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Alexis Lete Fires Back At Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade Over Instagram Comments

December 22, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Roxanne Perez NXT Vengeance Day Image Credit: WWE

WWE recruit Alexis Lete exited the company back in September, and she recently fired back at Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade over comments they made about her on Instagram. As reported, Lete exited the company in September and posted a video this week in which she explained why she left the company, noting that she decided that wrestling just wasn’t for her.

Lete posted a new video to Twitter on Thursday in which she responded to comments that Perez and Jade posted on an Instagram video criticizing her work in the ring at the PC. The original video was posted by someone outside of WWE, and Perez commented to write:

“she does not work here anymore lol”

Jade replied to Perez and said “maybe I do like you,” a reference to their on-camera split and feud.

Lete posted a video to Twitter referencing the comments, in which she said:

“These are some of my previous co-workers that commented on a fan account that was making fun of me to also join on in, I guess, the fun for them. The first comment is by NXT’s mental health advocate. I’ll let you all create your own thoughts on that one. I really wanted to wait until I was ready to talk to you guys and let you know I wasn’t with NXT anymore, instead of having somone else tell people, and then it go viral on Twitter. But [you] can’t always control other people’s actions, can you?”

She went on to say that she was grateful for her time in WWE, and that she’s excited for the “next chapter” for her which is acting.

In possibly-related news, Perez posted to her Instagram Stories with the following post: