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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.31.21

March 31, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.31.21  

It’s Windsday, Rabbit.

Tony lasts another week without being “cancelled.”

It’s Wednesday…you know what that means.


Match 1: Christian Cage vs Frankie Kazarian

A TENSE lockup to start. Kaz backs Chrstian into the corner. Ref holds him back at 3. Kaz backs up and points with a smile. Another tense lockup, with the help of the crowd. Go behind from Cage, side headlock takedown, Hits the ropes, shoulder tackle from Christian into an immediate pin for 1…NO! A third lockup. Christian works the arm, Kaz flips out of the hold, hits the ropes, elbow to Christian sends him to the outside! Kaz heads to the outside.

On the top of the stage, Christian hits a hard slap, then gets sent right the fuck back into the ring with a back body drop from Kaz. Chop from Kaz. Another chop to Cage. Kaz with a hard right in the corner. Another. Another. Another. Ref backs him up. Kaz eats an elbow. Cage to the 2nd rope, grabs the head, Kaz holds on, locks his leg up around the ropes. Ref breaks the hold. Kaz backs up then surprise shoves Cage off the top rope. Kaz holds the ropes open for Cage until Cage stands, and Kaz backs up, he misses a right, Cage goes for a shoulder to the mid, Kaz with a leg drop!!! He tries to cover, but Cage is under the ropes, so ref don’t count it. Kaz with a cravat on Cage. Cage turns into the hold. Kaz cinches the hold. Cage falls to his knees, then to the mat! He might be out!!!! Kaz keeps the hol! Cage stirs, wakes a little, turns back into the move, hits some right hands to the mid, Kaz attacks the back, knees to the head, then a swinging neckbreaker. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Kaz is frustrated. He paces around the ring. Waits for Christian, who crawls to the ropes. Kaz pulls him away. Stomp to Cage. Another neckbreaker and a cover for 1..2..N!O!! Kaz steps on the back of the head of Cage, using the ropes till 3. Cage with a punch to the abs, right to the face, another, Kaz hives him one. Cage drops to his knee. Kaz lets him fall and gloats a little. Kaz sends Cage into the corner, Cage kicks out of the corner, right hand to Kaz. Cage to the top rope, holds the head, tornado DDT to Kaz!!! Cover for 1…2…..NO!!! Both men up. Cage tries to grab, Kaz slaps his hand, hard right from Christian. Again. Another. Christian steps on the back of Kaz, then flies to the outside and slaps the face of Kaz. Christian to the top, euro uppercut! Over for 1..2…NO!!! Cage mounts Kaz in the corner for punches, gets to 10, and beats him down past the ten. Kaz shoots the legs, covers for 1..2..N!O!!! Christian revereses for 1..2..NO!!!! Cage is up, Kaz works the arm behind him, Chicken Wing attempt, but Christian stops the hold, hits an elbow, antoher to the head, Christian goes for the Killswitch, turns Kaz, Kaz vatches, tries for a back suplex, but Cage lands on his feet, reverse DDT! Cage to the top rope! He dives! NOBODY’S HOME!!! Kaz rolls out of danger. Kaz tries for another Chicken Wing, this time dropping down on his back. Kaz kicks the abs a few times, HE GETS THE HOLD! Cage is fading! Leg scissors added. Cage scoots over to the ropes. Cage gets to the ropes! Hold is broken! Kaz steps hard onto the ribs! He pulls cage back into the middle. Inside Cradle. Kaz rolls out. Knee Lift. Clothesline! Springboard Leg Drop!!!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Right to Cage. Another. He sits Cage onto the top rope. Another right to the corner. Cage hits a right, another, another, Kaz hits a right. Hooks. SUPER—-NO!! HEADBUT! Kaz stands on the top rope, even higher! FLUX CAPACITOR! Kaz LOVED that he did that. Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Kaz is pissed. Cage hooks the arms, turns it, KILLSW—-NO!!! Kaz sends him to the apron, Kaz pulls him into the ring, kicks the head, goes for a leg drop, Cage hands him up on the top rope. Cage to the top rope! He dives. HE HITS THE FROG SPLASH!!!! 1…2…….NO!!!!

Kaz tries for the crossface again, cage drops down, rolls through, sends Kaz into the post shoulder first! KILLSWITCH!!!! Pin for 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Christian Cage
I went in telling myself not to overrate, not to blindly be a fanboy after not seeing this guy for years. The good news is that, without words, they told the story of Cage’s time off, his age, his stamina, Kaz’s arrogance, his frustration, his subsequent pride swelling after he hit a big move, and his ultimate demise due to the anger from taking too long to seal the deal. Aside from the wrestling, this was also a master class on how to tell a story in the ring, while commentary both fills in the gaps AND allows the rest to simply unfold.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 16:30

Darby has a promo voice over with a video of he and Sting on a date to a pier at the beach. He talks of Matt inspiring generations after generations, and how he is now trying to buy people’s respect. We get a fake Matt with a mask, and Darby and Sting tossing money over the pier while someone screams money in a punk rock like manner.

WE RETURN FROM BREAK and Jade wants to talk about people being shook about us all knowing she has “IT.” She understands it’s hard to accept that Red Velvet isn’t better than her idol. She can go ahead and keep talking shit, because no one can be Jade. She is that woman, that bitch.

Apparently, those around the rings are class members current and former of The Nightmare Family.

Cody comes out with both Dustin and

Match 2: Exhibition Match
Cody Rhodes vs QT Marshall (w/ Special Guest Ref Arn Anderson)

Finger lock attempt, but they opt for a lockup. Cody backs Qt up in the corner, QT sends him, Cody reverses, back in the middle of the ring, Cody drops the hold. QT shoots the leg, Cody trips him up with ease, then turns and claps at QT. Another lockup. Cody with a side headlock. Rope work, QT looks for a hit, but Cody hits a shoulder tackle, they run the ropes a few times, QT leap frogs, hooks the arm, Cody arm drags out, another one. Cody works the rm, but QT pulls his head down hard. Cody kipups, works the arm, looks to stomp the face of QT, but doesn’t. “I could, but I’m not” says JR. Cody lets him up. QT with a shove, Cody drops and hits an uppercut, stands, and QT gives him a dropkick!!!! QT with a shoulder, then a hard right, another.

WE ARE BACK, and Cody takes his belt off while QT is down on the mat. Cody looks for Figure Four, but then stops. He tells Arn he’s not going to do it. QT swings, Cody with a Full Nelson, looks for Cross Rhodes, but drops Cody. QT stands up and slaps the taste out of Cody! Hits the ropes, back elbow, Cody ducks, and QT misses a crossbody. QT rolls outside. Everyone gives him space.

Dustin tries to check on him, and QT slaps his hand away. QT enters the ring. Cody claps. QT PUNCHES ARN ANDERSON IN THE FACE!!!!!!!

Winner: No Contest
They did well enough with the story, particularly the little things – and that’s a compliment considering I think Cody sucks with subtlety. The match wasn’t the story here, though, as everything afterwards was incredibly well done. I was surprised, and a little mad that we didn’t see it coming. Not to say we should have, simply that this story isn’t groundbreaking yet still feels fresh. OF COURSE QT isn’t the only one who feels that way; Cody’s a dick. Just….man, THIS is good shit
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 7:31

QT stands at the top of the ramp, looking ashamed, confused, then acceptant.

AARON SOLOW ATTACKS BILLY GUNN WITH A CHAIR!!! BUFF dude Comoroto attacks, too! A third guy attacks Dustin! They attack Lee, Billy, and Co! Comoroto grabs Lee and POWERBOMBS TO THE OUTSIDE STAGE!!! QT ordered the powerbomb! QT heads to Arn who is out of the ring. He grabs the right arm and slams it down onto the barricade!

Comoroto grabs the steel steps! He sets them on the stage. QT with a piledriver to the bloodied Dustin!

Cody is next!!! Como holds him with Solo and Ogogo puts a ring on. Hard punch to Cody Rhodes. They send Cody to the outside. QT with a boot on the head of Cody. QT is looking to slam the head of Cody, but out comes Red Velvet to stop the onslaught. QT drops the chair, and he and Roto and Gogo and Solow head backstage.

DASHA is with Red Velvet backstage. Red says she had to help Cody, he’s her partner. In comes Jade out of nowhere to kick Red’s ass. Jade is mad she almost broke her heel with the attack, and reminds Red that she is THAT BITCH.

MOXLEY has a promo in front of lockers. He is angry. The Young Bucks try to appeal to sensibility instead of fighting, whose side are they on? Moxley is pissed. He brings up Cezar, he’s tall, looks like a Baywatch model, AEW can really make some money with him, BUT NOT IF HE KILLS HIM!! Lol. Sick.

Match 3: Jon Moxley vs Cezar Bononi

Jon shoves Cezar, Cezar shoves back, right hands from Moxley. Bononi sends Jon into the corner hard, whips to the opposite, mises a splash, Jon rolls out, Bononi kicks, Jon catches, drops the leg on his shoulder, then hits a dragon screw to the leg. Heel hook and Jon bends the leg back. Single leg crab. Jon leaves, kicks the chest of Cezar, Bononi eats it. Jon hits the ropes, Nemeth grabs, Bononi with a right, hits a supelx. Cover for 1..2…N!O!!

WE are back, and Bononi elbows Jon’s head. Right hand, whip attept, but Jon breaks the hold and hits a hard right, spin for another, hits the ropes, hits a clothesline, Cezar doesn’t go down so Jon just punches him. Lockup from behind. GERMAN! Cross Arm Breaker! JD Drake distracts the ref, in comes Ryan, just to get Paradigm Shifted.

Cezar attacks from behind, goes for a Pumhandle, Jon slinks into a Sleeper!!1 Cezar is fading!!!! Ref Stops the match!

Winner: Jon Moxley via Ref Stoppage
A Moxley match be hittin different sometimes.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 7:49

Backstage, Team Taz has a message. His goons are seating in their individual chairs. Starks looks like a great host. He says he had a great time at Dark, felt like the old Team Taz was back. He wants to forgive the past. He calls out Cage, wondering what he thought about last night.

Cage stands, says maybe they would have won sooner if Starks did what he was supposed to do. Starks says sorry, smiles, crosses his leg, and Taz says nobody can stop the path of rage.

BACKSTAGE, MJF has a gift for Pinnacle. He introduces a new stylist and an interior decorator for their locker room. He says there is a horrible stench in the bathroom, opens the door, and there’s Jericho, Santana, Ortiz, and Sammy.

MJF says they gotta go, opens the main door, and there’s Hager. LET THE MELEE ENSUE!!! We follow Sammy and Spears. Sammy has Spears on his shoulders, and sends him into a door. Sammy then slams the door on his head.

Wardlow and Hager are fighting until Hager drops Wardlow through a massage table and yells at trainers not to touch him. Lol.

Ortiz and Santana are fighting FTR. Ortiz knocks Cash into an ice bath. Santnaa swings a chair, but it mostly hits pole. His shirt is covered in blood though, which is a nice touch. We span to Dax, and he is bloodied. Nice. I love that for some reason.

IN the locker room, Jericho is attacking MJF. He beats him down hard then looks to put his face into a toilet. He does just that, and Jericho calls MJF a piece of crap.

Jericho grabs MJF, goes all Kimberly Guilfoyle on us and tells MJF, “The Worst. Is Yet. To Come.” Then tosses MJF into a nearby soda fridge.

Y’all, I loved that segment. The entire thing, honestly, but I can’t help but think that it happened too soon. The Inner Circle got their revenge 100% but they weren’t exactly complete faces quite yet. I don’t know what I wanted before this, I just felt like an entire chapter of a solid story was missing.

MARVEZ AND THE YOUNG BUCKS are backstage. Young Bucks says he doesn’t wanna keep airing dirty laundry every week. In comes Don, tells everyone to leave except Matt. He tells Matt that he loves Omega, but Matt…Matt broke Omega’s heart. Omega chose this place. He didn’t choose AEW over life in Japan or fame, he chose Matt and Nick, based on family. What did Matt do? He chose to leave Omega in the ring bleeding like an animal. He could have helped, but chose not to – just like with his dad. Does Matt not feel anything for the people that love him? He broke Kenny’s heart. What is wrong with Matt? No explanation, right? Just gonna go and count your money. Don doesn’t know how he is supposed to get through to Matt.

Don slaps Matt in the face. Matt grabs Don by the neck, stares him down, then calms his tits.

Don: “Really…that’s it, ey? That’s all. Is there anything inside you at all? Matt, you are truly pathetic. You make me sick.”

Holy shit….that did NOT win me over in the slightest regarding The Young Bucks, but Don killed it.

Before the match, Rey hits a moonsault on everyone cuz fuck it.

Match 4: The Lucha Brothers and The Laredo Kid vs Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers

The bell rings, and we get a Superkick to omega, they look to hit trip superkick,s but Good Brothers hop on the apron, so Rey and Penta send them fliyng, then turn and we get Triple Superkicks!!! They all send Good Brothers out, Kid on the apron, Penta and Rey fly over the top rope while Laredo hits a moonsault onto the three outside!!! Laredo sends Omega into the ring. Kid sends Omega into the crorner hard, hits a hard forearm, then a suplex. Bottom rope moonsault. 2nd rope moonsault. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!! Omega gets Laredo on the shoulders. He drops, Kid sends Omega into the corner, back elbow, slingblade, both men down! Tag to Gallows. Laredo attacks the mid, kick from Anderson, Kid tries to punch him, but Gallows hits a roundhouse to the back of the head. Gallwos grabs the head, GOOZLE!!! He sends Kid int othe corner Right, left, right. Uppercut to Kid. Gallows grabs the head and whips hard. Gallows with. Hip attack. Tag to Anderson. He drops Kid with a backbreaker. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Omega. Axe to the left arm. Right to the mid section. Omega hits the ropes and drops an elbow. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

WE ARE BACK, and Gallows has Kid in his hands like nothing. Body slam and tag to Omega. Omega enters with Anderson, they knock the Bros off the apron. Omega gets Good Brother on his back, then Anderson hops on both their backs and get a triple splash. Ref tries to gain control. Gallows is the legal man now. He covers for 1..2..N!O!! Cravat from Gallows. He cinches the hold. Elbows from Kid. Sent to the ropes. Kid on the shoulders, spins into a DDT! Tag to Penta! Penta with a slingblade! Another for Omega! Tag to Rey!! Dives in. DOUBLE CUTTER!!! Rey kips up. He and Penta double team with a wheelbarrorw into a splash! Rey garbs the leg, tags in Kid, who hits a moonsault off the 2nd rope, tag to Penta, tag to Rey, Diving stomp from penta. Senton off the top! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Omega stops the pin. Rey Chops Anderson, Penta rushes the corner, high kick, knees from Laredo, Rey misses a back elbow, Gallows pulls kId out of the ring, Omega enters. Anderson with a high kick, Omega with a back elbow, Splash from Gallows. COVER TO REY!!! 1..2…N!O!!! Penta stops it, gets sent to the outside. Anderson waits, Rey stands, HIGH KICK TO THE FACE HOLY SHIT!!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! They try for Magic Killer, but Penta stops it, In comes Laredo to send him fliyng, swing kick to Omega. Canadian Destroyer!!! Uppercut from Anderson, Rey flies off the ropes INTO A SPINEBUSTER!!! Anderson pins for 1..2…NO!!!!! Kid with an elbow drop!!! Tag to Oemga. He gets attacked, but Omega fights back, Kid kicks the mid, sends Omega into the corner, right elbow, Kid hops off the top rope into a powerbomb. V-Trigger!!!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! He lifts Laredo to the shoulders, goes for One-Winged, Kid spins. Head scissors to the outside! LAREDO KID FLIES!!! HOLY SHITTTTT!!!!! Lucha Bros send Good Bros outside. Penta with a freakin flip off the corner buckle to both. Omega rolls inot the ring. Kid follows, Omega flies.

Kid drives Omega into the mat headfirst!!! Kid to the top rope! Misses a Pheonix Splash. One-Winged Angel!!! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers
Son of a bitch. One of my favorite things to do at Cali indy shows was yell at Rick Knox for totally sucking at his job. It was a good time. For some reason, I hold a slightly higher standard for the matches on AEW television, and tonight is one of those times. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of this, but it’s inconsistent with the rest of the show. This isn’t a complaint so much as an observation, and where the term Indyriffic comes from. Still…Rey F’n Fenix, man. Holy hell.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 14:20

Omega and Good Brothers celebrate. Jon Moxley comes out to watch. The three men in the ring stare him down. Jon saunters down the step to the stage. He is close enough to the ropes.

The Young Bucks come out to join Moxley. They side him. Three v Three, it looks like.

The Young Bucks and Jon enter the ring, but Good Brothers and Omega run!

WE ARE BACK, and Britt and Rebel are looking for Tony. He’s late, apparently, so Reba takes over. Britt sells Elevation, the show where she helps elevate newer wrestlers, and couldn’t help but see Rosa on the show, and what a wonderful platform for her to get her wins up. She says the biggest win of Thunder Rosa’s career didn’t even count because the match wasn’t sanctioned. But worry not, Britt is here to put the women’s division on the map.

Matt Hardy cuts a mini promo for Bunny. He says starting April 1, he starts earning 100% of his money.

THE GIRLS ALL ATTACK BEFORE THE BELL RINGS. Nyla trucks both Hikaru and Tay to get things in order.

Match 5: Bunny and Nyla Rose (w/ Matt Hardy, Butcher and Blade) vs Tay Conti and Hikaru Shida (w/ The Dark Order)

Nyla starts with a leg drop. Cover for 1.NO! Tag to Bunny. Bunny in with a kick to Shida, then she attacks the back with right clubs. She yells at Shida, Shida stands up, grabs the hair, screams, and sends Bunny into a kick from Tay, then int oa judo throw from Shida. She works the arm from behind, but Bunny rolls to the her back then the rope. Shida punches her a few times then rolls outside. She grabs the hair of Bunny and hangs her over he apron. Shida backs up, hits a running high knee lift. Matt Hardy distracts, and Nyla attacks from behind. Dark Order is there to talk some shit.

IN the ring, Bunny covers for 1..2…N!O!!! we come back from PIP< and Conti is in the in the ring with some judo tosses. Punch to Nyla on the apron, Tay rolls out of the corner, runs with a high bicycle knee. Running boot in the corner. Tay on the arpon, tries for a kick, stops herself, Bunny turns, another kick! This one lands! Tay gets Bunny on her back, swings her into a backbreaker, staring at Matt Hardy the entire time. Dark Order has had enough. They attack Butcher, Blade, and Matt!!

IN the ring, Tay with the Gory set up. TAYKO! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Nyla in to stop it. Shida runs off the back of Conti onto Nyla!! Shida flies!! Everyone catches her! Tay to the top rope! She dives onto the pile of everyone outside!

In the ring, Bunny has Shida’s kendo stick. Guerrero on the apron.!!! Bunny hits Tay. Bunny finishes it! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Bunny and Nyla Rose
An ok attempt at giving Bunny some credibility, considering she has very little.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 6:51

Lucha Express has some promo time for Bear Country. They talk about tossing Marko Stunt. Jungle challenges them, saying in honor of Zilla vs Kong, next week, we see who is on top of the food chain.

Stunt shows off his new tattoo.

ANOTHER MATCH that doesn’t quite start so much as fall into a ring of the bell.

Kip gets Orange, sends him outside. Miro attacks Chuck in the corner. I’ll assume the match starts here.

Miro and Kip Sabian vs Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy

Fallaway slam from Miro sends Chuck outside. Meanwhile, Kip sends Orange Cassidy into a Whack-a-Mole machine. Orange then sends Kip into the poster, head first. Kips head hangs out of the sign. Orange grabs the mallet and smashes Kips head with it twice, but Miro flies out of nowhere into Orange. He sends Orange into the post hard, then hits a body slam, also hard. Miro sends Orange onto the Whack-a-mole machine then grabs the mallet and attacks Orange on the back. Again. Miro moves a barricade and sets it up on the outside near an air-hockey table. Chuck attacks!!! Orange is here to kick Miro. They both hook the head, go for a suplex, but Miro stuffs them, sends Orange into the barricade, grabs Chuck and suplexes him onto the barricade!!! Miro sends Orange into the ring.

Miro grabs a chair, sends it into the ring. Steps on it so Orange has no access. Right hands to Orange, and Orange takes them like a fucking champ. Orange tries to fight back. Miro hits a knee, tries to send Orange into the chair, Orange stops it, hits an elbow, but Miro does it anyway!!! He sends Orange to the outside. Miro heads over to some arcades, as Orange leans on Mortal Kombat. Chuck is on the top of it!! He flies onto Miro! Chuck sends Miro into the post just as Orange attacks Kip! He grabs a trash can lid and smacks Miro in the head. Chuck grabs a kendo stick off of a prize wall and attacks Miro with it. Smack from the lid, from the stick, lid, stick, lid, stick, lid over and over and over again. ORANGE WITH A RUNNING TRASH CAN LID TO MIRO!!! Orange grabs the same barricade Chuck was suplexed on and hold it like a banner, then run into Miro with it! They then grab a table and toss it on top of Miro. Lid, crutch, kendo stick, whack-a-mole all onto Miro. Orange covers lol. 1..2…NO!!! Kip dives into Orange! Kip with a kcik to Chuck, spin, righ hand!! Running dropkick to Orange, sendin him into the prize wall. Chuck misses a right, single underhook, suplex. Another dropkick to Orange sends him THROUGH THE WALL!!! Chuck kicks, sends Kip into the plunder! Chuck grabs a teddy bear off the wall! He grabs Kip, takes the bear, and Kip into the ring. Chuck grabs the bear, there is an opening on the back! CHUCK POURS OUT LEGOS!!!!

Chuck sends Kip into the corner. He sits up Kip on the top rope. Chuck grabs he head. Locks up. Kiup blocks. Rights to the side. Kip slides down. POWERBOMB ONTO THE LEGOS TO CHUCK TAYLOR!!!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Orange stops the pin! Right hands fromOrange, he hits the ropes. DDT onto the legos, Kip up, BEACH BREAK! Cover for 1..2…..NO!!!! ORANGE PUNCH!!! Cover for 1..2……NO!!!! Penelope rips Aubrey Edwards out of the ring!!!! Aubrey admonishes Penelope. Orange heads out. FORD KICKS THE ORANGES!!!! Ford takes off her belt. She goes to attack, but IN THE CLAW MACHINE, KRIS STATLANDER SHOVES THE WINDOW AND GOES TO ATTACK FORD!!!! SHE GRABS FORD OFF THE APRON, gives her a knee, BLUE THUNDER BOMB THROUGH THE ICE HOCKEY TABLE!!!!

Miro is up!!! He’s out from under the plunder! He grabs Orange Cassidy and tosses him, sending him flying on the outside.Miro has the chair. Smacks Orange. Smacks Chuck. Miro keeps attacking with the chair. He grabs Chuck, sends him into the table, he grabs Orange, send him into a table. Miro rips the table cloth off to assure skin to wood contact. Orange and Chuck are shown crawling away up a ramp, but Miro is setting the table up.


AND THEY ATTACK!!! Trent grabs Miro, sends him into a punch from Chuck, from Orange, from Trent, from all three. They attack from all sides. Miro shoves Orange, shoves Trent, roundhouse to Chuck, thrust kick to Orange. Trent attacks, Miro sends him into the wall.


He send Miro into the hood, then fights him down with rights and a kick. Punch to Miro. Miro attacks the mid. Trent takes a seat. Miro heads to an MKII machine. Miro lifts the machine up and slams it into Trent, but Trent moves. Trent grabs a chair and sends it into the face of Miro!! SPEAR TO MIRO THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!

Kip is ion the stage, he sees his friend being beaten. Chuck is behind him. Kick. Running powerslam through the stage! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, and Trent Baretta
JEEEEEEEESUUUUSSSS!!! My one complaint? My ONE complaint?! It’s that Orange Cassidy wasn’t Orange Cassidy enough. But damn…..that’s all I got, because this was so much damned fun. Miro looked like a beast, and even if that wasn’t the goal, and the return of Trent and the action of Orange and Chuck was the highlight, Miro’s psycho obsession with Chuck and his monstrous persona is just killing it.
Total Rating: ************
Match Time: 14:00


End Show

The final score: review Virtually Perfect
The 411
Wow. Just...wow. This show had it all. The opener was amazingly methodical, told an awesome story, didn't rush, and proved that wrestlers are the story tellers, not the commentary team. Moxley brought the heat with promo skills that are both specific to his character yet fully aware of the world that he and the other wrestlers live in. QT's turn was inevitable, and the match was predictable, but that stable was NOT at all, yet didn't come off as farcical, and even the fact that I have no clue who these people are other than students of the Nightmare Family, that was totally enough for me to buy it and love it all. MJF continues to toe the line of comedy and seriousness with help from The Inner Circle, Don Callis surprises the hell out of me with a no-nonsense belittling of Matt Jackson, and that main event was fun on so many levels. Truly, when I consider the show as a whole, and as unequal parts, my only slight hesitation of enjoyment was simply that The Inner Circle got their revenge so quickly after being thwarted by MJF, but that's gotta be the epitome of nit-picking. I am in awe with how well this entire episode was, but not in awe that the second 10/10 ever goes to AEW. Wow.

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