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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 05.07.22 – Charlotte, and The Usos Hype WrestleMania Backlash!

May 7, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Charlotte Flair WWE Smackdown Image Credit: WWE

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 05.07.22

-You can find my review of Austin’s interview with Cody Rhodes here. Let’s get to it!

-No Jackie Redmond this week as she is off covering The Stanley Cup Playoffs (Go Penguins). Sam Roberts welcomes us to the show and is joined by Peter Rosenberg. Well, this is different! Roberts call this union similar to The Mega Powers joining and we get the handshake deal. Booker T will be joining the show later.

-Headlines: The Bloodline and Drew/RK-Bro fight some more, Sheamus and crew win a Tables Match vs. New Day and Sami Zayn gets a win over Nakamura. Rosenberg notes Sami is the smartest Sam in WWE.

-We start proper with footage of Charlotte getting her heat back with a win over Aliyah after not getting the win vs her last week. Charlotte and Ronda brawl as I continue to have no interest in this feud. I am hopeful they deliver on Sunday though.

-Kayla is backstage with Charlotte. She promises to kick Ronda’s ass on Sunday. “My baby (the title and R-Truth should sue for gimmick infringement), this Sunday she quits,” and walks off.

-Booker T joins the show and he can’t differentiate between our two hosts. He jokes he is talking to The Wonder Twins and he needs to put his glasses on. They talk Ronda/Charlotte and Booker’s feed breaks up a few times. Rosenberg feels Charlotte is going to make Ronda quit tomorrow and quit WWE. Roberts is stunned and Booker enjoys the vibe between the two already. Booker agrees that if anyone can get it done, it would be Charlotte. His feed breaks up a bit again. Roberts says Rosenberg is trying to take Booker’s title of most hated online.

-Still to come Sheamus and Crew and The Usos.

-Charlotte/Ronda WrestleMania Backlash commercial. I mean with all the hype and promotion I assume this match is going to close the show as a kind of makeup for not headlining Night One of Mania.


-Back with the war of words between Moss and Corbin as they get the crowd to chant “Big Bald Wolf.” Okay then! They discuss Moss/Corbin briefly and move on.

-Tables Match: New Day vs Sheamus/Ridge. This was solid and Butch finally returned to help his lads get the win.

-Kayla is backstage with The Lads and she wants to know where Butch has been. It seems he has been everywhere, and they celebrate because the boys are back in town. Butch tells us its Fight Night and they leave to celebrate.

-Peter and Sam discuss as Peter talks about Butch being a liability, but when harnessed he can be a difference maker.

-Bloodline vs RK-Bro/Drew WrestleMania Backlash commercial!

-Peacock commercials!

-Back as we see the brawl between The Bloodline and DrewKBro. Rosenberg calls this the most dominant force The Bloodline has had to face.

-Kayla is backstage outside Reigns’ dressing room door with The Usos. On Sunday everyone is about to get got as they head into Roman’s room. These interviews are getting shorter and shorter every week which is crazy. I miss the old days of this show where talent were able to cut loose and entertain. Now it’s all about the talk heads pushing the story.

-Booker T is back as they discuss the 6 Man Tag. Booker’s feed continues to skip a head and we miss some things he has to say. Booker puts over that Drew is trying to get one up on Roman to get back in the Title picture.

-To pad the run time Roberts wants Booker’s thoughts on Lashley/Omos because apparently not enough happens on SmackDown to fill 25 minutes of Talking Smack. Rosenberg brings the tough question as he wants to know if Booker thinks Omos can win without MVP being a factor. Booker doesn’t think, but he knows MVP will have a plan and he feels sorry for Lashley. He thinks Lashley needs to call him for game planning and mentoring. Booker takes his leave as this show is close to ending.

-Sam and Peter run down the entire WrestleMania Backlash card to stretch things ever more. I mean, I guess this is their last chance at a hard sell, but outside of me how many other people are watching this show? Sam wraps things up as we get another Mega Powers handshake and Rosenberg doing his Macho Man impression.

-Nothing to see here. Thanks for reading!

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