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Arn Anderson Recalls Davey Boy Smith’s WCW Exit, If He Could Have Been World Champion

December 2, 2023 | Posted by Andrew Ravens
Davey Boy Smith British Bulldog Image Credit: WWE

On the latest episode of The ARN Show, Arn Anderson talked about Davey Boy Smith, aka the British Bulldog, who left WCW in late 1993. You can check out some highlights below:

On Davey Boy Smith’s departure: “Not to be exact, but I do remember something about missing some dates. And without the proper doctors, a slip or excuse, whatever you want to call it. Doctor’s excuse. I could see that leading to — here’s the thing. When you get a guy that’s positioned like he is and has a career that he’s had, it’s not like you can just replace him with anybody. We’ve talked about that. When you replace a guy, you said it earlier, it better be better than what you had originally. And that’s hard to do with Davey Boy.”

On how WCW used Davey Boy Smith: “Gosh, I don’t know. I would have to really go back and see how he was used because I don’t remember. I know that he had some good matches with Vader. That’s really the only thing that pops to the forefront that I can remember, that he was strong enough and jacked up enough that he could bounce Vader around. And that’s impressive on anybody’s sheet.”

On how he reacted to Smith’s departure: “Well, I mean, I go back to when he was partners with the other Bulldog when they were the British Bulldogs. When we first got to WWE, we worked with them on a couple of house shows, and those guys were a damn good team. A really good team. Looked the part: big, rugged guys and great athletes. And you just hate really to see that not continue, I guess.”

On where he thinks Smith’s career could’ve gone if he didn’t have drug issues: “Sure could [be World Champion]. You know, the potential was certainly there. The ability was there. And again, I don’t want to talk about situations that I didn’t know about and that I was not there to see firsthand. But a lot of guys in this business have floundered because of a number of reasons that drug them down. I think that just what, you know, you hear from the outside looking in, it was just a shame he could have done so much more.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit The ARN Show with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.