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Acero’s WWE Raw Review 2.13.23

February 13, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
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Acero’s WWE Raw Review 2.13.23  

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Y’all catch the Rihanna concert?

It’s Monday…you know what that means.

RAW is startin off red and heavy with Becky Lynch to presumably talk about her cage match win.

She welcomes Brooklyn to RAW, saying she dressed all spiffy for us, and brought Adam Pearce along. This gets some boos. As good as it felt to beat Bayley, says her, she has come to the realization that she doesn’t have a clear path to Mania. She has lost sight of the title, and she does love to fight her way into things. This brings us to Adam Pearce, and her wanting a match to fight for a shot into the Chamber.

Bayley is out to say that her cage match loss should be struck from the record book, and she should be placed into the Chamber. They bicker about being main event material until Bianca Belair comes out!

She says that there are already six women in this match, but if Becky and Bayley want in, they an go through her. So we get a triple threat, and if Bianca wins, neither of those two girls get in.

Backstage, The Judgment Day talk about facing The Street Profits tonight. Finn talks drugs as we go to commercial.

The Judgment Day vs The Street Profits

Finn and Ford to start, with Finn acting incredibly cocky. Ford tags in Dawkins, and he hits a dropkick then we get a flapjack to Priest. They hit him with a clothesline to the outside.

We return to the match after a break and Dawkins is goin buck wild on Finn. He hits asilencer, then tries for a spinning fist in the corner. Ford gets a tag. They double team Finn, cover for 1..2.NO!!! Priest stops the pin! Tag to Dawkins. He gets Finn on the shoulders. Ford to the top. HUGE BLOCkBUSTER OFF THE TOP! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Priest in again and Dawkisn sends him out. Ford hits the ropes and dives over the top! Dawkins pulls Dom into the ring, hits a pounce!

Slingblade from Finn! Dropkick into the corner. Coup De Grace. Cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winners: The Judgment Day
This was more for the Edge and Beth run in than anything else, meaning nothing spectacular (outside of Ford just being a bad ass) happened here.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 7:38

Judgment Day attacks but Edge and Beth Phoenix are there to save the day. Beth hits Dom with a clothesline then goes for another Glam Slam, but Rhea is here! She attacks from behind! Rip Tide!

Brock Lesnar is here!! While he makes his entrance, we are reminded of what he did last week.

The contract table is in the ring, and Pearce is standing by. He introduces Lesnar, saying that he has already signed, but one signature doesn’t make it official.

Brock stops him to call out Lashley, telling him to sign this contract.

Bobby Lashley is here! Some people set up a table at the top of the ramp with a chair. Lashley is all smiles and has a mic. Lashley says things will not go down like this. This is not The Brock Lesnar Show. Whenever they are face to face, he leaves him pinned, unconscious, or elmimnated from the Royal Rumble, so we’ll do this Lashley’s way.

Brock: “Bobby, get your ass up here and sign this contract.”

Lashley says he had his agent look at the contract, his manager, his representative, even his kids look at it. He doesn’t think he’s going to sign this contract. Brock tells him to get up there and sign, again.

Bobby’s Scared chant.

Brock says he will come down and beat that ass if he doesn’t come sign, but Lashley says Brock doesn’t have the balls to.

So Brock leave sthe ring with the contract.

Brock murders some security guards, Lsahley is up, he hits Brock with a back body drop on the ramp. Lashley removes his shirt, Brock stands, SPEAR to Brock! Lashley grabs the contract and signs.

Rough segment, but we got where we needed to go.

Michin vs Piper Niven

Michin rushes Piper, but Piper drops her hard then corners her with some right hands. Michin tries for a clothesline but no go. She then lifts Piper, but Piper falls onto her with a crossbody and a pin for 1..2.NO!!!!! Michin escapes, hits a tornado DDT. Chop from Michin. Another, another, chops across the chest, over and over into the corner. She runs, Piper catches her and slams her back down hard. Running senton to Michin. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Piper slaps Michin in the back of the head, then kicks her around a bit. Michin tries to shove her away, Piper stomps, another stomp. Piper steps on the stomach of Michin. Chop from Piper in the corner.

Piper lifts for a suplex, Michin lands on her feet, spin kick to the chin, look for Eat Defeat, Piper escapes, misses a clothesline, catches Michin and slams her down hard then covers her for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Piper Niven
Elongated squash
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:39

WE switch gears to Smackdown and cover Jey’s mental state.

Sami Zayn is on RAW!!!! He calls out Cody Rhodes immediately.

Cody Rhodes music hits and out comes Dusty’s son.

Rhodes tells Sami welcome to RAW, what do you wanna talk about?

Sami says last week, Cody and Heyman set the world on fire. There was a lot to unpack, but there is one thing Cody said and Sami cant stop thinking about it. Cody said it is looking more and more every day like it’s going to be Cody Rhodes vs Sami Zayn at Mania. He came all this way to look Cody in the eyes and he wants to hear it from Cody. Tell Sami face to face, is that just lip service, or does he actually believe that Sami can beat Reigns.

Cody says his bandwidth is really dedicated to winning the title at Mania, so he doesn’t have a lot left over to BS Sami. When he said that he thinks Sami will beat Roman, he meant it. But he, respectfully, doesn’t think that’s what this is about here. Does it really matter hat Cody believes? What matters is what Sami believes. Does he think that he can beat Roman?

The truth? Sami says

“OLE” chant for Sami.

Sami says the truth is he doesn’t know. Cody hasn’t seen what Sami has seen. He has stood shoulder to shoulder for over nine months with Reigns. He has seen it; they always find a way. Thing about him being in God Mode is not just a catchphrase. He is operating on a level higher than ever before. He has seen it, guys bigger than Sami, stronger, walk in that ring and lose. But if Cody is asking Sami if he thinks he is worthy of being Main Event material, he does. He has to with every fiber of his eing, because if he doesn’t, no one else will. But if you are asking if Sami will walk out of Montreal as the new champion, he does not know.

Cody says everyone here knows! Montreal knows! He has not been where Sami has been. He has been watching Reigns, and everyone has fallen. Here’s the other thing; there is dissension in The Bloodline for the first time ever, and that’s because of Sami. There are cracks in the armor, because of Sami. The IDEA that the greatest champion can possibly be dethroned is because of Sami. This awesome moment in time is because of you. Roman is God Mode? Put it on a t-shirt, but Roman is a man. Crack him open at Chamber and find out for himself. Cody won the Rumble, and he intends to finish his sorry, Sami needs to finish his.

One more thing, says Cody. He doesn’t wanna see Sami on RAW next Monday, because he’d rather see him at Wrestlemania.

Backstage, Carmella is stretching. In comes Nikki Cross to giggle maniacally. Mella wonders where her other teammate is, and here comes Asuka to grin.

In comes Candice to ask Nikki wtf bruh, and Nikki just laughs off camera.

We are BACK and Baron Corbin is rewelcomed by Cathy Kelley. He says he is better off without JBL. Corbin calls him a has been, he is the past. It’s time to remind people who he is. He is so sick and tired of being disrespected. He had an interview scheduled, and Cathy interrupted for Sami. At ELiminatio Chamber, Reigns will destroy Zayn. He is a walking dead man. In no world does Sami beat Roman. Do you know who the last person to beat Reigns is? It’s him. He did that. And The Rumble? He was blindsided by Brock. As for Cody, Reigns is going to walk straight through him. He took eight months to nurse a minor injury. He doesn’t get it.

Cody is shown behind Corbin as Corbin thinks that Rhodes is a joke, his brother is a joke, and his dad. This is enough to get Cody goin. He attacks Corbin and fights him to the top of the ramp. He yells to get a ref, and Cody continues to attack Corbin down the ramp into the barricade. He uppercuts, hits aothe right, sends czorbin into the ring, calls for a ref, enters and we got a match I guess.

Cody Rhodes vs Baron Corbin

Corbin scrapes the face. He calls for the bell. Cody sends Corbin outside and hits a suicide dive in a suit. Cody removes his jacke and shirt and sends Corbin into the barricade. Cody breaks the count and goes to attack, but Corbin hits a right then lifts Cody and tries to send him into the post. Cody slinks off and sends cody into the ringpost. Cody breaks the count again. Uppercut form Corbin. He pulls Cody to the announce table. Cody uppercuts, right, forearm from Corbin, they struggle on the table, Corbin falls off of it. Cody grabs him and sends him into the steps. Ref at 4. Cody to the top rope, he flies, lands on his feet, hits the uppercut, Cody Cutter!

Cody waits, grabs Corbin, Cross Rhodes. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes
That’s one way to use Corbin.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:02

Backstage, Natalya acts horribly with Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez. Liv and Nat bicker for a bit until Raquel tell them both to focus.

Liv Morgan, Natalya, and Raquel Rodriguez vs Nikki Cross, Asuka, and Carmella

Nikki and Raquel to start. RR drops Nikki off her back then catches her and hits a fallaway slam. Nikki loves it. Mella gets a tag and says she wants Natalya. Tag to nat and she comes in. Natalya lifts Mella, drops her down and locks in the Sharpshooter. Nikki in to stop the move. RR attacks, in comes Asuka, then Liv. Team Smackdown clears the ring.

We are back and Liv is handling Nikki with some ease. Clothseline, another, kick to the mid, to the chin, she corners Nik with a bak slpash, rolls thrugh, high knee in the corner, she sends Nikki to the mat. Liv ot the 2nd rope, she flies, dropkick to Nikki. Tag from Asuka, and she kicks the legs of Liv, back fist, another, kick, another, back fist, kick, damn! High knee, cover for 1…NO! Natalya there ot stop it. She gets sent to the post by Asuka, in comes Raquel, Mella flies off the top, she is caught! nIkki on the back! Raquel still stands! SUPEKRICK FROM ASUKA knocks her on her feet! Nikki turns, and Asuka hits a German to NikkI! Kick to Carmella! GERMAN! Kick to the face!

In comes Liv, and Asuka locks in The Asuka Lock! Liv screrams in agony then taps.

Winner: Asuka and Asuka only
Love that for Asuka. She has no reason to care about her partners and ops to make a statement. Good shit.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 7:36

Backstage, The Alpha Academy are chatting about a year ago. Otis is eating a hot dog full of mustard. Gable grabs the half-eaten hot dog and tosses it, and unfortunately Mansoor gets it in the face. Maxxine Dupri asks Otis if he has ever done some modeling. Chad Gable says he considers himself more of a role-model. Mace says maybe a hand model. Maxxine says she was actually interested in Otis (pronounced “Oh-Tees”). They hand over a business card and leave.

In comes Bronson Reed who looks at Otis, smiles, then walks away.

Mustafa Ali vs Bronson Reed

Ali dodges a rush and chops, but hurts himself in doing so. Reed just shoves him across the ring. Reed catches Ali, tosses. Imh overhead, Ali lands on his feet, flies out of the corner, and Reed stands like a brick wall! Ali kicks the left arm from behind, ducks under a clothesline, dropkick to the knee. Right hands to the face. Ali gets shoved, then sent over the top rope to the outside. Reed leaves the ring, flies off the apron with a battering ram shoulder. Reed sends Ali into the ring, Ali kicks hits the ropes, antoher kick to the face. Reed drops to the outside. Ali to the apron. He flies into the clutches of Reed, who sends him flying over the barricade into some chairs. Reed tosses some of the chairs like nothing, then grabs Ali and drags him towards the ring. He sends Ali into the ring. Reed enters, nd Ali catches the boot. Reed lifts him up, flips Ali lands on his feet, flies to the 2nd rope, hits a tornado DDT! Cover for 1….NO!!! Ali to the apron, dives through the ropes, and Reed hits him hard.

Reed to the top. Tsunami! Cover or 1..2..3!!!!

Winner: Bronson Reed
Ali made Reed look like a coo milli here.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 3:10

Backstage, Cathy is with Edge and Beth Phoenix. Edge is tired of all this. At Elimination Chamber, it’s over.

The Miz is here for some MizTV, although he looks like he’s ready for some action, so I smell a match comin. His guest? Seth Rollins.

Miz inquires why he is not in the Elimination Chamber. Miz then stops and says he told himself he will not talk about him, he is here to talk about his guest. Where is Seth Rollin’s head at? The Chamber? Or is Logan Paul sittin rent free in his head?

Here comes Seth Rollins to the wonderful angelic voices of Brooklyn’s choir. It sounds like he has new music, but the wooaaahhhs are still very much there.


Miz asks the crowd if they are done singing, which causes them to continue to sing. Miz says he only has ten minutes, so let’s get this started. Miz gives Seth the ol WHAT ARE THOSE to the shoes, and Seeth does a lil jig. He says it’s called style. Miz hopes Seth is not wearing those in the Elimination Chamber. Miz feels Seth’s focus is split.

Seth tells Miz that the fine folks of Brooklyn don’t wanna talk about the dumpster fire of a human being. They came here tonight to sing!

Miz says if he wanted to hear someone sing, he’d go listen to Taylor Swift. Miz wants to talk about Logan Paul. He called Seth a clown, and now he has the boots to match.

Seth tells Miz that he was raised with the adage that if you got nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all. Miz wants to talk about that, because Seth was eliminated by Paul at the Rumble. He talks about Logan all over Twitter, Pat McAfee, but not with Miz, nit in this ring?

Seth: “Shut up, Mike!”

Why? Because Wrestlemania. Look at that sign. His entire life, all he ever wanted was to main event and headline Mania, to close the show. That dream matters to him. It matters to Miz, to every single person in the arena, because we love this.

Seth tries to regain his composure, and the crowd sings for him while he does so.

Logan Paul doesn’t give a damn about that dream. He is selfish, he is soulless, and all he cares about is lining his own pockets and getting famous. The reasonhe doesn’t wanna say his name in this ring is because he doesn’t deserve it. All he wants in life is attention, but what he needs is to have his teeth kicked in.

Miz says it sounds like Seth is jealous. Seth tells Miz, we know how stupid Miz is, but he is not that stupid.

Miz stands, wants to explain something to Seth; he is not stupid. Seth asks the crowd if Miz is stupid, and they scream Yes. Lol. Miz says he is not stupid! Screams it, actually. They are the only two time grand slam champions, but Miz is the only one that has headlined Mania. Yeah, the guy Seth is calling stupid lived Seth’s dream, something Seth has not and may never do. Miz mouths off until Seth pops him in the mouth, then hits him with a chair. Seth calls for a stomp but Austin Theory is on the outside and pulls Seth out! Seth drops him, looks to stomp, but Miz is here to send Seth into the steps, then into the ring. Miz tries for A Skull Crushing Finale. SUPERKICK FROM SETH! STOMP FROM SETH!!!!

Theory in! A-TOWN DOWN!

Rick Boogs is backstage working out. Further back is MVP talking to Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin.

Elias walks up to tell Boogs they are a lot alike, and if he loses to Miz tonight, don’t let it get him down. If he wins, maybe Boogs and Elias can do a collab one night. Boogs says he was born and bred to rip and shred. He is so pumped. He’s Boogin out.

Ithink he just came.

We head back to the ring, and Miz is knocked out on his carpeted ring.

We’re back and Miz has a mic. He tells Boogs that there is no way they are having this match. It’s not happening.

There is a noticeable cut on Miz’s head.

The bell rings, Boogs tosses Miz over his head. He pumphandles, and curls up Miz to the count of ten then tosses Miz across the ring.

The straps are down and Boogs presses The Miz above his head then powerslams The Miz down. Boogs covers for a 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Rick Boogs

Total Rating: NR
Match Time: -:–

Chelsea tells Pearce backstage that she knows Pearce knows who she is. She e mailed his manager. Pearce says he got the e-mails, cuz he IS the manager of both shows. Chelsea wants in on the triple threat tonight. Pearce points his finger, Chelsea says do not touch her. If he touches her, she’ll scream. She is feeling very threatened right now.

Pearce leaves and Chelsea wonders where he is going.

Byron is backstage, and we get MORE Judgment Day. Yay.

Finn Balor says they always have the upperhand. Tonight, they beat Edge and Beth again, and come Elimination Chamber, it’s going to happen again nd again and again. Dominik says the game has passed Edge and Beth and even his dad by. Damien Priest has his piece, then Rhea tells us that the only level Charlotte is on is the one below her. She will rise and take the title. How you gonna rise if Charlotte is the one below? Weirdo.

Bianca Belair vs Bayley vs Becky Lynch

We are back and the match is already goin down. Becky is on the top rope, but Bianca grabs her and presses her onto the mat. Cover from Bayley gets a 1..2.NO!!! Bianca there to stop it! Becky kicks her, Bayley tries to steal a pin. Bianca whips Becky ot the corner, back elbow from Becky. She hops up, flies off the 2nd rope for a crossbody, Bianca rolsl through, kick from her to Bayley. She spins Becky, Bayley ducks, shoves Bianca into the corner. Bayley attacks Becky in the corner and dumps her to the outside then hits the ropes and hits a clothesline to the back of the head. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!

Bayley and Bianca tangle it up in the middle of the ring until Bayley gets a kneebar on Bianca. Becky hops to the top rope and dives off onto both girls! Becky covers for 1..2.NO!!!! Becky with a right, Bayley hits one ,they go back and forth. Becky off the 2nd rope with a kick to Bayley. Bianca tries to attack, kick from Becky, kick to Bayley. DDT TO BOTH! Cover on Bianca! 1..2….NO!!!

We are back from a break and all three women are down. Bianca hits a clothesline to Byley, another, dropkick. Kip up. Becky is up in the corner. Bianca mounts with some rights. She gets to ten, back flips, grabs bayley, hits a delayed suplex. Kip up. Becky is outside. Bayley uses the ropes for a pin. Bianca kicks out of the corner .Becky grabs her head, hits Diamond Dust onto Bayley. Manhandle Slam to Bayley! Cover! 1..2.NO!!! Iyo pulls Becky out of the ring and sends her into the post! Bianca looks for KOD, but Dakota is on the apron to hold the hand of Bayley. Bianca hangs Bayley up, she grabs Dakota, Iyo with a kick to Bianca!!!

Out come Asuka, Liv, Natalya, Raquel, Nikki, and Carmella to attack Iyo and Dakota.

In the ring, Bianca sends Bayley into the ropes. She hits a spinebuster! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Iyo is shown slinking away from the mayhem outside. She climbs the top rope, but Bianca stops her, hits a right, then presses Iyo. She tosses Iyo to the outside where all the other girls catch her. Bayley attacks from behind. Becky back in to attack Bayley. She hits a right to Bianca. One for Bayley.

Becky hits Bayley with another Manhandle Slam! Bianca with a KOD to Becky! Onto Bayley!! Cover! 1…2…3!!!!

Winner: Bianca Belair
Any of the three girls could have won this and I’m sure no one would have minded, but having the champion win it was a nice touch, keeping things as they were. It was also the best match of the night by far.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 15:26

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Tonight's episode left a lot to be desired in the ring, with quite a few squashes and a focus more on story. I will admit that it didn't hurt the show too much, as there was still plenty going on, but perhaps just a little more action would have made for a more enjoyable viewing. Still, we are in Mania Season, and being careful is essential during the next few months, particularly with the Chamber coming up, so I won't hold it against them too much. The good news is everything that happened had reason, even if the quality varied. take Brock and Bobby; a segment that didn't really need to happen and did nothing to add to the upcoming match, and was also very bad in terms of delivery from both, yet still kinda crazy to see two big dudes clash. All in all, a nice move forward ut a lackluster show wrestling wise.

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