looked on. Big Show also got involved but eventually Lesnar fought back to a huge pop from the crowd. Lesnar dominated both Angle and Show as Paul Heyman ran off. As the brawl raged on, Angle hurt his knee after having it rammed into the ring post. He screamed in pain. Medics came out to work on Angle but Lesnar eventually ran them off and attacked Angle’s knee again. Brock finally walked off and the medics cared to Angle.

-Paul Heyman hit the ring and blamed Angle’s injury on Stephanie. Heyman says that Angle would not have been injured had Stephanie not forced them to reveal their relationship last week. Angle then came to the ring on crutches to huge “You Suck” chants. Angle got the mic and said that Brock Lesnar only got his success due to Paul Heyman. Angle went on to say that Brock will never will an Olympic Gold Medal. He said everyone is jealous of him, including Brock, and that is why Brock attacked him last week. He vowed to not defend the WWE Title against Brock. Angle continued to talk big, saying that if Brock attacked him again, he would take him out even with his bad knee. Paul Heyman then introduced what he called a contingency plan, “Team Angle” which consisted of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Angle raised their arms.

-Funaki was shown in the women’s dressing room.

Rikishi vs. B2
Back and forth match as both men got in plenty of offense. John Cena got involved and passed his chain to B2 when the refs weren’t looking, but Rikishi hit a superkick before he was able to use it. He followed that up with his finisher for the win. Note to WWE: Rikishi isn’t going anywhere.
Winner: Rikishi

-Funaki interviewed Torrie Wilson backstage. Torrie said she doesn’t know if she will attend Dawn and Al’s wedding next week. Al then interupted and said Torrie was selfish and didn’t care about what he wanted. He said that he and Dawn are going to have a kid and he hopes it isn’t a big disappointment like Torrie. This is just fantastic TV and yes, I’m being sarcastic.

-The Guerreros have an altercation with John Cena and B2 backstage. Chavo yelled at the two, saying that they didn’t have to work to get to where they are like the Guerreros.

-Chris Benoit spoke, saying that he wants to be WWE Champion and that he is better than Kurt Angle.

-Kurt Angle spoke to the Big Show backstage, saying that once he beats Chris Benoit tonight, it will be an honor to face him for the WWE Title.

Chris Benoit vs. The Big Show
Benoit did the best he could with the Big Show here. Finish saw Chris Benoit nail a German suplex on the Show, followed by the head butt, but Show was able to body press Benoit off of him after only a 2 count. Big Show then whipped Benoit into the corner and charged him, but Benoit moved and Big Show hit the exposed turnbuckle. Big Show recovered and went for the Choke Slam, but Benoit countered into a rollup for the win to a huge pop. Afterwards, Show went after Benoit and tried to Choke Slam him, but Benoit responded with the CCF which had Big Show tapping until Team Angle ran out and attacked Benoit. Show was then finally able to hit a Choke Slam on Benoit. Team Angle started dragging Benoit to the back and Kurt Angle came out and talked trash. Angle then choked Benoit with his crutches.
Winner & #1 Contender: Chris Benoit

-Overall, this was a surprisingly solid show. WWE usually blows off these holiday episodes, but the Guerreros vs. Edge/Kidman match was very good and Team Angle is actually forming into a decent heel stable. Next week’s Dawm/Al wedding has disaster written all over it, and some of the pushes are still very questionable (Bill DeMott, Rikishi), but overall, a decent broadcast to end the Smackdown year.


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