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Becky Lynch Hoping To Finish Her Book In Next Couple of Months

August 17, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Becky Lynch WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

During an Instagram Live session with Brian Gewirtz and The Rock (via Fightful), Becky Lynch spoke about the book she’s writing and said that she hopes to finish in the next couple of months. Lynch revealed that she was writing the book last October.

She said: “I’m still writing mine, and I’m really happy that when mine comes out, at least it won’t be in direct competition with yours because it’s so well-written and hilarious. Hopefully in the next couple of months. Now that I got a bad wing, I got a little bit more time to dedicate to it.

When The Rock asked about her separated shoulder, Becky Lynch replied: “Oh good, yeah. I feel like I’ve gotten a bunch more mobility in it. Because when it happened, it was so painful that I was like, ‘Oh no, I’m gonna be out for a long, long time.’ But now it’s healing up real quick, I’m feeling strong, I’m feeling good. So I’m hoping it won’t be much time at all.

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