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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.10.21

March 10, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.10.21  

Ed. Note: Hey folks! Jeremy here once again. I hope everyone enjoys tonight’s episode of Dynamite, which looks to be a packed show. Don’t forget, Andy Perez, Blake Lovell, and Tony will be live immediately after the show with their review and analysis of the episode. You can see it below:

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Apparently you get me for the first segment as Tony’s running a bit late. So this should be fun.

BRING THE BOOM! (Opening Credits)

Rey Fenix vs. Matt Jackson

Oh boy. Okay, let’s do this. They circle to start it off and go into some counter-wrestling back and forth, ending with a wrestlock by Fenix. Matt turns it into a Snapmare and a wristlock, but gets dropkicked down. Matt calls for the test of strength, Fenix goes for it but gets the kick to the gut. He tosses Fenix toward the ropes and Rey flips over. Overhand chop by Ray, acrobatic flips into an armdrag out of the ring. He goes to dive but Matt moved and Fenix puts on the breaks, changes course and goes onto the apron to rana Matt to the floor! Back in and a springboard clothesline sends Matt out, then a springboard dive! Back into the ring for another dive over the ropes onto Matt. Rey rolls Matt in and hjits a forearm to the back, then locks in a sleeper with a bodyscissors. They roll a bit into quick pin attempts but Fenix gets out and kicks Matt in the head. Matt up and gets put into the corner, knife-edge chop to Matt and then a little flipping around by both men into competing chops on the second rope. Rey goes for a rana but Matt turns it into a second-rope powerbomb! Jackknife pin gets two and Fenix rolls out of the ring. Matt follows and picks him up, slamming him back into the apron and pushing him into the ring. Springboard senton, cover gets two. Fenix tries to escape the ring but Matt pulls him in and hits a double axehandle. Stomp to the back and a knee in the back for a crossface. Rey gets to his feet and fights back, chop to the chest and a whip into the ropes. Matt ducks, wheelbarrow into a slam by Matt! Matt picks Fenix up into powerbomb position and goes for it, Fenix reverses for a roll-up but Matt steps through and goes for a Sharpshooter but Rey is right there on the ropes. Matt starts punching the back of Fenix, turns him around in the corner and punches him before charging RIGHT INTO a foot! Fenix leaps and stomps Matt in the corner, springboard dropkick! Fenix goes for a fireman’s carry but his back gives out. He goes for a punch but Matt dodges and hits one of his own, he comes off the ropes into a Cutter! Both men down and the count is up to four. Both men up at about six and they start trading blows. Fenix with a spinwheel around into a modified Gory lock, he spins and slams Matt down for a two-count. Matt’s on the stage, Rey gets on the ropes and grabs him but Matt fights back, suplex attempt but Fenix slips out. Fenix with a shot and he runs the ropes but Matt dodges, Matt does for a move and Fenix turns it into a Destroyer! Both men end up on the outside, Matt hits a Destroyer on the mats! The count is up to nine and Fenix pops up and slips in. Matt on the top rope, he leaps off with the big elbow drop and a cover for two and a half. SC are watching as Matt goes into a Sharphooter on Fenix. Fenix is struggling, he’s caught in the middle of the ring and pulls further — he gets to the ropes. Matt pulls him back and goes for it again, Fenix kicks him off. Fenix dives at Matt, Matt dodges and Fenix kicks Nick on the outside! Matt manages to dodge a clothesline and dives out of the ring, superkick on Pac! Matt and Fenix now in the ring trading punches, Fenix takes over but Matt pushes him into the turnbuckle. Fenix ends up with a German suplex throw, Matt with his own, Fenix into the ropes he comes back and a roundhouse misses, Matt with a superkick and Fenix is right back up! They start trading shots, Fenix with a kick that gets caught, they superkick each other’s legs but Matt with the Tombstone — reversed by Fenix! He hits Tombstone for the pin!

Winner: Rey Fenix (14:35)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: Exciting match to kick us off. I’m not a big fan of some of the rehearsed stuff that happened in here but all in all Fenix and Jackson really delivered to get the show off to a hot start.

And we’ve got Tony up now, enjoy!


So we head to Kingston and Moxley chillin by a fire. Eddie says it’s embarrassing, but he’s him. When he thought everytyhing was going to explode last week, he felt some real PTSD about Ryker’s. Everything went black. Call him a coward, less of a man, he doesn’t care. He’s speaking to those that understand where he is coming from. To Kenny….look at the heat. Eddie puts it over the flame. His hands aren’t scarred from video games. Does Kenny think this was funny?

Moxly says, no, he really thinks Omega wanted to blow him up. Eddie says Impact paid for the bomb. Did it come in a box with bold letters that said Acme on it? He’s made more explosive volcanos in 4th grade science class.

Moxley jokes with Eddie that he could have came in a litttttle bit sooner, but whatever. Eddie laughs it off, saying he’s gotta look good on PPV.

Moxley says to Good Brothers and Kenny; if you’re going to flash a weapon….you better use it.

Match 2: Cody Rhodes vs J. Jonah Jobberson

Cody kicks then hits a running powerslam.He grabs the boot then locks in a Figure Four! The jobber taps.

Winner: Cody Rhodes
So I guess Cody needed that? I dunno….
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: :40

Tony runs into the ring. He’s got some questions, and by gawd, we’ve got answers. After some mic issues, Tony asks Cody about the shoulder. Cody wants to talk about the loss, about the …nope! He gets cut off by…

PENTA!!! He has a mic, tells Cody to shut up. He wants some dude to speak for him. This man tells Cody that Penta says he is a thousand times better than Cody.

Penta also says that if Cody is the prince of pro-wrestling, then he is the Lord of Lucha. Penta speaks some Spanglish, wonders if Cody is serious. Cody lost at Revolution. Penta says that Cody is lucky, he didn’t focus on hurting Cody’s arm even more, because he would hurt it so bad that Cody wouldn’t be able to pick up his newborn baby girl.

Cody attacks!!! He rushes over the barricade and goes after Penta. Wrestlers break them up as Cody kicks some barricades away.

We head to an arcade where Chuck and Orange are chillin. Orange is playing Fast & Furious Super Cars. He’s not good at it. They want one more match with Miro and Kip. Chuck says he will be the butler forever. But Orange has a good idea for a match. Let’s take these video games and put them around ringside, and put their heads through every single one of them.

WE RETURN and Sting goes over the street fight and getting a win.

Another person to interrupt, and out comes Archer, saying that since Sting is wasting their time, he’s reclaiming it. He never needed a ladder match to be the face of AEW, and if things don’t change, he’ll take much more than time.

Tony says this is Sting’s time to talk. Archer offers his time back, then.

WE GO BACKSTAGE and QT wants to talk about Lee Johnson. He says his emotions got the best of him on Sunday, but tonight, they are focused.

Match 3: Ethan Page vs Lee Johnson

Ethan starts with some right hands. Whip to Lee into the corner, Lee hops over, ducks under, go behind, leap frog, another, dropkick to Ethan Page! Lee works the arm, Page backs him into the ropes, then into the corner. Kick to Lee. Hooks the arm, goes for a suplex, float over, wasit lock from Lee. Page hits a clothesline! Page runs into an elbow in the corner. Kick from Lee. Misses a ight, Page backs him into the corner, back elbow, shoulder tackle from Page!

We come back to the match and Lee is fighting his way out of a hold. He hits a eight hand, another, Page ducks, lcoks the arm, back elbow from Lee, neckbreaker from Lee. He locks the waist, Page drops an elbow, another, Lee wit a Blue Thunder Bomb!!! Page on the apron. He dives in with a cutter!!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Page rushes the corner, Lee hops off, hurts his leg. Page backs up then runs with a pump kick to the face.

Page locks the head of Lee, flips him up on the back, RAZOR’S EDGE!!! Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Ethan Page
Page got a good win here, and showed his true colors immediately after, just to cement that he’s a heel. Not even shitty audi issues could prevent him from letting us know that he. Is. All. Ego.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: NONE

Backstage, Adam Page has a new lawnmower. He’s bought some things and helped public education. The Dark Order comes to join him. They hop on the mower and Page drives away.

WE ARE BACK TO DYNAMITE, and Tony is here to welcome CHRISTIAN!!!!

BUT before Christian can come out, ladies with brooms are here to sweep away the competition.

KENNETH OMEGANUS! Is here! He coms out with The Good Brothers and Don. Don says that we won’t hear from the new signee, because this is their time. They take what they want. Don stands net o the greatest wrestler who ever lived. The King of the Deathmatch. Kenny Omega.

Don says last Sunday, it all went according to plan. Omega jokes that no, not everything. Don says that he and Omega have taken a lot of heat. Being blamed for not getting what we thought we wanted. Don will neither confirm nor deny whether they had anything to do with the “explosion,” but he will say how happy he was to take away what we thought we wanted.

Don says whether the ring blew up or not, Omega win. Moxley and Kingston look like a pair of iditos, and they walk out with the title.

Omega finally gets the mic. He says he’s getting goosebumps just thinking what it would have been like to see Jon blow up in the middle of the ring, but it’s just as sweet to see him embarrassed, leaving him the loser that he is. What a cherry it was for Eddie to come out and rescue Jon, dry humping him in the middle of the ring, while sparklers shot out.


He comes out in his timbs, and enters the ring. We got a three on one, but I don’t think Eddie gives a damn. Don says that they know each other. Don had Eddie working for him at Impact, because he saw the talent and toughness. The starmaker. He had it all. So why did he have to fire Eddie? Because Eddie did the same thing in Impact that he’s done his whole life. When you’re this close to success, you somehow find a way to screw it up. Just like at Revolution. Because Don likes Eddie, he’ll give him a chance to leave the ring with his pride intact. Hell give Eddie ten seconds before the attack happens.

We get a countdown. Highly unnecessary. They mock Eddie, Omega on the floor, asking Don to 69 him. Lol.

Omega offers Eddie a free shot, says he doesn’t have the balls. Eddie does, in fact, have the balls. He punches Kenny in the face. The Good Brothers attack!!! Out comes Moxley!! He sends Karl Anderson into the barricade on the outside.

While everyone is goin at it, we get some music playin. It’s CHRISTIAN!!! Christian walks out slowly, lookin for his peeps, then sees Omega in th middle of the ring. Omega gets to his feet. He and Christian go face to face. They jaw jack a bit, as Omega points downward to his mat. Omega holds back, extends a hand out to shake, and Christian denies it. Omega is offended. He foes for a cheapshot, but Chrsitan sets up for the Unprettier!!! Don pulls omega out of the ring!!!

Christian grabs the World Title. He stares at it, then the crowd, while Omega stands outside goin crazy.

Ok, so I had to use the restroom and came back to the episode with Maki itoh singing her heart out.

Match 4: Britt Baker, Nyla Rose, and Maki Itoh vs Hikaru Shida, Ryo Mizunami, and Thunder Rosa

Shida finally stops that shit and takes her into the ring to start the match. She works the fingers and tosses her, then tags in Ryo, who comes in to chop Maki away. Ryo shakes, rattles, and rolls with a chop. Tag to Nyla. Tag to Thunder. Kicks to Nyla! Nyla sends Rosa into the corner.

We come back from the break, and Shida sends Ryo into Britt Baker. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Maki stops the pin. Shida waits for Britt to stand, Ryo has a waist lock on Itoh, but she escapes, hits Shida with a headbutt, Ryo attacks her, Nyla locks the head, Thunder Rosa dropkicks Nyla out of the ring. Rosa hits the corner, elbowing Britt. Rosa shoves Britt to the outside. Thunder to the top rope. SHE DIVES WITH A SPINNING SOMETHIN OR OTHER!!! Swinging DDT TO ROSA!! Cover for 1..2…N!O!!

Vickie hops on the apron to distract, Rebel has her crutch, Rosa sends her off the apron, Rosa with a spike piledriver! Cover for 1…..2….3!!!

Winners: Thunder Rosa, Hikaru Shida, and Ryo Mizunami

Total Rating: **
Match Time: 8:34

Britt Baker attacks Rosa with the crutch across the back!!! Britt with the lockjaw!

Backstage at the bar, Matt Hardy is eating sour grapes. He says he needs to bring more money in. Private Party agrees. Matt has been feeling up safes with money his entire life. He can sustain their business through April 1. He needs to add some people to his roster. A new team. He wants to introduce…Butcher, Blade, and Bunny. They come in, Kassidy isn’t all that excited about it. Matt says that this group will destroy The Dark Order.

Match 5: Scorpio Sky vs Darby Allin

Darby gives out some knuckles. Lockup and they go to a stalemate. Darby works the wrist. Waist lock, roll through, a jackknife pin for 1..2..NO!!! Sky rolls to the corner, frustrated. Sky stands, Darby is ready. They circle. Lockup from behind, Sky tries to escape but Darby wont let go of the hold. They roll around the mat until Sky gets a rope break. Sky with a shoulder tackle. Lockup and a waist lock from Sky. Sky slams Darby down. Darby misses a hit on the arpon, he flies back into the ring, favors the knee, and Sky knocks him on his ass. Uppercut from Sky in the corner. Another uppercut from Sky. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Sky works the left arm, hits a back breaker. RIGHT ON THE KNEE!!! He stretches Darby across his knee in a submission.

WE are back and Darby stacks Sky up. Sky with a hard right out of nowhere. Sky shoves the head of Darby, goes for a right, Darby locks the head, stunner, cover for 1..2..NO!!! Code Red! Darby up in the corner. Sky with a German INTO THE POST!!! Sky springboards, but Darby shoves him off the apron. Darby hits the ropes! SUICIDE DIVE! BUT SKY CATCHES HIS HEAD!! CUTTER!!!! Sky covers for 1….2…NO!!! Sky grabs the head of Darby, pulls him up, hooks the head. Knee to Darby. Another knee, hooks the leg, hits a brainbuster. Cover for 1..2,….NO!!! Darby with. Back elbow.

He flies off the corner for a Coffin drop, but Sky catches him for a POWERBOMB!!! Sky gets the firemans, goes for a TKO, but Darby rolls up for 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Darby Allin
What a fun ass match.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 12:48

Darby walks over to Sky and slaps his back in congrats. Sky hooks the leg!! HEEL HOOK!!! Refs come to stop the madness. Sky looks at his fingers. He is happy with what he’s done.


Jericho comes out in a sick shirt, says that tonight, they will be talking about combat. The Inner Circle has been on a decline, but it will be easily remedied. Time for a new attitude, a new outlook, maybe even introduce a new member.

MJF nips this in the bud, saying we don’t need a new member. In fact, MJF thinks it’s time to let someone go.


Jericho says wow. Look who is here. Remember his name, right? Jericho says he never wanted to hear his name again. Sammy is aware that he is the last person Jericho wants to see. Sammy wants to show Jericho something, though. Needs him to see this.

Jericho says that Sammy is dead to them. Sammy brings up everything they’ve been through. He needs Jericho to see this.

We go to the tron. Sammy sets up a secret cam, then leaves the room. We get some fast forwarded footage of Santana, Ortiz, and Hager.

Finally, we settle in on mJF comin in to express that they will be kicking Jericho out tonight.

MJF says he didn’t want Jericho to ind out this way, but oh well. Santana and Ortiz look to fight Jericho and Sammy. They corner him, get closer, then turn towards MJF, and no we got all of Inner Circle staring MJF down.

Jericho tells him to shut up. Jericho says they talk every single day. They were waiting or MJF to hang himself. Since Jericho brought him in, he will be the same one to bring him out. Jericho shoves MJF on his ass.

On behalf of The Inner Circle and Chris Jericho, MJF is fired!

MJF yells for Jericho to hold on. Jericho says they have an old school Inner Circle beatdown for him. MJF stops it with his hand out, saying hear him out. MJF didn’t wanna take over, he swears…because he was too busy building his own.

Lights go out.

They come back on and….FTR, Wardlow, and Shawn Spears are standing behind Inner Circle. THEY ATTACK!! Spears breaks a chair over Sammy, FTR attacks as Spears sends Sammy face first into a chair. Wardlow crushes Jericho’s windpipe in the corner. FTR has handcuffs. They lock up Ortiz and Santana. Wardlow lifts Jericho to the corner, then brings him down to a knee. FTR has Santana and Ortiz. Piledrivers with Tully helping out on the execution. MJF sits in the corner, not smiling one bit. They all hold up Jericho. MJF has his diamond on. He clocks Jericho in the face. Jericho reaches for the bat, but MJF steps on his hand. Tully grabs the bat for MJF, and hands it over. Jericho pulls himself up. MJF attacks the midsection, then clocks ihm ione time in the forehead.

They all drag Jericho to the back, with MJF calling the shots. Wardlow locks up Jericho and powerbombs his ass onto some nearby table.


The final score: review Good
The 411
It's a shame I missed a bulk of the opener, because it was what I was most hyped about. Still, what I ddi say, I loved. I didn't need the Cody squash, but a program with Penta is intriguing. Ethan Page had a great debut showing, so it's a shame that the audio issues took center stage as opposed to Ethan getting his first win. Christian as Omega's next contender isn't something I'm opposed of, but with Jon very obviously not leaving any time soon, it makes me wonder why he would be willing to sit second fiddle. Sky v Darby was everything you wanted it to be, with sick counters on SKy's part, and official heel turn for Sky, to boot. The show ended with a bang, as MJF shows that he has had a plan all along, and introduces us to the bad ass team he has compiled. A solid AEW show that didn't have too much to sell in terms of in-ring quality, but still followed through with the promise for something more on a weekly basis.

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