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411’s WWE TLC 2018 Preview

December 16, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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The 411 staff checks in with their preview of the 2018 WWE TLC PPV, the final major WWE PPV of the year with TWELVE matches on tap…


* 411 columnist, Mr. Justin Watry.
* 411 columnist, Mr. Steve Cook.
* 411 columnist, Mr. Jake Chambers.
* 411 columnist, Mr. Rob Stewart.

 photo WWE MMC FInal_zpsklv7akna.jpg

Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 Finals: Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox vs. R-Truth & Carmella

Steve Cook: I’ll be honest with you guys and admit I haven’t watched a second of Season 2 of the Mixed Match Challenge. I notice that the teams change each week due to people getting injured. The winners get #30 at the Royal Rumble, which typically doesn’t go well for people. They also get to go on a vacation, which is why I’m picking Jinder & Alicia here. We could use a couple of weeks with them not on TV, right?

Winner: Jinder & Alicia

JUSTIN WATRY: I barely watched Mixed Match Challenge in season one and have not tuned into season two. Same with NXT UK. I checked it out, didn’t get hooked and moved on pretty quickly. Even though I don’t watch, I do know that these two teams did not actually do well in the win-loss column. Thus, why are they in the finals? My theory is because the rest of the bigger stars are already busy at WWE TLC. These four, no offense, are not doing anything. It is fairly easy to throw them on the card without any complications. My pick is Carmella and R-Truth for a holiday DANCE BREAK!

Winner: Carmella/R-Truth

Rob Stewart: Oh my god, there are so many matches on this card! Is this more than usual? It feels like more than usual, despite my brain telling me I am probably wrong on that. This match, though! Haha, what the hell? None of these folks are winning either Rumble, so it’s entirely valueless. That said, I hope they at least make it fun; just let the whole thing be one big goof to take the air out of the tension from the rest of the show. I see Jinder snd Foxy winning because they could at least PRETEND Jinder is a threat in the Rumble. So there’s that…

Winner: Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox

Jake Chambers: I wrote more words about the Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 in my column Mixed Match Chambers than any human should be legally allowed. So to just add a few more lines to my pain I’ll say this: if the busted ass comedy they’ve been trying to pass off on this piece of shit show doesn’t put you to sleep then you should close your eyes and let the buzzingly dull commentary from monotone Renee Young and generically Seacrest-y Vic Joseph lull you into dreamland. Try it, trust me, anything will be better than watching this match.

Winner: Insomniacs

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Chairs Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton

Steve Cook: These past few months have been all about re-living the past for Randy Orton. He’s moved straight from a feud with Jeff Hardy into an issue with Rey. What year is this? Rey certainly has experience using chairs and can do innovative offense with them, but I think the force that Orton can bring with the weapon gives him the edge here.

Winner: Randy Orton

@JustinWatry: Good to have Rey Mysterio back in the fold. While I do not think he should be winning a lot, I also do not think his losses should be thrown out randomly. This Sunday, he can lose and be okay. Randy Orton appears primed to have an AJ Styles feud, so he needs to come out of this looking like a total jerk. Perhaps a post-match attack on Mr. 619 with a dozen chair shots or so? Classic rivalry that will deliver once again.

Winner: Randy Orton

Rob Stewart: As I mentioned in Fact or Fiction this week, I’m not generally excited for things that involve Orton. I’ve not been a very big Rey fan in ages, either. I anticipate this will be serviceable enough, and I hope to see a lot of Rey spring boarding off of chairs and hopping off of them onto the ropes and basically just froggin’ around. That could be fun enough. As for the finish… Rey hasn’t really seemed to matter much since he came back to WWE, but I’m not sure what his upper limit at this point in his career is supposed to be anyway. With all the singles champs on Smackdown being heels, Orton doesn’t really need to be built up past where he currently is… but I just can’t picture Rey winning. It all makes the most sense, but I can’t visualize it.

Winner: Randy Orton

Jake Chambers: When prime bloated WCW was in the midst of putting on these grotesque cards full of incredible performers and legit legends, there’d just randomly be like a Lex Luger vs. Macho Man match in the middle of some random PPV. Similarly, in 2018 WWE, an Orton and Mysterio gimmick match on a 12-match event is taking two wrestlers who will be remember for like the next 100 years and jamming them into the show like extra cheese on an all-toppings foot-long at Subway. And just like when you try to eat a mangled, over-stuffed sub like that, the taste of this match is gonna be disjointed, bland, sickly, and sending you to the bathroom.

Winner: Bathroom Breakers

 photo 20181203_TLC_NatalyaRiott--17fb8ee6497e38d1a81fcde1017bb293_zpsrogyen6z.jpg

Tables Match: Natalya vs. Ruby Riott

Steve Cook: I know they’re going for “offensive” with the buildup of this match. They want us to be morally opposed to Ruby Riott doing things to disgrace the memory of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. I dunno, I thought Monday’s stuff with the table came off more as “cute” than offensive. I, for one, laughed at the image of the Anvil on a table. Maybe that says something about me, but I think it also says something about the inability to get sympathy for Natalya here. She’s winning anyway.

Winner: Natalya

JUSTIN WATRY: Despite Natalya following me on Twitter, I rarely pick her to win on pay-per-view. Kinda weird. Outside of Total Divas and her recent ‘thank you’ championship run, it is difficult to remember anything memorable on her resume. With all the emotions swirling around this Tables Match, she is the prediction. Ruby can cause a riot another night.

Winner: Natalya

Rob Stewart: This is such a weird card because the chasm between the matches I am truly excited for and the matches I am absolutely dreading is bigger than any card I can think of in recent memory. On one hand, we have Becky vs. Charlotte vs. Asuka! But on the other hand, we have Elias vs. Lashley. We have Bryan vs. Styles! But then… Natalya vs. Ruby Riott. This is a feud built off of a pair of sunglasses and a Fathead sticker. It feels like we could be doing more with Ruby Riott, but… here we are instead. Anyway, Natalya wins because WWE rarely allows heels to besmirch recently passed legends without comeuppance.

Winner: Natalya

Jake Chambers: Back at the end of 2015, Paige unforgivably brought up the death of Charlotte’s brother Reid in their feud over the Diva’s Championship, and yet Charlotte was heel again after their match up at the TLC PPV that year. The WWE writers have circled right back around to using that heinous death-in-the-family bit in this lame-duck feud, but we can all agree will eventually only lead to Natalya turning heel again in the next couple of months.

Winner: Heartless Jerks

 photo 20181203_TLC_FinnMcIntyre--4f6b73a4d6edf886dc0fe3ce6ccd4d52_zpshjpseprr.jpg

Drew McIntyre vs. Finn Balor

Steve Cook: They already put the kibosh on Drew’s undefeated streak by having him lose to the immortal Dolph Ziggler, so Drew losing here wouldn’t mean as much. Finn’s in that spot where they don’t think they need to protect him, so expect Drew to use his head as a soccer ball here.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Justin Watry: Drew McIntyre is a stud. I have been saying it since he returned to WWE (in NXT). Dude is custom made for the main roster and will be a top act come 2019. Anything less than a main event run will be considered a disappointment. Mark it down now. Roman Reigns is out. Brock Lesnar is gone. Braun Strowman is a question mark. The red brand is there for the taking. Sucks for Finn Balor but sorry! No win on Sunday Mr. Demon. McIntyre wins after a solid 15-minute bout and does so clean in the middle of the ring. STUD.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Rob Stewart: I hope Finn is over his illness and able to compete here because if he’s at or near 100%, even though the finish of this match is in no doubt, they should be able to put on a fantastic affair. I’m digging the potential. Hopefully Finn isn’t still so sick that he just trots out there to get squashed. But yes, McIntyre is winning this because he has Superstar Of The Near Future written all over him, whereas Finn Balor has something else written all over him. I can’t… if he turns slightly… I think I can read what it says… “Please…” Oh, it says “Please Trade Me To Smackdown”. Yeah, I agree, Finn.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Jake Chambers: One of my favorite apologist screeds to RAW’s recent (and also NOT recent) weekly descent into worse and worse television is that they’ve at least been doing Drew McIntyre right. LOL. Hey Drew, look across the ring at your future, pal.

Winner: One of these generic wrestlers going nowhere

 photo 20181203_TLC_EliasLashley--b6c82fadc07d63bd962a707cc7ba6379_zpsbmqsxcwx.jpg

Ladder Match: Elias vs. Bobby Lashley (Elias’ guitar hanging above the ring)

Steve Cook: I can’t think of a really good reason to have this match, but it’s a thing that’s happening. I get the feeling that TLC will be a repudiation of most of Baron Corbin’s regime, including Lashley. I can’t think of how Elias can believably beat Lashley other than by using his guitar, so the stipulation makes sense.

Winner: Elias

@JustinWatry: I am all for the Lashley character change and Lio Rush barking by his side. I am all for Elias getting cheered and becoming a popular good guy with the fans. What I am NOT for is this ridiculous guitar garbage. Forget the ladder match gimmick. Should have kept the Chairs Match with Orton and Rey. Tables Match with Ruby and Nattie. TLC Match with the three women on Smackdown and then for the Ladder Match – do Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin with a contract hanging high above. One with the permanent General Manager spot to sign for Corbin and the other paper with a Royal Rumble Universal Championship spot to sign for Braun. Simple…certainly beats a guitar hanging above the ring. My gut says Elias, but does it actually matter? Keep in mind Lashley beat Reigns clean on pay-per-view just this past summer.

Winner: Elias

Rob Stewart: I kind of want to just quote Lucille Bluth here and write “I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it” and be done with it here. I don’t care about these men. I don’t care about guitars. I don’t care about this match. Lashley wins through Lio Rush cheating, most likely. Move along.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Jake Chambers: About a year ago you’d have thought there was no way they were going to screw up Elias. That was, if you were completely ignorant of how terrible WWE had become. In the old WWE, Elias would have been headlining PPVs by SummerSlam ’18, but in the Mediocrity Era he’s spun his wheels right into his first (possibly second) PPV singles match of the year by December (I’ll fact check that when WWE writers start to care as much as I do about writing about their stupid shit). Well, the real winner here will be the WWE Network, because this match will be so lame it’ll make the previous Worst Get the Thing That’s Not a Title Ladder Match seem like a classic.

Winner: HHH vs. Kevin Nash, Ladder Match for a Sledgehammer, TLC 2011

 photo 20181203_TLC_BraunBaron--dd687c8d6f17542b1804c7afa98b6dd2_zps8yafgsjy.jpg

TLC Match: Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin

Steve Cook: As tempting as it must be to give Corbin all the power on Raw and let him to continue running the show into the toilet, getting him out of the way opens things up for more McMahons to be on television more often. More McMahons will lead to higher ratings & a rebirth of WWE in general. Braun has to win here to enable this to happen.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Justin Watry: I wrote about this in my December ‘reader feedback’ column that will be posted in early January. Braun shows up at TLC, destroys Corbin in less than a minute and gets his Rumble showdown with Brock. Corbin may or may not be fired; I say yes. Either way, Kurt Angle is likely on his way back to take over RAW again. Then we have Corbin and Angle fighting, with Lesnar and Strowman brawling. Fun start to WrestleMania 35 season.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Rob Stewart: 2018 has been such a waste for Braun Strowman. He was blisteringly hot, everyone loved him, everyone was actively engaged in everything he did. Then he wrestled with a ten year old at his side on WrestleMania, and I thought “That was amusing; I am okay with that”. Then he won an ugly green belt that was never mentioned again, and that was weird, but at least he won and was on the up. Then he won Money in the Bank, and I thought “Well that was not really well thought out, he doesn’t need that”. Then he turned heel, and it was abject nonsense because NO ONE wanted or needed that. He lost his Money In The Bank match. Turned Face Again. Got squashed by Lesnar. What is going on here?! It’s the kind of year that of course–OF COURSE–would end with his losing to Baron Corbin because 2018 can’t end quickly enough for the Monster Among Men. But I refuse to believe WWE will do that. That’s a bridge too far! Besides, he has to win here so that he can lie down again for Brock next month.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Jake Chambers: Oh, it’s my favorite lame big man who is barely over and only ever had good matches with one guy. And then there’s Baron Corbin too. After whatever lame half-match we’re going to see here is over, the real winner for me will be the other “big guy” who was supposedly being TLC-ed into permanent main event status not too long ago.

Winner: Ryback (TLC Match vs. CM Punk, RAW January 2013)

 photo 20181203_TLC_TagMatch--7c6aaf1fcfde4804684b818e3a27a687_zpsewvlvd6l.jpg

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Bar vs. The New Day vs. The Usos

Steve Cook: Sheamus & Cesaro killed it in the rap battle just like they’ll kill it on Sunday night. The Usos & New Day have a way of canceling each other out in these triple-threat tag team matches they continually find themselves in. Hopefully this will lead to more rap battles & good times.

Winner: The Bar

JUSTIN WATRY: No explanation needed.

Winner: The Bar

Rob Stewart: It seems everywhere I go, people are down on this match. “We’ve seen all these guys fight a hundred times! It’s old!” I mean, I get the argument. But for my money, Any combination of these three units has never failed to produce one of the better matches on a show. And all three are innovative enough that their matches feeling fresh when they really still shouldn’t. So I’m geared up for this. I anticipate these seven dudes turning up the energy like they always do and putting on a stellar performance. Smackdown may only have three teams, but they are some all-time great teams. Would you complain in the 80’s if the Road Warriors, The Hart Foundation, and Demolition just kept fighting each other? Also, hey, how is Erick Rowan doing? Because I kind of want this to end in a no-contest when the Bludgeon Brothers come out after 10-15 minutes and just lay waste to everyone. Jot that down; it’s my backup prediction. But assuming Rowan is still shelved…

Winner: The Usos

Jake Chambers: The first ever TLC PPV was main event-ed by a TLC match for the Tag Team Titles. Despite the four men involved being veterans at the time, it felt pretty damn fresh to have a match like that for a championship that actually felt important to hold. In 2018 we’re getting three teams who’ve been having the same matches all year, if not longer, for a pair of titles that no one in the audience cares who the F is going to be wearing them. 2009 called, and the real winner is…

Winner: DX defeated Jeri-Show (22:32).

 photo 20181207_TLC_Murphy_Cedric--5613b8a2619a08effbeed8686ac540d2_zpswktgpovo.jpg

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Cedric Alexander vs. Champion Buddy Murphy

Steve Cook: It’s been a big week for the cruiserweights, with Mustafa Ali getting the first appearance by a 205 Live member on one of the two big shows in a very long time. Hopefully people in the seats & behind the scenes are starting to take notice. Murphy has been doing a solid job as champion and I see no reason to put the title back on Alexander at the moment.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

JUSTIN WATRY: How many matches are on this card? Geez. I have no idea what is going with 205 LIVE because I don’t watch it. In order to fill space, I will say this though. Mustafa Ali deserves all the praise in the world right now. He stepped up to the plate Tuesday night and came through in the clutch versus WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. I am a little torn on including the 205 Live on Raw and Smackdown Live but right now, it is hard to argue against the idea. Rush, Drake, and Ali are doing a very good job hanging with the main roster crew. That is cool.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

Rob Stewart: It’s no knock on this match, which should be great, but there’s just not much to talk about here. Cedric is wonderful. Buddy is terrific. This match will be like all of your synapses firing at once. But Buddy’s got to win. His reign still has a ways to go.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

Jake Chambers: Remember the last time there was that awesome Cruiserweight Title match on a TLC PPV? Oh, right. Well, remember the last time there was that awesome Cruiserweight Title match on PPV in 2018 that was better than the inevitable re-match on 205 Live? Oh, right.

Winner: Whoever watches the re-match on 205 Live

 photo 20181203_TLC_RondaNia--5374273659a0be0ece65e7e242932b82_zpsyznmxruc.jpg

RAW Women’s Championship Match: Nia Jax vs. Champion Ronda Rousey

Steve Cook: If Nia’s momentum hadn’t completely died off over the last couple of weeks, I could see her going over here to put a loss on Rousey and make things a little more dramatic in Raw’s women’s division. However, it has, and I’m never a fan of rewarding people for being terrible at their job.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

JUSTIN WATRY: My hope is Ronda Rousey defeats Nia Jax in five seconds, and we never see this matchup again. My FEAR is WWE still isn’t done pretending that Jax belongs in the title picture. My HOPE is Rousey has a classic bout with Ember Moon after this. My FEAR is that those two will never feud. My HOPE is Ronda Rousey takes on Charlotte next and then Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35 in April. My FEAR is that might be a Royal Rumble victory for Ronda, which means losing the belt. Think about it – FOX will absolutely want The Rowdy One on the blue brand come 2019. That goes without saying. In order to do that, something drastic has to happen. Either a Royal Rumble win and brand change or the Superstar Shakeup post-WM. Well, the latter would be too late. We need Becky, Rousey, and Charlotte on the same show NOW! I am picking Ronda to win, but there has to be some shenanigans soon in order for the stars to align with those three feuding…

Winner: Ronda Rousey

Rob Stewart: I mentioned in this week’s Fact & Fiction that Nia winning here might not necessarily be the worst thing in the world, as long as WWE has the right plan in place moving forward. But I really don’t want to see it, either. Nia does seem like a genuinely fine person based on her appearances in other forms of media, but she is hopeless as a main event level talent. Unfortunately, between being Ronda’s only challenger on Raw for the next few months and the insta-heat she got for clobbering Becky, she’s going to be a fixture for quite some time. Still, she ain’t taking Ronda’s belt. Unless she does because of what I postulated on Friday… hmm. No, going the path of least resistance here.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

Jake Chambers: No matter what happens in this match, there’s only one real MMA legend who’s been a women’s champion in the WWE, and we should all take a moment to remember her name.

Winner: Eve Torres, WWE Divas Champion TLC 2012

 photo 20181203_TLC_RollinsAmbrose--44570fe3d6dd94cae95dacb67ffeab87_zpsrraetslp.jpg

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Steve Cook: Everybody is telling me that Seth Rollins needs to be pushed to the top of the roster. In order for that to happen, he probably needs to get rid of that Intercontinental Championship. His former Shield brother taking it away by nefarious means would do the trick pretty well, right? It would, but I don’t see it happening on this evening. Ambrose will either take his old friend’s championship on another evening, or he’ll cause it to happen at the hands of somebody else on another night. We can stretch this thing out longer.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Justin Watry: It wouldn’t shock me if this was a one and done pay-per-view battle. Appears to be cut and dry in my book. Seth Rollins is moving up the card to main event RAW for the time being, so that means Dean Ambrose can get another IC Championship reign. Works for both men. Just go out there and have a wild brawl at TLC. That is all I ask. Renee Young will be smiling at the end of this match.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Jake Chambers: Watch out Dean Ambrose, I got a feeling your true nemesis from the past is gonna make a run-in at this one, and might very well walk out as new IC champion too. You never know.

Winner: The exploding TV monitor from TLC 2014

Rob Stewart: I have Seth Rollins penciled in as the 2019 Royal Rumble winner, and he probably won’t be holding the IC belt when he accomplishes that. I just don’t see who else Raw will feed to Brock at ‘Mania this year. Drew is a heel and comfortable there. Balor is a jobber who might be a challenger at a SummerSlam level show, but not ‘Mania. Elias? Dolph Ziggler? Not a chance in hell. Maybe Smackdown will win the Rumble and they’ll just feed Braun to him again, I guess, but no… Rollins seems like the biggest money match Brock has left, and I think they roll with that. Conceivably, Rollins could win at TLC and drop the strap on an episode of Raw before the Rumble, but Occam’s Razor: the easiest route there is for Dean to relieve him of the championship here and clear Seth’s path to getting F5’ed to death in April.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

 photo 20181203_TLC_BryanStyles--a6876e25834c419cc94bdce1b8fecc5d_zpsv7w8pei3.jpg

WWE Championship Match: AJ Styles vs. Champion Daniel Bryan

Steve Cook: The New Daniel Bryan has really taken off since winning the WWE Championship from the Phenomenal One. There’s a long way to go with this character as champion, hopefully involving more matches with the likes of Mustafa Ali & guys like that. Styles seems to be winding things down, which is well deserved after the work he’s put in over the years. Bryan getting one more win over AJ here makes sense. You know what makes even more sense? Bryan getting disqualified after a low blow. It’s been the story of AJ’s year.

Winner: AJ Styles

JUSTIN WATRY: Not much to write about actually. Daniel Bryan just got the WWE Championship and until AJ Styles signs a new contract, he won’t (and shouldn’t) be winning many big PPV bouts. The NEW Daniel Bryan wins, and Styles works down the card a bit for awhile. No harm, no foul. I do wonder what the blue brand will look like in three months though. Interesting WM35 outlook for Smackdown LIVE.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Rob Stewart: I’ve seen some speculation that AJ could surprisingly win the title back here to prolong this feud indefinitely through the rest of winter. It could work. I am less bothered by it than others, but I know how some people feel about playing “hot potato” with the belt. Still, these are two all-time greats, and it’s believable that on any given night, either one could have the other’s number. I will take a moment to say that Daniel Bryan’s new character doesn’t really work for me; you have a guy whose biggest moments were propelled by the fans and who based his entire character around being propped up by them. He has an incredibly sympathetic story that still works even this many months into his return where everyone is grateful to have him back and wants to see him reclaim his past glory. And he is just all “Nah, I hate you, you polluters!” all of the sudden? Bryan was always this same human being that cared about those issues; why would he suddenly develop this attitude? There were ways for a heel Bryan to go (have him say “The people chanting YES wasn’t getting it done anymore, so I had to do it myself” or “I could feel the energy slacking on those chants; they weren’t REALLY with me anymore”), but this version feels completely out-of-place with his history from the last five years. I don’t care for it. Whatever. Bryan cheats to win to set up a stipulation match at the Rumble.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Jake Chambers: WWE with the complete re-hash of their end of 2017 for Smackdown, with Bryan playing AJ, and AJ in the Jinder Mahal role. Last year that meant we were treated to two more 2017 AJ Styles average-match specials against Brock Lesnar and Mahal, so at least we got one classic out of it this year with Bryan and Brock at Survivor Series. No way WWE knows how to follow that up though. This match will be some kind of DQ finish, or non-match, or they’ll put the title back on Styles just to sabotage Bryan’s extraordinariness.

Winner: AJ Styles (snore)

 photo 20181203_TLC_WomansTripleThreat--4bf3facf9a279574f9caa3bc1b30b6fc_zpsz2zmhy8k.jpg

Smackdown Women’s Championship TLC Match: Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Champion Becky Lynch

Steve Cook: I wrote about this match at length so I’ll spare you a long, drawn-out explanation here. What it comes down to is this: Becky & Charlotte have plenty of things to occupy themselves with that don’t include the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Asuka needs the win here much more than they do.

Winner: Asuka

@JustinWatry: Fully expecting this to main event. I know it is MY most anticipated match of the evening. A first ever for the women and one that is well earned for all three. I can already tell I will be getting Goosebumps during the entrances. This is going to be SO GOOD. Like the Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax story, I am picking the champ to retain…but am keeping the door open for controversy in the division. How WWE navigates from Royal Rumble to Mania with Becky, Ronda, and Charlotte will be quite the story. Good luck to all involved in making this work. Match of the night…and maybe even match of the year if everything falls into place. Currently, Ronda Rousey has the 2018 Match Of The Year. It would be quite fitting if THE MAN snuck in at the last minute and stole that award from her…

Winner: Becky Lynch

Rob Stewart: There’s a right way to do this. The right way is extremely predictable, but sometimes things are predictable because that’s the way they are supposed to be: Asuka wins here because her character is the only one who NEEDS this win, the three stay engaged through January and give us great TV encounters until Becky wins the Rumble, and we get Becky/Ronda as the main event at WrestleMania as a blow off to all the work those two did leading up to Survivor Series. Asuka and Charlotte continue as a feud without Becky, and everything is great. Everyone wins because Charlotte and Asuka can have the proper extended angle they didn’t have after last year’s ‘Mania, Becky gets recognition for all of her work, and Ronda gets to main event the biggest show of the year. It’s easy, it’s what should happen, and it’s the story we deserve. Ball’s in your court, WWE.

Winner: Asuka

Jake Chambers: Welcome back to the Mediocrity Era, TLC PPV. Don’t let the empty hype of this match fool you, the WWE is not in the business of putting on excellent wresting. Actually, in theory, that hurts their bottom line. Why do the hard work to keep people happy, when you can intentionally frustrate them with laziness and it only invigorates them more. With all the money McDonald’s, Coca-cola, Wal-Mart or Microsoft makes, clearly they don’t turn around and reinvest that money into giving you better and better products or services. They hit a sustaining mediocre plateau of what you’re all willing to pay for to keep them rich, and they just keep on churning the same stuff out, and only now need to make lateral moves to sell their shit to more markets worldwide. WWE is clearly chasing this business model, and how do they maintain this mediocrity? By killing anything that’s interesting before it goes too far. For all the excitement there has been about Becky Lynch for the past few months, the WWE is not going to be investing in her getting to do unique things for much longer. They will either need to tweak her personality to be babyface and have her repeat the same things over and over, or the more likely option, humble her and her fans by having her lose to the most boring, but reasonable, option they can find. Some might think that’s Charlotte, but I’d say at this point it’s Asuka. The WWE spent about a year pounding the uniqueness out of Asuka like so much dust on an old rug, and NOW they’re ready to drop her in the front hallway of their McMansion and invite us all in for a syrupy soda of empty calories and momentary buzz. Meet the new boss, same as the old… well, you get it.

Winner: Asuka