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Avery Breaux Discusses People Who Helped Prepare Her For TV

July 5, 2022 | Posted by Ben Kerin
Avery Breaux Image Credit: AEW

During the most recent episode of the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast, Avery Breaux discussed about working as an extra for NXT and AEW having been trained by Tyler Breeze and Shawn Spears at Flatbacks Training Academy in Florida. Check out the highlights below (per Fightful):

On Kris Statlander and competing for AEW: “She is so amazing,” Avery said of Kris Statlander whom she wrestled on an episode of AEW Dark. ”I would say the transition, it was interesting. Definitely very different. Luckily, I went to Flatbacks for training, which is coached by Tyler Breeze and Shawn Spears and their whole thing about training there from the start is they train you for TV wrestling, and to be a wrestler on TV. So literally every day no matter what it is, they are trying to prepare you as much as possible for when you eventually can hopefully have a match on TV. So as far as like the little things that I felt like I needed to know I felt super prepared. I felt super confident and really appreciative that those guys had like prepared me in that manner, obviously, still super nervous. Lots of nerves. It was a super big deal. [Kris] is literally, like you guys said, amazing. It’s such a big stage just to be able to be on like an AEW Dark or something like that. So it was overall such a cool experience such a good learning experience. I have literally had no complaints, just so happy to be there, and I was really appreciative for it.”

On her experiences with NXT to which she credits Tyler Breeze: “I know for me with AEW, Coach Spears, once he feels that you are ready and are like good to take on an opportunity like that, he’ll put your name in for extra work with Dark and stuff like that. So he did that. Then there’s like an extra coordinator reached out, all that good stuff,” she said. “Then, NXT, obviously with Breeze, because he was there forever, he’s still super cool with everyone there. So I had I been booked a few times in NXT prior to getting the Level Up match and it was just you go in, and you do whatever they need you to do, and you’re there all day. It’s mostly just like making rapport with people and just saying like, ‘Whatever opportunities you guys have…’ like anything like that stuff. Basically you just wait it out and you just keep working hard, keep grinding and eventually the opportunities come and it’s really cool.”

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