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Barry Horowitz on Why He Didn’t Like David Arquette Becoming WCW Champion

June 3, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
David Arquette Scream 2022 Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

– During a recent interview with The Ten Count’s Steve Fall for Wrestling News.co, Barry Horowitz shared his thoughts on actor David Arquette becoming WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Below are some highlights (via Wrestling Inc):

On if he signs of WCW going under when he first joined: “No, not at first, until they started going with outlandish booking, making David Arquette the World Champion. I mean, come on now folks … but no, while I was there, production was pretty cool, the ring was cool, catering, everything, traveling. I had no issues. It was fine.”

On why he didn’t like David Arquette winning the WCW Title: “Well it rubbed me the wrong way because I don’t see me going to the screen set and getting a major part because David Arquette’s there and I’m Barry Horowitz, pro wrestler. It makes it look like anybody can be a pro wrestler. I don’t like that unless you pull it off properly like Bad Bunny. That’s how you want to do it.”

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