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Ashley Masarro’s Daughter Claims ‘Friend’ of Massaro Isn’t Actually A Friend, Says Her Mother’s Claims Are True

February 21, 2024 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Ashley Massaro

As previously reported, Cara Pipia, a friend of the late Ashley Massaro, spoke to NewsNation about claims Massaro made against WWE in a 2019 affidavit. Massaro previously stated that she was raped by someone posing as a military doctor during a 2006 goodwill tour by WWE in Kuwait. Pipia, meanwhile, claimed that Massaro told her she was threatened into keeping quiet by WWE executives and that Stephanie McMahon was one of the ones who knew about the incident.

Things got messier this week as in a series of posts on Twitter, Massaro’s daughter Alexa said that Pipia was not a friend, and in fact had been harassing Ashley’s family since her passing. However, Alexa did note that what Pipia said Ashley told her may be the truth. However, the family would not want anyone speaking on Massaro’s behalf to the media.

Alexa wrote: “Finally gained the courage to search my moms name and I see her ex best friend, the woman who has harassed me and my grandma since her passing/ has messaged family members AWFULLY mean things pretending to be me ect as the voice chosen to represent this . God help me. Cara Pipia wasnt even a friend of my mothers when she passed. she was an ex bestfriend who, since her passing, has just spam messaged me unsettling/ delirious messages and has fabricated bizarre messages etc etc.

or the record i didnt watch the video, i just wanted to put that out there. she(cara) could be correct, though, regardless of cara pipia being the last person my mom would want speaking on her behalf , the things my mother faced during her years with WWE were real. no one who supports the Massaro family (literally all thats remaining is me and my grandma barbara who i live with ANYWAYS) would go to the media or news outlets . they know its against our wishes , her mothers wishes. her mother as in ASHLEYS mother. my grandmother.

If you know someone who is being abused, or if you yourself a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Call 1-800-656-4673 to be connected with the National Sexual Assault Hotline.

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