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411’s WWE Table for 3: Women’s Championship Evolution Report (Nia, Beth Phoenix, Natalya)

August 7, 2018 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Table for 3 Women

411’s WWE Table for 3: Women’s Championship Evolution Report

-Original air date: 08/06/18

-Run Time: 24:04

-Another new episode and this time at the table we have Beth Phoenix (WWE Hall of Famer), Nia Jax, and Natalya. Just like the rest of the recently released episodes, I believe this one was filmed over WrestleMania weekend.

-The girls are laughing as we join them and they talk about the differences between RAW and SmackDown. They all feel that the vibe when you are on SmackDown is more relaxed. This was was the point when Nattie was still on SmackDown and Beth is apparently there every week as well. Nia is jealous she doesn’t get to see them. She says RAW is a different ballgame and there is more intensity and pressure.

-Nattie talks about wanting to get moved to RAW to work with those girls as a change of pace. Obviously, that happened just a few weeks after they recorded this show. Nia talks about how she has never worked with Nattie and it was a dream for her to get to interact with her and Beth at the Royal Rumble.

-The food comes and they discuss what they ordered. Nattie talks about tonight being the Hall of Fame ceremony and that lets us know the date this was filmed. For those keeping track we get 2:20 into this thing before Nattie brings up her cat 2 Pawz. Apparently the cat urinated on her dress for the Hall of Fame ceremony. The good thing for her is that she and Beth basically were the same size clothes so she’s covered.

-Nattie brings up inducting Beth into the Hall of Fame a year ago. Beth talks about how fast the year has passed. Nattie talks about how she wrote a column about this being the Women’s WrestleMania and how they are taking over the company.

-The talk turns to Stephanie McMahon and how they were all surprised to hear this is her first match at WrestleMania. Beth puts over the entire McMahon family and how Steph is learning from great parents. They also talk about how great Steph looks.

-They go back to Nattie’s point about this being the Women’s WrestleMania. They talk about the title matches, the Mixed Tag, and Battle Royal. They all agree that the women are taking over and they reminisce about the Rumble match. They were all a team and were all cheering for each other backstage and all the girls were popping for each woman’s entrance.

-Highlights from the Rumble are shown as Nattie talks about the Beth/Nia interaction and how is get one of the loudest reactions. Beth brings up how she was fortunate to be in that Rumble and she was also in the Men’s Rumble. She wasn’t in either match long, but she says those were 2 of her favorite moments. She had times where she questioned if she was making a difference and had a purpose in this business, and that moment was just proof she was in the right place.

-Nia talks about how the WWE is great at delivering moments and people ask her what her favorite match is and she goes to her favorite moment: Michaels telling Flair, I’m sorry and I love you before ending his career at Mania XXIV. She said she doesn’t remember anything about the match, but the moment will always stick with her.

-Nattie can’t be outdone about big moments apparently as mentions she is the only one to kick out of the GlamSlam. Okay then!

-They talk about the women that came before them and Nia puts over Nattie and Beth putting in the work for someone like her to be there. Beth talks about she felt the same way about people like Bull Nakano and Bertha Faye. Nia compares it to if there was no Trish then there may be no Alexa Bliss.

-Beth is a fan of Nia and what she can do. She talks about Nia being on Edge and Christian’s podcast and how Edge couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful Nia is.

-Nia talks about being a stronger and bigger woman and how she had to play the monster when she first came to NXT. She was told not to say much and just be this mean woman that dominates the others. She kind of hated the rules and only within the last year they have let her show off who she is and she doesn’t want to be kept off to the side as an attraction. She talks about not being on posters or in commercials and she wanted all that so curvier and full figured girls out there would know there is someone like them doing things all the other girls are doing.

-Nattie wishes she knew then what she knew now as she would always beat herself up about losing weight. Nia mentions that Nattie did share online once that she did have an eating disorder. Nattie decided to let people know that she had a disorder after she heard Alexa Bliss come out with her story on Total Divas. She wanted to come out in support and let her know she wasn’t the only one. They show some pics of Nattie when she was at her skinniest and she does look much better and healthier. So good for her in realizing she needs to be who she is.

-The talk continues about embracing what makes you different and they bring up the picture of all 30 women at the Rumble. If you go through that picture you will see women from all backgrounds and with different looks and personalities. It is inspiring to all of them and to the women watching at home.

-That talk continues and leads to discussion of Ronda Rousey. Nattie feels like she related to Ronda when she was no longer untouchable and undefeated. They all agree they are attracted to seeing people with their flaws. They put over Ronda’s courage for giving the pro-wrestling business a try.

-Beth talks about her last WrestleMania match and how the ones before that she was always stressed. She never got to enjoy it and made sure that she took everything in at that last Mania match. She would tell the young people on the roster to enjoy every second of their time at Mania. Nia says she was so focused on not falling off the ramp last year that she didn’t take time to enjoy things.

-They bring up Total Divas and Nattie says it was supposed to just be 8 episodes. HHH pulled her aside and told her about the show just after she came back from some charity work in Africa. Fast forward a year after that experience and she is filming Total Divas where she is hiring a dominatrix.

-Beth talks about how she and Nattie look alike according to some people. Nattie says that the reason she had red hair for a time period was because Vince felt they looked too much alike. She realized she was better as a blonde and just went back to her natural color. Beth says back then that your hair color was part of what defined you, so they tried to make each girl stand out. Now they women have more depth and nuance to their characters that it is more than just the color of their hair.

-Nia talks about coming up in NXT and how those ladies coming up lead to the Revolution. Nattie says that her and Beth were ready for that movement for years, and were frustrated they weren’t given opportunities. There were some great moments as Nattie brings up the Tables Match, but then the next night they were back to 3 minute matches. Beth says that the reason things turned is because the current women delivered and ran with the chances they were given.

-They wrap things up as Nattie works in one last time about stressing out over her cat urinating on her dress.

-There was some good stuff here though nothing earth shattering. Nattie kind of controlled thing as most would have guessed. Nia played the part of the young one well as she let the others have the floor for the most part. I actually wanted to hear more from Beth as she was pretty good here and kept things focused on the women as a whole instead of just her. I appreciate the WWE giving these 3 a voice here and the fact that things have changed in how they treat all their women.  It is great to see they have taken time to give the women more opportunity and not just pigeon hole them in a role based on their hair color, size, etc.

-Thanks for reading!