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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 11.29.21

November 29, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw Kevin Owens
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 11.29.21  

I STOLE THE FREAKIN EGG! And I woulda gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for…wait…what the hell is going on?

It’s Monday…you know what that means.

We start RAW with some recaps of last week, learning that Roode and Ziggler get a shot at the tag team titles in the process. We also cover Seth stomping Finn’s face into the mat. We head to LIVE TV and Seth is in the middle of the ring.

He looks like if Big Bird were used as a tampon. He says no one can keep him down. He’s in a good mood, and there’s a good reason. He has a secret. He’s got some breaking news. He asks if we want to hear it, and….I HEAR shouts of YES, but don’t really hear any…

Seth says at Day 1, it’ll be Big E vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship. Seth talks about firsts, saying it’ll be his first day in his next reign; a reign that will define Monday Nights and this business. He is a visionary, a revolutionary, he is Seth Rollins.

Finn Balor has heard enough. He’s out with some scorn. Finn rushes the ring and attacks Seth. Right to the face, Seth rolls to the outside, Finn follows and sends him over the barricade into the timekeeper’s area. He sends Seth into the apron then finally to the table. Finn removes his jacket, kicks Seth in the gut, and sends Seth back into the ring. Finn to the apron, and Seth knocks him off then hits a suicide dive. He turns right into a slingblade. Finn grabs the ring steps and sends them right into the side of Seth’s face.

Back into the ring, and Finn wants the bell to ring.

Match 1: Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins

Running dropkick to Seth! Finn to the top rope! He hops off as Seth rolls to the outside. Finn hits the ropes and flies over the top rope with a flip onto Seth!!!!

We are back and Seth hangs Finn up on the top rope. He springboards, tries fo ra stomp of some sort, Finn rolls out of the way, Seth lands on his feet, Finn on the apron, high kick. He heads to the top rope, Seth is up, clips the legs. Seth climns the corner, locks the head, Finn with a right, another, sends Seth off the corner, Seth climbs back up, locks he head, Superplex INTO A Falcon Arrow! Cover for 1..2….N!O!! Seth to the top rope! He flies with a frong splash, but Finn has the knees up and gets a cradle for 1..2..NO!!! Finn shoots the legs, stomp to the chest, cover for 1..2..NO!!! Finn is up in the corner. He waits, Seth stands, Finn runs, tries for a slingblade, Seth catches him, sends him to the ropes, slingblade of his own. Superkick! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Finn is up as Seth gloats, takes Seth down, top rope, tries to finish it, but Seth moves,he goes for a stomp, Finn moves, rollup for 1..2..NO!!! Both men up. Right hands from both! They both stand and meet in the center with rights going back and forth. Seth gets the spinning one, but Finn drops with a pele kick, only for Seth to hit a high enziguri. Seth locks the arm, ripcord kne—no!!! Balor drops an elbow into the chest.

Finn lifts Seth, flips him upward, but Seth with a thumb to the eye. Seth with a rolling elbow to the BACK OF THE HEAD! STOMP!!! Cover for 1..2….3!!

Winner: Seth Rollins
About as good as you can get with these two. Amazing counter for counter and non-stop action with nary a resthold in sight. Awesome start to RAW. Slimy Seth is slimy.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 8:47

After a recap of Liv and Becky from last week, our champion is here live, stealing a coat from Seth’s wardrobe, it appears.

Vince McMahon, of all people, is here fiddling with his phone. Theory knocks on his door, and he comes in to ask Vince how is he. Vince says he hates that, he hates when people ask him that. It’s phony crap. What wasn’t phony was his title match against Big E last week. Bet he was surprised.He should have been.

What an odd moment to cut here, but they do, to recap last week where Theory got the title shot.

We go back to real time, where I presume Vince and Theory are just chillin, waiting, then Vince asks Theory if he knows what’s going to happen tonight. Well, he and Theory are going to watch the entire show, to see if ther are any surprises, if there is anyone who expects the unexpected, and how will they respond. Sound good? By the way, if Theory ever steals from Vince again, he will kill Theory.

Back to the ring, and Sonya is there with a mic to introduce Becky Lynch.

We’re here to sign a contract. Becky grabs the mic, says they can get Little Livy out here now. Sonya calls her rebellious and passionate then brings out Liv.

Becky brings up this being Liv’s first contract signing, and says you’re welcome for that. Brings up the punch from last week, and says you’re welcome yet again. Becky wanted to get Liv angry, and she’ll admit she has a hell of a riht, but then what happened? She did nothing; she held herself back like she always does. One punch ain’t enough. So what will happen when it comes to the big fight? Gonna hold back, Liv? Gonna prove Becky wrong? Well Becky already signed the contract, so Liv can sign whenever, but this title shot will happen…next Monday night on RAW.

Becky stands, talks about how Long Island doesn’t get the title match, considering their hockey team sucks and hasn’t won many matches, they’re not ready for a title match.

Liv tells her to shut up, for once.

Liv signs the contract, staring Becky down while doing so. Liv has got some words for ecky, not holding back.

Liv got upset last week, but she channeled her emotions by using her fist instead of crying, kinda like Becky did while crying about Charlotte after Survivor Series. Did she forget? Liv did not. She has some footage. Li points to the tron, where Becky was in tears, talking about how she loved Charlotte and how they’ve been through everything, nearly dying in a crash, just how much t hey despise each other now.

Live laughs this off, saying Becky cried like such a little baby. Becky is the reason why her friend is gone, just like her big, fat, greedy contract is the reason why her friends are gone. Becky is a bully. Tell her, how does it feel knowing that Becky has become everything she once despised. You resented Charlotte for making her the number two, but want Liv to be hers? She’s learned from all her past mistakes. Becky isn’t the one she once admired. If Liv’s punch wasn’t enough, then maybe this next one will.

Sonya holds Liv back, Becky calls her tears big emotions after a big match, and some of them deserve to be paid. Becky has an opportunity for her. If Liv has what it takes to lead, then she’s got a five on five tonight. Team Liv vs Team Bex tonight.

Liv accepts the challenge as if it wasn’t already booked, complete with a graphic of the competitors. Such weird word choice.

Backstage, Randy tells Riddle he’s not going to dress like him. Riddle asks him to close his eyes and places a wig on his head. Randy gives him two seconds to remove it, then tells him not to ever do it again.

Match 2: WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match
Randy Orton and Matt Riddle vs Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler

Roode and Ziggler start off hot with a surprise double team on Riddle an da cover for 1..2..N!O! Roode knocks Orton off the apron, tags in Ziggler, catapult to Riddle INTO a DDT! Cover for 1…2..NO!!! Sleeper hold form Ziggler, he turns it into an arm submission. Ziggler with a right hand, another, hits the corner with a splash, but Riddle moves and Ziggler eats buckle. Riddle tries to tag, Ziggler grabs the trunks, then the leg, kick from Riddle, tag to orton, knocks Ziggler down, then Roode, powerslam to Ziggler!!! Ziggler to the apron. Randy grabs him, pulls the head through the ropes, Roode stops the DDT, Orton drops down, shoves Ziggler, punch to Roode, kick to Ziggler, he sends Ziggler into the table. Orton tries for a back suplex, Ziggler lands on his fet, kick to the jaw of Orton. Rile flies, Roode gabs him and dorps RIDDLE on the announce table!

We are back from the break, and Ziggler has Orton hurting in the corner .Tag to Roode. He tosses Ziggler into Orton. Neckbreaker to Orton. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Roode drives a knee into the back of Orton. He gets a cravat as the Orton chant start. Roode drops Orton down back to the mat with the hold. Riddle gets a tag, does some work, tags in Orton, they both set up to hit RKOs but Roode and Ziggler block, Roode takes Riddle out of the ring, Orton goes for an RKO, Ziggler counters! ZIGZAG!! 1…2……NO!!!!! So close! Ziggler wants a Superkick. Orton is up slow. Ziggler with a S—NO!!!

Orton with a roll up, but Orton releases, Ziggler hits the ropes, RKO! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Winners: Randy Orton and Matt Riddle
That shit was more fun than it had any right to be. ZIggler and Roode told the story of starting off hot and having Orton’s and Riddle’s “number,” making it look like they really studied tape. The Zig Zag almost got me, and Orton hit yet another impressive RKO.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 10:21

Owens stops Riddle in the hallway, telling him that he will be added to the title match at Day 1 if he beats Big E tonight. Seth laughs this off, saying it’s a joke. Owens is not joking. Seth says it’s not possible. Owens is lying. Owens tells Seth to go ask Adam, the bald guy. Seth will, because he doesn’t believe Owens, because he is a lair.

We are back from break, and Seth runs up on Adam to ask about the deal with Owens. Pearce removes his glasses with a chuckle, saying he shouldn’t trust anything out of Owens mouth. He’s lying, it never happened. Seth says he knew it would be straight, have a great RAW.

Sonya walks in, asking what that was about. Sonya says even though it’s a lie, it’s not a bad idea.

But yes, Owens, the guy who walked out on the team Adam wanted so badly to win and just lied about something, should be rewarded.

EDGE is in the middle of the ring, saying he’s missed us, and that this is the best job in the world. He’s back and the last time he was here, he was surviving a war in Hell in a Cell against Seth Rollins. Now, Seth is the #1 contender, and Edge never thought he’d say it, but he deserves it. Seth is operating on an entirely different level. Edge is here to talk about the fact that he is on RAW. He says there’s a whole new set of opponents he an sink his teeth into…lik,e AJ Styles, Owens, Finn Balor, Priest, Big E. It’s really exciting. Everything is wide op—



And he’s not alone! Maryse is here, walking out first!

Miz is pissed. They gave Edge the big press release, the big return treatment. He’s been gone like a month. Is this what his career has become? The Big Comeback? Meanwhile, Miz has been representing the WWE on a weekly basis, showcasing that they are the greatest entertainers in the world. When he is injured, he’s in a wheelchair. He only goes out into the world to represent the company. Not only is he back, though, his wife is too!

Edge claps for them. Then he was listening to the list of people Edge has his eye on, is he onto n Edge’s radar?

Edge says yes, he didn’t say Miz’s name, but he thought he was still painting himself like a genie and dancing.

Maryse says this is interesting, because while Edge was busy chopping wood, Miz was being entertaining and charismatic and the best dancer on the show.

Edge brings up the fact that he came out in 9th place. Miz says his dancing was revolutionary. He placed where he placed, was because the most loyal fanbase in all of entertainment forgot to vote for him. Jojo Siwa has a more devoted fanbase. While he was dancing with the stars, Edge was dancing with a body riddled with injury.

Edge brings up Miz’s complaining, but he coyuld have gone to management and said they weren’t going out unitl they have what they deserve, but they have a different agenda. They know that by interrupting him, they are now in the main event picture. Edge could take the easy route and get us all to chant Miz Sucks.

Miz Sucks chant…..kinda

Miz says he deserves respect. Six months ago, he was WWE Champion, when was the last time Edge held a title. Oh, that’s right, he was the opening match when Miz was main eventing against John Cena. Edge was great in this ring. Miz surpassed Edge long ago. This time, he should have stayed home.

Edge says Miz claims he’s dancing with a body that cant hang anymore, and he’s right. Edge can’t do this for much longer, but he fought with every fiber of his being to get this small window back. Everyone in the locker room, he’s the guy they wanna stand in the ring with. They respect him, and he respects them for that. Mutual respect, something Miz could have had, still could, but instead he bitches and moans about what he doesn’t have. Little Mizzy needs a pat on the back, does he? Edge will give him the pat on the back, and sincerely means what he says righ now:

Miz made it here, across from Edge, from Tough Enough. You wrote notes on his hands and went all the way to the main event with Cena and Rock in the ring and beat Cena. Miz did that, and Edge jerked the curtain that night. Miz has people on other shows saying his name just to get a cheap reaction. He lives rent-free in a lot of heads. Built himself an empire. Miz made it further and higher than anyone ever though he could…except Miz. Miz though it. He believed it, made it happen, The difference? Edge fought to get this small window back, while Miz uses it to get notierity for his next show, competition, while he leaves his partners high and dry to get fired.

The biggest difference? Miz comes out and expects respect. Edge EARNS IT.

Miz removes the shades, Edge dares him to jump. Let’s do it now. Miz removes his bandana. Miz asks if Edge wants to dance. Miz asks the crowd. Miz says no.

He tosses the mic and leaves the ring with his wife.

We head to the back, where AJ and Omos are being interviewed. Oh great…AJ is “blind” now because he got all the smoke or some shit.

Match 3: The Street Profits vs The Alpha Academy

Otis to start, screaming “For the Academy!”

AJ Styles and Omos walk down to be on commentary.

Tag to Gable and he gets a cover. We head to commentary more than we need to, missing quite a bit. Tag to Otis, and he has Ford in the corner. Ford fights out as Saxton tries to tell AJ word for word what is going down. Tag to Dawkins, hops over, suples to Gable. Otis in, eats a back elbow, Dawkins hooks and hits a butterfly suplex. Dawkins spins into a splash, tag to Ford. Spinebuster in the corner. Ford to the top rope. Otis pulls gable out of the ring, Dawkins heads down to stop him, but he and Gable send Dawkins into the barricade. Ford flies off the top rope with a flip onto The Academy. Ford to the top rope, AJ on the apron! Ford kicks him away!

Gable takes advantage, climbs up, but Ford headbutts him and flies with a frog splash! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Street Profits
And suddenly, The Alpha Academy is third string. I’m hoping this blindness thing was just a single show thing.
Total Rating: 1/2*
Match Time: 3:10

Omos stands over AJ, seemingly disappointed in his lie.

Backstage, Vince and Theory talk about AJ’s “surprise,” saying he could see it coming from a mile away. Vince dmeands attention, telling Theory to look at him when he is talking to him.

So, we’re backstage, right, and Ol Sethy Rolls runs up on Owens to call him a straight up liar. Owens is like, who, he ain’t lyin, bruh. If he beats Big E tonight he’s getting added.

Seth says fo sho fo sho, laughing it off.

In the ring, Priest is all crooked smiles.

Match 4: United States Championship Match
Apollo Crews vs Damian Priest

Priest works the arm until the men end up outside. Aziz Ansari, or whatever his name is distracts, and Apollo flies off the apron with a knee.

We come back to Apollo getting a close two count. Crews punhes the back, then the forehead, and it’s a big forehead. Priest is able to clip the chin, Apollo hits rights over and over, gets blocked, hits some punches of his own, high kick to the side of the fa e, Priest hits the ropes, flips off with a sloppy leg lariat that Graves calls a knee. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Apollo t o the outside. Priest almost does the flip over th top rope, but Azeez stops him. Priest leaves the ring, flies off the steps, nearly breaks his neck, even as Apollo tries to catch him. Luckily, he seems ok. He heads to the top rope. Azeez pulls Priest off the top rope. The ref kicks him out. Priest is up, and he’s got the crazy eyes. He entesr the ring, kicks Apollo’s chest in. Jesus, that looked harsh.

Priest beats on Apollo in the corner, gets him on the arpon, hits a chokeslam from the apron INTO the ring. Priest lifts Apollo. The Reckoning. Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Damien Priest
EVERYTHING before that kick to the chest was sloppy as shit.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 8:20

Seth interrupts Sonya and Adam, saying he thinks they should do something about Owens little lie. Pearce says Sonya thinks this is a good idea, so they’re running with it. It raises the stakes. Seth is furious. Pearce lied to him. Seth admits that Owens told him the truth, and asks what is going on before leaving angrily.

Match 5: Rey and Dominik Mysterio vs The Hurt Business

Shelton and Dom to start. Dom walks the ropes for an arm drag, but Shelton hits a shoulder tackle. Shelton with a sick backbreaker. He grabs Dom, tags in Cedric. Suplex from Shelton, and Cedric flies off the apron with a senton. Another suplex from Cedric only gets a 1. Tag to Shelton. Shelton kicks Dom at the shoulder. He cinches the head and pulls Dom up. Shelton locks Dom up for a back suplex, Dom lands on his feet, hits a superkick, dives over Shelton and tags in Rey. Rey flies with a seated senton. Off the ropes and he hits a rana, Rey grabs Shelton, kicks, tag from Cedric and an elbow. Cedric dives in with a Sunset Flip, but Rey escapes, kicks the face, dropkick, cover for 1..2…NO!!! Right hand to Shelton. Whip to Cedric, reversed, Rey wheelbarrows, flips Cedric to the ropes. Tag to Dom, he hits the ropes, Shelton in, Dom does the same, both men on the ropes.

Rey and Dom hit the 619 and Rey flies off the apron towards Shleton as Dom on the top rope hits a frog splash to Cedric. 1..2…3!!!!!!!

Winners: Rey and Dominik Mysterio
Don’t really know what this win does for any of the four involved.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:59

Match 6: Becky Lynch, Piper Nivens, Carmella, Zelina Vega, and Tamina vs Liv Morgan, Nikki A.S.H., Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, and Dana Brooke

Becky and Liv to start. Liv with a hard right. Becky fires back, misses, Liv with a shotgun dropkick. Liv hits a running high kick in the corner. X-Factor to Becky. Misses a elbo in the corner and Becky hits a bunh of stomps. Becky tags in Carmella. Mella misses a clothesline, rollup from Liv. Liv kicks. Mella slams her headfirst into the mat. Mella blocks Rhea, Rhea swipes. Liv tags in Rhea, and Mella screams then tags in Vega. In comes Zelina who tries for a crucifix, rolls down the body, nearly gets her head stomped off, tags in mella, who tags in Becky, who tags in Piper. All five women circle Rhea. Rhea kicks Vega, Mella screams away from a pnuch, Becky kicks,and Tamina waits. All heels leave except for Tamina, and Rhea fights back, hitting the ropes, until Tamina hits an elbow. Tamina tries for a Samoan drop, bur Rhea drops down and sends her into the corner. Hard clothesline from Rhea. Tag to Nikki. Tag to Dana. Tag to Liv. Tag to Bianca, and they all enter the ting the same way the heels did? Ok….

They circle Tamina, Bianca lifts Tamina for the KOD but in Comes Becky to pull Taina down. They all pull Tamina out as the faces stand proud in the ring. The faces…smack their asses. Because that is a mating call of sorts, I’d assume.

Back from a break, and Becky hits a leg drop to Nikki. She drops an elbow. Becky hits the ropes, goes for another leg drop, Nikki tries to tag. Becky tags in Mella, who stops Nikki. She sends Nikki into th corner and hits a bunch of elbows. Nikki elbows out of the corner. Mella hits some rights, drops down to a knee, covers for 1..2.NO!!! Mella with a cravat from behind, hops on the back of Nikki. Cravat from behind. Rhe wants the tag. Nikki turns ino the hold, jawbreaker, mella misses a right, tag to Rhea. Rhea in with a clothesline. Mella feigns an injury. Ref holds Rhea back. Rhea grabs Mella, slams her down hard, ducks a hit form Becky, hits adropkick to Vega and Tamina. Kick to Piper. Knees to Mella. Snapmare, hits the ropes, misses a dropkick! Drop toe hold to Rhea. Code of Silence, but Dana in to break the hold. Dana with a running neckbreaker, Vega kicks her out , Nikki in to hit a spinning neckbreaker to Vega. In comes Tamina to hit her Samoan Drop. Glam Slam from Bianca, headbutt to Bianca, then a running splash to Bianca. Liv in, and she sends Piper to the outside. Becky grabs Liv, drops her down hard. Rhea in with a kick, sending Becky to the outside. Rhea and Mella are left in the ring. Rip Tide to Mell….no!!!! Mella escapes, Superkick to the face! Cover for 1..2…N!O!!!

We are back from a break and Tamina has Dana by the boot. Dana kicks her away. Tag to Liv, Liv punches Piper off the apron, goes back to Tamina with some rihts, kick,, an enziguri! Liv hits the ropes, tries for a crossbody, but Tamina just swats her ass down. Ouch. Lol. Liv drives Tamina’s face into the knees, covers for 1..2..NO!! Becky is there to stop it. Dana sends Becky to the outside, Nikki with a crossbody to Beck,y Piper is behind Nikki, and hits her with a huge clothesline. She grabs the head, Dana watches on the apron. Wtf. Lol. Kick from Dana. Rhea attacks from behind. Dana to the top rope, Vega punches her while she climbs. Vega locks the head, Dana tries to lock, Rhea tries to help, gets pulled off, Mella is up with Vega. She just pushes Dana off the top rope onto her team! Haha. Damn.

IN the ring, Tamina hits a superkick to Liv. Cover for 1..2…..NO!!! Tamina with a fireman’s, Liv floats off, blocks a right, hooks from behind, does a double foot to the back. Oblivion. Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Winners: Team Liv
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 19:31

Becky attacks immediately after! She sends Liv into the corner and stomps away. Nearby, Piper attacks Bianca. On the outside, the heels take on the faces. Bianca shoves Piper into the ropes. SPINEBSUTER TO PIPER! Holy shit that was sick! Jesus.

Becky grabs Liv, looks for The Manhandle Slam, but Liv escapes. OBLIVION TO BECKY!

Vince is impressed. Theory is as well. Vince wonders if Becky’s team expected the unexpected. When it’s a surprise, it’s gotta be a surprise, because if it isn’t, then it’s not, but if it is, then you’re screwed. Wtf. Lol.

Coming Soon:

Veer Mahaan Sal Mubarak Khali Ariya Surati Farsan

Backstage, Vince McMahon slaps Austin Theory to teach him that surprises come out of nowhere.

Match 7: Big E vs Kevin Owens

Seth is at the announce table. Owens takes a bulk of the beginning of the match to work on Big E’s leg. Big E claws at the face as Owens lcoks the leg up. Owens releases the hold. Huge senton to Big E. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Owens stands tall and punches down on Big E’s head. E turns and hits a right, another, another, jab to the jaw, whip to the ropes, kick from Owens, he dorpkicks the leg and covers for 1…NO!!! Owens works the leg again, but Big E kicks him away. Owens is by the table, and Seth is pounding on the table, shouting GO BIG E. Owens slaps Seth right in the kisser. Seth runs up on the apron. The ref tells him to get down as Owens talks some shit. Seth says he’s too smart for his trap. Seth takes a seat. Owens hits a short clothesline to Big E. Owens to the top rope. Big E is there to stop him. They fight on the apron. Big e drops Owens, E slides out, Owens turns, beats the chest a few times then goes for a big splash. Big E hits the big splash. Owens slides out fo the ring, Big E follows him, flips the steps, and points at Seth. Owens hrabs Big E. DDT to Big E on the steps!!!

We are back, and Big E is sent into the corner face first. Owens with a chop. Another chop. He sits Big E on the top rope, legs spread, and hits a chop. Owens locks the head on the top rope. He pulls, hits a Superplex off the top! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Owens with a knee. BIG E WITH A BELLY TO BELLY!!! Another! Big E with a third! Big E gyrates! Big E with a big splash to Owens! But Owens has the knees up!!! Owens tries for a senton, but Big E has the knees up this time. Big Splash again and a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Big E! Big Endi—NO! Right hand form Owens. Again! Kick to Big E! Big E sends Owens to the apron, Big E hits the ropes, Owens hits him with a knee!!! Cannonball in the corner! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Slap from Owens. From Big E. Back and forth. Kick from Owens. Big E drops. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

Seth asks for a bottle of water or something.

Owens in the corner, goes for another cannonball or something, but Big E hits an STO! Cover for 1..2..NO!! Big E wants the finish. He lifts Owens to the shoulers. Owens rolls through. 1..2..NO!!!! Big E lifted up. Pop Up Powerbomb!! Cover for 1..2……NO!!!!!

Seth freaking out ringside is great. He says everything is just great. Big E has him right where he wants him.

Owens grabs Big E, rolls him to the enter of the ring. Owens to the top rope. He heads up slowly, Owens looks to hop, but falls down to the mat first and attacks seth rollins!!! OWENS turns back towards Big E, hangs him up! Kick to Big E! Stunner attempt, no, superkick from Big E. Big E with a clothesline!

Seth attacks Kevin Owens! Match over! Owens wins!

Winner: Kevin Owens via DQ
Fun match, especially the last few minutes.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: Eating Buffalo Wings Issues

Superkick from Seth to Big E! Stomp to Big E!

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Raw's first hour really felt like it was on its way to a well-constructed show focused on wrestling and starting a few new nice storylines moving forward. As the second hour started, it quickly devolved into more of the same, and resulted in a good main event but with the steam already lost. Not to say that it was all bad, because that first third was solid, and I have to love the fact that Seth made it fully believable that he was STRESSED during the main event, so much in fact that this stress got the better of him, and he made a mistake. I could harp on the specific issues, but it would be more of the same, and that's kind of why I dislike RAW most weeks - more of the same, so I'll just say that Edge was a fun return, glad to see The Miz again, a solid first hour, and a great main event.

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