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Acero’s AEW Fyter Fest (Night One) Review

July 14, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
Darby Allin AEW Fyter Fest
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Acero’s AEW Fyter Fest (Night One) Review  

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It’s Wednesday…you know what that means.

Eddie attacks Gallows with a pipe before the match starts! The bell ring and Jon gets Anderson in the corner as Kingston chases Gallows out into the crowd.

Match 1: IWGP United States Championship Match
Jon Moxley vs Karl Anderson

Anderson and Moxley go face to face. Hit some forearms to one another. Back and forth. They each get to about twenty before Moxley finally gets the upperhand. Elbow to the head, he hits the ropes, uppercut from karl. Moxley sends Karl out of the ring! He tosses Karl into the barricade, and I just now realize we get a more WWE-like setup with a ramp leading up to two tunnels. Anderson with a suplex on the ramp on the outside. The ref is counting, and it appears we get a 20-count? Sweet. Moxley sends Anderson into the brricade again, beating down on his head with some fists. He bites Anderson as people take photos, and send him back into the ring. Moxley hops on the apron, and Anderson hits a cutter, hits the ropes, dropkick to Jon! Jon rolls into the ring and Anderson stops him in the corner with fists, then a boot ot the chin. Anderson fights ouyt of the corner, hits the ropes, SPINEBUSTER FROM ANDERSON! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Karl to the top rope. Jon to his feet. Right hand to the face. He hops up, locks the head, rakes the back! Antoher bite to the bridge of the nose! Moxley locks the head and hits a superplex. Anderson wants the Gun Stun, but Moxley blocks, they meet in the middle of the ring for clotheslines and both men are down. Ref starts the count. Both up at 6. Moxley has the head, ducks down and under for a Sleeper! Moxley wants a piledriver, Anderson stops it, Moxley hits a knee, kick from Anderson, PILEDRIVER! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Anderson off the 2nd rope with a slingblade/cutter move and a pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Anderson up, fireman’s to Jon, Jon drops off behind, kicks, Paradigm noooooo, counter, and Jon hits the ropes, spinning right hand, Anderson doesn’t drop. CUTTER FROM ANDERSON!!!

Jon up in the corner, running uppercut from Anderson. He hits the corner, Jon follows, hits a clothesline, goes for another, fireman’s into a neckbreaker and a coer for 1..2..NO!!!!

Anderson to the top rope! He goes for another cutter, but Moxley catches him, short arm clothesline. PARADIGM SHIFT!!! Cover for 1.2….3!!!!

Winner: Jon Moxley
As an opener, it was serviceable. It had a bit of a rough start, and not in a good and brawlin way, it just seemed cluncky. They found their footing, though, and got back on track pretty quickly to finish off an average match.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 9:28

Backstage, Archer is talking to Jake the Snake. Archer tells him this is all simple. He tells Jon it’s so simple it hurts. Jon just kept his title, but he took it from Archer in Japan over a year ago. His win record is impeccable. But it’s time for his rematch. They had a Texas Deathmatch, so in Dallas, next week, they should do it again. Next week, one will leave the champ, one will not be standing.

Andrade is backstage, and says he has been granted permission to win titles everywhere. Andrade cuts Alex off, and says he has a question for Alex. Where is the Death Triangle? I wants Alex to give them a message. El Idolo is looking for them? Ok?

Well shit…

Ricky Starks and his seccksy self is here!

Hook and Hobbs are ringside looking like a weird version of George and Lennie from Of Mice and Men.

Match 2: FTW Championship Match
Ricky Starks vs Brian Cage

Ricky goes for a clothesline, Cage ducks under and hits a few rights. Ricky hops over off the ropes, looks to flip, gets arm dragged, and Cage knees the neck with ease. Cage presses Ricky up and drops Ricky back down. Cage whips to the corner, Ricky hits it hard, bounces to the center, and Cage tosses him again, then again, with Ricky laying across the top. Huge kick to the mid section, and Starks floats up, again, crotches himself, and now Cage bounces Ricky on the ropes dick first. Cage lifts Ricky, gets him to the shoulders. Powerslam. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Cage misses a running shoulder in the cage. Starks kicks the shoulder, then the arm. Ricky with another, hanging Cage up on the ropes and dropping down. Starks enters the ring, hops to the top rope, flies, and hits a dropkick.

WE are back and Cage has shot Ricky to the outside of the ring. Starks heads to the title and grabs it. Cage kicks Starks in the gut, sends Starks into the ring, and grabs his title. Cage tosses it into the ring and grabs Ricky by the arm, Starks tries to pull Cage into the post, but Cage is too strong and does the same. He tosses Starks into the post, but Starks slides into the ring, then out, and clotheslines Cage. Starks sends Cage into the ring. He rolls in. Cage is up in the corner. Starks turns, runs for the corner, Cage sends him over, Starks with a sleeper, Cage sends Ricky into the corner, uppercut, high kick, goes for a German, but Starks hangs on! Elbow, another, side headlo-no! pumphandle into a faceplant and Cage covers for 1..2..NO!!!! The crowd is LOVING Starks! Cage gets Starks on the shoulders. Starks drops down, locks the head, goes for a tornado DDT, but Cage drops him, huge kick! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!! Cage to the corner, Starks to the apron. He locks the head, dead lifts Starks to the top, Starks lands on his feet, goes under, looks for a powerbomb! Starks with a POWERBOMB!!! Cover for 1…..2…..NO!!!!!!

Starks reaches for the title, but Hobbs is there to stop him. He rips the title away. Starks is just SHOCKED! FIREMANS!! F-5!!! Cover for 1..2……NO!!!!!!

Cage is up. He’s waiting. Hook is distracting the ref. Hobbs on the apron. Title shot to CAGE!!!! SPEAR FROM STARKS!!! COVER! 1….2……3!!!!

Winner: Ricky Starks
Damn was that crowd hot for Starks! The swerve seems a bit unnecessary, but the follow up will matter a bit more. The match itself was solid, with the crowd adding so damned much to it. They truly made it from good to great.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:21

Hobbs is all smiles, and Taz screams, “I LOVE IT!”

Cody Rhodes is here, and he’s been so mad that he’s held onto for at least a week so that he could cut this promo.

He said a phone call would have sufficed. He says what we DON’T DO is kicka 62 year old man in the face. He doesn’t feel like he made his point across; he wants a mic.

Cody walks down to the ring. He says he’s feeling boisterous. He doesn’t win every fight he’s involved in, but he has a better chance when he knows it’s coming. This might be an abuse of his power, but he wants Malachi Black to answer the call. This is Fyter and he feels like fighting.

We see the tron. Black is there, wondering if Cody heard the crowd cheer. We are violent. We don’t care about him like he cares about us. He once saw a man kill a horse, crying. Malachi asked him why he killed him. The man said the horse wasn’t the same horse he had had since he was young. Through the years, the horse had become crippled, so he brought him to his favorite field, fed him his favorite treats, put a bag over his head and…here we are.

When Black looked Cody and Arn in the eyes last week, it wasn’t there anymore.

Cody says to come down now and take a better look.

Malachi was hoping he’d say that.


BLACK IS IN THE RING! He smiles. Cody attacks!!! They go at it.

It’s interesting to note that Cody is wearing all white while Black is wearing all black. It’s cheesy. Obvious. On the nose. But fuck I love it.

People run down to split them up as we go to break.

MARVEZ IS BACKSTAGE, talking to Tully. He apparently took a cheap shot, but Tully says it was no cheap shot. There’s Santana and Ortiz. They grab Tully and look to attack him with a crowbar. Santana teases an attack, and taps Tully on the forehead, saying it’s fake pendejo. Next time it wont be. They were taught to respect their elders.

Tully stands, grabs the fake crowbar and says he’s going to get his boys, and they just wait.

Schiavone is in the middle of the ring. We’ve heard a lot of talk from Omega, but we want to talk to the man who has had much more talk – Hangman Adam Page.

Out comes Page.

Page says since literal Day 1, he has wanted to be champion. He came so close. He could smell it. But he failed. He tried to run and hide from it, but The Dark Order is right; he still needs the title. He is here tonight to challenge for—

Out comes Callis. He says Page is not here to do anything. He is donned by The Young Bucks, Gallows, Omega, and Cutler. No Anderson – nice. Page tells him he’s not that guy. You know that, Page. Nick and Gallows both take their own turn to say he’s not that guy. Matt wants to talk to Page right to his face.

Matt rolls into the ring with his tag title and some fresh Dunks.

They were best friends, and it blows Matt’s mind that he left them for a bunch of losers. Matt then smells Page’s breath, says he can tell he’s still hitting the bottle. That fits the narrative perfect; the sad, lonely, drunk cowboy by himself at the end. One person to blame: Hangman. Let’s face it, Page is the next great wrestling tragedy. How does that ake him feel? He doesn’t have the balls to hit Matt.

Page clocks Matt cross the head. Ctuelr hops on the apron and Page hits him. Omega from behind with the title, but HERE COMES DARK ORDER!!!! They stop Omega, and Omega leaves the ring! Dark Order backs Page up, staring at The Bucks and Omega.

Page grabs the mic. He tells Kenny that he came here tonight for a match, and he ain’t leaving without one. Neither is Kenny.

Kenny laughs it off, says Adam Page wants a match. Ha. They can do that. Page wants Omega in this ring all to himself, but he’ll do one better. Page can have Omega, but he can have more as well. The Dark Order vs All Elite. 5 v 5 Elimination.

Page says this isn’t what he wanted, but if it’s what they gotta do, that’s what they do, but when they win, he gets a shot at the title, but Dark Order gets a shot at the tag titles.

Omega says no, but callis calms him down and says something in his ear. Omega says it’s cool. Omega hops onto the apron. He tells everyone to back up as he enters the ring. He tells Page he makes a lot of demands for someone that isn’t in a position of power. He’ll entertain the idea though. But they get nothing in exchange, so he has a suggestion. After they beat them, not only does The Dark Order lose their shot at the titles, so does Hangman. Omega is asking Page to walk away. He can still go home to Ma and Pa and talk about wins and losses and be proud, but it ends there. Stop if we’ve heard this; you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. But you also don’t fail, either, and that’s all Page is afraid of, right? To fail?


Page says The Dark Order does not back down for a fight, so Omega is on.

Omega rolls out of the ring and All Elite back up the ramp.

Jericho is backstage with Marvez, talkin about The Five Labors of Jericho. Jericho tells MJF that he should have read all of the tale of Hercules, because Herc wins. Jericho doesn’t care who is in the ring, Superman, Black Panther, Ali, Jericho will win. Jericho will walk through fire, run across glass. He is the God of Thunder, the God of War,

IN COMES SPEARS to just clock Jericho in the neck with a chair! Damn. Lol.

MJF tells Jericho that his first Labor will be Jericho v Spears where Spears can use a chair, and Jericho can’t. Spears stabs Jericho with a chair to the arm, and they leave.

Match 3: Matt Hardy vs Christian Cage

LOCK UP!!! They end up outside of the ring. Side headlock from Christian. Up on the apron, Cage hangs up Hardy, then tosses Matt into the barricade. Cage hops to the top rope! Oh dear. He flies off the top and lands on Hardy with a right hand! In the ring, Cage mounts the corner and hits a bunch of rights. Hard drags Christian through the ropes and DDTs Cage onto the steps! Cage is out cold. Elbow drop to the cage of Christian. Lol I meant chest. Why did I say cage? Weird. Anyway, Matt hops on the apron. He enters the ring, Cage is favoring the neck. Matt grabs the head, turns, neckbreaker! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Catapult to cage, choking him up on the 2nd rope! Matt grabs the legs, spins Cage, second rope. Matt with an elbow drop. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!!

WE ARE BACK and Matt is looking for the leg drop, but Cage is up fast and trips Matt up. Cage chokes Matt up on the 2nd rope, hops over the ropes and hits a right hand. Cage to the 2nd rope, dives off with an uppercut. Cover for 1.2..NO!!! Twist of F—NO! Cage reverses and drops Matt on his ass. Cage calls for the Spear! He rusns, Matt stops him, sends him to the corner, cage stops the run, Matt turns SHORT SPEAR!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Neckbreaker!! Cage to the top! FROGSPLASH!!! COVER!!! Matt sits Cage on the top rope. Beats him down with some right hands, throat thrust. Cage is feelin it. Matt attacks the back. He hops to the top rope. Locks the head. SUPERPLEX TO CHRISTIAN!!! Cover 1..2…NO!!!! Chrstian goes for Killswitch, Matt lowblows the ref!! Twist of Fate! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Matt locks on The Leech outside then runs into the ring. Ref starts the count. Commentary makes it seem like The Leech is deadly. I’ve never seen matt use it.

Cage hops up at 8, runs into the ring. Matt tries for a Twist of Fate, Cage escapes. Killswitch! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Christian Cage
Ending seemed a bit odd, but they have really been making Cage seem like the unsure vet who is able to hit his finisher and end the match, regardless. AS for quality, not too shabby, but an expected Matt vs Christian match, I’d say.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 12:59

Private Party comes down to attack, but out come Luchasauraus and Jungle Boy to protect Christian.

Lucha puts cage on his shoulders, and Cage is surprised. JB looks at cage awkwardly as he poses on the shoulders of Lucha.

Miro has a story about a man with a hot wife being lost for not being himself. After some months, a voice from above came in and told the man to forgive himself and remember who he was; a man with power. He wasn’t selfish, he forgave everyone he destroyed, and this made him God’s favorite champion, and the title was his reward. A true champ will defend his title with his life; he is willing to defend his title with your life. He is the redeemer.

Dr. Britt Baker is introduced by Tony, and we are informed of her first title defense next week.

Tony brings up Nyla and people wondering about Britt’s wellbeing. She says not to worry because she’s gone through worse. The blood stopped, the wounds healed, and she came out the baddest bitch on the block. She has no fear. What is daunting, though, is keeping Nyla relevant. Imagine winning the title only to find out your first challenger is Nyla. Yes, she’s beat Britt multiple times. She’s at the top of the food chain, but Britt is off the menu. She is special order, and in a league of her own. She knows Vickie is back there, and lucky for her she has a name that will forever keep her relevant, but Nyla won’t .She needs the title to have any type of significanc, but this title isn’t going anywhere. With the title, she’s the hottest thing in pro wrestling, but even without it, she’s still Dr. Britt Baker.

Vickie, backstage, says, Britt’s days are numbered. Nyla tells Baker that her whole life, things have been handed to her, so next week she’ll hand Britt an ass-whopping world class, and don’t hold her responsible because it’s the nature of the beast.

Match 4: Wheeler Yuta vs Sammy Guevara

Side headlock take down from Yuta, rolls under a flip from Sammy, dropkick, Sammy kips up, and the crowd loves it. Sammy flies to the outside, no he doesn’t, he flips back and poses for Yuta. Yuta gets back in the ring, Sammy waits for him. They circle, Yuta fakes, picks the ankle, Yut rolls under, flies through the legs, misses a right, go behind, and a hard back elbow to Sammy. Sammy lifts and powerslams Yuta down >Sammy to the top, flips ,lands on his feet, lands on his feet after another moonsault, then hits a Shooting Star Press! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Sammy to the top rope!1! SHOOTING STA PRESS! Yuta with the knees!! Back elbow in the corner, Yuta gets tossed to the corner, bounces off the ropes, droipkick off the top!!! Yuta locks up from behind. Sammy drops his hisp. Back elbow. Sammy with a right hand. Yuta hangs on to the ropes, ducks under, GERMAN!!! Yuta to the top rope! ! HE FLIES!!!! SPLASH!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Yuta with rights, Sammy with rights. They go back and forth, chop from Sammy. Whip to the ropes. Back body drop to Yuta!

Sammy rushes the corner, crossbody to the apron, high kick to the back of the head. Springboard, CUTTER TO YUTA!!!!! Yuta still standing! GTH! Cover for 1.2….3!!!!

Winner: Sammy Guevara
This was basically put out there for Sammy to get some love from the crowd and commentary to sell the shit out of him. Did it need to happen? Probably not, but it was solid enough to give us a pause before the final stretch of the episode.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 3:44

Backstage, Tony is with Solow and QT, and Mountain Man. QT is pissed, thinking he was squashed by the golden shovel Cody has? No. He pours protein on Tony’s head.

Match 5: Yuka Sakazaki vs Penelope Ford

Huge arm drag for Yuka to start, another, side headlock. Yuka on the corner, kick to Ford. Another kick. Top rope, Yuka cartwheels off the top rope, then dropkicks Ford. Ford rolls into the ring to stop the count, then rols back out. Yuka runs to the corner, hops on the top and flies with a front flip onto Ford. Ford is in the ring, chokes Yuka up on the ropes, the pulls her into the top rope chest first.

We are back and Ford and Yuka are exchanging blows. Yuk hits the ropes, Ford gets her in a fireman’s. Yuka with a delayed suplex!!! Yuka grabs the head, locks the head, rolls forward with Ford, then kicks her in the head, running clothesline and a cover for 1..2…NO!!! Running kick in the corner to Ford! Yuka to the top rope! Dives with an elbow to the nose! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Yuka works the arm, tries for a Northern Lights, Ford kicks her away, another kick and a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Yuka with a right hand, spins again, goes for the hammerlock one more time, lifts and spins Ford a bunch of times before just dropping her ass face first. No cover!

Yuka goes to the apron. Top rope, springboard, Magical Girl Splash! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Yuka Sakazaki
While I understand the appeal, this match wasn’t for me. Felt sloppy, with a bulk of the blame going to Yuka. Maybe I’ll need to see more, but this was meh.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 7:26

The Coffin gets its own entrance with some moody emo pallbearers. The coffin reads, “Nothing’s over till you’re underground.” So, if Darby is buried, he’s over?

Match 6: Coffin Match
Ethan Page vs Darby Allin

DARBY rushes the ring and the corner, attacking Ethan in the corner with a back splash! Darby removes his jacket and we see he has a steel plate on his back!!!! He attacks Page one more time with it then removes the plate. Page is on the outside. Darby flies with another coffin drop move! Darby heads to the coffin. He opens it, and there’s Scorpio Sky!!! He’s in the coffin!!!! He sends Darby into the steps!

STING IS HERE!!! He kicks Sky, sends him into the barricade, then whips Sky into the barricade, not letting go, again, again, into the crowd! Sting follows Sky into the crowd, fighting him through the fans. Stinger Splash against a barricade Sting missed. Sky to the top!!! Sting trips him, and Sky is crotched!!!! Sting has a trashcan, he smacks Sky across the back.

Ethan Page is shown removing the bottom rope buckle!!! He rushes Darby, and Allin sends him over the barricade!!!

WE ARE BACK, and the steel steps are in the ring! Page is all smiles. Darby in the corner. Page rushes into a kick .Darby flies off the top rope, but Page is ready with a shoulder tackle. Page grabs the bottom buckle, with a hook poking out. He stares at it, talks to it, kisses the hook, latches onto Darby’s necklace. Page pulls hard, choking Darby and breaking the chain in the process. Page is about to toss Darby into the coffin, but Darby has the hok! He hits Page with it, then FISHOOKS PAGE with it!!! Camera gets a bit too close, showing it’s not all that painful, but the idea was nice. Dary dropkicks the stairs, which sends page INTO THE COFFIN!!!! Lid is still open, Page is still in play! Darby to the apron. He grabs the head, hops into the coffin, they go back and forth, both men staning across a bed of roses. Rights back and forth! Rights to th head, Page sends Darby int othe apron edge. Page with. Choke, slaps Darby across the face. Again. HUGE slap to Darby. Page points in the face of Darby. DARBY BITES HIS FINGER!!! BACK BODY DROP TO DARBY!!! Page is bleeding from the forehead. He sends Darby into the ring. Page enters the ring, drags the steps to the center of the ring, and places Darby’s head into the crook of his arm. Fireman’s to Darby, he walks up the steps, Darby elbows, again, again! He shoves Page of the steps, then hops on the back with a stunner!!! Page lays on the steps. COFFIN DR0—NO!!!! Page is off and trips the legs! He stand up. EGO’S EDGE FROM THE TOP TO THE STEPS!!!!!

Page to the apron. He hooks the head, then the arm, Darby latches onto the back, gouging the eyes!!! He pulls back hard, onto the eye balls!!! Darby bites the forehead!!!

Darby grabs his skateboard. He gets to the top rope! Darby flies! SKATEBOARD TO THE BACK!!! Page into the coffin! Darby shuts the lid!!!

Winner: Darby Allin
A whole lot of fun here, with Darby continuing to do crazy shit for the enjoyment of us. The build was solid, and to be fair, Darby didn’t hit that coffin drop Page claimed he was going to prevent. One could argue that Darby didn’t sell enough, but it’s freakin Darby.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 11:37

Darby isn’t done. He drags the coffin into position then heads to the top rope and HITS A COFFIN DROP ONTO THE COFFIN!!! IT BREAKS AND YOU CAN SEE ETHAN!

This also means my match review is null and void. Lol.

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
It's a rare occasion where an entire event flies by with tons of fun even with match quality that is somewhat average, and yet AEW did just that tonight. Not that anything within the middle of the ropes was bad, but the quality of the show as a whole was much better than the quality of each of its parts. With that being said, EVERYTHING had a reason, had an undeniable energy, and had either a finite result or a reason to continue on. AEW is firing on all cylinders right now, and it's created an invigorating time every Wednesday. You add in a hot crowd who is just salivating and foaming at the mouth for this, and you get a two hour show that feels like thirty minutes. I know this sounds like lip-service and a hell of a verbal fellatio, but truly speaking, the show makes me feel like a fan, which makes it hard to allow criticism sometimes. I will say that where the quality of wrestling may have been low, they'll more than make up for it next week.