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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 9.8.20

September 9, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite Miro
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 9.8.20  

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Hi guys! It’s Me, It’s Me, it’s T-O-N….shit. That didn’t work out.

WE start outside, and two SUVS pull up nose to nose. Jericho is in one, MJF is in the other. They meet Tony I the middle and explain to one another how much they were screwed on Saturday. They promise each other that soon either of them will be AEW Champion, then walk away and we get a split screen of each of them calling the other a loser.

Match 1: Jurassic Express vs Penta El Cero

Jungle Boy and Rey to start. Boots to Jungle out of the corner, then he rolls to the top of the shoulders, Rey with a wheelbarrow, takes down Rey, grabs his head, bounces off the top rope with an arm drag. Rey stomps the foot, hits a right, blocks a right, and hits a chop. He locks the fingers and walks the ropes, then flips off and arm drags Jungle Boy. Rey goes for a dropkick, Jungle dodges it, Rey dropkicks. Cover for NOTHING! Tag to Penta, He tosses Jungle, hops over, dropkick from Rey, Penta right hands Lucha on the apron. Rey drops Penta into a splash on Jungle Boy. Penta goes for the package piledriver, Jungle escapes, tag toLucha and he comes in to drop Jungle onto Penta. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Rey there to stop him. Jungle hops on the back of Lucha, and dives onto Penta.

On the outside, Butcher, Blade, and Eddie linger. Rey and Penta have a small convo, then enter the ring. Penta rolls back in. He removes his glove and tosses it at Lucha. Lucha with the GOOZLE! Chop from Penta, Lucha hits one of his own, dropping Penta. Another. Kick from Penta. He hits the ropes, springboard crossbody! Tag to Jungle, who flies off the top rope with a hurricanrana. Tag to Rey, he gets hurricanrana’d, and Jungle has Penta in a move as well! Suicide dive to Rey on the outside by Jungle! Jungle on the apron, hops to the rope, Penta shoves him off the ropes INTO A SUPERKICK!! Rey rolls Jungle back in. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Penta grabs Jungle and chokes him up on the ropes. Penta locks Jungle up on the ropes and kicks him in the quad! Another kick to the back of the leg. Penta pulls back on the arms of Jungle and drives the knee into the back. Tag to Rey, Jungle dodges a clothesline, rolls and tags in Lucha. Chop to Penta, one to Rey, pump kick to Penta, he sends Rey into the ropes, shoots him onto his shoulders, hits an odd looking death valley driver to Rey. Lucha with a knee out of the corner. Rey with ak ick, Lucha grabs him off the top rope and chokeslams him to hell! JEEEEEESUS!!! Standing Moonsault from Lucha. Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Kick from Penta in the head. Lucha is seething. He turns towards Penta and drops him, then tags in Jungle. Lucha grabs Rey, they whip him int othe ropes, springboard headbutt to Lucha, Rey grabs Jungle gets him on his back, Gory Driver AND A LEG DROP ONTO LUCHA!! SIIIIICK! Tag to Penta! Penta runs in, slingblade to Lucha! Misses a clothesline, hops on the ropes, backstabber from Penta!!!Penta locks up Jungle Boy, Stomp into a package driver! Suicide dive to Lucha on the outside!!! Cover from Penta! 1….2….NO!!!!

Rey with a tag. He enters, grabs Jungle, sets him up, Jungle reverses and sends Rey into the flying Penta, who hits a Destroyer to his partner Rey! Cover from Jungle. 1…2…3!!!

Winners: Jurassic Express
From a pure wrestling standpoint, The Lucha Bros continue to be a sight for sore eyes. Man, they can go, and shit looked great tonight. I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t stand how “resilient” Jungle Boy is quite yet. I’ve seen him wrestle in person, and for a few years now, and I just…I get it; he’s tough, but sometimes…Anyway, the loss was ok considering what happened after, and even though that segment dragged juuuuust a bit, it’s for a reason.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:23

In front of some graffiti covered door, Jake and Archer have some promo time while it rains. Jake says they’re not here for fancy cars. They’re not here driving cars, they’re here trashing cars, and trashing people too. Just like getting wet; might as well enjoy it. He promises Moxley that he’ll piss himself. Lance tells Jon that he has nothing but despair to look forward too. Hes been champ for far too long, and it’s going to come to an end. There’s nothing he or anyone can do about him winning the title. In the end, everybody dies.

Penta and Rey get in each others’ faces, shoving back and forth. Butcher and Blade come in to keep the peace. Eddie grabs a mic, tells both of them to stop, both of them, and ask what’s goin on. He says he is here for them, where’s their little British friend? Eddie is here. Where is Blade’s wife? Eddie is here. What happened at the Battle Royal? There was 5 of them, and Rey kicks Blade in the face? Accident his ass. Where was Penta? They should be running this place.

He tells them to shake hands. Do it. Shake hands.

Rey extends his hand, Penta shoves Rey, saying nah. Eddie is pissed. He tells Penta that he is his best friend, Rey is his brother, his blood. Shake his hand. Rey extends his hand. Penta takes the hand. They hug it out.

One more thing, Eddie hasn’t forgotten. Eddie was never eliminated. Look up the rules.

AFTER THE BREAK, Matt Hardy makes his entrance to thank all of us as fans. He says that Saturday, he suffered a very scary fall, and he knows he’s frightened a lot of people. Over the last couple of days the outpour has been great. Mind-blowing. Haha. He is very happy to stand here and tell us that he is expected to make a 100% recovery. He won’t lie; he won’t claim to be the toughest man alive, but he will take being the luckiest guy alive, and he’s lucky because of his beautiful fam. Reby is in the crowd, lookin slightly annoyed. Lol. He tells his kids and his wife sorry. And all the wrestling fans, he is sorry as well. Lastly, he wants to apologize that the match wasn’t what he wanted it to be. Maybe it’s good that this vendetta is over, because someone would have been hurt very badly. Now it’s time for Matt to get back to getting healthy. When he is cleared, he will wrestle, win, and get ranked. Wrestling is his love and passion, and his journey is not over.

Match 2: Orange Cassidy vs Angelico

Cheap shot from Angelico. Wrist lock until Orange spins out of it. Angelico tries to cinch it, but Orange spins again. Lol. Test of Strength, Orange drops to the back, hops up, looks like a backslide, but he catches Orange in a submission. Orange tries to break out, Angelico locks both arms this time, spins out, hits a knee. Arm dra to Orange who hops up and spins into a DD-NO! Drop toe hold from Angelico into a submission! Orange gets to the ropes. Whip to Orange. Splash in the corner, but Orange drops down and Angelico flips over the top, clipping his leg on his way out. Orange hits the ropes, SUICIDE DIVE! Sends Angelico into the ring, flies off the top with a crossbody! Hits the ropes, ducks under, TORNADO DDT! Kip up! Orange is the BEST IN THE WORLD!

He removes his elbow pad. Orange hits the corner, ORANGE PUNCH! Cover for 1…2…..3!!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy
What a stud.
Total Rating: ******

Angelico’s homie getes on the apron. Orange puts his hands in his pocket. Santana and Ortiz show up from behind, clocking him with a sock full of loe. Out come Trent and Chuck to send Santana and Ortiz back out of the ring.

Chuck grabs a mic and calls out Santana and Ortiz, saying it’s got to end. Next Dynamite, meet them in the parking lot.

Trent says their apology, they can shove it up each others’ asses. Next week, they’re coming to hurt them, and to make his momma proud.

BACK FROM THE BREAK, and Kip and Ford head to the ring. Tony is there to get the announcement, but Kip kicks him out and calles him Timmy. He says he’s been inundated with people asking him to be his best man. So who is it?

It’s a really large man. Kip calls him puff, and says no, he’s the best, man, for subscribing to his Twitch. He’s not The Best Man.

The Best Man is….Brian Pillman Jr.

And the crowd goes….mild.

Oh, wait, Kip is confused. Pillman says he got the text. Kip says “You’re the best, man.” Brian wouldn’t leave him alone .Text and calls. They’re not even friends.

Kip finally announces…


It’s Miro!!!

Miro says ten years in the same house under the same glass ceiling with imaginary brass ring. Take that ring and shove it up your ass.

His name is Miro, and Elite recognizes Elite, recognizes The Best. He loves Kip, and of course he’ll be The Best Man. He is THEE BEST MAN! He is the best gamer.

“My name is Miro, and I’m ALL ELITE.”

JR: “Impactful”

Yes it is…

Earlier today, Tony had a sitdown with Adam Page. Page offers Tony a drink. He says no. I would have said yes.

Page says his ribs are kind of bruised up. Tony wants the truth, though.

Page tries again, says All Out, they had fans, not many, and they were pretty far away, and he could see the look on their face. Coulda heard them, but for thirty minutes, Page didn’t hear anyone make a sound. They felt it was inevitable that Kenny and Page were going to fall apart and lose the titles. But it didn’t have to happen. FTR shouldn’t have been in the match in the first place, and that’s his fault. Kenny was right; Matt and Nick are the best tag team in the world. It’s his fault he lost two of his best friends. It’s his fault that because FTR was like him, he was stupid enough to think they were like him.

Page says this is probably he and Omega’s toughest test, but he and Omega will get through it.

Kinda like the inner turmoil Page is facing, laced with alcohol. It comes off kinda scary real.

Jericho and Hager are here.

Match 3: Chris Jericho and Jake Hager vs Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss

Bell rings and Joey goes at Jericho hard. Jericho gets him in the corner though and hits some rights and a chop. Whip to Joey. Joey fires out with a clothesline. He mounts and hits a bunch of rights. Joey with a right hand. Tag to Sonny. Double team to Jericho, dropping him neck first on the top rope. Double bulldog. Dropkick to Jericho from both…men? Sonny knocks Hager off the apron. Jericho with a kick. Knee pushed up against the rope. Jericho whips and I guess this is a NO DQ. Sonny with a kick to Jericho. Sonny to the top rope. Hager in the ring. Stereo dropkicks! Joey smashes Jericho against the ropes, knocking him out of the ring. Sonny hops over the topes, kicks Hager in the chest, then Joey hits a suicide dive to Jericho on the outside. Joey grabs a chair. He sends Jericho into the corner. He runs with a Poetry in Motion using the chair, but Jericho catches Joey and drops him on the chair!

Picture in Picture fucks me up and I realize it about the time Hager gets tagged in to hit Joey with some right hands against the ropes. Hager with a right in the corner. Jericho and Hager get Joey to the outside. A table is set up, Joey is able to prevent a powerbomb and send Hager into the ringpost. Joey climbs into the ring, Hager follows. He drags Hager to the corner. Tag to Jericho. Jericho hits the ropes and kicks Joey in the chest. Joey with a surprise drop toe hold to Jericho, sending him into a chair in the corner!!! Tag to Sonny. Tag to Hager. Dropkick, Enziguri. Kick out of the corner. This is all Sonny, by the way. Hager drags Sonny down, Sonny with the splits. Rollup for 1..2…NO! SUPERKICK TO THE FACE! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Jericho stops the pin. Jericho grabs a trash can, Sonny kicks him in the mid section, Hager trucks Sonny from behind hard. Hager grabs Sonny then places a trash can on him. Sonny, ever the nice guy, holds the can. Sonny holds the can up in the air and the Hager Bomb goes onto the can. Joey sends Hager over the top rope to the outside.

Joey sees Jericho next to the tube. Jericho sends Joey into the lights! Jericho with a catapult, Hager catches him, and drops Joey onto the table set up by the stage. Sonny with a crossbody to both men!!! Clothesline to Hager! Sonny grabs Jericho, drags him across the second ropes in the corner. Sonny flips into a kick to Hager, then a huge axe kick to Jericho!! Rolling elbow to Hager!! Sonny to the top rope!

Jericho has a fire extinguisher! He shoots Sonny in the face! Sonny tumbles off the top rope. Hager with a Uranage! Hager with a cover! 1…2….3!!!

Winners: Chris Jericho and Jake Hager
Well this was a fun little match. Sonny really showed up and showed out here. Joey, well…he did his part.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 9:42

Jericho asks for a mic, then asks for some love, baby. The Inner Circle had a terrible night on Saturday. He smells like a rotten orange, but that’s the past. This is a new page, and Jake and Jericho are going to build up their wins in the tag team division and get a shot at the AEW Tag Team Titles.

We head to MJF backstage to talk about Dictator Jon cheating. He doesn’t blame him, though. You can’t blame a scorpion for stinging you. This campaign was supposed to create change, bring hope. This campaign is over.

Everyone is fired. His assistant is still smiling. Lol.

MJF turns to her, tells her that he is sick of her crooked, yellow-stained teeth, and her bullshit face.

MJF kicks out his gum guy. He turns to Wardlow, calls him an illiterate oaf. Wardlow gets in his face. MJF wonders if there is a problem. Khan doesn’t sign his checks, MJF does. He’s the only person on this planet who sees his potential. MJF is his only friend. He tells Wardlwo to get it together, or he will put Wardlow and his whole family out on the street. Do we have a problem?

MJF says good. For a second there, he thought they did. Now is a time for planning to get back on top where they belong.

MOXLEY PROMO TIME! He saw on Saturday that Lance won. He said to himself, “SON OF A BITCH!” Not gonna be easy, but it’s not supposed to be easy. The only way to be champion is to crawl through a mile of crap and climb a mountain on the other side. He is the number one man in this sport. When you look at Lance, you may think that Moxley may well be going into a wood chipper. But it’s not about what he sees. It’s what he feels in his heart, soul, guts – he is unstoppable. He doesn’t see a monster; he sees a man. When the title is on the line, there is only one question. Do you really wanna bet against Jon?

FTR and Tully are in the ring. Tully brings up Moxley, saying if he is the greatest world champ, then FTR are the greatest tag team champions in the world. He wants to review. He says the heat temperature was 117 in this ring. They battled for thirty minutes. Page and Omega fought hard to keep their titles, but at the end of the night, that 31st minute, it was Dax and Cash with the pin.

They wanna look around the ring, where a bunch of wrestlers are. They point to SCU. IT was a dream for them to step in the ring with them. They grew up watching them; imagine if they were still in their prime! Who knows who woulda won. Then look at Private Party…ah, nothin. They got nothin to say.

Dax says they represent the deepest and best tag team division. They are THEIR leaders now; they are THE Top Guys. Speaking of Top Guys, look at Billy Gunn. He’s a legend, but don’t think tht just because he’s in some second rate hall of fame, they can just jump the line. Not going to happen. Next week, Jurassic Express, they have a chance to face the best tag team on this planet, but do not get it twisted – it’s not for the titles. If they want a shot, maybe if they win next week, they’ll get a shot. Maybe. But don’t think they will everl et some comedy gimmick, a cosplay Tarzan, and a dumb ass dinosaur run their divison.

Lucha hops on the apron, Stunt on the apron, too.

Cash says this is not a fight, they are celebrating.

FTR grab a beer. They’d like to have a toast to FTR and….Cash tosses shit into Lucha. Jungle Boy is on the top rope. FTR rolls outside. Gunn and Son try to walk over to them. FTR and Tully regroup and check on the hand of Cash. Stunt and Jungle grab the ice chest from the table and dump it onto Cash and Dax.

FTR make their way to the back wihle everyone else has some cake.

Tazz is at commentary.

Darby is here!

Only, his contrast is lookin pretty…STARK(s).

Starks comes out in Darby gear, saying it finally happened. He got injured. He dislocated his pinky and can’t skateboard with his friends.

Starks says Darby writes it everywhere, he’s relentless. Or is he reckless. There’s a reason why no one tags with him, and why he sits by himself in the locker room, and why he’s currently hurt and alone. He is reckless. He doesn’t know the meaning of relentless. Stark is Absolute Ricky Starks, and the next time Darby shows his face, he will absolutely and relentlessly beat Darby’s ass.

I’ve been sayin it for years…Ricky Starks is a gem. Dude’s got it. Quote me.

Taycomes out for her match, and is noticeably emotional. How cute.

Match 4: Tay Conti vs Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero)

Nyla sends Tay into the corner and hits some shoulders, then sends Tay across the ring. Kick from Conti. Another kick. She attacks from behind then rolls up Nyla. Kick from Nyla, it’s caught, Tay brings the leg down, locks in a bar, Nyla stands out of it, grabs the face then boots her down a couple of times. Nyla with a splash. Nyla drags her to the apron then sends her outside. Ref is distracted, so Vickie chokes up Tay for no reason. Nyla sends Tay into the barricade. Nyla lifts Tay and puts her on the shoulders, but Tay drops and send Nyla into the barricade then into the ringpost. Running high knee to the face. Tay sends Nyla into the ring. She heads to the 2nd rope. Dives off with a crossbody. Pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Ty ith a cover, but Nyla is too close to the ropes. Tay waits for Nyla to stand. Rushes over, arm drags Nyla, flips, holds the arm, misses a kick, but not the second one. Another kick to the chest, Nyla catches the fourth, pulls Tay in and hits a short clothesline. Kick from Nyla to the back, then she pulls the arm from behind. Nyla bites Tay’s fingers. Nyla covers for 1…2..NO!!!

Whip to the corner, Tay hops off with a sunset flip but Nyla grabs her head, lifts her up, and slams her down with a powerbomb. Ouch. GOOZLE! Tay with an arm bar!!! Nyla reverses. Beast Bomb!

Winner: Nyla Rose
Very happy for Tay, but this was far too long.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 5:26

Vickie says they Vicious Vixens are here to make a statement and they are not going anywhere. She also says “Excuse me.”

Nyla goes to hit Tay with another Beast Bomb, but out comes Hikaru with a kendo stick! She points it at Rose, Vikie holds her back, and they leave the ring.

So, I guess Marvez knocked on the doors of The Young Bucks and got Superkicked? Not sure when it happened, but they were fined $5,000.

Earlier today, Jim Ross talked to Omega. How does he process this? He says he was a champ and now he’s not. He’s been doing this for 20 years, though. You in belts and lose belts, it’s a part of the game.

JR says they weren’t on the same page, but when the bell rang, they were rockin. Omega says they have chemistry, there was that magic, and that’s why he thought this is what he belongs doing. He recalls supposed to be the Ace in the company, the star, but he lost his way. It wasn’t till he found Hangman that he found a purpose. Maybe he wasn’t a singles guy anymore.

JR asks what’s next for Kenny.

Omega says they’ve got such a deep tag team division, one of the best in all of wrestling, so for them to get to the level they got, they had to dig deep. The part he learned about Hangman is not a part he liked. He’s proud of their run. If Page hopes for a rematch and to reconcile with The Young Bucks, then he better make other plans. Omega has dreams and goals. He gave a year of his life to Hangman. It’s time for him to go back to single’s action.

As Lee is getting introduced, Dustin attacks! Lee is able to catch up and hit. A right hand. Back body drop to Lee onto a table, but it doesn’t break! Uppercut to Lee. He sends Lee into the steps. Right hand to Lee. Lee ducks under Silver who is outside, and Dustin hits him instead. Roll int othe ring and…

Match 5: TNT Championship Match
Dustin Runnels vs Brodie Lee

They go at it with some rights, but end up right back outside. Lee tosses a table for no reason. Lol. Dustin gets sent back into the ring. Hard chop to Runnels. Another chop. Right hands from Dustin. He mounts. Shots from above, getting to ten then continuing them for another ten or so. Chop to Lee. Chop from Lee this time, then a right hand. Dustin with some rights, hits the ropes, Lee stops him in his tracks. Lee catapults Dustin into the 2nd rope.

We go PIP and Lee has Dustin on the outside. He chops him, then Dustin fumbles over the barricade. Lee tries to send it on top of him but can’t.

They get back in the ring and Lee works the ropes then drops to his knee and hits an uppercut. Bulldog. Whip to Lee, reversed, POWERSLAM! Dustin sets up for a possible powerbomb but gets a back body drop. Lee rushes the corner. Boot out of the corner. Dustin flies off with a hurricanrana. Dustin in the corner, gets sent to the ringpost, DESTROYER to Lee! Pin for 1..2…NO!! Lee with a right hand. Lee sets up, Dustin floats over. CROSS RHODES!! Pin for 1…2…NO!!!! Dustin eats a kick! Powerbomb! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Lee goes for a big kick in the corner, but Dustin moves out of the way. Lee tumbles ot the outside. Dustin on the apron. Cannonball!!!

Back in the ring, Lee attacks in the corner. Silver is on the top rope, He flies, Dustin with a powerslam! Lee goes for the Discus, Kick from Dustin. PILEDRIVER TO LEE!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Both men up. Right hand. Chop from Lee. From Dustin. From Lee. Kick from Dustin.

Lee bounces off the ropes, misses a kick, Dustin clotheslines!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Lee tries for a slam, but Dustin dodges, kick to Dustin, grazes Dustin. Another kick, this time it lands flush! Discus Lariat! Cover! 1…2….3!!!!

Winner: Brodie Lee
Well I don’t know what I expected, but I certainly didn’t expect THAT. Good shit all around. At no point did I think Dustin was going to win, but he fought as if Lee hurt someone in Dustin’s family…BECAUSE HE DID! No pause for a lockup, no test of strength, just ass kicker all around. A few hiccups, however. The table didn’t break, which is no ones fault, really, and Lee’s gotta connect with those kicks. Good news is they rebounded from the mistakes, thankfully. Solid main
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 10:19

The Dark Order comes out, QT is on the shoulders of The Dark Order> They drop him next to Dustin. Lee shoves Colt a few times. Evil Uno walks him to the back. The Dark Order holds Dustin up, and Lee kicks him in the nuts.

Lee has a message for Cody; he says to come home.


Cody says he’s injured right now, and maybe he should go home. Or maybe not. Maybe they do something big. This has never been seen. They’ve created their own quarantine bubble for a talent show, and it all happens here.


Lookin like a game/competition show, and it starts….now.

End Show.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Admittedly, tonight wasn't as dramatically intense, balls-to-the-wall action packed show that we're used to, but I have to admit that I find this to be more than ok. Hell, Smackdown had three matches last week, and I LOVED that episode. I'd say it won out the week if we're comparing. AEW continues to do the right thing in terms of the ebb and flow of episodic television, while still giving enough to keep, at least, me happy on any given Wednesday. Take the opening match with Jurassic Express and Lucha Bros. The match, in a vacuum, was pretty stellar. The Bros had some great sequences. The win was a bit of a surprise, and if that was the opener of an indy show, it would have been a great way to open the show. Since we are on tv, though, there's a story to tell outside of the ring as well, and that's what we got. Lucha and Co winning meant something later, while Penta and Rey getting berated by Eddie gives more credence to his position with them. In looking at the card next week, it's not hard to see where certain things are going, where certain angles are going to advance to, and yet...the intrigue is high, the interest is consistent, and the yearning to see how they get to where we know they are going is infinitely more enticing than anything on RAW. Tonight was a 7 if there ever was one, but not that's not without reason.

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